"extreme commuting" blows up the network! Workers, how long does it take you to commute to work every day?

Attention, all workers! Elephant wants to ask one thing: How long does it take you to commute to work every day?

In the past two days, the statement of "extreme commuting" detonated the internet, because a woman commuted 6.5 hours a day, which shocked netizens.

Miss Jin, who lives in Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, works in a company in Yangpu District. Because of the long distance, she has to ride an electric bike to the bus stop first. After taking the bus for an hour and a half, transfer to the subway. After arriving at the station, take the shuttle bus to work in the park where the company is located. It takes 3 hours and 15 minutes for one way, and it costs 800 yuan every month.

Miss Jin said that if you drive, the one-way trip is about 100 kilometers, and the one-way trip in the morning and evening peaks will take nearly 2 hours. Together with the fuel, tolls and parking fees, the monthly cost will be about 5,000 yuan. "I have also tried to rent a house near the company, but the cost is higher."

Commuting is an unavoidable topic for every migrant worker. And miss Jin’s way to work, let a person call away from the big spectrum.

However, there are not a few people who commute to work every day like Miss Jin, and many migrant workers have cried in the comment area.

Extreme commuting, in other words, is the exhaustion of young people. Some netizens calculated the account for Miss Jin: "24 hours a day, conservatively speaking, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, plus 6.5 hours on the road, three meals a day, a total of 1 hour, and 0.5 hours may not even be enough for makeup time, not to mention other things."

According to the data, over 14 million people in China are suffering from extreme commuting for more than 60 minutes. Studies generally believe that long commuting will reduce people’s happiness, but some financial experts believe that long commuting time is bad for individuals, but not necessarily "bad" for the development of enterprises and cities. Long commuting may increase residents’ income and stimulate household consumption.

Some papers even wrote: "Internet consumption has become an important consumption channel for office workers and a way to use commuting time, which is conducive to alleviating the negative impact of long commuting time and improving residents’ commuting happiness."

Perhaps, as some experts say, long commuting may increase residents’ income and stimulate household consumption. However, in today’s hot search for the topic of "why don’t young people XX", who is really concerned about the needs and difficulties of young people?

Congested traffic, time-consuming commuting, high-stress nerves, endless work, humble income and expensive rent are serious problems that most ordinary young people in China are facing, which has already overwhelmed young people.

Eight hours of work is enviable, and 6.5 hours of extreme commuting is really killing me.


Show Me China | Ergun Band: Inner Mongolia not only has prairies, but also welcomes everyone to experience the beauty of winter.

    There are still 15 days before the opening of the 14th National Winter Games. The Ergun Band calls out netizens and invites everyone to come to Inner Mongolia in winter to experience the different beauty of prairies, forests, deserts, lakes and rivers.

    Reporter: Ye Ziyan.

    Reporter: Yu Guang Tian Haolin

    Ye Ziyan studio

    Produced by Audio and Video Department of Xinhua News Agency

Dad resigned to accompany his 14-year-old son, go on road trip China, who was tired of studying. His son lamented: Family love needs to be cherished, and I will persist no matter how hard I study!

Don’t ask about foreign land and hometown.

Where are people, where is Nian?

According to the data of railway administration,

This ugly year of the ox

More than 100 million people choose to "stay behind"

Celebrate the New Year on the spot and have a reunion.

every"original year person"the story of

It smells good!


"Clean year, leave some time to pay attention to yourself"

NingxinActress from mainland China, with representative works such as Eye of the Storm, Hot-blooded Companion, Smiling Beauty, etc. She is a popular contestant in Miss Chongqing contest in 2012, and also a typical Sichuan girl. She is straightforward and generous, and relatives and friends love to find her when they go to Beijing, calling her "Chongqing and Zigong’s receptionist in Beijing".

Ningxin likes excitement and likes Chinese New Year.

"In the year of my heart, there are beautiful frogs, sweet and sour ribs, a big table of red and spicy dishes, and a large family gathering together."Ning Xin said that in addition to Sichuan and Chongqing cuisine, their family’s Spring Festival must-have repertoire is to visit relatives and friends, and Chongqing-Zigong-Neijiang turns around, keeping up with the clockwork every day. It is necessary to string many doors and meet many people.

This year is different, because of work, Ningxin stayed in Haikou. During the post-epidemic period, in order to respond to the call of the country to "celebrate the New Year on the spot", she simply stayed in Haikou for the New Year.

Without special planning or preparation in advance, I ate a New Year’s Eve dinner package at the hotel. Although compared with previous years, the taste of the year is a little lighter, but it is plain and has a different flavor.

"The time spent playing mobile phones has been greatly shortened. I eat and sleep in the house and watch movies every day. When I am bored, I go out for a walk, look at the sea, stay for a long time, or think about my future plans.I like a lively year, and I also like a quiet year-to be quiet when it should be lively, to leave some time for myself, to pay attention to myself, and to let me see myself more clearly."NingXin said.


"With the’ comrades in arms’ group year, the human touch is the taste of the year."

Chen yuanqiShe is a nurse in the Department of Neurology, Kuanren Hospital in northern Chongqing. Her hometown is Luzhou, Sichuan. As a front-line medical staff, she knows better than ordinary people the meaning behind "celebrating the New Year on the spot".

Therefore, she decided to become a member of the "left-behind" army.

Although parents are distressed that the girl is alone in a foreign land, long live understanding in the face of the epidemic.

The hospital hoarded a lot of materials (delicious food) in advance, and also arranged some red decorations in advance, such as a small puppet in the shape of a cow, a red fruit flower arrangement and so on.

On the first day of junior high school, colleagues in the department sat together to make jiaozi and glutinous rice balls, and sent some hot jiaozi to patients and their families. Everyone was so moved that they thanked them again and again. "It’s so warm of you!"

Chen Yuanqi said that the year of Chongqing in 2021 is busy and warm.

"After the intense anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention war, the medical staff in our department are not only colleagues, but also comrades-in-arms and relatives. Although I can’t go home for the New Year, I’m not alone with everyone. It turns out that this is the meaning of the Spring Festival-where people are and where the year is. The human touch is the taste of the year. "


"The ceremonial feeling of the Spring Festival, a fireworks show worth 200 million yuan"

OliviaIt’s a western pastry chef. The reporter collected materials from the readers of the new women’s newspaper, and Olivia volunteered to share her story of "celebrating the New Year on the spot" in Xiamen.

