Prosecutor: Zhou Liangluo, the star district chief, thought about "nightlife" at night.

    Zhou Liangluo (data map)

    The "Yilin" illegal pyramid scheme, which has attracted much attention from the society, made a first-instance judgment in Beijing No.2 Intermediate People’s Court on the morning of March 23rd this year. The public prosecution of this case is undertaken by the Public Prosecution Division 2 of the Second Branch of Beijing Procuratorate. A few days ago, the reporter went to the hospital and interviewed Gao Jinghui, the chief prosecutor of the "Yilin" case. Coincidentally, in March 2008, Zhou Liangluo, the former mayor of Haidian District, Beijing, was also the chief prosecutor of the bribery case. Looking back on the experience of handling these two cases, Gao Jinghui’s thoughts went back to two years ago …

  The moving company’s big truck brought in the case file.

    In late April 2007, there are still a few days to go before the May Day holiday. That day, I remember very clearly that the public security personnel said that they would transfer the files of the "Yilin" case. After waiting for a while, I saw a moving company’s big truck drive into the yard. "Don’t make a mistake!" I’m a little skeptical. Yes, the file of the "Yilin" case is filled in the spacious truck compartment. More than 2500 copies! I was really dumbfounded.

    Looking at the files that almost occupied the whole room, everyone was silent. This silence indicates that some great pressure is coming quietly, indicating that a "hard battle" is about to start.

    According to the arrangement in the hospital, our Public Prosecution Division II is responsible for the prosecution of the "Yilin" case. After receiving the case, we immediately set up a public prosecution team composed of five people. Director Zhang Xuming guided the overall situation, and my colleague Sun Qing and I undertook it specifically. The other two colleagues cooperated as clerks.

    In order to complete the review task as scheduled, after a simple division of labor, Sun Qing and I plunged into the "ocean of files". More than 2,500 files almost need to be reviewed in this book, and important facts and key evidence should be carefully verified and checked one by one. At the same time, around the qualitative problem of the case, our public prosecution group has conducted many detailed and in-depth discussions.

    During that time, it goes without saying that we worked overtime, and we also spent the last 7-day long holiday on May Day in the office. In September 2007, the review task was finally completed. When two police cars transferred the case file of "Yilin" to the court several times, we felt that another tough battle was about to begin.

  We are facing an unprecedented "team"

    In September 2008, the case of "Yilin", which caused a sensation in the whole country, was heard in Beijing No.2 Intermediate People’s Court.

    On the day of the trial, we were faced with an unprecedented "team"-28 defendants and 44 lawyers, and all the famous criminal defense lawyers in Beijing and even the whole country basically arrived.

    As soon as the war started, the other side showed considerable momentum. Among the 28 defendants, only a small number admitted that their actions were illegal pyramid schemes, while many defendants, including the principal, refused to plead guilty and kept saying that they were operating legally. Among these defendants, there are several northeast people who are particularly eloquent. They regard the court as their own lecture hall, and they talk eloquently.

    Because individual’s "speech" was extremely inflammatory, more than a dozen defendants were so excited that they ignored the judge’s warning and got up to "help the war" one after another. At this moment, the principal Zhao Pengyun suddenly made a gesture, and the defendants immediately quieted down, and no one made any noise.

    I was deeply impressed by this dramatic change. They tried their best to defend their innocence, but their behavior just taught every bystander present the domination and control of illegal pyramid schemes on people’s minds.

    The lawyers also performed quite well, defending the defendant’s innocence with one voice, which was really eloquent.

    Due to the large number of people involved and the complexity of the case, the trial of the "Yilin" case lasted for 8 days. For eight days, we were always calm. Out of the understanding of the case, the grasp of laws and regulations, and the full preparation for the trial, we have already made a well-informed response to all the acquittals. Our public prosecution opinions were all adopted by the court.

  While prosecuting the "Yilin" case, I came into contact with Zhou Liangluo.

    At the same time as the prosecution of "Yilin" case, the bribery case of Zhou Liangluo, the former district head of Haidian District, Beijing, also entered the prosecution stage. According to the arrangement of the hospital, I am responsible for the public prosecution of this case.

    Zhou Liangluo, known as the "Star District Chief", is famous, but his bribery case is not complicated. When reviewing the case file, from the transcripts provided by investigators, I can feel that Zhou Liangluo seems to have a hunch about this day after arriving at the case, and he knows very well that only by actively cooperating and taking the initiative to explain can he win the greatest forgiveness for his sins. And this is almost the common feature of all corrupt officials I have reviewed.

    During the arraignment, Zhou Liangluo was very calm. He said that in fact, I knew that I would have such a day, and I thought of it when I received the first money. I was still very nervous at that time, and later I found that nothing happened, so I relaxed a little. Slowly, if you receive more, you will be numb. If you don’t receive it, you will feel abnormal.

    According to Zhou Liangluo, for a long time before the incident, he had a dual identity, one was the head of Haidian District, and the other was "Manager Chen" given by a friend. During the day, mayor Zhou presided over a clean government meeting and solemnly educated his subordinates to be honest and clean; In the evening, "Mr. Chen" went in and out of the exclusive high-end club, accompanied by beautiful women, singing and dancing. Playing such a "two-faced man" once made him feel very uneasy and contradictory. "I am, after all, a cadre trained by the Party, educated, and know what to do and what not to do, but after a long time, it is hard to resist by personal consciousness and self-control, and those temptations are too great …" Later, at night, he thought about that kind of "nightlife".

    After the arraignment, three words used by Zhou Liangluo to sum up himself often ring in my ears: "Too smooth". Indeed, from the secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee in colleges and universities to the bureau-level leaders, all the way is smooth. The power in his hands is constantly expanding, but there is no effective supervision and restriction on these powers. When all kinds of temptations flood, Zhou Liangluo, who walked too smoothly, finally failed to resist.

  Interview notes

    In fact, the major and important cases prosecuted by Gao Jinghui are far more than these two cases. Wu Zhenhan, former president of Hunan Higher People’s Court, took bribes; Li Ding, former deputy director of the Bureau of Reclamation of the Ministry of Agriculture and former deputy director of the Agricultural Industrialization Office, took bribes; Wu Gongyang, the former full-time secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, was involved in or independently undertaken by her. When talking about those cases, Gao Jinghui was very calm: "The prosecutors in our office are all excellent, and Wu Chunmei (the sixth" Top Ten Outstanding Prosecutors in China ") is a good example."

    According to the reporter’s understanding, in recent years, the public prosecution department of the Second Branch of the Beijing Municipal Procuratorate has undertaken many major cases and important cases, many of which have been designated by higher-level procuratorial organs. In this regard, Gao Jinghui often feels stressed, but more is exciting. "It is our affirmation and trust that the leaders are assigned by name, and we have no reason not to do it well." When saying this, the reporter seemed to see Gao Jinghui on the public prosecution bench-calm, confident and firm. (Reporter Yang Bo interviewed)

Editor: Li Xiuwei