Starting from 5499 yuan, Huawei Pura 70 series was launched in a raid, and the first batch was sold out instantly.

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On April 18th, Huawei officially announced the launch of "HUAWEI Pura 70 Series Pioneer Program", and Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro went on sale at 10:08 today. Xiaolei noticed that these two models have been sold online in Huawei, and they will be sold out soon after the sale. The next sale time is 10:08 on April 22.

In addition, some offline channels of Huawei also opened the sales of corresponding models simultaneously. The small partners sent by Lei Technology came to Huawei’s Sakata flagship store in Shenzhen and felt the fiery atmosphere of the first sale of Huawei Pura 70 series.

Huawei Pura 70 series has once again adopted the "before sale" mode. With the official launch of the new machine, the corresponding parameter information of the product is also announced, and we can finally take a quick look.

Huawei Pura 70 series has four models, namely Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro+. Pura 70 Pro and Pura 70 Ultra, which are first sold this time, are expected to be the main models of this series. Let’s first understand their basic information.

The first is Huawei Pura 70 Pro, whose main parameters and specifications are as follows:

  • 6.8-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight main camera +12.5MP super wide angle +48MP super spotlight macro telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 12GB memory

  • 256GB/512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 5050mAh capacity battery

  • 100W wired fast charging, 80W wireless fast charging and 20W reverse wireless fast charging.

  • 220g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

And Pura 70 Ultra, the main parameter information is:

  • 6.8-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight telescopic main camera +40MP super wide angle +50MP super spotlight macro telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 16GB memory

  • 256GB/512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 5200mAh capacity battery

  • 100W wired fast charging, 80W wireless fast charging and 20W reverse wireless fast charging.

  • 220g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

The basic version of Pura 70, the core parameters are:

  • 6.6-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight telescopic main camera +13MP super wide angle +12MP periscope telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 12GB memory

  • 512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 4900mAh capacity battery

  • 66W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging and 7.5W reverse wireless charging.

  • 207g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

Pura 70 Pro+, the parameter information is:

  • 6.8-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight main camera +12.5MP super wide angle +48MP super spotlight macro telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 16GB memory

  • 512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 5050mAh capacity battery

  • 100W wired fast charging, 80W wireless fast charging and 20W reverse wireless fast charging.

  • 220g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

After the hardware configuration of these four models, it can be seen that the differences between them are mainly reflected in the aspects of image, storage and fast charging.

Both Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro series adopt super-focusing macro telephoto, which is also a major change brought by Huawei’s new machine in image.This lens can be used for long-distance shooting and close-up micro-scene shooting, and the focal length it covers is also very suitable for taking portraits.

It is understood that Huawei, a super-concentrated macro telephoto lens, has a recent focus distance of 5cm and a macro zoom of 35X. Moreover, it has an aperture of F2.1, which Huawei says is the largest aperture in the industry’s periscope telephoto. In this way, in the dark environment, it can shoot clearer and higher-quality image works at macro or telephoto.

It is worth noting that among the four new machines, Pura 70 Ultra is the only one equipped with a super-concentrated telescopic main camera. This is a major innovation of Huawei in the field of mobile images, and it is equipped with the first rotating telescopic lens structure in the industry. In actual use, if the user turns on the main lens, it will automatically extend through the mechanical structure.

Compared with the conventional lens, one of the great advantages of this design is that it can take into account the thickness of the lens and the fuselage, and at the same time, plug in a high-standard camera lens. Thanks to this technology, Huawei Pura 70 Ultra put a 1-inch outsole lens in an 8.4mm thick body and realized the physical aperture of F1.6.

Huawei officials also demonstrated the capture ability of Pura 70 Ultra through specific scenes and proofs. Through the super-spotlight image system and XD Motion motion engine, it can capture the moment when the car is flying at a high speed of 300 km/h.

The outsole and large aperture have further improved the imaging quality of Huawei Pura 70 super-large cup model. At the same time, its weight of 220 grams and thickness of 8.4mm will not bring inconvenience to users in daily use. Undoubtedly, through another innovation in the field of imaging, Huawei Pura 70 Ultra has built a differentiated competitive advantage.

Last August, when Huawei Mate60 series was released, its first satellite call function attracted the attention of countless people. Since then, satellite communication related functions have been the standard of Huawei products. Most of the Huawei Pura 70 series that debuted this time support satellite communication, but different models support it differently.

First of all, Huawei Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+ and Pura 70 Ultra first supported the Beidou satellite image sending function.Specifically, when using the Beidou message function in the mobile phone, users can not only send text messages, but also send pictures now, and the experience is closer to the IM application that users use every day.

Secondly, Huawei Pura 70 Pro+ and Huawei Pura 70 Ultra not only support Beidou satellite messages, but also support satellite call function (based on Tiantong satellite), which can be activated by inserting the mobile phone card of China Telecom.In other words, if you want to use satellite calls, then these two models are available.

In terms of chips, Huawei officials have not released specific information. However, according to netizens, through testing software, it was found that the chip on Huawei Pura 70 Pro/Ultra is Kirin 9010, and its CPU architecture is 2 2.3GHz+6 2.18GHz+4 1.55GHz, with a total of 12 cores. However, @ Fixed Focus Digital said that the current software identification is wrong. The CPU architecture of this chip is still 8 cores, and the GPU is Maliang 910, which is the same as Kirin 9000S.

Looking at it now, the chip carried by Huawei Pura 70 series should be a small change of Kirin 9000S. The actual performance of Kirin 9000S has been experienced by Huawei Mate60 Pro before. For Kirin 9010, Xiao Lei’s initial judgment is that the performance is enough to meet the daily use needs of users.

In terms of appearance, Huawei Pura 70 series has made great changes. On the back of the fuselage, Pura 70 series adopts triangular lens module design, which greatly increases the recognition of appearance.

In addition, Pura 70 Pro+ uses nano-weaving technology to etch stripe-like texture on the glass back cover. Different models of Pura 70 series also have their own exclusive color matching, which is consistent in appearance design, but there are also differences, forming a positioning division.

In terms of price, PURA 70,5499 yuan, Pura 70 Pro 6499 yuan, Pura 70 Pro+ 7999 yuan and Pura 70 Ultra 9999 yuan. Obviously, Huawei Pura 70 series mainly covers the flagship and high-end markets, and the products with price ranging from 5,000 to 10,000+are the target range of this series.

Generally speaking, the highly anticipated Huawei Pura 70 series has achieved satisfactory performance at the product level. In terms of specific functions closely related to users, it has greatly upgraded the configuration and technology of images, brought super-focusing macro telephoto lens, and provided users with better experience in macro and telephoto scenes.

The Pura 70 Ultra is the first super-spotlight telescopic main camera, which breaks the convention and crams a high-specification outsole lens into a narrow space, taking into account the image quality and the thinness of the fuselage, providing enough product selling points for positioning the new products of the super flagship.

In addition, Pura 70 series has brought satisfactory innovation and upgrade in design, satellite communication and fast charging technology, which has supported the positioning of high-end flagship of new products.

The first sale of Huawei Pura 70 series was undoubtedly a great success. Under the premise of no clear official notice, Huawei Sakata flagship store quickly gathered a large number of people, and the first batch of Pura 70 Pro and Pura 70 Ultra quickly sold out. Online channels, we have also witnessed similar sales.

At this point, we don’t need to use too many languages to demonstrate the success of Pura 70 series. Now, what Huawei needs to do most is still to prepare the goods as soon as possible and use more sources to meet the next sale.

The emergence of Pura 70 series means that the flagship mobile phone market in 2024 has ushered in a strong player. Whether it is the iPhone 15 series or many flagship products of the Android camp, they have to face this opponent who has caused them a headache. The chaos in the high-end mobile phone market has just entered the climax stage.

Frequent failures, sales halved! The safest Volvo in the world, why can’t it be sold?

