Top health care for adults: exercise

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For adults, exercise is the most cost-effective way to keep fit.

At the end of December 2021, Yuan Jingtian, a 40-year-old rice expert in Sanya, passed away due to illness.

When we feel sorry for expert Yuan, we should also realize the importance of keeping healthy.

I remember reading such a passage:

"We can’t control whether the future is rich or poor, when the cause will develop, and how others evaluate us.

But at least we can control our bodies and keep them in the best condition. "

Health preservation is a magic weapon to maintain the best state of the body. For adults, exercise is the most cost-effective way to keep fit.

Insisting on taking exercise as the top regimen is a homework that we need to work hard to do.

  • Exercise gives back to our state of physical and mental health.

Writer Liu Na wrote in "Flowers in Leisure":

"Whether it is a better job, a better company, and a better move forward, we need to give our physical and mental batteries full of energy."

Exercise, like a battery that charges our body and mind, can make us have a healthy body and a good mental state.

Academician Zhong Nanshan, who is over 80 years old, is still fighting in the front line when the epidemic in COVID-19 is raging, maintaining high-intensity work, relying not only on deep scientific research reserves, but also on a strong body.

Zhong Lao’s good state benefits from persistent exercise. In the past few decades, he has exercised at least three times a week for more than an hour each time, which has become his unshakable habit.

Grandpa Zhong Nanshan said, "Exercise plays a key role in my health. The length of life, mostly does not depend on aging and disease, but a normal lifestyle.

Nowadays, it is precisely because many young people have not developed a correct lifestyle that various diseases will appear in their bodies and their organs will age faster. "

The sweat we shed for sports will one day be returned to us with a strong body and a good mental state.

At the same time,Whether it is to drive away confusion or to fight anxiety, exercise is one of the simplest and most practical methods.

Sammi Cheng, a female star, once suffered from severe depression. For a time, she overeated, resulting in a completely out of shape.

She is also getting more and more anxious, and her body and mind are on the verge of collapse.

In order to get rid of her bad state and restore her body and mind to a healthy level, she followed the doctor’s advice and began to try moderate exercise.

She started running for eight kilometers every day, and she persisted for more than ten years.

Although she is nearly 50 years old now, she is still well-proportioned and full of energy, which vividly explains the story that "time never defeats beauty".

Insisting on exercise will make us have a state of good physical and mental health, so that we can calmly resist the traces of time.

The stage of a person’s life is not in the eyes of others, but in his own heart.

We insist on sports, not to win applause from others, but to broaden the length of our lives and the width of our hearts.

  • Exercise can help us form the habit of self-discipline.

Russian educator ushinski said: "Good habits are the capital that people store in the nervous system. This capital will continue to grow, and a person can enjoy its interest all his life."

Exercise can help us form the habit of self-discipline, so as to salvage more light and hope in life.

The writer Haruki Murakami has been running for at least one hour every day since 1982.

In the book "What Do I Talk about When I Run", he recorded his running mood for 36 years and his daily feelings.

It takes a lot of perseverance to insist on exercise, but Haruki Murakami thinks, "I don’t want to run today, so I just run. This is the way of thinking of long-distance runners."

He gets up at 4 o’clock every day, writes for 5 hours, runs for 1 hour or swims for 1.5 hours in the afternoon, then reads and listens to music, and goes to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening. Whenever I started writing a novel, this routine never changed.

To outsiders, Murakami’s writing life is a bit rigid, like a Swiss mechanical watch, and every minute is not bad.

But Haruki Murakami himself knows that this habit of self-discipline has benefited him a lot.

Writer Haruki Murakami wrote in his autobiographical novel: "For more than 30 years, I have never felt that writing is a hard job, and I have never encountered a low tide."

Insisting on exercise has helped him form the habit of self-discipline. He moved the habit of self-discipline into his creation, thus gaining a reputation in the literary world.

Although for most of us, even if we persist in exercise, it will not change our lives dramatically, and we will still be anonymous in the vast sea of people.

But insisting on exercise and getting up early will make us change subtly:

Netease Cloud once had such a hot comment: "In fact, you can get up early instead of staying up late. The world is still sleeping, parents are still sleeping, the boss is sleeping and the teacher is sleeping;

The whole world is still sleeping, so you can watch the sun rise slowly and feel that the light will always come;

The people you care about will wake up slowly, the world is still moving slowly, and you will still have your own time. "

Persisting in exercise and getting up early will give us a brand-new state to treat life, thus continuing to write about beauty in ordinary daily life. This is also the compound interest effect of self-discipline.

Because time knows, there has never been any life, only a lot of accumulation.

  • Exercise can make us more resilient.

Angela duckworth, an American psychology professor, through the study of West Point Military Academy, came to the conclusion that:

"The core element of a person’s success is not IQ, EQ, family background, or so-called test scores, but the person’s psychological resilience, or anti-vulnerability. "

Sports is a powerful weapon to exercise our psychological resilience.

Because many sports have their own competitive characteristics. As long as you participate in sports competitions, you will win or lose.

If you participate in sports regularly, you won’t care about winning or losing for a while, thus making people more resilient.

In his New Year’s Eve speech in 2022, Luo Zhenyu talked about one thing that he went to see 60-year-old Yu Minhong:

"I asked him, do you exercise at ordinary times? He immediately got up and did 10 push-ups, which made me dumbfounded.

What I envy is not only his body, but his energy. New Oriental’s education and training business was frustrated, but it’s okay. People started all over again and worked on agricultural products. "

Yu Minhong, 60, can get up immediately and do 10 push-ups, which means that he should spend a lot of time on exercise.

In fact, Yu Minhong has always attached great importance to sports. He once advocated in his speech that "every child should practice at least one sport."

As we all know, Yu Minhong is a very resilient person:

He was admitted to the university only after three college entrance examinations, and he also experienced various hardships in the process of starting a business in New Oriental.

In 2021, due to the implementation of the national "double reduction" policy, Yu Minhong’s teaching and training business in New Oriental was frustrated. Yu Minhong was not discouraged, but took the lead in leading teachers to transform into live sales of agricultural products.

Yu Minhong’s resilience in the face of difficulties comes from his usual exercise.

Wang Xiaobo said: "Life is a slow process of being hammered."

Exercise gives us the resilience and confidence to wait for a bright future when facing the life of mountains and rivers.

Ming Chen, the champion mentioned by Qipa, once said: "Nothing in the world is meaningful, but meaning is given by people. And persistence itself is an extremely shining meaning. "

Insisting on exercise is to protect our health and expand more possibilities for our life.

At the beginning of the new year in 2022, I hope that when we make New Year’s resolutions, sports can squeeze into our crowded wish list, and I hope that everyone of us can enjoy sports.

Love sports, this is the way we adults should pursue health.

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