Xiamen during the Spring Festival, in the words of writer Haruki Murakami, is that there is not a cloud in the sky and the wind is warm, which is an impeccable sunny day. The vast rape blossoms in Xiangshan and the cherry blossoms in Manshan are the most beautiful spring scenery.

Olivia said that in the past, during the Spring Festival in Chongqing, flannel thick cotton trousers were always unkempt-no fashionable white-collar worker could escape the fate of becoming a "village flower" every second. There is an advantage in Xiamen, a long skirt and a wave by the sea, showing the Hawaiian style.

"A person can’t brush his circle of friends when he is in the field for the New Year. He feels that happiness and carnival belong to others. But the first day of the New Year is the happiest, because I made an appointment with my friends to see the island road.A fireworks show worth 200 million yuan. "Fireworks were set off in Jinmen, Xiamen for half an hour. Olivia always wanted to shoot a romantic scene of waving fairy wand at the seaside, but the sea breeze and waves refused, and finally only took a video of sand sculpture wishing on fairy wand.

Fireworks for half an hour, traffic jams in the middle of the night, the grand occasion is comparable to the annual New Year’s Eve in Jie Fangbei, Chongqing, and this fireworks party finally ends with the operation of hotels and homestays around the island.

"I miss Chongqing’s grilled fish and hot pot skewers, miss the lights of Hongyadong, miss the excitement of Guanyin Bridge, and miss the home-cooked meals made by my parents. But when we grow up and work, we often can’t do whatever we want. But,It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the food, the dialect you don’t understand, or the climate with strong ultraviolet rays, because as long as you are brave enough, you will always wait for a beautiful fireworks feast."Olivia said.

Today is the sixth day of the Lunar New Year.

Spring is beautiful, the wind is soft and the sun is warm.

Some people are busy preparing for spring ploughing and driving out poverty.

Some people run out of holiday balance.

The workload is on the way.

I hope my friends will work hard.

Get rich in the year of the ox

All the wishes you want come true ~

Text _ Chief reporter Gong Zhengxing

Figure _ Provided by respondents

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Major changes! Is it more difficult to implement the driving test since October?

  CCTV News:Did you get your driver’s license?

  If not, hurry up!

  The driving test is going to be more difficult! Level! Yes!

  In order to implement the opinions of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport on the reform of the driver training and examination system, according to the requirements of "Motor Vehicle Driving Training Teaching and Examination Outline", the Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security undertook the revision of the industry standards such as "Contents and Methods of Motor Vehicle Driver Examination" (GA 1026). With the approval of the Ministry of Public Security,The new standard will be officially implemented on October 1, 2017.

  Main points of assessment change

  Point 1: Pay more attention to the assessment of safety civilization awareness.

  According to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport’s "Motor Vehicle Driving Training Teaching and Examination Outline", adjust the relevant examination contents:

  ◆ Subject 1 involves the common sense of safe and civilized driving.All of them are adjusted to the general knowledge test of safe and civilized driving in subject three;

  ◆ Adjust the proportion of examination content, improve the proportion of road traffic safety laws and regulations, safe and civilized driving knowledge examination questions, and list common sense of civilized driving and typical accident cases;

  ◆ Adjust the examination operationFor example, "looking back" action is added to the starting, lane changing, parking aside and overtaking projects in subject 3, and the projects such as going straight through intersections and turning left and right are judged as unqualified, and the safety and civilization awareness is assessed from the detailed actions.

  Point 2: More in line with the actual road traffic environment.

  ◆ The theoretical examination simulates the real scene.Subject 1, Subject 3 Add situational test questions to the common sense test of safe and civilized driving, simulate the actual road traffic scene through text, pictures, videos and other situational forms, and assess the candidates’ ability to recognize, judge and deal with the actual road traffic situation.

  ◆ The venue driving test highlights practicality.On the premise of ensuring safe driving, in the second subject, such as reversing into storage, pile test, unilateral bridge, right-angle turning, continuous obstacle, etc., it is allowed to stop moderately to observe and confirm the safety before driving. If you stop halfway, you will be adjusted to "5 points each time" if you fail the exam.

  ◆ The road driving skill test emphasizes safe and civilized operation.For example, in the U-turn project, the requirements such as slowing down or stopping and turning on the turn signal are added, and in the crossing project, the operation and deduction requirements such as "turning on the turn signal in advance when changing direction" are added to highlight the actual road driving needs and cultivate candidates’ good driving habits.

  Point 3: It is more convenient for the masses to take exams and obtain certificates.

  Optimize and adjust the examination organization.

  ◆ Small car:Adjust the three-night examination method of subjects and adopt the simulated night lighting examination form.

  ◆ Large car:If the subject two fails to pass the exam on the spot, the items that have not been deducted will not be retaken; If the night exam fails to pass the make-up exam on the spot, the daytime exam results will be retained.

  mainChanging content

  Subject 1, Subject 3 Safe and Civilized Driving Common Sense Examination


   subject two Key points of examination evaluation revision


  Subject three Key points of operation and evaluation modification of road driving skill test


  (This article Source: CCTV News Economic Daily)

Visiting the "isolation examination room" of the college entrance examination: What are the differences between special examination rooms?

  On July 3rd, the staff (right) simulated the temperature test results of the candidates in zhounan middle school, Changsha. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, July 3 (Reporter Xie Ying Zhang Ge) The college entrance examination is just around the corner, and the preparations for the college entrance examination under the epidemic situation are also under intense pressure. On the 3rd, the reporter participated in the college entrance examination exercise in zhounan middle school, and visited the "isolation examination room" exclusively.

  At the test center in zhounan middle school, Changsha, the warning stakes, warning tape and sunshade awning erected in front of the school gate were neatly placed, and more than 100 "candidates" lined up outside the test center at a distance of one meter to receive infrared temperature measurement.