The inventor of three-point seat belts, the first automobile brand to use airbags, Volvo is undoubtedly the industry benchmark in terms of safety, but Volvo, the safety benchmark, has recently encountered trouble.

In May 2022, Volvo’s sales in China were only 9,488 vehicles, down 43.8% year-on-year, which was the second consecutive month, down more than 40% year-on-year. In April, Volvo sold 8,579 vehicles, down 47.8% year-on-year, and the sales volume was almost halved, which obviously exceeded the industry average. What’s worse, the combined sales volume of all Volvo models was not as good as that of LI, a new force in car making.

And this is the market answer sheet handed over by Volvo models when they all give substantial terminal discounts. Take Volvo S90 (parameter picture) as an example. The terminal discount of this car is as high as 70,000-80,000 yuan, and the terminal landing price is even in the early 300,000 s. It can be said that the car is being sold with a fracture. But how can Volvo, which has a broken bone, still not be sold?

The product update is slow, and the main models are exhausted.

In the fierce market competition environment, major car companies have been trying to introduce new products, update technology and keep up with the market development trend in recent years, but Volvo, a Swedish car company, is obviously a little slow in pace. Volvo’s three main models have not been replaced for a long time.

XC90 was released in 2014, S90 in 2016 and XC60 in 2017. Although there is a change in the middle, it is basically fine-tuned in appearance and power system, which is neither painful nor itchy, and it is difficult to form a new communication point, and it is also lack of freshness for consumers.

Safety and environmental protection cards can no longer be played.

Volvo’s models have always been known for their safety. Besides, the environmentally friendly interior materials is also its unique selling point. In addition, Volvo has no other differentiation advantages that can distinguish it from its competitors. Volvo’s models are obviously not as good as their competitors at the same level in terms of creating luxurious interior texture and driving texture. However, even for safety and environmental protection, these two cards are becoming more and more immovable.

In terms of safety, as long as the price of luxury brand models is more than 300,000, it may not be so extreme in safety, but it will not be particularly embarrassing. Moreover, with the wave of automobile electrification, more and more models are equipped with active safety systems, which also leads to Volvo’s safety brand, which is less and less attractive to consumers.

In terms of the environmental protection of the interior, many new brands have also begun to promote the interior of their own models and how much environmental protection materials have been used. Therefore, these two advantages that Volvo originally monopolized are gradually being disintegrated by competitors.

The complaint rate is high, with frequent failures.

Since the beginning of this year, some owners of Volvo S60 and S90 have found that the engine can’t start normally for many times, and even some vehicles have completely lost power and can’t be unlocked. Volvo dealers explain this problem as "software matching failure", claiming that it can be repaired by software upgrade, but the vehicle after maintenance and upgrade still has the problem of not starting. According to professional analysis, it may be because the 48V light mixing system of Volvo’s new model may have defects in its working logic, which may lead to power loss of the vehicle.

According to the information of many complaint websites such as Chezhi. com, the complaint sales ratio of Volvo’s models is not low. In the first quarter of this year, the complaint sales ratio of Volvo XC60 new energy was the highest. The main complaints were: suspected distribution reduction, car body accessories and electrical audio-visual system failure, driving safety auxiliary system failure, and engine/motor drive motor failure.

In the face of the long-standing problem of low-frequency resonance/abnormal sound, some car owners revealed that at that time, the dealer gave the "hush money" practice of signing a confidentiality agreement after compensation, but did not recall it.

Dislocation competition, hedging rate and brand premium are worrying.

Dislocation competition and substantial terminal concessions are the secrets of sales growth of Volvo models in previous years, but this practice has also brought great negative effects.

The method of high pricing and substantial terminal discount has seriously hurt Volvo’s brand image, which has led to the general public’s view that Volvo should not buy without breaking a bone, which has also led Volvo to continue the method of high pricing and high terminal discount when launching new models, which has also exhausted Volvo’s brand premium.

In addition, the way of substantial terminal concessions has led to a sharp decline in the value-keeping rate of Volvo models. Take several representative models as examples, the three-year value-keeping rate of Volvo XC60 is 44.67%, that of Volvo XC90 is 54.25%, that of Volvo S90 is 44.54%, and that of Volvo S60 is 45.74%. Even if you count the terminal concessions, the value-keeping rate of Volvo is calculated according to the actual landing price.

As it turns out, Volvo’s several brands, such as substantial discount, misplaced competition, safety and environmental protection, are becoming more and more immovable, and Volvo must make changes. We can also see that Volvo is also actively carrying out electrification transformation recently, hoping that Volvo can make a faster pace in electrification transformation. Perhaps only in this way can Volvo reverse the trend.

Newly built car report card in February: ideal win, Nezha rebound, zero run on the street.

Editor’s Note: This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account Shenrancaijing (ID: shenrancaijing). Author: Zou Shuai, editor: Dawn, Entrepreneurial State is reproduced with authorization, and the first picture is from the photo network.

January’s collective street beating is still in sight. Did the new forces of building cars return to blood in February?

On March 1st, the February sales data of new car-making forces arrived as scheduled. The leader is still ideal, with the delivery volume of 16,620 vehicles in February, up 97.5% year-on-year, and 1,479 vehicles more than last month. After the setback in January, Weilai also returned to 10,000 vehicles, with a delivery volume of 12,157 vehicles, up 98.3% year-on-year. The delivery volume in Tucki was less than 10,000, with only 6,010 vehicles, which was still down year-on-year, but increased by 15% compared with last month.

The momentum of the second echelon is also very strong. Nezha delivered 10,073 vehicles in February, and the last time Nezha delivered 10,000 vehicles in a month was last November. 3,198 vehicles were delivered at zero run and 5,455 vehicles were delivered at extreme krypton.

It is still in the off-season, and it is still too early to discuss the momentum and follow-up actions of the new forces that build cars. However, there are several changes worthy of attention: First, the subsidies of new energy countries have been withdrawn this year, which is a big test for new forces. Whether they can maintain the growth trend, or at least not to fall behind, depends on the ability of each family. Second, influenced by the "price butcher" Tesla, "Wei Xiaoli" has made price reduction adjustments this year, and it is necessary to observe whether the market pays the bill.

The main players are temporarily out of the sales gloom in January, and the car circle is still lively. Tucki P7 is revised, and the ideal L7 is about to be delivered. Wei Laiqing’s "866" and "775" are about to stir up the beams, and Weimar’s chicken feathers have not been cleaned yet. It is conceivable that there will be many variables to happen in the future, and the new forces should also set a plate and what trump cards they have.


The ideal is "close to the ideal" and Tucki is "unable to fly"

As usual, let’s name the new forces first.

The sales crown in February was ideal, with a delivery volume of 16,620 vehicles. In the same period last year, the ideal delivery of 8414 vehicles has doubled. The second place was Weilai, which delivered 12,157 vehicles. This month, Nezha returned to 10,000 vehicles and delivered 10,073 vehicles, winning the third place.

Tucki still didn’t run, and only 6,010 vehicles were delivered in February. As of the time of publication, the official of the press has not announced the delivery volume in February. According to the production and sales express of Sailis Group, the sales volume of Sailis cars (including AITO series) in February was 3,505. 5455 vehicles were delivered in Krypton and 3198 vehicles were delivered in Zero Run.


Cartography/deep combustion

In February this year, both Weilai and Ideality achieved a year-on-year increase of nearly 100%, and only Tucki was slightly embarrassed, with a year-on-year decrease of 3.45%. In the second half of last year, the state of Tucki was very general, and it went down all the way from August to November. In 2023, it seems that Tucki hasn’t recovered in the first two months.

These days, when the ideal sits on the pin crown, it looks very stable. The situation in January is quite special. With the Spring Festival holiday and the withdrawal of subsidies from new energy countries, the monthly performance of new car-making forces is relatively low, and only ideals have maintained a momentum of over 10,000. In February, although it was still in the off-season of sales of new energy vehicles, it kept the trend of rising delivery volume, with 1,479 vehicles more than last month.

