Boss, have a mass-selling headlight! Ask the world M9: Arrange


Do you know? In 1885, when the prototype of the car was just formed, the lighting system came into being. Perhaps you can’t imagine that the earliest lights were actually a pair of fuel lamps! At that time, cars and horses were expensive and letters were slow. But it was precisely from this era when even lighting the night road could not be satisfied that car headlights began their advanced path.

In the following century, acetylene lamps and incandescent lamps emerged one after another, and in the 21st century, automotive headlamps have made significant progress.

It is also because of the complexity of the traffic environment and the expansion of the urban development process, including people’s travel needs in bad weather. Better lighting effects such as xenon headlights and LED headlights have been transplanted to more and more models, becoming the main theme of automotive lighting.

Do you think this is the end of the development of car headlights? Shallow, what we want to talk about here is no longer limited to the progress of materials, but to rise to the level of technology lighting experience. What should the lighting experience look like in the era of intelligence?

When the headlights have been automatically turned on and automatically switched to near and far light, what else can it do?! It can also help you with high-beam keying, and can also help you show a wide-light blanket. It can also help you open a concert and watch a movie at a campsite. When the headlights have interactive functions, you will have the illusion that your understanding of the lights is too narrow? In the latest version of the M9 OTA push, the ritual-filled Kunpeng welcome and projection headlights outdoor Karaoke have been realized.

People-oriented technology will always make people feel warm in the details, and technology-leading brands tend to integrate more user-friendly functions in a linked way. When you approach a Q Jie M9 with your key, the distinguished welcome halo slowly lights up, and the headlights play out your preset pattern. Get in the car, adjust the headlights adaptively, and immediately enter the working state, because the next series of operations will allow you to immerse yourself and enjoy driving the Q Jie M9 freely through the streets and alleys.

Megapixel headlights high-precision ADB unique display, envy everyone

Take Beijing as an example, the number of motor vehicles has exceeded the 8 million mark, which is a very large group. Above the night sky, in addition to the illuminated night sky, there is also the surging traffic on the ring road. You are very disgusted with the harsh high beam shooting towards the lane, or the big cutie behind your car who has been driving high beam. Light is wasted or used in the opposite of the original lighting, hindering night travel safety (according to incomplete statistics, more than 40% of night traffic accidents are caused by glare).

No matter whether it is the person who drives the high beam or the person who is illuminated by the high beam, everyone does not benefit. Even the matrix headlights of some high-end models are clearly equipped with ADB (Adaptive High Beam) function, but the internal composition and the number of modules of the matrix headlights are not enough to support such a detailed cutout, and the shielding is too large for the area of passing cars/pedestrians, which often causes a large blind spot of vision and is prone to risk.

However! M9’s megapixel smart projection headlights use a megapixel module, and the dual lights can reach 2.60 million pixels. The shielding size of each pixel is only 0.02m, which is a hundred times higher than the industry’s 84 pixels. It can truly achieve lane-level precision control. Coupled with Huawei’s combination of intelligent driving perception and algorithms with headlights, the lights really become another pair of bright eyes for the driver and the car.

As a result, everything from a large car to a small person can be precisely reserved. Drivers can see the front clearly, other traffic participants will not blink, and the high beams will no longer disturb people! Therefore, black technology is not a solution. Whether it is used or not is the most direct way to show sincerity.

My headlights are a ruler! Easy in a narrow environment

Cars are not always speeding on city expressways, there are country roads at the end of the street and even to the camping site, you will see such a scene, only narrow aisles are left for parking, and there are limited-width concrete piers along the river embankment. You are about to pass carefully at night. If you are still driving a big guy, it is inevitable that the co-pilot will get out of the car to watch. The large screen of the M9 has such a button. After turning on the width indicator light blanket of the headlights, the light band of the pavement is slightly wider than the body. When you see that the light band does not shine on the obstacle, you can easily pass.

Summon Kunpeng? Awaken the instant ritual feeling full

Interesting people have their own halos, and so do interesting cars.

Imagine, as the owner of the car, you slowly walk towards the M9, and Kunpeng directly swims to the ground. Passers-by are attracted by your operation. The shape of Kunpeng’s wings also illuminates the surroundings of the door. Isn’t it a noble and intimate feeling? The well-known meteor shower effect can only be regarded as unremarkable in front of You Kun, especially when you summon Kunpeng through your mobile phone or watch, it will incarnate into the C position of the audience in minutes and attract much attention.

In the latest version, the tail lights of the M9 have also become richer. The previous red double, love and lantern shapes are just a small test, but they also add a touch of vitality to the cookie-cutter lights and boring car water Ma Long. Now, the addition of milk bottles, red flags, cakes, fireworks and other lights adds a new seasoning of technological fun to the mundane daily life, and also gives M9 owners more personalized emotional expression.

Summer night KTV, outdoor party? Projection headlights arranged for you!

The continuous explosion of self-media short videos has given ordinary people a side that they want to express themselves, but if I tell you that the distinguished Wenjie M9 can come with its own sky-breaking traffic, would you believe it?! As night falls, a curtain or a white wall can start to display. Turn on the megapixel headlights of the Wenjie M9 and directly project the lyrics. The effect is high-quality imitation of the mass-selling box. As soon as the verbatim lyrics leave, plus the opera house version of the audio playback, an open-air concert is immediately completed. With the microphone in hand, you are the master of this set!

In the era of smart cars, headlights have also been given more black technology, making the lighting system more visible. Intelligent lighting can help drivers get a safer and more convenient driving experience, and the realization of interactive and projection functions has become the icing on the cake, creating a richer social life and entertainment scene.

Compared to the almost demanding requirements of laser headlights, the practical significance of pixel headlights is more valuable, and the scene is also richer. For the future life, it may be the goal of the next OTA of the M9. What else do you want headlights to do? You might as well type it out in the comment area.

Original Hong Jinbao and Xiang Huaqiang are the boss of the port circle, why have they not interacted for 40 years, what is the grudge?

The two mountains of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry

Samuel Hung and Xiang Huaqiang respectively

Same as the boss of the entertainment industry

Why haven’t I seen each other for forty years?

What’s the grudge behind this?

It’s because of Bruce Lee

Or because of a dispute of interest?

Let’s take a look today to see what’s behind this grudge

This is 1949.