  On July 3, the staff (right) simulated the arrangement of examination seats for the fever candidates. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  "Candidates whose body temperature is higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius will be led by the epidemic prevention commissioner to rest in the rest area, and then re-examined with a mercury thermometer. If the temperature is lower than 37.3 degrees Celsius, they can take the test normally. If the candidate’s body temperature is still higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius, after comprehensive evaluation, the candidate’s physical condition is suitable for continuing to take the exam, then the standby isolation examination room will be started. " Liu Luochun, dean of Changsha Education Examinations Institute, said.

  Zhang Siyu, a senior two student in zhounan middle school, plays a "suspected case". "In the re-examination room, the disease control personnel asked me ‘ Condition ’ At the same time, you have been giving me psychological counseling. Tell me ‘ Don’t be nervous, just have a simple test, and it won’t affect the exam ’ 。”

  On July 3, the medical staff (middle) simulated the rest area in the body temperature check area to appease the mood of candidates with high body temperature. Candidates will receive a second temperature test after taking a short rest in the rest area to prevent the temperature from being affected by excessive temperature and emotional tension. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  After that, Zhang Siyu was guided to a special passage by medical staff and went to the isolation examination room. In the examination room, two invigilators, wearing protective clothing, goggles and gloves, carried out security check on Zhang Siyu.

  There are epidemic prevention supplies such as temperature guns, disinfectant and disposable gloves on the podium in the isolation examination room. There are only four examination tables in the examination room, and the seat spacing is more than 2 meters. In addition, there is a letter to parents on each desk: "We have opened a backup examination room for your child, and the facilities and time schedule of the examination room are the same as those of other examination rooms". "After the examination is completed, you and your child need to wear masks strictly, and you are not allowed to take public transport or school buses to take the exam, and try not to get in close contact with others" … …

  On July 3, the medical staff (first from left) simulated and led the fever examinee (middle) to enter the isolated standby examination room from the special passage of the isolated examination room. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  The reporter learned in the on-site exercise that it only took less than 20 minutes for the "suspected case" candidates to measure their body temperature and enter the isolation examination room. If the isolation examination room starts the examination later than the normal examination time, the examination time can be postponed later.

  "There are school doctors and professionals from the disease control department in the test center, which will comprehensively judge the symptoms of candidates and give them proper treatment in time. After the candidates finish the exam, they will also be tested by a special person. " Luo Shu, the invigilator of the isolation examination room, said.

  On July 3, the medical staff simulated the physical condition of the candidate (right) in the temperature check area. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  After the examination, the group examination work in the isolation examination room is still going on. The test papers, answer sheets and draft papers used by candidates with "suspected cases" should be packaged, sterilized and stored separately for special collection. The epidemic prevention personnel will also sterilize the examination room, examination table and door handle to prepare for the next subject examination.

  On July 3, the staff (right) simulated the security check for the fever candidates. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  Liu Luochun told reporters that the isolation examination room is a special setting for the college entrance examination under the epidemic situation. Each test center will conduct centralized training and group examination drills for examinees before the college entrance examination to ensure the safety of candidates and the smooth examination. "In fact, there is nothing different about the isolation examination room for candidates, just changing places."

  On July 3, the staff of the Kaifu District Center for Disease Control and Prevention simulated the isolation of the spare examination room. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuxi photo

  "I can imagine that college entrance examination candidates will inevitably feel nervous under the epidemic, but I feel the safety and order of the examination process and the completeness and intimacy of the group examination from the exercise. I believe that even in the isolation examination room, this life exam can be successfully completed. " Zhang Siyu said.

The beauty industry has been bombarded: sunscreen spray causes white lungs, and hydrating products are all "IQ taxes"?

Image source: vision china

Blue whale financial reporter Wang Hanyi

"Sunscreen spray may lead to the risk of white lung. Can the relevant tips be implemented on every package?" "When will the hydration lie end?" "If there are problems with the test report and various lists, what can consumers believe?"

Recently, a video about "female R&D engineers after 1995 questioned experts at the skin care industry conference" attracted attention. At present, the specific identity of the woman in the video, the information of the industry conference she attended and who the industry experts she questioned are still unclear, but the three issues raised by the woman and some industry status reflected behind these issues are worth discussing.

Is it true that using sunscreen spray on the face causes pneumonia?

An emergency doctor who didn’t want to be named told Blue Whale Financial reporter that the ingredients in sunscreen spray are generally non-toxic to the body, but some sunscreen sprays do contain high-risk ingredients. "It is common for chemicals to cause skin allergies, and lung cancer is an example. If you hold your breath or cover your mouth and nose when using it, the spray will not have any adverse effects on your body."

In fact, some sunscreen sprays also have tips on how to use them correctly when selling. Blue Whale Financial reporter searched on the shopping platform with "sunscreen spray" as the key word, and randomly selected an adult spray and a child spray, both of which had relevant risk warnings or precautions such as "Do not inhale when using" and "Not recommended for people with respiratory diseases".

A research and development personnel in the front line of cosmetics production told Blue Whale Financial reporter: "At present, there is really no clear provision requiring sunscreen sprays to indicate the use method on the packaging, but many sunscreen sprays will be indicated on the details page or packaging."

Bai Yunhu, an expert in cosmetics industry management, said: "Whether it is necessary to mark some possible risk warnings on products, similar to the’ warning’ information marked on cigarettes by the tobacco industry, depends on industry norms and regulatory requirements. In most cases, CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) has professional judgment, and if necessary, it will formulate relevant laws and regulations. For example, there are strict requirements for the identification of the sun protection index, and sun protection is also a special cosmetic, which needs to be filed separately. "

Adult sunscreen spray details page Image source: Cut from Taobao

Children’s sunscreen spray details page Image source: Cut from Taobao

In addition, the reporter of Blue Whale Finance also interviewed consumers who would buy such products every day. Everyone said that it is common sense to avoid inhaling sunscreen spray, just like "inhaling smog and dust may cause pneumoconiosis". In fact, it’s not just sunscreen spray, but also the prickly heat powder used by children is risky to inhale.