Weilai’s delivery in February increased by 42.92% month-on-month, and the surge in delivery was probably related to its inventory clearance activities in that month. Now, only a few old models ES8, ES6 and EC6 are on sale, and "866" is about to bid farewell to the historical stage. It is "775", that is, ET7, ES7 and ET5.

The delivery data in February also shows how well the handover of "866" and "775" has been done. In January, Weilai sold 2,190 SUVs (ES7, ES6, EC6 and ES8), accounting for 25.75% of the total delivery, and 6,316 cars (ET5 and ET7), accounting for 74.25% of the total delivery. It can be seen that SUVs including "866" old models are not the main sales force, and the proportion of SUVs and cars is not small.

Looking at the situation in February, 5037 SUVs and 7120 cars were delivered. The delivery of SUVs accounted for 41.43% of the total delivery, and cars accounted for 58.57%. The proportion of SUVs increased significantly. It seems that "866" sold well.

Next, the first echelon also has key nodes that need to be tested. Ideal L7 was officially launched on February 8th, and it is the first 5-seat version of the ideal vehicle. According to the news, Pro and Max models will be delivered one after another on March 1, and Air models will be delivered one after another in early April. The results of the new car will not be seen until the delivery data in March and April. This time is well timed. After a part is delivered in March, the sales volume in the first quarter may be guaranteed. After another delivery in April, the beginning of the second quarter is also a "good start".

In March, the redesigned Tucki P7 will enter the market under the new name P7i. The arrival of the new P7 is very important for Tucki to fight a "turnaround". According to the news, the new car has been upgraded with lidar, and Tucki is still willing to invest in the auxiliary driving of new energy vehicles. And Tucki’s ability in intelligence is also the reason why the outside world still has confidence in it.

Nezha desperately wants to squeeze into the top three. In February, Nezha’s report card was not bad. According to the official, Nezha S recorded 2,048 sets in February, up 35% from January, accounting for about 20% of the total sales in that month. From the perspective of total delivery, the year-on-year and month-on-month increases were 41.5% and 67.4% respectively, and the trend of blood return was obvious.

Nezha’s record in February, to a certain extent, can also be confirmed, and its price increase has passed smoothly. In January, Nezha raised the prices of some models, with Nezha S, Nezha U-II and Nezha V each increasing by 3,000-6,000 yuan, with Nezha S having the highest price after adjustment, ranging from 202,800-341,800 yuan.

The reason for the price increase is that Nezha wants to hit the market upward.

Last July, Nezha became the top seller of new cars for the first time, and it also held the first place from August to November. However, compared with others, only from Nezha’s own situation, the delivery volume in October was 18,016 vehicles. Since then, the monthly delivery data has been falling all the way, even falling out of the 10,000-vehicle mark. Last December, everyone did well, but only 7,795 vehicles were sold in Nezha, down 48% from the previous month.


In January this year, the monthly delivery volume of Nezha was the lowest in the past year, with 6,016 vehicles. After four months of continuous decline, the outside world began to suspect that Nezha’s hot wheels was no longer useful. Nezha’s style of play has always kept a big gap with "Wei Xiaoli". "Wei Xiaoli" occupies the mass market of 100,000-300,000 yuan, and the middle and high-end market of 300,000-500,000 yuan. Nezha has targeted the low-end market from the beginning, focusing on models below 200,000 yuan. The exchange of price for quantity has indeed brought about the rapid growth of Nezha, and it is not surprising to reach the top.

However, the fatigue in delivery means that it is difficult for this strategy to push Nezha further. Price increase is a risky move, but "seeking wealth and risk".

In the second echelon, another thing worthy of attention is the zero run. In February, Zero Run and Tucki were the only car companies that saw a year-on-year decline in sales. In January of this year, the delivery volume of zero-running was only 1139, which was the bottom of the month. Compared with January 2022, it plummeted by nearly 80%. In February, 3,198 vehicles were delivered at zero speed, which is still far from 10,000 vehicles.

In February, the run-by-run C11 extended-range version officially opened for pre-sale, with the pre-sale range of 159,800-200,000 yuan, and will be delivered in mid-March. In the face of weak sales for several months in a row, the zero-run may have to open the market by increasing the program.

The growth rate of krypton is second only to zero run. In February, 5,455 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 87.07%. Krypton once triumphed all the way, once surpassing Tucki. After jumping on the street with various families in January, its recovery situation in February was relatively clear. However, the "hidden worry" of extreme krypton is hard to ignore. Recently, there have been a lot of controversies about "extremely Kryptonian car owners", "non-refundable orders" and "two-faced". It remains to be seen whether the crisis in public opinion will affect the momentum of extremely Kryptonian.

Lantiu and Wenjie are the only car companies with a month-on-month decline. Lantu delivered only 1,107 vehicles, compared with 1,548 vehicles last month. The sales volume of the industry was 3,505 vehicles, a decrease of 21.68% from the previous month.

Weimar is still invisible. Employees leave their jobs without pay, factories shut down, suppliers cut off their supply, and there is no door after sale. These may be issues that Weimar should be more worried about. On February 27th, according to the staff of the Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau of Huanggang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Municipal Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Department of Human Resources and Social Security have set up a special class to intervene in this matter and are accepting the rights protection of Weimar employees.

The state of several second echelon can be divided into two categories. One is Nezha and Zero Run, both of which showed fatigue in the past period of time and picked up in February. The other is extreme krypton, Lan Tu and Wen Jie, who walk slowly in small steps, but at the same time walk carefully.

As early as before each company announced its sales volume, some insiders predicted that the delivery volume would probably increase in the off-season this year. The reason is obvious, the price has been reduced, and the volume has gone.

The biggest strength is Wei Lai. According to the limited-time preferential car purchase plan released by Weilai’s official community in February, in February 2023, users who bought 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6, that is, the old model "866", Weilai covered the state subsidy in 2022. It is understood that the "866" model is no longer customized, so it is also stated in the plan that only a small number of 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 long-term exhibition cars can be purchased by users, and they can enjoy additional exhibition discounts according to different storage ages and vehicle conditions. Users who purchase ES8 exhibition cars can enjoy a maximum cash discount of 24,000 yuan, while users who purchase ES6 and EC6 exhibition cars can enjoy a maximum discount of 18,000 yuan.

Weilai’s price reduction has also received a response from Qin Lihong, president of Weilai. It is rumored that Weilai will reduce the price by 100,000 yuan, but Qin Lihong said that in fact, there are very few models with a total discount of 100,000 yuan. He also explained that the price reduction of "866" is because Weilai is clearing the first-generation model and preparing for the "866" model of the second-generation platform.

Weilai’s decline is about 20,000 yuan, and the situation in Tucki is similar. On January 17th, Xpeng Motors lowered the prices of G3i, P5 and P7, with an overall decrease of 20,000-36,000 yuan. Since February, Tucki has given an insurance subsidy of 7,000 yuan and a final payment subsidy of 10,000 yuan for specific models, and the maximum discount is nearly 50,000 yuan.

Weilai, who once shouted that he would not cut prices, can’t hold back now? In fact, it is normal for the new and old models to alternate, and it is normal to reduce prices and promote sales because of clearing inventory. From the perspective of Weilai’s strategy, it is reasonable to hand over the "866" to the next generation.

In addition, a necessary prerequisite for the replacement of old and new cars is that old cars can’t be sold. Take Weilai as an example, the sales of the three models of "866" all dropped by 1,000 units in January this year. EC6 bid farewell to four figures from last September, and the last one was ES6, which delivered 872 vehicles in January this year and 1,731 vehicles in December last year. Not surprisingly, the sales of the "866" three cars have also continued to decline in the past six months. In the case of the overall cold of the new energy vehicle market, the "775" all showed a downward trend after November last year. It is necessary to complete the handover drastically at this moment.