Samuel Hung was born into a film family

He is now 73 years old

His grandfather Hong Kee was a famous director at that time

Established a film company specializing in martial arts in Shanghai Tang

Grandma Qian Siying is known as the first generation of kung fu actress

The Hong family was at that time


In front of Samuel Hung, even Jackie Chan can only call himself his younger brother

He studied Peking Opera with Zhan Yuan since he was a child

Or Jackie Chan, Yuan Biao, Yuan Hua and other groups of children in the big brother

The whole school is going to flatter him

Samuel Hung later spent nearly a decade in the film industry

From a child star to a famous martial arts instructor


Hong Jinbao left his master Yu Zhanyuan

I went to the film industry to become a martial artist

At that time, in the martial arts circle of Hong Kong movies

Bruce Lee is undoubtedly an unsurpassed presence in the Chinese film industry

Samuel Hung also wants to join him



The first meeting between the two

It was a joke.

The first time I met Bruce Lee

Hong Jinbao said, I heard that you are very good at kung fu.

Who knew that this sentence was taken as a provocation by Bruce Lee

I thought that Hong Jinbao came to fight against him

Immediately kicked him directly in the face

With this kick

I didn’t expect to directly let Hong Jinbao regard Bruce Lee as an idol

In 1973, Bruce Lee died unexpectedly

He was injured in the home of his lover Ding Pei

Strangely enough

The ingredients of painkillers were tested on Bruce Lee’s body

And Ding Pei himself admitted that because Bruce Lee had a headache that day

That’s why he was put on painkillers

There is no way to directly prove this alone

Bruce Lee got hurt because of painkillers

There are rumors that

Samuel Hung believes that Bruce Lee’s injury must be related to Ding Pei

Threatening to avenge Bruce Lee

But because there is no evidence

So I haven’t been able to give Ding Pei anything.

But even more unexpected is

Shortly after Bruce Lee’s injury

Ding Pei and Xiang Huaqiang got married

It all seems too coincidental

Because Samuel Hung suspected it was Xiang Huaqiang’s idea

From then on, he became enmity with Xiang Huaqiang

Forty years of infighting

In the 1980s

This is the golden age of Hong Kong cinema

Xiang Huaqiang established Yongsheng Film Company

Yongsheng Film Company developed rapidly under the management of Xiang Huaqiang

It became a competitor with the movie studio giant Golden Harvest at the time

And as the first brother of Jiahe, Hong Jinbao

Soon began to go head-to-head with Xiang Huaqiang

From then on, the two were locked in a feud in the movie market

By the mid-1980s

Jiahe Company has Hung Jinbao, Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung

And Yongsheng has Wang Jing, Zhou Yunfa, Zhou Xingchi and Andy Lau

The two companies began to compete in the limited film market

Because of this competitive link between Golden Harvest and Yongsheng

As a result, for many years, Samuel Hung and Xiang Huaqiang have been in the film and television industry

But there was no interaction between the two

Not even a single photo has been taken yet.

What do you think about that?

Welcome to the comment area to leave a message for discussion.

See you next time.

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Epidemic prevention and control boosts the new model of e-commerce, community group buying strides into people’s lives

  Draw your mobile phone, order what you need in the WeChat Mini Program, and you can get the goods at the head of the community the next day – community group buying is a new type of consumption model that has emerged in recent years. During this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, community group buying suddenly became popular, providing residents at home with daily necessities, especially fresh fruits and vegetables that are necessary for three meals a day. It has played a huge role in ensuring the normal life of residents during the epidemic prevention and control period, and has also been recognized by more and more people. How will community group buying develop in the future has become a topic of concern for people.

  Fresh fruits and vegetables become the main commodities of the "group"

  "My family’s daily necessities such as vegetables and fruits are basically solved by community group buying, and the monthly consumption exceeds 1,000 yuan," Ms. Liu, from Kaifu District in Changsha City, told reporters on April 22. "This kind of community group buying consumption model provides convenience for our working people, the price is relatively affordable, and the quality feels good."

  The merchant recruits the head of the community as a unit, the head of the group creates a group buying WeChat group, and the head of the group promotes group buying goods in the group. Consumers place an order in the WeChat Mini Program, and the merchant delivers it to the head of the community according to the order volume the next day. Consumers go to the head of the group to pick up the goods, thus completing a community group buying.

  Group buying platform on the sale of a dazzling array of goods, the reporter in the prosperity of the preferred platform to see, there are 24 categories, ten Hui group also has 14 categories, from fresh fruits and vegetables, food, beauty care to home appliances digital group, and even cleaning services, laundry services can be group, among which vegetables, fruits, snacks, fresh most popular.

  In the vicinity of Heyuan Community, Kaifu District, Changsha City, there are three group buying points, Xingsheng Preferred, Zhihua Zhiguo, and Shihui Group. There are two group buying groups in the mobile phone of Ms. Zhang, a resident of the community, "I joined two community group buying groups. Each group buying has a different time every day, and the types and prices of sales are different. So when I want to buy something, I will compare the supply of the two platforms before placing an order. There is one platform with better fruit quality, and the other platform has cheaper daily necessities." Ms. Zhang is very knowledgeable about group buying. She said that she has joined community group buying for more than two years. Now most of the daily necessities are solved by group buying, and the number of visits to supermarkets and vegetable markets is much less than before.

  On the morning of April 24, the reporter saw a truck full of fresh food at the Shihuituan pick-up point in Lotus Pool, Kaifu District. The delivery driver told the reporter that he was responsible for delivering more than ten points around the area, each time there were thousands of orders.

  The number of Zhihua Zhiguo group buying group in Heyuan Community has reached 492 people, and sometimes the head of the group also sells some local eggs, local chickens, Dongjiang fish and other local specialties. The head of the group buying is mainly middle-aged people, office workers.

  It is common for several group buying platforms to coexist in a community. Residents of Jinxiu Huatian, Kaifu District, Changsha City told reporters that before the Spring Festival, there was only one prosperous and preferred community. After the epidemic appeared, there are now 4 group buying platforms in the community. Every day, the 4 heads of delegation do their best to promote platform products in the group, which is very lively.