Bing Han, the initiator of rational skin care and a doctor of dermatology at Tongji University, also said in his popular science article that sunscreen spray itself is safe, but it is unsafe to inhale sunscreen spray in respiratory tract. "It is very easy to use sunscreen spray correctly and avoid risks. I hope that everyone will not understand it as’ sunscreen spray causes pneumonia and must not be used.’ This is one-sided and wrong. "

It is worth noting that the sunscreen ingredients added in the sunscreen spray may be solid particles like titanium dioxide, and other soluble sunscreen ingredients such as emulsifiers and solvents may also cause lung damage after being inhaled into the respiratory tract. "Therefore, for the sake of consumer safety, especially for some careless consumers who are not very informed about it, the industry should really print the risk warning more prominently." Ice cold is called.

Is "hydrating" a lie?

The above-mentioned doctor said: "The general hydrating skin care products really can’t achieve the function of hydrating the skin. At most, it is to repair the stratum corneum when the skin is dry in autumn and winter, and human skin can maintain the balance of water and oil."

Although hydrating products can’t "replenish" water directly, they have certain soothing and moisturizing effects, which can increase the moisture content of users’ skin epidermis in a short time and reduce water loss, which is actually "hydrating" in the eyes of ordinary consumers.

Some industry veterans said, "There is important information hidden in the video, only saying that’ so-and-so hydration is invalid’. If the conclusion that the hydrating product is invalid is taken out of context. "

In fact, "hydrating" is just a conventional name, not all water enters the skin. Take the hydrating mask as an example, the patch mask has a function called hydration. To put it simply, the mask is attached to the face, which will soften the cuticle of the skin, that is, the skin is hydrated. "Skin hydration can accelerate the absorption of nutrients, like a kind of infrastructure. Therefore, I don’t recognize that hydrating is an IQ tax. " The above R&D personnel said.

After using the hydrating products, the water will still evaporate, and more importantly, how to retain the water. The "hydrating spray" on the market, take a bottle with you and spray it when your face is dry; Trying to absorb water by slapping hard is actually a misunderstanding of skin care caused by not understanding the principle of skin care. A more effective way is to take advantage of the short hydration time of the stratum corneum and use moisturizing products to retain water. Retaining water is what everyone often says about moisturizing and locking water. Skin care is a systematic project, and it can’t be a single efficacy theory.

Is the sunscreen effect test reliable?

Blue whale financial reporter learned that the standard method for testing sunscreen is human body test. In the test of SPF value and PA value, it is necessary to manually interpret the erythema and melanosis of skin.

For the human testing method of sunscreen, national standards are different. China, Japan, the United States, Australia and the European Union use the human testing method of at least 10 subjects for SPF testing. Among them, the EU standard is ISO24444;; Japanese standard is JCIA; of Japan Cosmetics Industry Association; China is the Technical Specification for Cosmetic Safety in 2015. Even if these standards are generally consistent, changes in details will affect the final test results, such as reference substance, smear area, irradiation measurement and so on.

This leads to that even if the results are tested according to the requirements, they will change because of the skin quality, race, state and even seasons of the subjects. Therefore, even if the same sunscreen product has different results in two human tests, it is normal.

In this regard, Bing Han believes: "The testing institution of sunscreen products is a designated institution, and its management is relatively strict. It must have CMA certification. From the recruitment of subjects, experiments and data statistics to the issuance of the final report, it must follow the norms, and the laboratory must regularly re-examine and parallel reference. It is not easy to obtain the inspection qualification of sunscreen products. Falsification will not only ruin your job, but also ruin your reputation. If I were the leader of a sunscreen testing institution, I wouldn’t take this risk. "

For the above viewpoints, what do the post-95 formulators think of the "rights fighter" in the video? The Blue Whale financial reporter contacted the blogger of the "skin care industry documentary for Lingfei" account, but as of press time, he has not received a reply yet.

According to the data of 36Kr Research Institute, the market size of precision skin care in China will be 48.8 billion yuan in 2022, and it is estimated that the market size will exceed 100 billion yuan in 2026, reaching 123.6 billion yuan. Consumers pay more and more attention to skin health and skin care, so they are more likely to be "anxious".

For consumers, they should learn more about relevant popular science knowledge and avoid being "kidnapped" by deliberate anxiety.


Fujian Sports Lottery Center: Lottery players with valid lottery numbers can apply for live viewing if they are interested.

  Screenshot of the "31 Choose 7" live TV lottery on April 12th of Fujian Sports Lottery.

  Recently, the video of the No.4 lottery ball stopping at the top of the slope of the lottery machine and blocking the No.5, No.6 and No.7 lottery balls at the "31 Choose 7" lottery scene of Fujian Sports Lottery triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. On April 24th, the staff of Fujian Sports Lottery Center responded that this phenomenon was accidental after on-site inspection by lottery machine manufacturers. The lottery system was operating normally and the current lottery results were valid. The manufacturer of the lottery machine also responded that there is no abnormality in the lottery machine involved, there is no fault in the equipment operation system, and there is no situation that the lottery is affected by the fault.

  The lottery ball is stuck at the top of the slope.

  Netizens questioned "fraud"

  Webcast video shows that the first three balls fell out and rolled into the exhibition area below the slope, but the fourth ball stopped at the top of the slope and did not roll into the exhibition area. Subsequently, the fifth, sixth and seventh lottery balls were also blocked by the fourth lottery ball and stopped at the top of the slope. On-site notaries announced the winning number according to the dropped ball number.

  According to the lottery announcement, the lottery numbers are 07, 14, 11, 01, 05, 17, 19, and the special number is 28. The sales amount of this period is more than 930,000 yuan. Two bets won the second prize, with a single prize of 18,799 yuan, 19 bets won the third prize, with a single prize of 1,200 yuan, 75 bets won the fourth prize, 200 yuan won the fifth prize in 2207 bets, 20 yuan won the sixth prize in 20729 bets, and 6 yuan won the single prize. The bonus of more than 1.01 million yuan rolled into the next prize pool.