There is also room for cost reduction. The price of lithium carbonate, the main raw material of batteries, began to fall in December last year. At present, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate is less than 400,000/ton. Last year, the highest point was close to 600,000/ton, and now it has dropped by 30%. Some analysts believe that the sales market of new energy vehicles is sluggish at the beginning of this year, the demand for batteries is weak, and the finished product inventory of lithium salt manufacturers is also at a high level, which is cold in the market. In the future, under the influence of the weak price of lithium carbonate, the price of spodumene may also fall further.

Looking back at the industry, new forces have cut prices one after another, and it is difficult to get rid of Tesla, the "price butcher". Recently, it was reported that Tesla may usher in a new round of price cuts in March, with Model 3 dropping to 159,900 and Model Y dropping to 179,900. There is another saying that Model 3 dropped to 199,000. The news has not yet received a response from Tesla.

Two facts are in front of us. First, the rumors of Tesla’s price reduction are probably not groundless. According to its consistent style, price reduction is not only a habitual action, but even a downward trend. Second, the price reduction of Tesla and the price reduction of the new domestic car-making forces are interactive. Tesla gradually approached the price band of the new forces, and the new forces had to cut prices to deal with it.

The industry believes that whether the new energy vehicle market can rebound depends on the situation in the second quarter.

Indeed, the ideal L7 is about to be delivered, and Tucki on hot bricks will also have its own "trump card upgrade", ending the embarrassing situation of being green and yellow, and accepting the market challenge again. Weilai has completed the new generation and the old generation, and the sales data in February also prove that this decision is right and it has been completed well. Next, it is necessary to rely on "775" to conquer the world.

Extreme Krypton, Lan Tu and Wen Jie belong to cumulative players. If there are no big moves, there is a high probability that they will make a steady breakthrough under the general trend. Nezha and Zero Run have gone the same difficult road, becoming high-end and brand-building. As for the result, there should be an answer in the next few months. Of course, the outside world is also waiting for an answer, and there is a silent Weimar.

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Xiaomi Auto was officially unveiled, and the new forces of making cars were black at the moment.

After waiting for 1003 days, Lei Jun and his Xiaomi SU-7 finally appeared. Before that, he paid tribute to BYD, Weilai, Tucki, Ideality and Huawei.

When asked why he didn’t pay tribute to SAIC, FAW, Geely, Great Wall, Chang ‘an, Chery and other car companies, Lei Jun said: Everyone misunderstood. I am full of awe for the whole automobile industry, and I paid tribute to them at the beginning of building a car.

□ Dahebao Yu video reporter

I’m afraid the real reason behind it is that only these five car companies, plus Tesla and Porsche, which will be compared, are the car companies that Xiaomi really wants to subvert.

Just like trying to shoot the front waves on the beach and the back waves, when Lei Jun took the shot, the seven car companies that claimed to be "new forces" felt the pressure.

Just as Lei Jun didn’t say, the SU-7 is actually a classic aircraft launched by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of the former Soviet Union, which reversed the situation that Su Ge dominated the world in one fell swoop.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi "redefined" electric vehicles after Huawei’s ideal of Tucki.

The refrigerator and color TV are empty.

When the new car-making forces are still struggling with who piled more refrigerators and color TVs on the car, Xiaomi only put one.16.1-inch central control ecological screen, no co-pilot Dalian screen, no rear big screen.

But don’t worry, Xiaomi car supports PAD to get on the bus, which can be directly hung in front of the rear seat. After being connected to the system, it can also operate the front co-pilot. The interface of the car is designed with cards, which can not only switch cards left and right, freely lay out, but also adjust the card size and operate with hands. The whole operation is very simple, and Xiaobai can easily get started without studying.

This is Xiaomi’s specialty, far ahead.

At the press conference, Lei Jun announced that in Mijia’s eco-insensitive car, the car machine system is deeply adapted to mainstream car applications, and the car machine application is almost the same as Xiaomi’s tablet operation experience. The mobile phone application can also be pinned to the car, and the car machine can be changed in seconds. Native application; The first batch of equipment supports 1000+ meters, which is connected with the account in a confidential way, and supports the setting of automatic scene linkage.

In the expansion of the central control panel, Pin points are reserved around the screen to expand the interface, and the hardware devices of the three parties can be plugged and played. There is also a magnetic attraction function at the bottom of the screen, and even a group of physical buttons can be attracted to add physical button control to the vehicle.

The storage space of the center console is reserved with hardware interface, power interface and magnetic attraction, which can expand more innovative hardware of three parties, such as supporting Mijia car fragrance machine.

The back of the seat also supports the hardware ecological expansion, and has the magnetic charging characteristic of 22.5W W. After the millet tablet is adsorbed, it directly becomes the original car machine, which can control 30+ car control systems such as navigation, air conditioning, seat, audio and video.

In addition, Apple devices can also be supported by Xiaomi smart cockpit. The car has CarPlay and AirPlay wireless connections, and the expansion of the seat back also supports iPad, which can control air conditioning, music and seats.

Such a "geek" expansion way will definitely make competitors clap their thighs and say "Why didn’t I think of it?" Instead of piling the configuration on the car, it is better to open the interface and let more personalized applications get on the bus.

Unexpectedly, Xiaomi found the belief in performance.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, the Xiaomi Super Motor V8s was officially released, with a speed of 27200rpm. Lei Jun said excitedly that it will be the ceiling of the global motor speed and the top motor in the world.

According to reports, the millet super motor V8s is completely developed and produced by Xiaomi, and it is expected to get on the bus in 2025.

Xiaomi Super Motor V8s is the first in the industry to produce 960MPa special silicon steel sheet, self-developed rotor design, two-way oil-cooled heat dissipation, S-shaped three-dimensional oil circuit design, 54-slot 6-pole design, 8-layer Hairpin flat wire winding, with a slot full rate of 77%. It has applied for 155 patents and authorized 60 patents.

In performance, the millet super motor V8s has a maximum horsepower of 578ps, a peak power of 425kW and a peak torque of 635 N m..

Xiaomi automobile is equipped with 101 kWh Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Kirin battery and CTB integrated battery technology.

In terms of batteries, the 800V high-voltage battery pack carried by Xiaomi was completed by thousands of engineers in Xiaomi and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited for two years, but the battery core was not self-developed.

The battery adopts the CTB battery body integration technology developed by Xiaomi. Officially, the thickness of battery pack+floor is 120mm, the volume efficiency reaches 77.8%, and the harness is reduced by 91%, thus reducing the harness space by 3%.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi SU7 has the lowest drag coefficient of 0.195Cd in the world, the largest 105L front standby box in China, and the first four-fold braking safety mechanism. It refused to brake failure and accelerated to 2.78 seconds at zero speed, and stepped into the "2-second super-running club" with a maximum speed of 265km/h, which surpassed the performance of Porsche Taycan Turbo.

This has made many people realize that Xiaomi Automobile has regained the origin of the car-performance. When new forces are deployed and traditional manufacturers give up performance promotion, it is Lei Jun who cares more about the performance of a car.

Just like Xiaomi car has several physical buttons, which are required by Lei Jun. These physical buttons include start/stop, air conditioning temperature adjustment, air conditioning air volume adjustment, air suspension adjustment and electric tail adjustment.

As for why the electric tail adjustment button should be kept, Lei Jun said that it was mainly because a friend bought a million luxury cars, but he just couldn’t find a way to open the electric tail.

How can it be 99 thousand?

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, Lei Jun spoke alone for three hours. This conference "only issued technology, not released cars".

Some netizens left a message to Lei Jun, saying that the whole press conference was most impressed by this sentence "How can it be 99,000?".

At the press conference, Lei Jun said that it is impossible for Xiaomi automobile SU7 to sell 99,000, and it is impossible to sell 149,000.

In fact, it’s not unreasonable to say this. I don’t want to be friends with rice noodles any more. It’s true that the cost of Xiaomi car is really high. We can see what super-high-cost technologies Xiaomi car uses.