  In Changsha City, Chengbei Shuiying California Community, the head of the "A Preferred Little Talent" concurrently operates three platforms: Xingsheng Preferred, Koala Selection Mall, and Shihui Group, as well as Deyuan Baozi delivery. Every day at about 8:30 am, she will send the main product links of each platform in the WeChat group to notify the arrival and other information. During the epidemic prevention and control period, she also personally delivered the goods to her door. Ms. Zhou from the community told reporters that because it is far from the urban area and there are relatively few supermarkets, she is more willing to participate in community group buying. The content of the three group buying platforms is similar, all of which are fruits, vegetables, daily necessities, etc., and the prices are slightly different. The price of group buying vegetables and fruits is cheaper than the surrounding fruit shops and supermarkets, such as honeydew melon in Hainan, fruit shops sell for 6 yuan/catty, while the platform only 4 yuan/catty.

  Community group buying plays an important role during the epidemic

  "On the fifth day of the first lunar month, there were no vegetables at home. I went to the vegetable market and found that it was not open at all. I went to the nearby supermarket. The vegetable area that had always been dazzling in the past had no leaves. Just when I was at a loss, the owner of the commissary in the community pulled me into the Zhihua Zhiguo shopping platform. The next day, the dishes I bought arrived and felt fresh. Since then, as an office worker, I have been buying fresh fruits and vegetables on the platform every day, which feels very convenient." Recently, Ms. Liu from Yuhua District, Changsha City, told reporters how she became a loyal consumer of community group buying.

  The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted the normal life of the citizens, the semi-closed management of the community, and the vegetable market has also delayed the opening of the door. With the extension of the closure time, many residents have no food, and some e-commerce platforms are still delivering goods without interruption. Some community heads also responded positively to the opening of the group, alleviating the residents’ shopping problems.

  During the most serious period of the epidemic, the reporter found that community group buying was very popular. For example, on the Xingsheng Preferred platform, each single product is tens of thousands of pieces of vegetables, soy products and meat, which are often sold out within 15 minutes of opening the group at 0:00. Some other commodities that are in short supply during the epidemic, such as alcohol, disinfectant, yeast powder, etc., have been out of stock elsewhere, but they are still available on the platform from time to time. As popular products, they need to be snapped up quickly.

  Ms. Zhou of Heyuan Community said that recently, she has been guarding the two platforms of the community to open a group and stock up on some vegetables every day. It is because of community group buying that her family’s life has not been greatly affected during the epidemic.

  The frenzy of group buying has ruined the heads of the community. A head of the group surnamed Liu in Lotus Pool, Kaifu District, Changsha City, said that since the opening of the group on the sixth day of the new year, the number of group buying has soared, reaching more than four times the previous number. "During the epidemic, I am so busy that I often can’t eat lunch and dinner." A head of the group surnamed Zhang in Furong District also told reporters that as soon as the delivery truck arrived at 2 pm, in order to prevent the crowding of people taking goods, his family of four went into battle and put the goods in sub-units first.

  The person in charge of several large-scale group buying platforms in Changsha told reporters that during the COVID-19 epidemic, the sales volume of the platform ushered in explosive growth. For example, in Xingsheng Preferred, Changsha’s super 1 million active users placed orders on the platform, the average order volume increased by about 300%, and the number of new users increased by more than 4 times year-on-year. Fresh goods such as vegetables and fruits were basically sold out before noon.

  All platforms have tried to ensure delivery during the epidemic. The person in charge of Zhihua Zhiguo told reporters that during the epidemic, the platform also applied for resumption of work early. The first delivery began on February 6, and the growth of vegetables and meat was obvious. In order to ensure that a community with suspected cases can deliver goods, several shareholders also take turns to drive home deliveries. Xingsheng Preferred also took measures such as providing additional subsidies for distribution personnel and setting up incentives to encourage distribution personnel and heads of delegation.

  Healthy development requires facing existing problems

  The epidemic has made community group buying widely accepted by people, which is greatly conducive to the future development of this e-commerce model. However, the threshold for community group buying is not high, and many problems such as commodity quality and after-sales services are also exposed during the epidemic. Pay attention to and solve these problems, so that community group buying can better develop and better serve the masses.

  Group buying has a price advantage, but because you can’t see the real thing, sometimes you will buy troubles: the duck intestines you bought are covered with red spots, the tofu is sour, the vegetables are broken, the melons and fruits are cracked, and the fruit taste is very poor – consumers have a lot of complaints. The biggest difference with other online shopping products is that the fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, and the goods are particularly easy to break, which brings certain difficulties to after-sales. The sales process includes producers, group buying platforms, community heads, consumers and other links. The responsibilities of each link are not clear. Once there is a problem, mutual accusations and wrangling often occur. Some consumers because the price of goods is not high, defective products thrown away, did not go to complain, but if this happens often, it will definitely affect the group buying feeling.

  Delivery of goods is also often untimely, which occurs from time to time on various platforms. Sometimes a goods cannot be delivered for several days in a row, and fresh ingredients are not delivered in time, which brings extraordinary trouble and greatly reduces the satisfaction of the shopping experience.

  Platform in the selection of the community head, there is no threshold, some heads do not even have their own brick and mortar stores, the goods come, just like a stall in the community. A resident of Changsha Yuelu District complained that the community will be a long pile of vegetables, fruits and even meat on the ground, spring and winter season is OK, summer to do? Who is responsible for deterioration?

  How to protect rights if there is a problem with the goods bought by the group, lawyer Li Chunguang of Hunan Haitian Law Firm told reporters, "If the head of the group buys for free, as long as there is no major fault, it generally does not need to bear legal responsibility; if the purchasing fee is charged, if the purchasing behavior causes the buyer’s loss, it will be legally responsible. Citizens who encounter Sanwu products or quality problems must keep relevant evidence. If the after-sales service of the group buying products is not smooth and there is a dispute, they can use the WeChat chat records and payment records of the head of the group to complain to the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, or they can request the Consumer Association to mediate or sue to the court."

  (Text/Tian Yan, Shi Xuehui)

Release and Delivery AITO asks the world to launch the new M7 series

On September 12, AITO’s new M7 series was launched. At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of end point BG, and CEO of smart car solutions BU, said: "We have invested 500 million yuan in the new M7 series of AITO, using high-quality materials and advanced technology. Whether it is in smart cockpit, smart driving or smart safety, it has performed well and brought high-quality experience to users."