  On April 24, the staff of Fujian Sports Lottery Management Center told Beijing Youth Daily that after the incident, the Sports Lottery Center also contacted the lottery machine manufacturer to check on the spot. At present, the conclusion given by the manufacturer is that this is an accidental phenomenon. "The lottery system itself is operating normally, and the scene is also supervised by notaries. According to the management measures stipulated in the lottery, as long as the lottery ball is shaken out of the mixing bin, this lottery is effective. This time, the ball should have rolled to the exhibition area after it was shaken out. However, due to this accidental scene, the fourth ball stopped there and the balls behind it could not come down, but this did not affect the lottery results. " The staff said that after the incident, the Sports Lottery Center sent the video to the lottery machine manufacturer for the first time. Later, everyone paid more attention to this situation, and the manufacturer should also ask to go to the scene to check the equipment on the spot. What is the specific reason for this accidental phenomenon? Subsequent manufacturers will also issue a written explanation letter, and the Sports Lottery Center will also announce it to the public.

  In response to netizens’ suspicion that "the notary prepared the winning number before the lottery results came out", the above-mentioned staff also said, "If you watch the video carefully, you can find that the lottery ball has stayed on the upper step for a few seconds before falling to the slope. The notary usually sees the lottery ball fall down the steps before preparing the winning number. There is nothing wrong with this. It may be a problem with editing (lens switching), and there is no situation of preparing winning numbers in advance. In addition, our lottery is always open to the public. If the public has doubts about the lottery results, we also welcome everyone to watch and supervise the lottery. "

  In addition, the staff told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that the manufacturer of the lottery machine will maintain it regularly, and the Sports Lottery Center will also inspect the machine before the lottery. Generally, when the lottery machine reaches a certain age, the Sports Lottery Center will replace it. It said that the lottery machine used at the lottery site on April 12 had no problem in operation and was currently in normal use.

  Regular maintenance of lottery machine

  After inspection, there is no fault or abnormality.

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that the manufacturer of the lottery machine is Shanghai Junti Science and Technology Equipment Company. The staff of the company said that the lottery machine at the "31-7" lottery scene of Fujian Sports Lottery on April 12 was a relatively new machine. During the normal service period, there was no such situation that the lottery ball stopped at the top of the slope before the lottery. "This is an accidental phenomenon, not man-made. We have checked on the spot, and there is no problem with the machine and the lottery system. This situation has nothing to do with the lottery machine. "

  Regarding the speculation that netizens questioned the machine failure or the static influence of the lottery machine, the staff of Shanghai Military Sports Science and Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. said that they would carry out regular maintenance, inspection and overhaul of the lottery machine according to regulations to ensure that the lottery machine can operate normally. "At present, what we have learned and seen is that there is no abnormality in this machine, there is no fault in the equipment operation system, and there is no situation that the lottery is affected by the fault."

  Notary before each lottery

  Will check the lottery machine and the ball

  According to public information, "7 out of 31" is a Chinese sports lottery authorized by China Lottery Center and underwritten by Fujian Sports Lottery Distribution Center in its jurisdiction, referred to as Fujian Sports Lottery — 7/31。 The lottery ticket is distributed and sold by computer network system, and the lottery ticket is drawn on TV regularly, and the winning prize is determined according to the number of matching betting numbers and winning numbers.

  In view of the special situation of the "7 out of 31" lottery scene in Fujian Sports Lottery Center on April 12, Beiqing Daily reporter called the customer service of China Sports Lottery. The staff introduced that the relationship between China Sports Lottery Center and Fujian Sports Lottery Center is business guidance, and "7 out of 31" belongs to local gameplay. The lottery situation is mainly handled by Fujian Sports Lottery Center. According to the China Sports Lottery Center, the lottery at that time was normal, but the lottery ball that was shaken out did not roll to the exhibition area, and the ball behind it did not roll down. "Every time the lottery is broadcast live, there will be relevant notaries to supervise the whole process. The winning number is no problem. Fujian Sports Lottery Center also contacted the supplier to analyze the situation afterwards, and tested the lottery machine and related lottery videos. There is really no problem, and the lottery number is true and effective."

  The customer service staff said that under normal circumstances, before each lottery, the notary will check the equipment and the lottery ball, and after confirming that there is no problem, put the lottery ball into the lottery machine and seal it before the lottery. Except the notary, no one else will touch the lottery ball. "If you are interested, you can also apply for a look at the lottery site through China Sports Lottery Network. If you have any questions, you can also consult the on-site staff."

  Yesterday afternoon, the staff of Fujian Sports Bureau also told the reporter of Beiqing Daily that the staff of the bureau were understanding the investigation about the situation of the "31-7" lottery on April 12.

  Text/Reporter Dai Youqing Coordinator/Jiang Wei

Hot booking! The reunion dinner turned out to be so funny.

This article is about 1280 words, and it takes 4 minutes to read.

Busy for a whole year.

What remains the same at the end of each year

Have a lively reunion dinner with your family.


This reunion dinner is shared by more than 1000 people.

How lively would it be?


"Roof of Abundance" of Tianfu International Conference Center —— The annual banquet of thousands of delegations by Qinhuang Lake officially opened the reservation mode.

As soon as the reservation is opened, netizens expect the value to explode.

"Eat nine bowls, a year of abundance! Celebrating the New Year with everyone in the eaves of Tianfu sounds tall and I look forward to the whole value! "

"Happy New Year’s Eve in the new district, eat New Year’s Eve in the new district, and celebrate the New Year with great prosperity ~ ~ ~ I wish all my friends Long Xing 2024!"

"Not bad, it’s the first time for many people to have a reunion dinner together, and you can also watch a performance, which is very good."

"Tianfu new district is great, nine bowls, arouse my childhood memories! I really want to participate, I can’t even think about it. "


Reservations for New Year’s Eve dinner are still going on.

Friends who want to participate look here ↓

Call the marketing department of Tianfu International Conference Center:



Make a reservation

↑ Figure Source Micro Dongpo

Dongpo Elbow, Sixi Pill, Salted Boiled White

Meat with sand and fragrant bowls with buttons


Long table winding

Line up with wine and meat

Not only satisfy the enjoyment of taste buds

It can arouse the lively memories of childhood Chinese New Year.

Tianfu International Conference Center. Photo by Pan Anqi

In addition to eating nine bowls

The activities on New Year’s Eve are also not to be missed.

Light up the "eaves of abundance"

Light and shadow awards

The largest drone show in Southwest China

Non-legacy fire dragon iron flower show


Various wonderful activities are staged in turn.