Xiaomi Automobile will adopt 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform with a maximum voltage of 871V, and CTB integrated battery technology, with a volume efficiency of 77.8%.

Xiaomi battery is safe. It has passed the most stringent thermal failure safety standards in the world, and has top-level heat dissipation and heat insulation capabilities: 17 layers of high-voltage insulation protection, with the largest cooling area of 7.8m2, and 165 pieces of aerogels are used for heat insulation, and Xiaomi Che Yun collaborative safety early warning system and the industry’s first battery inversion technology are adopted to improve safety.

Xiaomi also provides Xiaomi’s high-efficiency dual-mode heat pump, which can improve the low-temperature battery life retention rate, low-temperature air conditioning heating speed and low-temperature charging speed.

Xiaomi also researched the super die-casting of Xiaomi in the whole stack, and independently designed 9100t die-casting in the whole link; Also introduced a self-developed material-Xiaomi Titan alloy; It also introduced the self-developed design of 72-in-1 integrated die-casting floor and innovative three-stage anti-collision design.

Xiaomi intelligent driving comes from full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology; Zoom BEV, large road model, super-resolution occupation network, super-power computing chip and sensing hardware are used to provide better performance.

"On the way to the press conference today, the afternoon sun shone into the windows that came and went, drawing a golden outline for those drivers. I seem to see you, over the years, across one pass after another; See you, firm and confident, from this winter, towards a new era. No matter how cold and windy this winter is, your car and your heart are warm; Your steps and your wheels are equally steady and powerful. Cheer for the forge ahead and walk with the elites of the times. Xiaomi’s first car, Xiaomi SU7, was built for drivers on these dream roads. "

The Xiaomi Auto Conference, which lasted for 3 hours, ended with the soul chicken soup instilled by Lei Jun into the "elite of the times"-the target group of Xiaomi SU7. His last sentence was, "I want to tell you that self-confidence in life is infinitely broad, and continuous progress is the best reward for your life."

The original "subject three" dance edge? When I took my children to dinner, my parents threatened to kill Miss Sister.

Original title: "Subject III" Dance Edge? When I took my children to dinner, my parents threatened to kill Miss Sister.

As we all know, the "subject three" dance in Haidilao is quite popular recently. But something worrying happened. According to media reports, a netizen posted a post on the 19th floor of the local forum in Hangzhou to spit out the dance of "Subject 3". I went to Haidilao for dinner with my family, and I was disgusted by the noisy music and the twisted and earthy dance.

To a certain extent, the BGM "Laughing Rivers and Lakes" dedicated to the dance of "Subject III" is indeed one after another, but it is not noisy, so different people have different opinions. As for the "subject three" dance, I really want to say that the earthy taste is not completely right, because the earthy taste is not earthy, and the key depends on whether the dancer dances well.

In fact, the reason why it is called "subject three" is really not a dirty partial solution of "driving on the road", but "subject three" dance refers to a professional subject in dance competitions, focusing on examining the dancers’ dance skills and performance ability. Of course, putting it on Miss Haidilao naturally means rhythm and expressiveness.

As for the fusion dance skills, unless the younger sister of Haidilao is professionally trained, most of them are mixed modern dance, ballet, folk dance and even street dance. In this way, if someone doesn’t know how to dance, they will show their figure on the edge. So I began to feel sick and uncomfortable. Either "reporting" or "online".

This emphasis does not mean that everyone likes the "subject three" dance, but that parents can dislike it or even hate it, but don’t sacrifice the banner of "being afraid of misleading children" at every turn and hit the young lady with a moral bludgeon. It is no exaggeration to say that compared with the "bad influence" of the "subject three" dance on children, parents’ edge judgment may have a worse influence on children.

You know, in recent years, there are always some parents who are keen on moral threats, especially putting aside the premise of "being afraid of misleading children" as if everything had to be compromised. To give a simple example, children are addicted to playing mobile phones, which was originally caused by parents’ neglect of teaching and guidance, but some parents don’t find their own problems, insisting that the era without mobile phones is good.

In short, some logic seems to make sense, but if we really want to scrutinize it carefully, we always feel that they don’t deserve modern civilization. Because they can’t even tell personal preferences from right and wrong. In other words, as long as you don’t like it, you feel that it shouldn’t exist in this world, and it doesn’t matter whether others like it or not.

The most typical statement is: "Why is this kind of thing so hot?" The implication is that I don’t think there will be fire, but what I face is fire, so I began to suspect that there is a problem in the world, not my own cognition. The most important thing is that the doubt is not over yet, and someone has to pierce the sky. Do you want an explanation?

So formally engage in "reporting" and amateur "online". In short, it is necessary to use the energy with more voice to find ways to make the world listen to itself. To be fair, this was ridiculous. But because the narrative of "fear of misleading children" is very powerful, absurdity can really form an established fact.

For example, if the topic "It is very uncomfortable for parents to take their baby to Haidilao to see subject three" is replaced by "It is very uncomfortable for women to vomit to go to Haidilao to see subject three" or "It is very uncomfortable for men to vomit to go to Haidilao to see subject three", it is estimated that the thick sputum in the comment area will drown the parties. However, if we look closely at the comments under the topic "Parents spit out and take their baby to Haidilao to see that subject three is very uncomfortable", we will find that there are quite a few comments supporting the parties.

What do you mean? Although all the parties feel that the "subject three" dance has been brushed aside, it is really different to take a child or not. Even if the child has no position on the "subject three" dance. In addition, it is necessary to be clear about the fact that even if children don’t watch the "subject three" dance in Haidilao, it is inevitable to brush it in short videos.

Moreover, in terms of "rubbing the edges", the young lady in the short video can twist than the young lady in Haidilao. After all, the little sister in the short video is online celebrity, and the little sister in Haidilao is a waiter. Therefore, if you really want to completely avoid the "subject three" dance, it is estimated that this parent will not be able to go to Haidilao for dinner, and it is estimated that he will have to replace his mobile phone with an elderly one, preferably one that cannot access the Internet.

But the question is, do parents do this, and do children listen? So again, if you can’t understand the appearance and changes of the world, learn more and try to understand. If you can’t understand after studying, you’d better live in your own world. Otherwise, it is either hurt by the world or hurt the world.

Editor in charge:

Chery Tiggo 8 PRO’s listed technology is "full" and its performance is "awesome"

On May 18th, PRO was officially launched, and nine models with 1.6TGDI and 2.0TGDI were launched, with the price range of 126,900-171,900 yuan.

Tiggo 8 PRO products are positioned as "the flagship of global power technology"-technology and power are the core competitiveness of this car. In terms of science and technology, the Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with a new generation of "Lion 5.0 AI Technology Smart Cockpit", including 6 modules including the AI Emotional Super Interactive System and over 15 emotion recognition interactive functions, which can not only monitor the driver’s safe driving and take the initiative to care for him, but also support multi-mode voice, no wake-up and intelligent car control.

Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with the first W-HUD interstellar flying head-up display function, which can display various functions such as speed, dynamic ADAS, navigation, telephone and so on, so that users can display the required vehicle information just by looking straight ahead.

In terms of power, the Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI engines, both of which have won the China Heart Top Ten Engine Award. The 2.0TGDI engine has a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N·m, which also accelerates the 100 km of the Tiggo 8 PRO into the 7-second range.

It is worth mentioning that the Tiggo 8 PRO is also equipped with the "CHERY AWD" full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system built by ZF, which provides six full-scene road modes including economy, ordinary, sports, snow, mud and off-road, which can easily adapt to more scenes and make users’ travel more interesting.

It is reported that in addition to the fuel-powered version, the future Tiggo 8 PRO will also have a hybrid version equipped with Kunpeng DHT. With the core technical advantages of "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 models and 11 speeds", it will bring users a more economical, worry-free and enjoyable car experience. Among them, "3 engines" refers to three power sources consisting of a 1.5T hybrid engine and dual motors, which can simultaneously drive the dual motors and generate electricity. With three physical gears, the technical strength covering 11 kinds of all-vehicle scenes ensures efficient power output, and at the same time, it can cope with more working conditions and balance power and fuel consumption.

