Do you need hot cars in winter?

In cold weather, whether it is necessary to warm up the car has always been a concern of car owners. In some areas, the engine needs to run at high idle speed for a period of time to reach the normal working temperature. Specifically, the fast idle speed of cold car is to let the engine run at a high speed for tens of seconds to about 1 minute, and after the water temperature reaches the temperature set by the driving computer, the idle speed returns to normal. The normal working temperature of the engine is generally 80-90℃, and the calibration of individual engines is about 100℃, but it is not necessary to make the engine reach this temperature in daily hot cars. Generally, the coolant temperature is 60℃ and the engine oil temperature is above 50℃, which can meet the requirements. In addition, the fast idle speed of the cold car is not only for the temperature of the engine, but also for the engine to inject more fuel to preheat and let the three-way catalyst enter the working temperature as soon as possible to reduce automobile emissions. A secondary air pump is also installed in the American standard large-displacement car to preheat the three elements and control emissions during idling. Therefore, it is necessary to warm up the car in winter, but it is not necessary to warm up the car for a long time.