Event site. Photo provided by the organizer

Event site. Photo provided by the organizer

It is understood that the new M7 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which can realize high-speed and urban high-order intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps. It is expected that in December this year, it will realize the urban intelligent driving pilot auxiliary feature (urban NCA) that can be opened nationwide. Since the release of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 in April 2023, a rich scene library has been built on the AI training cluster, and deep learning 10 million + km per day continues to optimize intelligent driving algorithms and scene strategies.

At the same time, the new M7 is equipped with a variety of sensing hardware, which can realize full-scene and all-weather perception of dynamic and static targets. Hongmeng smart cockpit has functions such as super desktop and offline voice navigation. The rear HUAWEI MagLinkTM can expand the new gameplay of space scenes and realize multi-device linkage.

In addition, the new M7 fully considers the needs of family travel and has a spacious effective space in the car. The trunk has a standard volume of 686L, which can easily accommodate 12 20-inch suitcases. When the two-row seats are reclined and connected to the trunk, it can achieve double lying down, easily meeting the needs of multi-scene vehicles.

Infographic. Photo provided by the organizer

Infographic. Photo provided by the organizer

In terms of passive safety, the new M7 is equipped with advanced body structure and high-strength materials, and the introduction of CBS composite body materials, which effectively improves collision safety. In terms of active safety, the new M7 is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 active safety system, which realizes forward, lateral and backward all-round anti-collision capabilities, providing a higher level of protection for drivers and passengers.

Infographic. Photo provided by the organizer

Infographic. Photo provided by the organizer

At this listing conference, Yu Chengdong held a delivery ceremony for small-order users during the Chengdu Auto Show, and asked the new M7 to be delivered immediately after listing, reducing the waiting period after users place orders, and improving consumers’ car purchase and car experience. (Ma Chunpeng)

Yang Mi’s new drama "Shake" has started filming, and it may bring out a popular actor in 2018

Yang Mi’s "Shake" setting photo

1905 movie network news Yang Mi as the heroine of "Shake" is now in full swing in Hengdian shooting, netizens eagerly looking forward to her another masterpiece, after all, she handed over a satisfactory work.

The TV drama "Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" fully reflects the effect of Yang Mi, and the little fresh meat who played against Da Mimi also became new young actors with this drama. Da Mimi not only manages himself, but also his ability to create idols cannot be underestimated.

Zhang Binbin, who played the second prince of Departure in the TV series "Three Lives Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom", became popular because of "Pretty Li Huizhen" and "Three Lives Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom". Everyone likes this handsome and lovely big boy.

The affectionate Gao Weiguang, the man who played Emperor Donghua in "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles Peach Blossom", is also well known to the audience because of his role.

Liu Ruilin, who plays the role of the sixteenth junior brother, is slender, young and handsome. He has attracted attention for his role as a well-off character in TV dramas. Since the broadcast of "Three Lives and Three Worlds", he has attracted many fans.

After "Three Lives", Yang Mi’s another masterpiece "Shake" came rushing, who will play with Da Mimi? Who will become a popular actor in 2018?

Gao Weiguang has attracted much attention because of his role as Donghua Emperor in "Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom". This time, he will challenge the scenes of the Heavenly Fiend and the Great Han Emperor in "Shake". The flood dragon is trapped in the wild, but for a while, but there is an opportunity, and it will definitely rise. Whether Gao Weiguang can transform into an iron-blooded man and fight in Beiye is still worth fans’ expectation.

Lai Yi, who is also the "Mi Family Army Regiment", plays the role of "Poisonous Tongue Medical Saint" Zong Yue in the TV series "Fuyao" this time. Zong Yue is a clean-hearted medical saint who helps the world by day, and a top-level cold-blooded killer in black at night, Dark Charm, but he has been silently guarding Fuyao.

Another very outstanding character was Zhan Nancheng, who was the Emperor of Heaven, Zhan Beiye’s older brother, who loved Zhan Beiye’s mother and was later killed by Fuyao. Zhang Yicong, who played Zhan Nancheng, although he was only 25 years old, he played a very mature role. But looking at his resume, it is no wonder that he can control such a role.

Zhang Yicong graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy with an 11th-grade undergraduate degree. After graduation, he was admitted to the National Theater as a working actor. He has starred in many National Theater plays such as "Beijing Fayuan Temple" and "Up, Down". From the stage to the big screen, Zhang Yicong is relaxed. In addition, he also participated in the movie "Snow Storm" starring Ni Ni, Liao Fan and others.

Dramatic tension and young faces have a full chemical reaction. Will the TV series "Shake" be another popular drama after Yang Mi’s "Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom"? Who do you like to become a popular actor in 2018?

Added information on the subject of execution, Wanda Film and Television was executed 25.17 million

According to the China Execution Information Open Network, recently, Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. added 1 piece of information about the person subject to execution, the execution target is 25172795, and the filing time is November 23, 2023. The enforcement court is the People’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing.

▲ Screenshot of China Executive Information Open Network

According to the official website, Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalian Wanda Group Beijing Cultural Industry Group Co., Ltd. Wanda Film and Television integrates the development, investment, production, publicity, marketing, distribution and other multi-faceted film and television functions of movies and TV series, and is committed to the development of overseas film and television business. Up to now, the company has produced and released 101 films, and the global cumulative box office has exceeded 67 billion. There are many film and television works with good reputation at the box office, such as "Looking for the Dragon", "Get Out! Tumor Jun", "Detective Chinatown" series, "Take My Brother Away" series, etc.

According to Tianyancha App, shareholder information shows that Wanda Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. is jointly held by Wanda Film joint stock company, Zhuhai Xiangyi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Haifa Film and Culture Co., Ltd. The controlling shareholder of the company is the class A share listed company Wanda Film joint stock company, with a shareholding ratio of 95.7683%.

4000 yuan sincere work, Huawei P30 30-day experience report

It has been nearly two months since the launch of the Huawei P30 series, and I previously reviewed the Huawei P30 Pro. The 10x hybrid zoom on the P30 Pro gave me a big shock, allowing us to see the potential of the phone in telephoto shooting, but the 6.4-inch large screen also makes it thicker.

For the author who uses mobile phones heavily, I prefer lightweight and easy to control small-screen mobile phones with one hand. So, I used the P30 as my main mobile phone for a month, and today we will talk about the experience of using the P30.