At present, the Tiggo 8 has become a successful "big single product" model under the brand, with sales exceeding 50,000 vehicles in the first four months of this year. Just last month, the 500,000 th Tiggo 8 was officially rolled off the assembly line, and its ability to continue selling well can be seen. With higher-tech configuration and stronger performance, Tiggo 8 PRO will certainly attract more Z-generation young consumers.

Xiaomi SU7 third edition and nine colors officially appeared.

On March 28th, Xiaomi Group held the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile with the theme of "Forward" in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, and officially released Xiaomi SU7.

At the press conference, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said: "This is the first official appearance of Xiaomi SU7 and the most important moment in my life. Dream cars in this era must have the most advanced intelligent technology and the best driving sense. We hope to build a car that is the most beautiful, the best to drive and the smartest within 500,000, and to build a high-quality car. "

It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 offers nine colors to choose from, with a price of 215,900. Among them, the standard version is priced at 215,900, the Pro version is priced at 245,900, and the Max version is priced at 299,900. In addition, there are Xiaomi SU7 Founding Edition and Xiaomi SU7 Max Founding Edition, and the price remains unchanged, limited to 5,000 units. It can be ordered through Xiaomi Auto App, Xiaomi Auto WeChat applet or Xiaomi Auto retail stores in 29 cities nationwide, and delivered as soon as it goes on the market. The founding version will be delivered as soon as April 3, and the standard version, Max version and Pro version will be delivered at the end of April and May respectively.

"Intelligent Technology" Leading, Advanced Factory Integration and Innovation

Lei Jun said that smart electric vehicles are essentially "cars × electricity × intelligence". In the past decade, the industry has solved the problem of electrification, and the next decade will be a decade of intelligence. "Intelligence is the soul of a car, and intelligence will become the decisive point of this era."

In terms of intelligent technology, Xiaomi has a good technical accumulation and ecological scale. Xiaomi has entered the smart phone market since 2010, and now it is the top three mobile phone companies in the world, and has built the world’s largest consumer-grade AIoT platform. With Xiaomi 澎湃 OS as the carrier, it has built a "full ecosystem of people and cars" and has an advanced intelligent experience that runs through the complete scene of "people and cars". At the same time, it has accumulated profound technical capabilities in the fields of OS, AI and robotics, and these capabilities will be gradually applied to Xiaomi cars.

For example, Xiaomi SU7 not only has Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, the cockpit interconnection experience at the bottom, the whole ecology of people, cars and homes, but also realizes the first time that Xiaomi’s self-developed end-side model got on the bus. Xiao Ai, who is fully blessed by the big model, can not only control the car interactively by voice, but also integrate information such as the position, direction and vision of the car, so that the car can understand the real world like a human being.

In addition to the guidance of intelligent technology, Xiaomi continues to increase investment in intelligent manufacturing and promote the integration and innovation of advanced intelligent technology and traditional manufacturing. To this end, Xiaomi built its own industry-leading automobile factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. Besides the traditional four processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly, it also built its own large die casting and battery workshop. There are 29 R&D laboratories in the factory, and a test runway with a length of 2.5 kilometers and a design speed of 120km/h, covering 18 test road conditions. After the production capacity of the factory is full, a brand-new millet SU7 will go offline every 76 seconds.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile Factory is led by scientific and technological innovation, maintaining high efficiency, high quality, green and sustainable, and accelerating the development of new quality productivity.

"Intelligent driving+intelligent cabin+ecology", winning the technical commanding heights of automobile competition in the second half.

"Choosing a smart electric car is essentially the strength of choosing smart technology. This is everyone’s real expectation for Xiaomi and new energy vehicles." In Lei Jun’s view, intelligent driving+intelligent cabin+ecology will become the technical commanding height for Xiaomi Automobile to participate in the competition.

In terms of intelligent driving, Xiaomi Intelligent Driving insists on full-stack self-research, with a total test of 10 million kilometers. Xiaomi SU7 comes standard with high-level intelligent driving functions such as high-speed navigation, one-button parking service and intelligent parking assistance that can be opened all over the country.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s intelligent driving R&D team has more than 1,000 people, and it is expected to exceed 1,500 by the end of the year, with the goal of entering the first camp in the industry this year. NOA, Xiaomi’s smart driving city, plans to open user internal testing in April, 10 cities in May and the whole country in August.

In terms of intelligent cockpit, Xiaomi SU7 brought the surging intelligent cockpit with advanced intelligent technology Yu Dacheng.

Xiaomi 澎湃 smart cockpit regarded the mobile phone and tablet as a part of the cockpit at the beginning of design, realizing multi-terminal integrated native design. There is no inductive connection between the mobile phone and the car machine. The commonly used App on the mobile phone can be connected to the car machine with one-click PIN, and the tablet on the back extension screen can automatically switch to the native car control desktop, realizing real-time synchronization of navigation information and freely adjusting functions such as air conditioning, seat heating and car music.

In addition, Xiao Ai, an intelligent voice assistant with 117 million monthly users, gets on the bus, which can realize many voice interaction functions far beyond the industry, such as continuous dialogue, offline dialogue, high-noise wake-up, and multiple instructions in one sentence. Thanks to the multi-modal integration of Xiaomi’s self-developed "MiLM-1.3B" end-side large model and the whole vehicle perception, the full link of Xiaomi SU7 voice interaction is upgraded, which not only covers the function of hand control in the car, but also enables the car to understand the real world like a human.

In terms of intelligent ecology, Xiaomi SU7 was born for in-vehicle intelligent ecology, and it is convenient to access a variety of CarIoT devices. For example, the expansion of physical keys, the use of magnetic attraction+screw double fixed design, can quickly adjust the common functions related to air conditioning. The upper, lower, left and right sides of the central control panel can be expanded, and an intelligent double dial can be installed on the central control panel, which can display information such as time, speed and mileage. The center console can also be extended and connected to the smart walkie-talkie suite. When driving, you can talk to your friends through the steering wheel buttons without picking up the walkie-talkie.

It is worth mentioning that for Apple users, Xiaomi SU7 also supports access to wireless CarPlay, and the rear bracket is compatible with iPad car control, which is currently the most eco-friendly model for Apple.

"the whole ecology of people, cars and homes" is fully opened

"Intelligence is Xiaomi’s strength. Starting from Xiaomi SU7, users can feel today’s smart technology." Lei Jun said that looking forward to the future, Xiaomi’s "people, cars and homes are all ecological", which connects all intelligent terminals together like never before, without feeling interconnection and ability coordination, so that everyone can experience the ubiquitous intelligent life.

The official release of Xiaomi SU7 also marks the new stage of Xiaomi’s strategy of "people, cars and homes are all ecological" from "complete closed loop" to "full opening", which is also an important milestone for Xiaomi to make steady progress and strive forward in 2024.

In the three years since it was announced to build a car, Xiaomi has achieved a qualitative change in comprehensive strength, and its underlying capabilities such as R&D, organization, talents, processes and informatization have been greatly enhanced, and its ability to resist risks has been qualitatively improved. Among them, by the end of 2013, the global sales volume of Xiaomi’s smart phones remained in the top three in the world for 14 consecutive quarters, the monthly active users of mobile phones reached 641 million, the number of connected devices on the AIoT platform reached 740 million, and the cash reserve increased by 30 billion yuan compared with three years ago, reaching 136.3 billion yuan, a record high, laying a solid foundation for the automobile business to be ready and the "all-people, cars and homes" to be fully launched.

In addition, Xiaomi firmly promotes the steady landing of the goal of the new decade-investing in the underlying core technology on a large scale and striving to become a global leader in a new generation of hard-core technology. For example, Xiaomi’s total R&D investment in 2023 reached 19.1 billion yuan, up 19.2% year-on-year, and it is expected to exceed 24 billion yuan this year. At the same time, the number of R&D personnel in Xiaomi reached 17,800, accounting for 53% of the total number of employees.

