Ren Xianqi: Don’t call me a good man!

  Benefactor: The little bug is an eternal master

  From 1990 to 1997, Ren Xianqi experienced an embarrassing life for more than seven years. Because of the famous musician Bug’s discerning eyes, Ren Xianqi sang the masterpiece "Too Soft Heart", which is still a classic. Although he became the king of the music world in the future, Ren Xianqi has always been grateful to his benefactor Bug.

  T: When your career is booming, you must be filled with emotion when you recall the twists and turns of your debut.

  R: When I first became famous, I didn’t feel a lot of emotion, I just felt light, many people liked me, loved me, and got carried away. I didn’t realize it at the time. Fortunately, someone reminded me, and then I went home and thought about it slowly, and found that I couldn’t be proud just because I was popular. I should cherish every opportunity and continue to work hard. In fact, looking back, when I first entered the entertainment industry, the work I did that had nothing to do with music was also a kind of tempering for me personally.

  T: Teacher Bug discovered and trained you back then. What do you think he saw in you?

  R: To be honest, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Mr. Bug, so I really thank him. As for what he likes about me, you can ask him. Personally, I think I have worked hard enough and been obedient enough.

  T: I heard that Mr. Bug was in financial difficulties a few days ago, and you helped him get through it.

  R: I don’t think I need to remember this. I will only remember him as my eternal master.

  Movie: Another Interpretation of Johnnie To

  Thick eyebrows, single eyelids, and a sunny smile made Ren Xianqi the perfect choice for the "good man" on the screen. But Johnnie To unearthed another side of Ren Xianqi – the villain who constantly competed with the protagonist’s intellectual power in "Big Event", making people realize that he also has a "murderous" side.

  T: In recent years, there have been many film works, but most of them have collaborated with Hong Kong directors. Why?

  R: I also want to ask why other directors don’t come to me! Haha! Maybe I have been working with Hong Kong directors since the beginning, so everyone forgot that I can speak Mandarin, and by the way, I can also speak English.

  T: The "Gunslinger" in "Release" is very cool. Did you deliberately transform it?

  R: In the previous "Big Event", I was also a villain. I actually liked making gunfight movies, maybe because I used to play some "good man" roles, but I was afraid that everyone would call me a good man in real life, and it would be very stressful.

  T: After acting in movies for so many years, there don’t seem to be many representative works. Do you want to be the best actor?

  R: I also have some masterpieces, and those who don’t necessarily win awards are masterpieces. I’m always being recognized, otherwise directors wouldn’t keep asking me to film. Of course I want to be the best actor, and I will continue to work hard.

  It’s easier to be a bad guy.

  Ren Xianqi is recognized as a "new good man" in and out of the play, but he himself keeps calling: "Don’t call me a’good man ‘anymore!"

  T: Why don’t you like being called the "new good man"?

  R: Well, it’s all because of the movie. Because I’ve played a few good men, people think I’m the same, but I’m really not that good! With the title of "the new good man", I can’t make any mistakes, so it’s very stressful. If you think about it, if a good person accidentally does something wrong one day, everyone will say, "Ah, so he is such a person!" On the other hand, if someone has always been considered a bad person and he helps a blind person cross the street, everyone will say, "So he’s not that bad!" So, it should be easier to be a bad person!

  T: Are you a good man or should you speak with facts? For example, if a new baby is added this year, will you take the time to spend more time with him?

  R: Oh, thank you for your concern. Recently, because I have been holding concerts and filming in Hong Kong, I brought my family to Hong Kong for easy care.

  T: What’s the secret to loving your girlfriend Tina for so many years?

  R: You need to persevere, but not obsessively. You must give yourself a deadline for everything. You can’t wait endlessly for one thing. Give yourself some time and try your best. If you still don’t succeed, try something else and tell yourself that it may just not be the time.

  T: Is it because you value marriage so much that you are hesitant to enter the marriage hall?

  R: Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It’s like signing a lifetime contract. Even in the stage of getting married, you have to create romance for your lover anytime, anywhere. I believe in marriage, and we will definitely get married. Just wait for a gap to get things done.

  guest profile

  Name: Ren Xianqi

  English name: RichieJen

  Hometown: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

  Birthday: June 23, 1966

  Constellation: Cancer

  Blood type: B

  Height: 177cm

  Education: Department of Physical Education, Wenhua University

  Representative songs:

  "The girl opposite looks over", "The heart is too soft", "Relying on", "Ren Xiaoyao", "Sad Pacific"

  Representative film and television works:

  "Star Wish", "Summer Tea", "Marry a Rich Man", "The Big Event", "The Condor Hero", "Smiling Ao Jianghu"

Editor in charge: Zhao Jing