"CyberChina" is popular outside the network! Chongqing night scenes and cars look foolish. Foreign netizens: Do China people live in 2050?

To say that China is the hottest city on the Internet recently, Chongqing must be on the TOP 1 list.

The Title of "8D City" has gone overseas, and the subway can go through the wall, and you can’t tell which floor you are in. The surreal magical cyber night scene has become the "Three tales of mystery in Chongqing" in the eyes of foreign friends.

Let the American little brother dream, let the little sisters in Europe feel excited, Chongqing has been included in the future fantasy list of contemporary young people:

"I was shocked into aphasia, and it felt like time had traveled to 2050."

"I just went there last year and was completely impressed. Being in it is like reaching the future 100 years later. It’s a great city."

"Spider-Man went crazy in Chongqing."

Of course, the sense of Cyberpunk in China city is just one of the topics that have exploded on the Internet. Speaking of playing with Cyberpunk’s sense of the future, we are all used to new energy technology and intelligent driving, and foreign netizens were shocked when they saw it.

Just brush the video of the external network. Under the content of introducing China’s new energy, foreign netizens are basically shocked by "never seeing the world":

"Can you buy it in America? This car looks more upscale than all our cars here."

"The United States will never let such a China car enter the market, and once it rushes into the United States, it will surely kill similar competing products."

"China car, best car."

Even the car navigation can predict that the red light will end in a few seconds, which is a function that everyone in China uses and takes for granted, and it can make them stunned on the spot.

"It’s cool to predict the red light by car navigation! I feel that our country has been left far behind. "

"Can traffic lights be linked with in-car navigation?"

It’s no wonder that the car ideas of foreign netizens still stay in the last century. After all, our country’s sense of existence in the global new energy field has reached the point of "terror".

For ordinary people in China, not only is the proportion of taking taxis to new energy vehicles swishing upward, but the recruitment of new energy enterprises is striding forward in the public opinion field. If you pay attention to the choices of people around you when buying a car, you will find that new energy vehicles, which were once ignored, have now become the first choice of many basin friends.

In their words, it is-"I used to look down on new energy vehicles, but now I am the first to shout".

It is no exaggeration to say that China’s new energy is not just a "rise", but now the general trend is that China’s new energy has gone overseas to "beat up" the world and make up for the lost share in the automobile industry for decades.

How strong is this momentum? Even the traditional car-making powers have a sense of crisis.

Fortune magazine just reported last Sunday that China’s electric vehicles attacked the city overseas, forcing German auto parts manufacturers to change their thinking: "We must adapt to the trend of making cars in China in order to survive."

(Holger Klein, CEO of German auto parts manufacturing giant ZF)

Germans’ worries are not unreasonable. According to the investigation report of Allianz, Germany’s largest financial group, if China’s new energy vehicles continue to develop, by 2030, the total annual net profit loss of European automakers will exceed 7 billion euros (about 54.6 billion yuan).

This figure made them "panic". After all, the sales of European cars are not as good as before, while the sales of local cars in China have been increasing, which has squeezed the living space of European car companies in China.

Now, coupled with the fact that we have finished building cars and exported them to Europe, and rolled them up to Europe at home, we have taken a two-pronged approach, so that comfortable Europeans really feel the cold winter of sales.

(The sales of new energy vehicles in China broke out in the decade from 2011 to 2021, from visualcapitalist)

In addition to the panicked Germans, Japan, another car-making power, could not stand it. Japanese cars also showed signs of "crash" in China, and Japanese experts began to spread anxiety, saying that China had entered a new era ahead of schedule.

According to them, for every four new energy vehicles sold in the world, one of them is from China. In Norway, the number of new cars sold by China New Energy accounts for 79.3% of the total market. Japanese experts sighed greatly: our Japanese car got up early, and now it’s late.

Why did Germany and Japan, a car-making power, suddenly feel a sense of crisis?If we carefully study the export data of new energy vehicles in China, we will find that the brand represented by MAXUS, SAIC Datong, has gradually taught foreign friends over the past few years what is called dimension reduction.

In terms of sales volume, in the wave of China’s new energy export overseas,The cumulative sales volume of SAIC MAXUS in overseas markets in 73 countries and regions has exceeded 300,000 units, and it has become the top stream in developed markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Britain and Norway, accounting for more than 80% of the sales volume.

With the hard power of "All-around Hexagon Warrior", foreign traditional brands of fuel vehicles can no longer stand on the same starting line with us.