Huawei P30 long test


Appearance: 6.1 inch golden ratio, not tired after long-term use

The most obvious difference between Huawei P30 and P30 Pro is the difference in feel. The 6.1-inch screen of the P30 is more suitable for users with small hands. Although it does not use a curved screen, the sleek middle frame processing of the P30 does not make me feel broken. Compared with the P30 Pro, the shorter screen size also facilitates operations such as drop-down notification bars. One-handed operation is not a problem.

Huawei P30 long test

The 3.5mm earphone jack is still retained at the bottom.

In addition to the small screen being more practical and easier, the P30 retains a 3.5mm earphone jack, which is very convenient for listening to music with wired earphones, eliminating the trouble of carrying an adapter cable with you. However, there is still no infrared transmitter on the top of the P30. Friends who want to turn on the air conditioner with their mobile phones need to pay attention. The P30 may not meet your requirements, but now there are many smart air conditioners, which are controlled by mobile APP and WiFi. Without an infrared transmitter, it cannot be considered a flaw.

In terms of color scheme, Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have the same color scheme. They are all five color schemes: bright black, aurora, sky realm, orange, and pearlescent fritillary. There is no difference in color scheme from P30 Pro. If there is a requirement for color scheme, P30 can also meet the purchase needs.

Huawei P30 long test

Aurora color looks good

Overall, the appearance of the P30 Pro is not much different from that of the P30 Pro. In addition to the curved screen and the size of the phone, they are more of a functional difference, such as the camera difference we will talk about next.

Take pictures: super photosensitive + 3 times light change night scene is equally powerful

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro use the same CMOS, and Huawei replaced the RYYB array with the IMX600 on the P20 Pro. Compared with the ordinary RGBG array, the RYYB array uses a yellow filter instead of a green filter.

Huawei P30 long test

P30 super photosensitive Leica triple camera

This is because the yellow filter can get more light than the green one without changing the size of the single pixel. We will explain to you what RYYB is through a small arithmetic problem.

Huawei P30 series review, day bird shooting, night shooting, Galaxy live dry apple

Let’s first assume that the total amount of RGBG light is 100%, then the RGBG light can be decomposed into 25% red + 50% green + 25% blue. RYYB replaces green with yellow.

Huawei P30 Pro comprehensive review: unparalleled mobile phone camera benchmark

RGB three colors

We can see from the above image that yellow is a mixture of green and red, so the light with RYYB can be broken down into: 25% red + [50% red + 50% green (broken down by 50% yellow) ] + 25% blue.

Therefore, the total light input of RYYB’s three colors is 150% of that of RGBG. Of course, this is only a theoretical value. At the P30 series press conference, Yu Chengdong announced that this time it will be increased to 40% of the light input, indicating that RYYB still has room for further optimization.

Since RYYB’s CMOS can absorb 40% more light than traditional RGB arrays, it can obtain clearer photos in low light environments. The thicker spectral structure of the RYYB array also further enhances the limit ISO of the Huawei P30. Although the maximum ISO of the P30 is lower than the 409600 of the P30 Pro, it also reaches 204800.

Huawei P30 Series Review: Redefining the Next Generation of Mobile Photography Technology

Is such a high ISO enough? Is the brightness of night shooting lower than that of the P30 Pro?

Previously, I conducted a photo test on the P30 Pro’s extreme low light (article link here). In the extreme low light environment (indoor 0.5lux), the P30 Pro can still take photos with good brightness and clear details. When looking at the sample parameters in these low light environments, I found that the ISO was mostly locked at 25600 and the exposure time was 1/8 second.

It is still far below the limit of the P30 camera, and from the perspective of daily use experience, the difference between the P30 and the P30 Pro is mostly in the telephoto and anti-shake experience.

In terms of telephoto, the P30 uses a 3x zoom lens, while the P30 Pro uses the latest periscope 5x optical zoom lens. Of course, both the P30 and P30 Pro telephoto lenses come with optical image stabilization.

Huawei P30 long test

P30 lens combination

In terms of the main camera, although the P30 also uses the CMOS of this RYYB array, there is no additional optical image stabilization, only AIS image stabilization. From the perspective of image stabilization, it is indeed a little weaker than the P30 Pro, but AIS is also sufficient in daily scenes. The handheld 6-second exposure is still stable, and people who have requirements for camera image stabilization can rest assured.

From my actual photo effect, except for the absence of 5x light change, 10x mixed light change, and 50x digital zoom, the other experience is not much different from that of the P30 Pro.

Let’s take a look at the samples taken by the P30, starting with the night.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

This was taken just as the sun was setting. It can be seen that the brightness of the night scene shot by the P30 is one of the best, and the lighting suppression is excellent (neither of these two night scene photos has turned on the night scene mode). In the second photo, when the road light is suppressed, the pedestrians in the lower left corner can also see clearly, indicating the powerful quality of this RYYB array CMOS.

Now let’s take a look at the interior sample.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Large aperture mode

It can be seen that the indoor proof P30 also performs well, with a high dynamic range, accurate color reproduction, and the blurring of the large aperture is also in place, and there is no wrong image. Let’s take a look at the outdoor proof during the day.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Large aperture mode

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

In the daytime light ratio scene, the P30’s performance is also very stable, but it is worth mentioning that the AI assistant will automatically select the appropriate optimization mode for you. For photography Xiaobai, the automatic optimization of AI is indeed very useful.

Finally, let’s take a look at the P30’s zoom capabilities through a set of proofs.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Although this kind of zoom ability cannot achieve the effect of shooting birds, it is enough to deal with the zoom photography needs in daily life (such as shooting blackboards, shooting PPT, etc.). Of course, if you have higher requirements for zoom, it is better to consider the P30 Pro.

Of course, the front lens is also very important, the front of the P30 uses a 32 million pixel lens, let’s find a good-looking lady, directly look at the selfie effect.

Huawei P30 long test

From the sample, the beauty effect of the P30 is still good. While whitening and peeling, it still retains the details of the face. You can experience it yourself.

Of course, in addition to taking pictures, the dual-scene video recording function of Huawei P30 series has also been upgraded. After turning on this function, the left side of the picture is the picture shot with a telephoto lens, and it can be changed between 2x, 3x, and 5x zoom. On the right is the wide-angle picture shot by the main camera. While shooting close-ups, wide-angle shooting can also be taken care of.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Double scene video

Displaying both telephoto and wide-angle is a very creative feature for some users who like to shoot videos with their mobile phones. The portrait color retention that debuted in the Mate 20 series last year was also inherited.

