What is culture? An over-interpreted problem, in fact, it is very simple.

"This man is really uneducated!" "This city has a strong cultural atmosphere."We often talk about culture, but have you seriously thought about it? What is culture?

According to statistics, there are more than 360 definitions of culture given by experts and scholars at home and abroad, and more than 200 are said to be more influential.

British Taylor, the father of anthropology, he in the study of human culturePrimitive culture, the pioneering workIn the book, culture is defined as:"Culture is a complex whole, including knowledge, belief, art, morality, laws, customs and all the abilities and habits acquired by human beings in society."

Yu Qiuyu’s definition of culture is said to be the shortest in the world: "Culture is a spiritual value and lifestyle that becomes a habit, and its final result is collective personality."Not counting punctuation, it is exactly 30 words.

An online essay about what culture is said: A real literate person does not depend on how many books he has read or what school he has attended, but should have four qualities:Cultivation rooted in the heart; Consciousness without reminding; Freedom based on constraints; Kindness for others.I personally agree with this view. Let’s share a few short stories that happened around me.

That winter, after the newly bought house was renovated, I bought Hisense LCD TV. On the first day, the delivery man sent the TV set home and told us that there would be professionals to install and test it tomorrow.

The next morning, when I got up and opened the curtains, I saw that there were snowflakes in the sky and a thin layer of snow had been covered on the ground. I thought at that time: I’m afraid the person who installed the TV can’t come today. Anyway, cable TV hasn’t been opened yet, so you can install it any day. Don’t worry.

About nine o’clock, the intercom doorbell rang in a hurry. I picked up the receiver, and there was a young man on the screen, saying that he had come to install the TV. I was surprised and opened the unit door for him.

When I heard a knock at the door, I opened the door. It was a young man who looked about thirty years old. But he was not in a hurry to enter the door, but stood at the door rummaging through the toolkit he was carrying. It was the weather in March 9, and I let him in, but he refused. He found two shoe covers from his bag and put them on his feet quickly before entering the house.

I smiled and said to him, "It doesn’t matter, don’t be so particular!" He replied: "This is my job responsibility, and it must be like this!"

Young people are quick with their hands and feet, and soon they installed the TV set and taught us how to use it. In the meantime, I handed him a cigarette and he said no; Made tea for him to drink, but he said he was not thirsty.

Standing at the window and looking at his far-away back and a line of footprints left in the snow, my heart was moved by his little move of putting on shoe covers.

At the beginning of that year, we traveled to Taiwan Province. The tourist bus is running on the expressway, and my friend’s three-year-old daughter suddenly wants to urinate. A friend asked the female tour guide if she could ask the driver to stop the car so that her little daughter could go under the car for convenience.

These days, the driver and the tour guide are accompanied all the way, and we are already familiar with each other. There is only a friend’s little daughter and a child in the car. Without waiting for the tour guide to ask questions, the words of the middle-aged male driver came up: "It’s not convenient to park on the road, just let her do it in the car. The urine of the boy is very expensive!" My friend was very grateful to hear the driver’s words.

After parking at a scenic spot, a friend wanted to find tools to clean the car. The driver said to his friend, "You go and play well, just let me do this!" My friend was very touched. Although it is a small thing, it makes people feel incomparable comfort and warmth.

Walking in the square early in the morning, a little girl of four or five years old caught my attention. She stood not far from the dustbin, two small hands were peeling something, and she didn’t see it until she got closer. She is holding two packaged milk tablets in her hand, and she is peeling the packaging tin foil with her small hands. Inadvertently, two tiny pieces of tinfoil fell to the ground. The little girl bent down to pick up the tin foil on the ground and threw it into the dustbin. She stood beside the dustbin and threw the stripped tin foil into the dustbin. When she saw me looking at her, she raised a piece of milk in her hand and gave me a sweet smile.

At noon, we ate at a fast food restaurant in a seaside scenic spot. The sun is like fire outside, and the heat wave attacks people; The air conditioner in the store is open and the temperature is suitable. A little boy of four or five years old has been standing at the side of our dining table. At first, it didn’t attract our attention. There are many people dining in fast food restaurants, and diners waiting for seats are everywhere. In the meantime, I looked at the boy carefully: white skin, clean and decent clothes, small age, neat and orderly hair, not like a wandering child. When we are almost finished, he looks at us from time to time. I’ve seen boys stand for so long and look at us from time to time. I leaned close to him and asked, "What can I do for you? Can I help you? " The little boy told me in a childish voice that he was waiting for our seats. Grandparents are still waiting over there. Following his eyes, we saw an elderly couple with outstanding temperament not far away, standing quietly waiting for their seats. My wife and I quickly finished eating the food on the table and immediately asked the little boy to invite his grandparents. "Thank you, grandparents!" The little boy did not forget to thank him. The elderly couple smiled and nodded to us, and politely said "thank you!" As we were leaving, the little boy waved and said, "Goodbye, grandparents!"

I deeply felt: it is rare for a child at a young age to know the rules and be so polite.

One day, walking in the yard of the community, an old man in front of me was walking with his puppy. Soon, the old man and the dog stopped. I didn’t know what they were going to do, so I slowed down. When I came near, I found that the puppy had just finished excreting. I saw the old man take out a stack of toilet paper from his coat pocket, which was dark in color and thick in texture. The old man pulled out a few pieces, squatted down to pick up the excrement wrapped in the puppy and threw it into the trash can. To be honest, this is the first time I have seen what a dog owner has done. The old man’s behavior is not like a temporary act, but more like a long-term habit. The old man’s actions are moving! I am thinking: If all dog owners can do this, what kind of situation would it be?

Many times, culture is a hidden existence. Maybe we often can’t see the concrete image of culture, but it is obviously very important to us.It will make your thoughts richer, your work more independent, your life more interesting, and your behavior more civilized and elegant, which is not only beneficial to yourself, but also a little contribution to social progress.

Bai Yansong once said: "Whether a person has a culture or not depends not on his studies.How high is the calendar. People with academic qualifications do not necessarily have culture; People without education are not necessarily uneducated. Reading a lot of books, having a high diploma, and having education are sometimes completely different. "

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