You are dazzled and happy!

↑ Photo by Kei Ma Please do not reprint without authorization.

"Roof of Abundance" Light and Shadow Award

On New Year’s Eve, a "magnificent spectacle" built by science and technology will be staged in the "eaves of abundance". On the largest single wooden structure in Asia, a digital roof with a length of 408 meters and a width of 26 meters and a total area of about 11,000 square meters will be officially lit for the first time.

Under the visual extension, a series of 4k ultra-high-definition theme videos are slowly unfolding on this super-long screen, and each frame is an intoxicating and beautiful picture.

↑ The selected works will be displayed on the screen of the "Roof of Abundance" light show on New Year’s Eve (schematic diagram).

Hua zhong Jin Guan palace Guan Tang Deng hui carnival

From February 8th to March 8th (11:00-23:00 every day), hundreds of non-legacy lanterns were lit in Xibo City, "Hua Chong Jin Guan, the Forbidden City, Tang Dynasty and the 5000 non-legacy lantern carnival".

In addition to the Lantern Festival, there are also the gathering of blessings in the Year of the Dragon, the Tang Garden Party in the Forbidden City, the interpretation of Tang costumes that pour the world into dreams, the fusion show of national dances, the hot concerts, the food market, and the cultural and creative courtesy … Many experience activities are waiting for you to play.

Visual shock "drone show"

On the day of New Year’s Eve, more than 3,000 unmanned aerial vehicles took off at the same time in the night. With the sky as the curtain, dragons and phoenixes spread their wings and ascended to heaven one after another. Through the dreamy three-dimensional light and shadow changes, they interwoven a beautiful Tianfu New Year scroll to light up the reunion night.

It is reported that there were seven themes in the UAV matrix performance that day, and the scale was the first in the southwest.

↑ UAV performance. Schematic diagram, the final picture is based on reality.

Intangible memory "Iron Tree Silver Flower Dragon Leap"

This extreme romance inherited thousands of years ago will bloom in Xibo City on New Year’s Eve. Silver flowers are falling in the fire tree, and the stars are blooming in the sky. The "iron flowers" above 1600℃ bloom like stars in the night sky, and suddenly they are as bright as day. Nine 18-meter-long fire dragons are hovering and dancing in the light and shadow.

= data map. Photo taken by Wu Bo Please don’t reprint it without authorization.

After the reunion dinner, you can also watch the New Year around the viewing platform at five points, namely, the Avenue around the lake, the Monet Garden lakeside, the fountain hydrophilic platform and the eaves of abundance. After enjoying the post-dinner snacks with the annual flavor of corn, sweet potatoes, red dates, rice cakes, sugar oranges and longan, you can also participate in the Rongcheng market, Erya Light Bar, New Year’s Lantern Parade, Chengdu Banquet, Drama and Fuman Play.

= data map

Are you excited?

New Year’s Eve

We are waiting for you at the eaves of abundance!

Original title: "Hot booking! The reunion dinner was so funny.

Traditional arts and crafts have become the source of fashion inspiration, so it is necessary to match the pearls, not to "buy the pearls back"