Overall, although the P30 camera has some differences in hardware parameters compared to the P30 Pro, there is nothing missing in gameplay. From the perspective of ordinary users (who do not have extreme requirements for mobile phone cameras), the camera quality of the P30 is already excellent enough, and the budget saved on mobile phone lenses can be used to purchase a version with larger storage space.

Screen: 6.1-inch top-of-the-line AMOLED screen, just right for one-handed operation

In addition to the camera being unmatched at the same price, the P30’s screen and performance are also highly competitive at the same price. First, let’s talk about the P30’s screen. The P30 uses a 6.1-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, and the top is also designed with a bangs.

Huawei P30 long test

We tested the screen with instruments.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

It can be seen that in the bright mode, the P3 color gamut volume of this screen reaches 107.6%, and it maintains an excellent color level – the average color deviation value is delta 0.08, the maximum is delta 0.68, the default color temperature of the screen is 7373k, and the screen quality is excellent.

Performance: GPU Turbo 3.0 full release of Kirin 980 potential

In terms of performance, the P30 is still equipped with the familiar Kirin 980, coupled with the latest GPU Turbo 3.0 and the blessing of the Ark compiler, the system’s fluency has risen to a significant level.

Everyone has seen a lot of Kirin 980’s running score, so I won’t put it here. Let’s look directly at the game performance. I chose NBA2K19 for the frame rate test. The frame rate test results are as follows:

Huawei P30 long test

NBA2K19 frame rate data from GameBench

It can be seen that the whole process is 60 frames, and the frame rate basically does not fluctuate. With the blessing of GPU Turbo 3.0, the potential of Kirin 980 has been fully tapped, which also shows us the importance of optimization to SOC performance. Similarly, optimization also greatly improves the fluency of the system.

System: EMUI 9.1 fluency upgrade Huawei Share, the more convenient it is to use

From my personal experience, the P30’s screen following and application switching smoothness when sliding are better than previous Huawei phones. This is of course due to the powerful performance of the Kirin 980, but it is also inseparable from EMUI optimization. We can use the GPU drawing in developer mode to see the smoothness of sliding.

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Home slide

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Taobao swipe

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Zhihu slide

You can see that the reaction time is within the smooth line.

In addition to improving the fluency again, EMUI 9.1 has also made great efforts to beautify the icons. Compared with the icons of the previous EMUI 9.0 system, the icons of EMUI 9.1 are more simple and vibrant, giving people a brisk feeling. With the fresh style of EMUI, it is more suitable for young people to use.

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Please ignore my wallpaper

In addition to the superficial changes to the system, Huawei has also made internal optimizations and developed the EROFS file system, which is said to achieve an average of 20% faster random read speed and more free space than the traditional EXT4 file system.

Huawei P30 Pro comprehensive review: unparalleled mobile phone camera benchmark

In addition, Huawei’s one-touch function is also very easy to use, but I am not using a Huawei laptop, so I can only show you the one-touch demonstration with the P30 Pro and Huawei Matebook computers. Both the P30 and P30 Pro support one-touch transmission.

Huawei P30 Pro comprehensive review: unparalleled mobile phone camera benchmarkHuawei Shared Touch

In addition to one-touch transmission, Huawei Share is also a function I often use in work and life scenarios. To share pictures with other Huawei users, you only need to click the Huawei Share icon, which is convenient and easy to use. Huawei Share’s experience of transferring files between mobile phones is already very close to Apple’s Air Drop, but it needs to be further improved in terms of ease of transferring files with non-Huawei-branded computers.

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

It can even be shared directly to the printer.

Overall, Huawei’s R & D resources invested in the system over the years have come to fruition, and the impression that the Huawei system is ugly and difficult to use has gradually faded from people’s minds. Hardware and software are walking on two legs. We might as well look forward to the next generation of Android Q upgrades. What will Huawei do?

Battery life: 3650mAh battery life, excellent heavy users can also withstand a whole day

In terms of battery life, the Huawei P30 uses a large 3650mAh battery. From my personal experience, it is completely stress-free to use it for a day from morning to evening. Please see the 5-hour battery life test results below.

Huawei P30 long test

In terms of charging, although the P30 is not equipped with the 40W super fast charging on the P30 Pro, it is still equipped with the 22.5W Huawei super fast charging. The 30-minute measured data is as follows.

Huawei P30 long test

The actual maximum power can reach 23W

However, in daily use, we may not always carry the charging head, and whether the power bank can fast charge the mobile phone is also a point of our consideration. In actual tests, Huawei P30 supports FCP, SCP and PD fast charging protocols, and there are still many power banks on the market that support these charging protocols.

Summary: 4000 yuan Eslite masterpiece old users call true fragrance

At the end of this experience, I would like to express my feelings about the P30 after using it for a long time.Although the P30 Pro has some trade-offs in camera hardware, wireless charging, dustproof and waterproof, infrared interface, battery capacity, curved screen and other functions compared to the P30 ProBut that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most cost-effective phones at that price.

For the general public who don’t usually take pictures very oftenThe camera function of the P30 is actually powerful enough. At the same price, you can hardly find a phone that takes better photos than the P30.And in terms of the feel of daily use, the smaller and lighter P30 is not easy to use.

In addition to that,Comfortable use with smooth and eco-friendly EMUI, coupled with Kirin 980 and GPU Turbo 3.0 support for games. Excellent comprehensive use experience has allowed Huawei P30 to firmly stand at the price range of 4,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

As an "old jazz" who has used Huawei P7, P10, and Mate 20 Pro, this Huawei P30 does make me feel Huawei’s sincerity. Although Huawei has put the most dazzling highlights of the P30 series in the P30 Pro (5x optical zoom), this product strategy makes the P30 look flat as water. But for me as an ordinary user, using the P30 with just the right feel, functional experience, and price is the phone I am really willing to pay for.

In 2023, Lynk & Co’s sales exceeded 220,000 vehicles, accelerating to a new leap with millions of potential energy

  China Economic Net January 2 news, a few days ago, Lynk & Co released data: December 2023 sales of 25,695 vehicles, an increase of 16.86%, of which, new energy models sales of 14,203 vehicles, accounting for 55.3%, a new high. In 2023, Lynk & Co’s cumulative salesBreak through 220,000 car mark,Reached 220,250 vehicles, an increase of 22.27% year-on-year. From December 2017 to December 2023, Lynk & Co’s cumulative sales were 1,050,841 vehicles, continuing to leap towards new potential.