It is worth mentioning that in defining the overall strategy of "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes", Xiaomi also defined six sub-strategies, including high-end strategy, industrial capability leading strategy, OS strategy, AI strategy, chip strategy and new retail strategy, to further consolidate the development potential of Xiaomi’s continuous leap forward.

Geely Automobile’s revenue increased by 45.6% in 2022, and the electrification and intelligent transformation accelerated again.

On March 21, Geely Automobile released its 2022 performance report, showing that the company realized revenue of 148 billion yuan, up 45.6% year-on-year, a record high; The net profit of returning to the mother was 5.26 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year; Affected by the price increase of raw materials and the increase in the proportion of new energy, the overall gross profit margin fell to 14.1%, but the average single gross profit increased by 11.1% to 17,500 yuan; Profits from technology and authorized services continued to grow steadily, up 29.9% year-on-year; Jizhi auto finance profit increased by 15.3% year-on-year.

In 2022, Geely Automobile increased its investment in intelligent electrification research and development, with the investment increasing by 51.2% to 8.4 billion yuan compared with the same period of last year; Strong financial position, operating cash flow increased by 4% to 16 billion yuan; The total cash level rose by 20.4% to 33.7 billion yuan.

Behind the sound financial performance, it is inseparable from the support of new car sales that have achieved growth in adversity. In 2022, the total sales volume of Geely Automobile reached 1.433 million vehicles, up about 8% year-on-year, outperforming the domestic automobile market, and its production and sales exceeded one million vehicles for six consecutive years.

Among them, Geely Automobile’s new energy sector has a bright market performance and has become a new driving force for the company’s growth. In 2022, the sales volume of Geely Automobile’s new energy products was 328,700, and the penetration rate of new energy in a single month exceeded 30% for many times, which doubled compared with the same period of last year. In 2023, Geely Automobile set the sales target at 1.65 million vehicles, an increase of about 220,000 vehicles over the previous year, of which the sales of new energy doubled compared with 2022.

While the sales volume is rising rapidly, Geely Automobile is accelerating the goal of sustained upward brand value. Take Extreme Krypton, a luxury intelligent pure electric brand, as an example. In 2022, Extreme Krypton delivered 71,900 vehicles throughout the year, exceeding the annual target. Among them, Extreme Krypton 001 is the only China brand luxury pure electric vehicle among ten thousand clubs in the luxury car market, with an average order amount exceeding 336,000 yuan, and it continues to be the sales champion of China brand pure electric vehicle with more than 300,000 yuan. The second model, the original pure electric luxury MPV— — The delivery of Krypton 009 was started in January 2023, and the average order amount exceeded 520,000 yuan.

In fact, with the gradual deepening of electrification and intelligence in the automobile industry, the domestic high-end new energy market has huge room for growth, and it has also become a great opportunity for major independent brands to rise upwards. According to the prediction of Zhang Yongwei, vice chairman and secretary general of China electric vehicle committee of 100, in 2023, the production and sales of China new energy vehicle market is expected to increase by 40% year-on-year, and the penetration rate is close to 40%, and the overall scale is expected to reach 10 million vehicles. Combined with the analysis of factors such as vehicle supply and vehicle life cycle cost, it is expected that the penetration of high-end new energy vehicles will accelerate this year, and the sales structure of new energy vehicles will continue to be optimized from dumbbell to spindle.

In this context, Geely Automobile is actively improving the product layout in the middle and high-end market segments. In February this year, Geely Automobile officially released a brand-new high-end new energy series — — "Geely Yinhe", the first smart electric hybrid SUV, Geely Yinhe L7 officially opened the reservation and will be delivered in the second quarter of this year. In addition, Geely has also released new energy electrification technologies such as Aegis battery safety system, Raytheon Hybrid 8848, and the brand-new car operating system "Yinhe NOS", which will be installed on the Geely Yinhe L7 model for the first time.

Soochow securities released a research report saying that the layout of "Geely Galaxy High-end Sequence+Low-end Geometry+High-end Krypton" is full-priced, the launch of "Geometry+Krypton" new car, the new release of Galaxy subsequence, the two-way power of EV+PHEV, and the blessing of Raytheon hybrid technology will help Geely Automobile to accelerate its transformation to new energy sources.

Over the years, Geely Automobile has insisted on independent innovation, increased R&D investment and achieved remarkable results. It not only leads domestic counterparts, but also successfully exports advanced technology to overseas markets. Now, the income from technology and authorized services has become another bright spot of Geely Automobile’s profit growth.

In 2022, Geely Automobile Technology and Authorized Services achieved a total revenue of 1.66 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.9%.

Specifically, with Proton Automobile and Geely Automobile entering the seventh year hand in hand, Geely strategically exported a variety of products and engine technologies to help Proton achieve sales growth and make efforts in overseas markets. In 2022, Proton Motor’s performance increased for the fourth consecutive year, with a total sales volume of 141,400 vehicles, accounting for about 19.6% of the market. It was the only company in Malaysia’s automobile industry that achieved performance growth from 2019 to 2022. At the same time, Proton Motor’s sales in the international market increased to 5,406 vehicles in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 79.1%, making it an export leader in the industry.

Not only that, Geely Automobile’s technical empowerment has also penetrated into the developed countries of automobile industry for the first time. In May last year, Geely Automobile invested in Renault Korea Automobile, and will launch efficient and energy-saving fuel and smart hybrid vehicles in the Korean market. The new product adopts the world-class CMA modular architecture developed by Geely’s R&D center in Sweden, and uses the advanced hybrid technology of Geely Holding Group to provide users with an experience beyond expectations.

Behind Geely Automobile’s achievements, it is inseparable from the support and empowerment of Geely Holding Group.

"In the past two or three years, the financial position of Geely Holding is very good. Geely Holding has always maintained a fully supportive attitude towards the development of Geely Automobile and continued to help the development of listed companies. In the future, under the premise of complying with regulatory rules and marketization principles, the assets cultivated by Geely Holding are also open to listed companies. " Li Donghui, CEO of Geely Holding Group, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Geely Automobile Holdings Limited, said.

In recent years, Geely Holding Group has made full progress towards technological transformation, making cross-border innovations in the fields of new energy technology, intelligent driving, three-electricity, on-board chips, operating systems, low-orbit satellites, etc., building the full-stack self-research ecosystem capacity around core technologies and accelerating the formation of a moat.

According to industry analysis, Geely Holding Group has laid out a series of front-end technologies, which has promoted the core competitiveness of enterprises and continuously released the ecological value of science and technology, thus continuing to empower Geely Automobile, bringing users a product experience that exceeds expectations and creating long-term returns for investors.

Focusing on building cars is not limited to cars. Under the guidance of Geely Holding Group, Geely Automobile’s accelerated transformation to intelligent technology companies has achieved initial results. Geely Automobile actively lays out the entire industrial chain of smart electric vehicles, realizes software-defined vehicles, tamps down core technologies, and develops the hard-core "technology ecology" of Geely Holding Group, promoting the rapid landing of the "Smart Geely 2025" strategy, and enabling Geely’s technology ecology to travel in the future.

Yan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, revealed that in the field of intelligent driving, the "Heaven and Earth Integration" version of Galaxy Intelligent Driving Scheme based on Geely Satellite will be launched soon. Geely’s self-developed centimeter-level satellite high-precision positioning module has passed the certification of vehicle regulations, and can realize real-time accurate positioning by integrating Geely satellite communication, navigation and remote sensing technologies.

In addition, the first "cloud, number and intelligence" integrated super cloud computing platform for global car companies — — Geely Star Smart Computing Center was officially launched, with a cloud computing power of 8.1 billion times per second, which can improve the overall research and development efficiency of Geely by 20%. The official launch of the Geely Star Smart Computing Center marks that Geely has entered the "smart computing era" of building cars and achieved the leading intergenerational advantage in the smart computing industry.

