2.0T small steel cannon, brand-new 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI launched.


Volkswagen is a world-famous manufacturer, and its global sales volume is second only to Toyota, ranking second in the world. In the domestic automobile market, Volkswagen is also very popular and has a good sales volume. Volkswagen has been developing in China for 40 years, which has established a good brand image in the hearts of consumers and has also become the benchmark of automobile brands. As a classic model of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Golf has been loved by young consumers for many years with its fashionable appearance and excellent mechanical quality. Golf GTI, as the top model of golf series, has outstanding performance and is known as a small steel gun, which is pursued by young consumers. Recently, FAW-Volkswagen announced the official launch of a brand-new golf GTI model, which is equipped with a better power system and a more fashionable and sporty appearance. The guide price is 229,800 yuan.

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In terms of appearance, GTI is obviously more refined in appearance than ordinary golf. Adopt flat front design, through design, and the addition of red decorative strips highlights personality and movement, which is full of movement. Large-size air intake grille with blackened honeycomb structure inside brings brand-new visual impact and looks more sporty and domineering. In addition, the brand-new GTI adopts the brand-new LED headlight group design, which looks sharper and improves the aggressiveness of the whole vehicle, while the word GTI is also located at the left headlight corner, which instantly improves the advanced feeling of the whole vehicle.

The side of the car body is not much different from the ordinary version. The integral side skirt design makes the car body lower. The side lines of the vehicle are smooth and concise, and the classic body shape is still dynamic, but the latest 17-inch sports aluminum alloy wheels are added, which adds a sporty atmosphere. The lower part of the door and the rearview mirror shell are decorated with silver, which enhances the luxury of the vehicle.

At the tail, the tail design of the new golf GTI is very special, with distinct layers, and the integrated body shape design is selected. The taillights are more sharp, and the rear spoiler is large, with black surrounding at the top and bottom and double exhaust at both sides, showing the demeanor of a high-performance car.

When it comes to the interior, Golf GTI still adopts the ordinary version of golf design style. The center console design is almost the same as that of golf. The embracing center console that is biased towards the cab design adds a sense of movement with GTI’s exclusive red control interface. The perforated leather material and the fur cover of the seat make people feel comfortable and can reflect the luxury inside the car. The brand-new 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, central control suspension screen and three-position multi-function steering wheel design reduce a lot of physical buttons and improve the sense of science and technology in the car. The GTI version adopts a new integrated sports plaid seat to provide better support and comfort. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with 30-color ambient lights, reversing images, constant-speed cruise, multiple driving modes, automatic parking, uphill assistance, variable steering ratio, electric sunroof, keyless entry and start, remote start, low-speed driving warning, active noise reduction, 8-speaker speakers, automatic air conditioning and so on. The main and passenger seats are equipped with airbags, front and rear head air curtains, knee airbags, passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure alarm, fatigue driving tips, etc. The new golf GTI can enjoy the blind spot image on the side of the car, the openable panoramic sunroof, leather seats, front seat heating and so on. From the configuration of golf GTI, a variety of intelligent configurations make consumers more convenient and worry-free.

In terms of power, as a small steel gun, its power performance is naturally the most concerned by everyone. The new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 162kw, a maximum horsepower of 220 horsepower and a peak torque of 350 Nm. With the DQ381 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the speed-up time of 100 kilometers is only 7.2 seconds. It can be seen that the performance of this new car is very strong. In terms of chassis, the new Golf GTI has also updated the subframe, reinforced bearing, front double wishbone suspension stabilizer, front six-piston brake system and ceramic front brake disc, and the ground clearance of the chassis is reduced by 25mm compared with the ordinary version of golf. It is equipped with suspension system, brand-new shock absorber and valve system, which are unique to the new golf GTI, improving the driving quality and meeting the performance needs of young people.

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The appearance of the 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI has attracted the attention and heated discussion of the majority of riders. Its strong performance, sporty appearance and interior design, high-quality driving experience and other aspects show its strong quality. The new Volkswagen Golf GTI not only continues the excellent tradition in the past, but also injects more innovation and high-tech configuration, making it a good choice for young consumers.