Lynk & Co’s 2023 annual sales break through 220,000

  Demonstrating hard power to new strategies, Lynk & Co becomes a model for new energy transformation

  Focusing on the performance of Lynk & Co’s products, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 EM-P sold 10,055 units at the end point of December 2023, and sold more than 10,000 units of a single model in two consecutive months. After less than 4 months on the market, the cumulative sales volume has reached 32,129 units, demonstrating Lynk & Co’s systematization to the new "hard power".

Lynk & Co 08 EM-P

  Specifically, the core driving force for the rising sales of Lynk & Co 08 EM-P is the Lynk & Co EM-P super-extended range electric solution. In 2023, Lynk & Co released the new EM-P super-extended range electric solution, which is a set of new energy solutions based on electric drive. It meets the needs of users in all scenarios and all working conditions with "super performance". It can be electric, mixed and extended range, achieving both strong electric inductance and no anxiety. In the past year, the pure electric mileage of Lynk & Co EM-P family users reached 203 million kilometers and the charging capacity was 28.50 million degrees.

Lynk & Co EM-P Super Extended Range Electric Solution

  Lynk & Co EM-P is equipped with a dual-motor electric drive system and supports independent rear-drive motors. It realizes super inductance with a variety of motor combinations. Combined with high-efficiency electric hybrid engine and three-speed speed ratio, it brings comprehensive power and comprehensive torque ahead of the same level, allowing Lynk & Co 08 EM-P Zero hundred to accelerate into the "4-second club". There are also advantages such as high-speed not soft, long-distance not weak, and off-road not panicking. Lynk & Co EM-P superimposes 8 major intelligent electronic control technologies and more than 20 working modes through a high-endurance flat-panel battery system, enabling CLTC pure electric battery life to exceed 240 kilometers and comprehensive battery life to exceed 1400 kilometers, allowing users to completely bid farewell to mileage anxiety and consume less energy in the state of power loss. Lynk & Co will use this as a technical base to accelerate the brand’s comprehensive transformation to new and electric.

Lynk & Co’s Smart Cockpit Operating System

  At the same time, Lynk & Co has developed a smart cockpit operating system to drive the arrival of the next million-dollar era. In 2023, Lynk & Co launched LYNK OS N, a full-stack self-developed to create a Lingxi desktop, bringing a smoother flow, a more friendly interface, and a more spiritual interaction; LYNK Flyme Auto, jointly developed by Lynk & Co and Meizu, focuses on multi-end point, full scene, and immersive experience, and the handcar is connected without feeling. Lynk & Co listened to tens of thousands of suggestions from Co customers, and completed more than 20 function optimizations and system updates of the two smart cockpit operating systems throughout the year, so that users’ intelligent experience can be fully improved.

  More than just car enlargement soft power, Lynk & Co creates a user ecosystem and goes global

  In 2023, Lynk & Co also refreshed the first "one million" speed of the new brand. In November 2023, less than six years after the official launch of the first car in 2017, Lynk & Co 01 became the fastest Chinese high-end car brand to reach one million sales. This is not only a milestone for the development of the Lynk & Co brand, but also a highlight moment for the Chinese auto industry. All this is also the result of Lynk & Co’s insistence on consolidating brand equity and serving users with heart.

Lynk & Co refreshes "the millionth speed of new brands"

  Since the establishment of the brand, Lynk & Co has always been user-centered, inspiring "More than just cars"Infinite possibilities. The same" born globally, open and interconnected ", the same WHY NOT challenges convention, Lynk & Co is more than just a car, and Co-guest life is more than just living, and work together to create a new ecosystem. In 2023, the total users of Lynk & Co APP exceeded 3.40 million, and the number of new users in the whole year 1.31 million, an increase of 228% year-on-year; MAU users exceeded 1.10 million, and the average daily activity exceeded 200,000. As of the end of last year, there were 308 Co-guest territory certifications, and more than 24,000 Co-guest events were held nationwide; Lynk & Co partners exceeded 10,000, covering 304 cities in 33 provinces/municipalities/regions in 3 countries, covering 16 major industry types. On average, a new Lynk & Co owner creates a product every half month, and Lynk & Co brings more than 74,000 pieces of goods for territorial partners.

Lynk & Co 2023 Co., Ltd

  In addition to in-depth co-creation with users, Lynk & Co uses new channels to better meet user requests in the new energy era. From 2023, Lynk & Co will add new user direct connection channels to build a compound channel system of direct sales + agency + distribution. In July 2023, China’s first Lynk & Co brand user center opened in Hangzhou, synchronously renovated the existing 300 + stores, and settled in 20 city Meizu stores. All this is done by Lynk & Co to reach the nearest place to users in an all-round way, comprehensively strengthen the touchpoint with users, and establish a more direct two-way communication and emotional connection with users.

Lynk & Co Brand User Center (West Lake) opened

  Europe is the starting point and main battlefield of Lynk & Co’s globalization, and Asia-Pacific is the new focus of brand development. In 2023, Lynk & Co’s domestic and international dual-cycle development will be virtuous and steadily advanced. "Asia Pacific Strategy": 3 Lynk & Co centers in Dammam, Jeddah and Muscat, Oman, and the Lynk & Co space in Kuwait City have opened one after another; Lynk & Co participated in the Geneva Motor Show in Qatar for the first time; officially entered the Vietnamese market, opened the first Lynk & Co space in Hanoi, and set sail for the new time zone of South East Asia; in addition to the Lynk & Co 01 and Lynk & Co 05 that have already gone to sea, the Lynk & Co 03 performance family and the flagship Lynk & Co 09 have also officially launched in the Asia-Pacific market, further enriching the Lynk & Co product matrix. In addition, the Lynk & Co team also won the 2023 TCR World Tour Team Championship of the Year, and won a total of 6 world championships in the WTCR Touring Car World Cup (now renamed TCR World Tour) in 5 years, including 4 annual team championships and 2 annual driver championships.