From the price point of view, while maintaining the same quality at home and abroad, SAIC Chase MAXUS has successfully played a high premium in overseas markets.

Take TESCO, which has opened stores all over the streets in Britain, as one of the three largest retail enterprises in the world, TESCO has purchased 150 sets of MAXUS pure electric light passenger EV90 refrigerated trucks.

You know, in Britain, the price of new energy products such as pure electric light passenger EV90 has been higher than that of Renault in France, and the sword refers to Mercedes-Benz. Although the domestic price is nearly doubled, SAIC Chase MAXUS still won the order with the strength matching the pricing.

What is even more amazing is that when these cars were delivered, they also created the largest air transport record of electric light commercial vehicles in the world.

TESCO chose air transportation to let SAIC Chase MAXUS send the car to the UK. The freight is more expensive than the goods themselves, which shows how much you want to pick up the car. It is really a two-way trip.

Reliable plus high-end, high premium can also take orders. The more you know about SAIC MAXUS, the more developed countries with long-term cooperation are interested in the brand itself, and the more willing they are to award a wave of industry awards to SAIC MAXUS.

After the British bought it from MAXUS, SAIC Chase, in buy buy, they put the Green Fleet for six consecutive years.(New Energy Vehicle Enterprise Award)The honor of "Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year" was awarded to SAIC Chase MAXUS, and the days when Japanese car companies in Europe, America and Japan once monopolized the awards have become a thing of the past.

Last August, SAIC MAXUS also won one of the most authoritative automobile awards in the world, the "Automobile Innovation Award" in Germany.

This year’s SAIC Chase MAXUS is still like chopping melons and vegetables, and it won the best new energy brand award of the year by autocosmos, the authoritative automobile media in Chile, the "best van 2023" by Businessvan, the preferred strategy website of British container trucks, and the best design model award of Havana Industrial Fair in Cuba in 2023. …

Behind the world’s soft hand in winning prizes, high quality and high premium, it is the cultivation of SAIC Chase MAXUS’s "two blossoms":

On the one hand, it is the hard work of the new energy technology system, on the other hand, it is the foresight of the strategic layout.

Take MIFA 9, the first full-size pure electric luxury intelligent MPV that landed in Europe, as the flagship model facing the global market, positioning the high-end "global hard currency" in environmental protection, technology, comfort and other aspects, which shocked foreign friends with high product strength from the East.

(MIFA 9 unveiled at Birmingham Motor Show, UK)

The early deployment of new energy MPV products has also made MIFA 9 shine in overseas markets and take the lead in stabilizing the high-end.

Now we can see that the results of cultivation have spread all over the world, all over the industry and all fields.

In the logistics industry, SAIC Chase MAXUS won the reputation of "handing the king’s car".SAIC Chase MAXUS light passenger pure electric light passenger EV series stands out among the "picky" car selection standards in developed countries, and postal systems in Ireland, Belgium, Australia and other places have been praised and repurchased.

The logistics team of DPD, the second largest logistics group in Europe, in the UK also heard the news, and signed the largest single order of China brand light passenger car overseas with SAIC Chase MAXUS, which also set a new record for the largest single order of China automobile brand in the UK.

In the chemical industry, T90 EV, a pure electric pickup recognized by the Ministry of Communications of New Zealand at the national level, has also attracted the attention of Chilean lithium mining giant SQM.

Lucky, energy-saving, smart and easy to drive, this car has officially settled in the largest chemical enterprise in Chile.

It can be seen that SAIC Chase MAXUS and other domestic cars have appeared all over the world and in all fields. In the past, I only felt that domestic new energy sources were making progress, but I really didn’t think about the extent of progress. However, judging from the explosive development trend this year and the real data at hand, we have reached this step that can lead the global industry reform.

Once in the era when fuel vehicles occupied an absolute dominant position, our country could not get the core technology, and it was always suppressed by the first superior. Nowadays, generations of technology cultivation and accumulation in the field of new energy have finally ushered in the time of flowering and fruition.

The domestic new energy brand represented by MAXUS, SAIC Datong, has done things silently and made a blockbuster. With the spirit of hard work and steady progress, it has been exported overseas and staged an over-burning reversal.

Looking at today’s new energy field, we have undoubtedly stood on the cusp of a new era.

In the new era, SAIC Chase MAXUS has stood firm at the high end. The road to the future has never been smoother.

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