In the future, Geely will persist in scientific and technological innovation, continue to promote new energy technologies, and strengthen scientific and technological ecology to empower smart driving and smart travel; Deepen international business, speed up resource coordination, and lay a more solid foundation for the sustainable development of Geely Automobile.

(This article does not constitute any investment advice, and the information disclosure content shall be subject to the company announcement. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk. )


"Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition" Brazil’s first show was full of surprises.

Dutch brother, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Bartrand laughed heartily.

The main creative team of the film Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition, jointly produced by American Columbia Pictures and Marvel Pictures, recently appeared at CCXP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Actors Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Bartrand attended the event. There was not only close interaction between the main creator and the fans, but also a number of movie materials were released. The new version of Spider-Man’s battle dress was cool and exquisite, and the first trailer was full of material. During the trip to Brazil, the filmmakers were full of sincerity.

Dutch brother, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Bartrand danced live.

Spider-Man’s surprise at the comic exhibition continued, and Dutch brother’s impromptu dance smashed the audience.

The movie Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition recently appeared in the Comic-Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This time, the official sent three important roles-Tom Holland, the new version of Spider-Man, Jake Gyllenhaal, the secret guest, and Jacob Bartrand, Spider-Man’s friend Ned. The three leading actors interacted closely with fans at the press conference, and performed an impromptu dance with the famous song September by the famous band Earth, wind&fire, and the atmosphere was instantly ignited.

It is worth mentioning that Tom Holland released a selfie video during the exhibition. At the end of the video, he actually caught Jake Gyllenhaal practicing Spider-Man’s spinning, as if he was playing a spider but was discovered by the owner. Tom froze for a few seconds, then smiled smugly, while Jake Gyllenhaal on the other side closed the door awkwardly. Jake Gyllenhaal is a well-known movie star in Hollywood. He has starred in many blockbusters, including Brokeback Mountain and Source Code. In Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition, he will play the mysterious guest in Spider-Man’s sworn enemy "The Evil Six".

Spider-Man new battle suit

Heavy notice, on-site release of new battle clothes, surprise appearance

In addition to the interaction of the creative team, the film also released two new versions of Spider-Man battle clothes. The first edition is a classic red and blue color matching suit, which is more refined and slim than the first one, and the color tone is darker than the original one, which looks more mature. The other version of the black suit, known as the "stealth suit", is dark and equipped with a pair of special glasses. The most surprising thing is that the suit is wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, and the identity of Spider in the second part is expected.

In addition to two new battle suits, the first trailer carried a lot of shocking materials and was released. In the trailer, Spider and his classmates came to Europe to play along the Venice Canal. However, the good times did not last long. European cities were suddenly attacked, and Spider-Man stepped forward again. The live fans responded enthusiastically after watching it. It is reported that the new version of the preview will be released globally next week, and the mystery of Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition will be officially unveiled.

Dutch brother and Jacob Bartrand made a surprise appearance.

Spider-Man: The Heroic Expedition is directed by Jon Watts and co-starred by Tom Holland (Spider-Man: The Return of Heroes, Captain America: Civil War), michael keaton (Focus, Bird Man), Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Brokeback Mountain), samuel jackson (Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds) and Zandaya. The film will be held on July 5, 2019.

[See you at 8: 00] Nanjing bus caught fire: passengers put batteries in their backpacks.

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  The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport once again issued a subsidy of 135 million yuan for highway emergency rush.

  The central bank and other three departments: increase the lending and adjust and optimize the real estate credit policy.

  Embassy of China in Algeria: A vicious robbery against overseas Chinese enterprises occurred in Algeria, and solemn representations have been made to Albania.

  On the 21st, China successfully launched the Gaofen No.12 04 star at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

  Yunnan Forestry and Grass Bureau: The overseas yellow-ridged bamboo locust moved into the country, and the damage of 3,000 mu of forest land in Yunnan was mainly mild, which has not yet caused disasters.

  Dalian Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning: From August 20 to August 27, some areas in the northern part of the Bohai Strait and the Yellow Sea were on military missions and were prohibited from entering.

  China’s first self-operated exploration and development of 1,500m deep-water gas field "Deep Sea No.1" completed the first ultra-deep-water pipeline cleaning operation.

  Isabel crook, winner of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Friendship Medal and pioneer of English teaching in New China, died in Beijing on 20th at the age of 108.

  Ukrainian President Zelensky: Seven people were killed and 137 injured when the city of Chernigov was attacked by missiles.

  Russian media: Due to the influence of Ukrainian drones, two major airports in Moscow, Russia were temporarily closed, prohibiting aircraft from taking off and landing. It has now returned to normal.

  Russia’s "Moon -25" probe was abnormal, and the Russian National Aerospace Group said it had lost contact. Previously, the probe planned to make a soft landing at the South Pole of the Moon on the 21st, and it is expected to become the first probe to land at the South Pole of the Moon in human history.

  The military leaders of the coup in Niger severely warned the ECOWAS military intervention plan in Nigeria.

  Korean media: President Yin Xiyue sent a message on Twitter account, expressing his hope to host the next Korea-US-Japan summit.

  Online celebrity, South Korea, was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for going to Ukraine to participate in the war despite the government’s ban. Judge: Adding a burden to the country.

  In the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup held in Sydney, Australia, Spain beat England 1-0 and won the Women’s World Cup for the first time.

  Nanjing Jiangbei New District: A bus caught fire, causing 2 deaths and 5 injuries, because the lithium battery carried by passengers spontaneously ignited.

  Yunnan police informed that "a 26-year-old man drove an off-road vehicle and collided with multiple cars": Seven people were injured, and the suspect had a history of mental illness and had been detained.

  When a passenger boarded the plane, he threatened that there was a bomb on the plane, and the flight was forced to clear the cabin for three hours. Police: There was no bomb, and the passenger involved was under investigation.

  A tourist in Taojiang, Hunan Province was sucked into the drain of the water park and died. At present, the scenic spot has been suspended.

  The railway department responded that "a train in Benxi, Liaoning Province was blocked at the railway crossing, causing passers-by to turn over the train": the local enterprise special line equipment failed, and the railway crossing resumed normal traffic after the failure was restored that day.

  After 00, the young man turned into a world champion. After winning a prize of 100,000 yuan in the village, he donated 60,000 yuan to the elderly canteen in the village on the spot.

  Recently, four minors in Guangxi were suspected of being abducted by 16-year-old fellow villagers to the North Myanmar Internet Fraud Park. At present, the Yulin police in Guangxi have filed a case.

  Whether children cry or make noise depends on whether parents do something. There is no original sin in taking children out. Even if you meet someone who doesn’t understand, just have a good exchange and negotiation and be kind. If you encounter such unreasonable passengers, parents can also ask the flight attendants to handle them, and there is no need to argue about winning or losing.

  — — Extremely eye-catching news "Extremely eye-catching review | One-year-old children crying on high-speed rail are asked by women to shut up, and strong people will not be supported."

  On August 20, 2023, Aba, Sichuan, the scenery of Shenxianchi scenic spot. Located in Zhangzha Town and Dalu Township of Jiuzhaigou County, Shenxianchi Scenic Area is picturesque and attracts many tourists for sightseeing.

  On August 19, 2023, local time, the mountain fire in British Columbia, Canada continued to spread. Affected by mountain fires, British Columbia has declared a state of emergency in the province. At present, 35,000 people in the province have received evacuation orders, and another 30,000 people have received warnings to prepare for evacuation.

  On August 20th, Beijing time, UFC292 started in Boston, USA. After five rounds of fighting, Zhang Weili of China defeated Amanda Lemos of Brazil 288∶21 with absolute advantage, and successfully defended the women’s lawn weight gold belt.

  After winning, Zhang Weili shouted at the scene: I amZhang Weili! I’m from China!

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