  In 2024, Lynk & Co also has a series of surprises, looking forward to going to the "Lynk" strategy with millions + users: Lynk & Co EM-P continues to develop, and two sets of intelligent cockpit systems go hand in hand… The latest member of the Lynk & Co EM-P family and the first new energy medium-sized car under the new generation design language – Lynk & Co 07 will be officially unveiled in the first quarter of this year, announcing that Lynk & Co has entered a new stage of high-speed development of new energy. (Picture from the company)

2023 Shanghai Auto Show: Tiggo 9 C-DM debuted.

  [car home New Car Launch] At the Shanghai Auto Show, which opened on April 18th, Chery Tiggo 9 C-DM made its official debut. The new car will be equipped with a hybrid system consisting of Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine and 3-speed DHT gearbox, with a pure electric battery life of 165km, a fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km and a comprehensive cruising range of over 1,400 km.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Looking at the new car, there is not much difference between it and the fuel version. The appearance adopts Chery family design style, the front face adopts polygonal large-size front grille, and the interior is supplemented by straight waterfall chrome trim, in which the trim is also twisted to enhance the three-dimensional sense of modeling and the visual effect is more atmospheric. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a long and narrow headlight group, which is matched with a plurality of ribs raised by the engine and a three-stage air intake below, enhancing the luxury of the whole car.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The design of the tail is more generous. From the detailed design, it can be found that the car adopts many popular elements, such as penetrating taillight group, large-size spoiler at the roof and two exhaust layouts on both sides. At the same time, the car also adds chrome trim strips under the taillights, which improves the exquisiteness of the tail shape. At the same time, the C-DM version has added an exclusive logo.

Home of the car

  Dual-screen design is adopted in the car, based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip +5G Gigabit Ethernet, which brings high car performance; The zigzag air conditioning air outlet at the bottom of the screen is very distinctive. The car has 27 air outlets +B-pillar air outlets. In addition, the car does not have too many physical buttons, and it seems that virtual buttons are used in its steering wheel, gear handle and other areas, which is full of technology.

  In terms of power, the fuel version is equipped with Kunpeng Power 2.0TGDI engine, with a maximum power of 187kW, a peak torque of 390N·m and a comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.7L/100km. The power of the C-DM version is unknown, but this super hybrid drive technology also supports the four-wheel drive control system. The four-wheel drive model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.26 seconds, has a pure battery life of 165km, a fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km, and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 1,400 km. (Compile/car home Guo Chen)

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded …

  near future

  Many people’s social platforms

  It was screened by a dance "Subject III"

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  (The "Subject III" dance that exploded on the Internet)

  Shake one’s hands, waist and hips.

  And a half-twisted foot

  With the music with bright rhythm

  It’s really magical

  It also attracted many people to watch.

  Many netizens are eager to try.

  Want to learn

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  Although "subject three" is so happy.

  It’s true that people are vulnerable.

  Someone has jumped into the hospital.

  After 00, my little brother jumped "subject three" and caused bone contusion.

  Recently, the emergency orthopedics department of Changxing County People’s Hospital in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province received a younger brother after 00, because after jumping "Subject III" two days ago, his knee pain was unbearable and he could not squat.

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  After imaging examination, it was diagnosed as tibial plateau bone contusion and needed to be braked and rested.

  The dance movements of "Subject III" can be divided into three parts: silky footwork, hand-waving, and crotch twisting. Among them, the most important thing to pay attention to is the silky footwork. Simply put, it means turning your feet over and practicing step by step, and gradually accelerating after proficiency.

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  However, if this movement is good, the silk will slide back in the next second, and if it is not good, it may sprain its ankle in the next second, because this movement is very similar to varus (instep outward, instep inward), one of the movements with high incidence of sprain.

  The doctor reminded that the movement of "Subject III" requires a half-twisted foot varus. Jumping this movement requires the joint to be turned inside out quickly, and the tension is relatively large. If the strength and coordination of the knee joint and ankle joint are not enough, it will easily lead to sprain.

  Beginners are prone to injury.

  These people don’t recommend jumping with them.

  Li Yuruo, director of the Sports Medicine Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said that "Subject III" dance requires high joint flexibility. If you don’t have a dance foundation or learn to dance at will without professional practice, you are likely to get injured, such as ligament strain around your ankle and knee joint, ligament tear in severe cases, and even fracture.

  "Subject 3" has a very fast rhythm, and it may be sprained if you are not careful. Beginners should not do some movements if they find them impossible, difficult or a little painful to do. After jumping, the joints of the limbs should be relaxed and stretched.

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  In fact, many people who suffer from dancing injuries are professional dancers. They may have danced all day, or trained for a long time. The muscles around the knee joint and ankle joint have been strained for a long time, and they didn’t choose to see a doctor until the pain was unbearable. In addition, there are also patients who are not relaxed and stretched properly during dancing, resulting in dancing injuries.

  Experts remind that people with sprained ankles or old problems often sprain their ankles, meniscus injuries, cartilage injuries, ligament injuries, etc. in the knee joint are not suitable for dancing with large movements of ankles and knees.

  What should I do after spraining my ankle?

  If you sprain or sprain after dancing or accidentally, you’d better stop exercising immediately. If the affected area is swollen seriously, seek medical advice actively, and recommend the classic treatment method of ankle sprain before seeking medical advice. RICE principle:

  R-rest: Stop activities, let the injured part rest still, and reduce further injuries.

  Ice compress (I-ice): It can reduce the temperature of the injured part, relieve inflammation and muscle spasm, relieve pain and inhibit swelling. 10~20 minutes each time, more than 3 times a day. Be careful not to apply the ice directly to the affected area. You can wrap the ice with a wet towel to avoid frostbite. Ice compress is limited to 48 hours after injury.

  C-compression: Use elastic bandage to wrap the injured ankle joint, and apply appropriate pressure to reduce swelling. Be careful not to over-pressurize, otherwise it will aggravate the swelling and ischemia of the distal limb of the package.

  E-elevation: Raise the injured ankle slightly above the heart level to reduce swelling.

  Note: even if there is no fracture, it should be braked for 2~3 weeks after sprain, so that the damaged ligament can be repaired and healed in the normal position.

  How to effectively prevent sprain?

  Exercise moderately, maintain muscle strength and flexibility, and warm up before exercise;

  When you are on the slippery ground, you should walk carefully;

  Wear high-heeled shoes or boots as far as possible to protect the ankle joint when moving on uneven roads;

  Don’t wear shoes with worn soles;

  Ankle sprain is easy to happen in the dark, so pay attention to lighting at night.

  Transferred from: Guangzhou Health and Health Commission

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