These signals remind! Women may have kidney deficiency.

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"Men are afraid of hurting the liver, while women are afraid of hurting the kidney." Because of their physiological characteristics, women are burdened with tasks such as menstruation, pregnancy, fetus, childbirth and breastfeeding that men do not have, and it is easy to hurt the kidney, resulting in kidney deficiency. Secondly, with the improvement of women’s social status, the social, work and life pressures they bear are increasing day by day, which can easily lead to the gradual decline of organ function and the decline of essence in the kidney. Therefore, many women have shown kidney deficiency very early.

Kidney deficiency in women should not be underestimated, because it will affect many aspects of women’s physiology, psychology and emotions. So what manifestations will kidney deficiency have? If you have the following signals on your body, it suggests that you may have kidney deficiency.

(1) Premature senility

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney essence is sufficient for good growth and development, strong constitution and long life; Deficiency of kidney essence leads to poor growth and development, weak constitution and short life span. Kidney deficiency in women will be manifested as premature aging, such as premature gray hair, alopecia, tooth shaking, forgetfulness, hearing loss, premature aging of vision and so on.

(2) Early menopause

Generally, women will have menopausal symptoms around the age of 50, while women with kidney deficiency will have menopausal symptoms of kidney deficiency such as amenorrhea, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, nervousness and palpitations at the age of 40-45.

(3) the trend of getting fat

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the basic causes of obesity are phlegm, dampness and deficiency, and further, it is due to deficiency of kidney qi, which leads to stagnation of phlegm and dampness in the body. Therefore, women with kidney-qi deficiency often tend to gain weight. Modern medicine explains the relationship between obesity and kidney deficiency as follows: people with kidney deficiency have weakened endocrine function and lowered basal metabolic rate, resulting in reduced calorie consumption and fat accumulation, leading to obesity.

(4) Sexual apathy, even difficult to conceive.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney stores essence, controls reproductive development, and the female reproductive system gradually develops and matures under the care of kidney essence. If kidney essence is insufficient, there will be irregular menstruation, decreased libido, infertility and easy abortion.

(5) Fear of cold

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney yang is the foundation of yang. Kidney yang has a warming effect on the whole body, just as solar energy in spring makes people feel warm. If kidney-yang deficiency occurs, the warming effect of body yang will decrease, which is manifested as cold pain in knees, tepid limbs, and cold waist and abdomen. In winter, there will be symptoms such as chills and cold limbs, even frequent urination at night, and listlessness.

(6) Insomnia, dryness and heat all over.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that deficiency of kidney-yin leads to internal disturbance of deficiency of fire, so women with kidney-yin deficiency are easily agitated and have difficulty in concentrating; Because of kidney yin deficiency, yin qi cannot be adducted at night. It will lead to insomnia and dreaminess; In addition, yin deficiency and essence deficiency can lead to bone dystrophy, so people with kidney yin deficiency often feel weak waist and knees.

Kidney is the root of human life, and the qi and blood energy of the five zang-fu organs need the support of kidney qi. Deficiency of kidney qi will gradually lead to deficiency of other organs in the five zang-fu organs. If you have the above problems, it is suggested that you go to a Chinese medicine specialist as soon as possible to seek professional doctor’s guidance for nursed back to health, so as to avoid the aggravation of kidney deficiency and affect other viscera functions.

Source: Guangming Net