China traditional arts and crafts can be described as a brilliant flower in the garden of Chinese excellent traditional culture. Among them, traditional handicraft is the most intuitive memory symbol of human civilization inheritance. On the one hand, it provides the material basis for human beings to live and develop, on the other hand, it is regarded as the link and presentation way of human spiritual connection and emotional communication. "Applying arts according to materials, making tools still in use, endowing things with affection and maintaining customs" has become the core connotation of traditional handicraft skills.
When the world enters the post-industrial era, the practical functions of the traditional handicraft production and living materials and tools are gradually stripped off, replaced by the constant amplification and prominence of their aesthetic value, cultural value, emotional value and social value, and there has been a shift from the technical field characterized by material to romanticism and naturalism characterized by spirit, and "handcrafting" is being reshaped into a cultural landscape of "returning to the world of daily life". However, in this idealized process of "remolding" and "rebuilding", we should also be alert to how traditional handicraft skills are not misused or abused in the market-oriented commercialization trend, so as to avoid the nihilistic commodity culture premium and the consumer’s resistance.
The mother-of-pearl lacquer box used by Xie Fuchun for duck egg powder adopts Yangzhou lacquer flat grinding mother-of-pearl technology.
The pursuit of personalized consumption turns the traditional craft into a new life.
UNESCO’s Convention for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage has been promulgated for 21 years, in which traditional crafts are one of the important components of the five major fields of human intangible cultural heritage. In China, there are 629 national-level intangible cultural heritage projects, covering sculpture, textile dyeing and embroidery, clothing production, catering and food, building construction, furniture study, plant cultivation, restoration techniques and many other aspects.
Mechanical production in the industrial age is increasingly showing a variety of negative directions, such as poor quality due to profit-seeking mass production, over-assimilation of world products dissolving regional characteristics, being dominated by machinery, lack of creativity, loss of craftsmen and traditional skills, and so on. In the social context of social transformation and consumption upgrading, the stereotyped packaging of industrial products is flooding the market. At the same time, under the tension of machine aesthetics and handicraft aesthetics, China people’s aesthetic consumption is also at the node of rapid transformation.
As Japanese folk artist Liu Zongyue said, "The difference between hand and machine is that hand is connected with heart, while machine is unintentional. Handicraft can induce miracles because it is not only a simple manual labor, but a creation of the mind, and it gives labor happiness. The reason why handicrafts can induce miracles is because of the intentional control behind it and the beautiful characteristics of objects through both hands. " In Division: Social Criticism on Taste Judgment, Bourdieu, a French sociologist, made a sociological investigation and analysis on the cultural consumption of social strata in the fields of taste, habitude, cultural capital and life style, and thought that consumers could establish their unique status and sense of identity through certain cultural symbols.
Today, personalized and customized consumption has become a new consumption trend, while traditional handicrafts, which are not familiar to the public, naturally have the consumption symbol of "cultural scarcity" and become the first choice for consumers to "personalize" in their self-concept to strengthen the construction of self-cultural identity. When this kind of "personalized public claim" resonates with the consumer’s self-concept, it will become the best expression of aesthetics, interest and hobbies, which will produce the charm of labeling and realize the individualized difference.
The productive protection of intangible cultural heritage is an effective way to return intangible cultural heritage to the daily life of contemporary people on the basis of satisfying people’s needs of practicality, aesthetics and standardization. Paying attention to the close combination of traditional crafts and contemporary life, enriching the themes and product varieties of traditional crafts, improving the level of craft design and production, improving the quality of craft products, cultivating China craftsmen and famous brands, and promoting the new and extensive application of traditional crafts in contemporary life are all regarded as important manifestations of in-depth implementation of China’s traditional craft revitalization plan.
In recent years, in the continuous updating and iteration of domestic brands and time-honored brands, traditional crafts have become the main fashion trend of their packaging design, and this high-frequency appearance of cross-border cooperation has become a new position for brands and intangible assets to join hands.
All kinds of time-honored brands have many creative designs that are integrated with traditional handicrafts such as mother-of-pearl, lacquerware, silk reeling, Song Jin, bamboo weaving, ceramics and gold and silver fine work. For example, the mother-of-pearl lacquer box selected by Xie Fuchun for duck egg powder adopts Yangzhou lacquer flat grinding mother-of-pearl technology, and the fancy pattern on the lacquer box cover is made of natural shells. The top cover of shanghai jahwa’s herborist Huanji series products adopts the traditional filigree inlay technique, and reproduces the pattern of hundred grass flowers and the traditional ruyi moire; Another example is the packaging of Biluochun tea and Guojiao series wines, which adopts the traditional reeling skills that enjoy the reputation of "one inch of reeling silk and one inch of gold" and so on. In addition to high-end complicated skills, the extensive use of natural materials such as bamboo, wood, grass, cotton, lacquer, metal and ceramics, coupled with a new interpretation of the cultural meaning of traditional decorative patterns in the context of the times, has added profound cultural added value to the brand image of domestic products in the new era.
The time-honored brand of domestic products, which has been passed down for hundreds of years, is the representative of "Seiko". Coupled with the unique scarcity characteristics of traditional manual work, natural materials and memories of the times, it has formed a specific style of cultural consumer goods, providing a consumption experience different from that of industrial packaging disposable quick-throwing materials. Cross-border design cooperation between domestic brands and handicrafts, both of which draw cultural essence from history, will lead mass consumption with a brand-new attitude, show unique aesthetic taste and wisdom, and at the same time reflect the soul of intangible elements design, achieving a high degree of unity of form and connotation, which is an effective way of cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.
From these cases, it is not difficult to get a glimpse of consumers’ tendency to be knowledgeable, personalized and culturally diversified in the context of the simultaneous development of material culture and spiritual culture. Compared with the exclusive trend of western modern design in the past, handicrafts are more widely used in the packaging design of modern products, which is precisely due to the constant examination and reflection on "the use of utensils" and "the way of utensils", the expression and prominence of national cultural self-confidence, and a positive and forward-looking recognition of the survival value and development ability of national excellent traditional culture.
Herborist’s top cover of rejuvenation series products adopts traditional filigree inlay technology.
Don’t let commercial value steal the limelight of social utility and cultural value.
Young and innovative old brands, creative cross-border marketing through the "fan economy" of young brands, and customized cross-border products with the appeal of young groups can establish emotional connection with young audiences, form a more overall and comprehensive brand impression, and promote a win-win situation. At the same time, however, we should also be alert to the fact that some new brands are eager to establish market influence, and make use of the current hot spots of public opinion to make gimmicks, instead of really paying attention to the values behind the intangible skills, the craftsman spirit, and the social utility and cultural functions of the traditional skills, which will inevitably lead to the emotional resistance of consumers, resulting in negative communication and public misunderstanding of this intangible skill. For example, recently, there have been numerous non-legacy cross-border cooperation in e-commerce platforms and live broadcasts, involving beauty, clothing, food, daily necessities, agricultural and sideline products and even tourism products. It is ridiculous to apply the non-legacy logo stiffly and steal the concept of non-legacy.
From industrial packaging to manual advanced customization of traditional crafts, the transformation of consumption concept needs some knowledge guidance and cultivation. More traditional crafts are applied to product packaging design, which enables us to deeply understand the time and effort spent in each process of traditional crafts, and understand the philosophical thinking of "the beauty of oriental handiwork" after several generations of craftsmen’s painstaking efforts and their history. On the basis of the development of life aesthetic education, traditional craft empowers the design of "national tide", which is not only a strategy of resource transformation or a path of market expansion, but also a response to the deep-seated needs of social development. In the process of constructing from material to heart, it realizes communication with tradition and introspection of cultural rejuvenation.
Intangible cultural heritage belongs to the collective creation of the people, and it is passed down from generation to generation among the people. Intangible cultural heritage itself comes from life and serves life at the same time. Only when it is effectively used in the life world can its vitality and live transmission be fully activated. However, we should also reflect on and pay attention to the following three points in the protection of traditional arts and crafts: first, the communication between traditional arts and crafts and the daily life of the public; The second is to discuss the relationship between the intangible innovation of traditional craft and its authenticity protection; The third is the relationship between the protection of traditional handicrafts and the social, national cultural and ecological environment. For example, the cross-border cooperation between the national intangible Sichuan Qingshen bamboo weaving skill and many famous brands at home and abroad has been used as food packaging, ceramic accessories, art installations and even new scientific and technological means, which not only highlights the surface of the concept of organic and environmentally friendly life under the plastic ban, but also arouses the public’s continuous concern about the natural ecology and cultural ecology of this intangible skill, and its contribution to creating employment, tourism opportunities, promoting education and even rural revitalization and art township construction.
China’s traditional craft has a historical basis and traditional connotation, and it is a living context that is constantly evolving in production and life. Its harmony with the "national tide" design not only reflects the new generation and practice of the significance of traditional craft in contemporary China, but also reflects the new transformation and promotion of contemporary China’s economy and culture. We encourage non-legacy of traditional crafts to be used in creative packaging design. After extracting non-legacy skills and elements, we redesign traditional cultural elements, cultural connotations and symbol systems, so that they can better meet the consumer psychology and emotional needs of young people, stimulate new social service effectiveness, construct non-legacy identity more effectively, and realize the sustainable development of non-legacy.
Author: Fang Yun
Text: Fang Yun (researcher of Shanghai Arts and Crafts Vocational College’s Intangible Heritage Theory and Application Innovation Base and distinguished researcher of East China Normal University’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance and Application Center) Editor: Fan Xin Editor: Shao Ling.
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Finance and economics are once deep | How to grasp the key of real estate finance to implement "housing and not speculating"?

  Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the basic needs of life, among which "living" is regarded as just needed by many people. These two days, there was an interesting meeting, which was closely related to "living".

  The video and telephone conference on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing and further improving the regulation of the real estate market held on the 22nd reiterated that the house should be used for living, not for speculation, and the real estate should not be used as a short-term means to stimulate the economy.

  The positioning of "staying in the house and not speculating" continued to consolidate, which made many people eat "reassuring".

  The picture shows a commercial house near Madang Road in Shanghai. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Fei photo

  Whether buying a house, renting a house or building a house, it is inseparable from money. Therefore, real estate finance is a key link in the implementation of "housing without speculation".

  In recent years, China has accelerated the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism for real estate financial management, especially under the guidance of the "three lines and four files" rule and the real estate loan concentration management system, many housing enterprises have become more cautious and self-disciplined, and the concentration of real estate loans and personal housing loans of banking financial institutions has steadily decreased.

  In June, the sales price increase of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities showed a steady and declining trend as a whole; At the same time, at the end of June, the growth rate of RMB real estate loans in China dropped by 2.2 percentage points from the end of last year.

  It can be seen that the regulatory policies, including real estate financial policies, have been effective, the real estate credit environment in some cities has changed, and the price increase has stabilized.

  What is the "sharp weapon" that can make regulation so immediate? How do the "three lines and four gears" rule and the real estate loan concentration management system play a role? Come and get to know it.

  To promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, first of all, real estate enterprises need to be healthy. However, some real estate enterprises are greedy for perfection and blindly expand, and the financial indicators of core operations are "red light", which also leads to the phenomenon of high leverage and high debt in the real estate industry.

  In order to enhance the marketization, regularity and transparency of financing for real estate enterprises, in August last year, the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and relevant departments formed the fund monitoring and financing management rules for key real estate enterprises, that is, the "three lines and four files" rules.

  The "three lines" are actually "three red lines", which specifically refer to: the asset-liability ratio is greater than 70%, the net debt ratio is greater than 100%, and the cash short-term debt ratio is less than 1 times after excluding advance payments.

  According to the situation of stepping on the line, real estate enterprises are divided into four grades: red, orange, yellow and green: the scale of interest-bearing liabilities of "red-file" enterprises cannot be higher than the existing level; The annual growth rate of interest-bearing liabilities of "orange file" enterprises shall not exceed 5%; "Yellow file" enterprises shall not exceed 10%; "Green file" enterprises shall not exceed 15%.

  With a clear "three lines and four gears", housing enterprises must meet the corresponding requirements and constantly optimize financial indicators if they want to raise funds. This is equivalent to a "physical examination" of the financial health of housing enterprises to help them better improve their financial management.

  Behind health is self-discipline. When the financing behavior of housing enterprises is more prudent and self-disciplined, the overall operation tends to be stable. Having tasted the sweetness, more and more real estate enterprises have joined the ranks of "self-discipline". At the beginning of the pilot, the central bank selected 12 representative real estate enterprises as the pilot targets, and at the beginning of this year it expanded to 30 real estate enterprises with large debts.

  Zou Lan, director of the Financial Market Department of the People’s Bank of China, said that the "three-line and four-gear" rule is effective from the situation and reactions from all walks of life in the past year. The three core operating financial indicators of the pilot enterprises, namely, asset-liability ratio, net debt ratio and short-term cash debt ratio, have obviously improved, and the debt scale has steadily declined. Many other real estate enterprises outside the pilot also actively benchmark the rules and optimize their own business practices.

  The picture shows a qionghai city resident passing by an advertising slogan in front of a bank. Xinhua news agency

  In addition to keeping an eye on the demand side, financing management cannot ignore the supply side. In addition to monitoring and managing the liabilities of housing enterprises, the People’s Bank of China also strengthens the management of banking financial institutions — — Formulate the management system of real estate loan concentration.

  The system sets "two red lines" for the balance of real estate loans and the balance of personal housing loans for different types and sizes of banking institutions. The former ranges from 40% to 12.5%, while the latter ranges from 32.5% to 7.5%.

  As the saying goes, eggs can’t be put in one basket. Bank credit should also focus on structural optimization, which is not only related to the risk of the institution itself, but also of great significance to the healthy and steady development of the whole economy.

  Since the implementation of the system, the concentration of real estate loans and personal housing loans of banking financial institutions has steadily decreased. The data shows that at the end of June, the growth rate of China’s real estate development loan balance and personal housing loan balance dropped by 3.3 and 1.6 percentage points respectively compared with the end of the previous year.

  In Zou Lan’s view, while the real estate loan business is subject to certain constraints, commercial banks have put more energy into supporting small and micro, "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and other weak economic links, while the proportion of loans in key areas such as manufacturing and technological innovation has been improved.

  The data shows that at the end of June, the balance of China’s Pratt & Whitney small and micro loans increased by 31% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 18.7 percentage points higher than that of various loans in the same period; The balance of medium and long-term loans in manufacturing industry increased by 41.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 16.9 percentage points higher than the same period of last year.

  The People’s Bank of China said that the next step will continue to adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, implement a long-term real estate mechanism, constantly improve the "three lines and four files" rules and the centralized management system of real estate loans, do a good job in policy implementation, improve the resilience and stability of the financial system, and promote the balanced development of finance, real estate and the real economy.

  To firmly grasp the key of real estate finance, we must continue to strictly implement the "sharp weapon" of regulation and control, manage the supply and demand ends of real estate finance, and make the regulation and control policies more precise, which will not only accurately crack down on real estate speculation, but also better meet the needs. (Reporter Wu Yu)