Body size Volvo (imported)-Volvo V60

    Before looking at the picture to introduce Volvo V60, I need to apologize for explaining a little thing to you. At present, we only photographed the Volvo V60 at the auto show, but there is no model data and more information. The data in this paper are summarized according to the online information of overseas and domestic media.

Car home Volvo (imported) Volvo V60 2011 R-Designs basic model

    The dimensions of Volvo V60 are 4628mm× long × 1865mm× wide × 1484mm high and the wheelbase is 2776 mm.. According to the exact data available at present, Volvo V60 and S60 have almost the same body size. From the visual effect, Volvo V60 seems to be a little longer than S60. Note that this is just a visual effect!

Excerpt from "So Different Guangzhou Auto Show Real Shooting Volvo V60"