In order to make everyone pay attention to themselves, the stars have put together.

  Gao Xixi (Middle)

  Lu Han; Aires

  Wallace Chung

  What are the most lively days of Shanghai International Film Festival? The first two days of the opening ceremony.

  After walking the red carpet at the opening ceremony, most of the stars chose to stay one more day to promote their own films.

  Therefore, these two days are the days with the most film festivals.

  Zhang Ziyi, Jason Wu, Hugh, Zhang Yi, Deng Chao, Wallace Chung, Zhou Yiwei, Gao Xixi, Shao Bing, Lu Han, Shu Qi, Zhang Jiahui, Guan Xiaotong, Hu Jun, Guo Degang … … There are nearly a hundred stars shining on the beach.

  When stars get together, the most important thing is, of course, to find a topic and attract attention. In these two days, no matter how big a star is, he has to make some moves to become the focus.

  Trick 1: Fight for the right time and play the father’s love card.

  Stars: Deng Chao, Yu Baimei, Gao Xixi

  June 16th is Father’s Day, so playing "Father’s Love Card" is a good way to suit the occasion.

  Looking Up, co-directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, held an advanced viewing in Shangxi Theater. There was a long queue in front of the theater one hour in advance.

  After the screening, Yu Baimei explained why he wanted to shoot Looking Up: "My child is over 5 years old, and Deng Chao has two children, one is 8 years old and the other is 5 years old. Like everyone else, we encounter many puzzles in life and can’t solve problems. This movie tells us what we both want to say most as fathers or as sons. "

  The "father-son relationship" here is touching, and Gao Xixi, the director of the film Eight Sons, which will be released this Friday, is even more clever — — Father’s Day is his birthday.

  Liu Duanduan, Shao Bing and Yue Hong, starring in Eight Sons, sang birthday songs with hundreds of fans in the audience to celebrate Gao Dao’s birthday. A video was also broadcast on the scene, recording the scene when Gao Dao’s daughter sang a song to explore the crew of Eight Sons.

  Gao Xixi said frankly: "This film has a very special meaning to me, and it entrusts me with a love and tribute to my hometown red land. In addition, as I told my daughter, we made this film mainly to show it to young people, hoping that they can know more about ‘ Hero ’ These two words also cherish everything today. "

  Trick 2: seize the geographical position and get the maximum diffusion surface through the fan base.

  Stars: Lu Han, Shu Qi

  To say that the most popular star in Shanghai on 16th was Lu Han.

  The sci-fi film "Shanghai Fortress" directed by Huatao Teng and starring Lu Han and Shu Qi held a press conference, and the hotel lobby was full of fans.

  What makes Qianbao reporter curious is that the fans who are waiting in the lobby and holding the sign "Lu Han" consciously give up a passage.

  Is Lu Han going to walk through the lobby and the fans? As a rule, this is unlikely.

  But this day is no ordinary day. At about 1 pm, Lu Han got off a business car and, surrounded by several bodyguards, really came in directly from the lobby. The scene was once very chaotic, but fans or passers-by who took photos and videos at the same time began to spread wildly in social media such as friends circle and Weibo.

  At the press conference, director Huatao Teng first exposed the reasons for choosing Lu Han, two key words — — "juvenile sense" and "fighting righteousness"

  "When the deer first debuted, I took a fancy to his sense of youth at first sight and thought he was Jiang Yang in the movie. Because the preparation period is relatively long, I will start shooting soon after 3 years and go to see him again. He has not forgotten our agreement, and the sense of youth has not diminished. "

  In the movie, Lu Han has been secretly in love with Shu Qi, but he did not dare to confess. Lu Han was ashamed. "We are at war with alien civilizations, and there is no time for secret love.".

  Shu Qi smiled and said, "When I took this play, I asked Teng Dao first. Who is the character Jiang Yang? After learning that it was Lu Han, I thought I could pick it up. ".

  Trick 3: Talk about people and make a measured disclosure.

  Stars: Zhou Yiwei, Wallace Chung, Jason Wu, Darren Wang, Daxun Wei and Peng Yuchang.

  A little breaking news at the press conference is also a common trick for stars to catch their eyes.

  In the movie "Liberation", Zhou Yiwei plays the artillery in the film. He has a loud voice, basically shouts, and is often thirsty, so the set must have a "thermos cup". Wallace Chung recalled that he had worn out several pairs of leather gloves for the crew to complete complex action scenes.

  In The Climbers, where superstars gather, the press conference is the most lively. Because both Jason Wu and Hugh have a lot of fans, there are also many scalpers outside the stadium.

  Jason Wu said that he likes mountain climbing, but because of his leg injury, he hasn’t been there at an altitude of more than 6 thousand meters. In order to shoot The Climbers, he went to the Xuefeng Mountain in Gangshika, Qinghai Province to experience life. It was January, and in the cold winter, he was dismissed because of a cold. After two days’ rest, he wanted to rush to the top, but his body did not allow him to do so.

  The release of the comedy "Great Wish" directed by Yu-sheng Tian, the director of "Former" series, directly made Wang Dalu, Daxun Wei and Peng Yuchang form a "Wish Brothers Group".

  The three men talked to each other, and the golden sentences were frequent, which caused laughter at the scene.

  For example, Darren Wang vomited that Daxun Wei was "too tall to play high school students".

  Daxun Wei responded: "Probably Tian Dao saw that my temperament was outstanding. Thanks to Tian Dao’s trust, I returned to 18 years old."

  For Peng Yuchang, who was lying in bed almost all the time in the movie, Daxun Wei teased him for "acting only with Adam’s apple".

  Not to mention the war of words, the three male hosts also "joined hands", successfully unlocked the classic disco dance steps and the iconic movements of the men’s team in the interactive session, and pushed the atmosphere of the conference to a climax in a hot song and dance and the old square dance.