In 2023, Lynk & Co’s sales exceeded 220,000 vehicles, accelerating to a new leap with millions of potential energy

  China Economic Net January 2 news, a few days ago, Lynk & Co released data: December 2023 sales of 25,695 vehicles, an increase of 16.86%, of which, new energy models sales of 14,203 vehicles, accounting for 55.3%, a new high. In 2023, Lynk & Co’s cumulative salesBreak through 220,000 car mark,Reached 220,250 vehicles, an increase of 22.27% year-on-year. From December 2017 to December 2023, Lynk & Co’s cumulative sales were 1,050,841 vehicles, continuing to leap towards new potential.

Lynk & Co’s 2023 annual sales break through 220,000

  Demonstrating hard power to new strategies, Lynk & Co becomes a model for new energy transformation

  Focusing on the performance of Lynk & Co’s products, the luxury smart super SUV Lynk & Co 08 EM-P sold 10,055 units at the end point of December 2023, and sold more than 10,000 units of a single model in two consecutive months. After less than 4 months on the market, the cumulative sales volume has reached 32,129 units, demonstrating Lynk & Co’s systematization to the new "hard power".

Lynk & Co 08 EM-P

  Specifically, the core driving force for the rising sales of Lynk & Co 08 EM-P is the Lynk & Co EM-P super-extended range electric solution. In 2023, Lynk & Co released the new EM-P super-extended range electric solution, which is a set of new energy solutions based on electric drive. It meets the needs of users in all scenarios and all working conditions with "super performance". It can be electric, mixed and extended range, achieving both strong electric inductance and no anxiety. In the past year, the pure electric mileage of Lynk & Co EM-P family users reached 203 million kilometers and the charging capacity was 28.50 million degrees.

Lynk & Co EM-P Super Extended Range Electric Solution

  Lynk & Co EM-P is equipped with a dual-motor electric drive system and supports independent rear-drive motors. It realizes super inductance with a variety of motor combinations. Combined with high-efficiency electric hybrid engine and three-speed speed ratio, it brings comprehensive power and comprehensive torque ahead of the same level, allowing Lynk & Co 08 EM-P Zero hundred to accelerate into the "4-second club". There are also advantages such as high-speed not soft, long-distance not weak, and off-road not panicking. Lynk & Co EM-P superimposes 8 major intelligent electronic control technologies and more than 20 working modes through a high-endurance flat-panel battery system, enabling CLTC pure electric battery life to exceed 240 kilometers and comprehensive battery life to exceed 1400 kilometers, allowing users to completely bid farewell to mileage anxiety and consume less energy in the state of power loss. Lynk & Co will use this as a technical base to accelerate the brand’s comprehensive transformation to new and electric.

Lynk & Co’s Smart Cockpit Operating System

  At the same time, Lynk & Co has developed a smart cockpit operating system to drive the arrival of the next million-dollar era. In 2023, Lynk & Co launched LYNK OS N, a full-stack self-developed to create a Lingxi desktop, bringing a smoother flow, a more friendly interface, and a more spiritual interaction; LYNK Flyme Auto, jointly developed by Lynk & Co and Meizu, focuses on multi-end point, full scene, and immersive experience, and the handcar is connected without feeling. Lynk & Co listened to tens of thousands of suggestions from Co customers, and completed more than 20 function optimizations and system updates of the two smart cockpit operating systems throughout the year, so that users’ intelligent experience can be fully improved.

  More than just car enlargement soft power, Lynk & Co creates a user ecosystem and goes global

  In 2023, Lynk & Co also refreshed the first "one million" speed of the new brand. In November 2023, less than six years after the official launch of the first car in 2017, Lynk & Co 01 became the fastest Chinese high-end car brand to reach one million sales. This is not only a milestone for the development of the Lynk & Co brand, but also a highlight moment for the Chinese auto industry. All this is also the result of Lynk & Co’s insistence on consolidating brand equity and serving users with heart.

Lynk & Co refreshes "the millionth speed of new brands"

  Since the establishment of the brand, Lynk & Co has always been user-centered, inspiring "More than just cars"Infinite possibilities. The same" born globally, open and interconnected ", the same WHY NOT challenges convention, Lynk & Co is more than just a car, and Co-guest life is more than just living, and work together to create a new ecosystem. In 2023, the total users of Lynk & Co APP exceeded 3.40 million, and the number of new users in the whole year 1.31 million, an increase of 228% year-on-year; MAU users exceeded 1.10 million, and the average daily activity exceeded 200,000. As of the end of last year, there were 308 Co-guest territory certifications, and more than 24,000 Co-guest events were held nationwide; Lynk & Co partners exceeded 10,000, covering 304 cities in 33 provinces/municipalities/regions in 3 countries, covering 16 major industry types. On average, a new Lynk & Co owner creates a product every half month, and Lynk & Co brings more than 74,000 pieces of goods for territorial partners.

Lynk & Co 2023 Co., Ltd

  In addition to in-depth co-creation with users, Lynk & Co uses new channels to better meet user requests in the new energy era. From 2023, Lynk & Co will add new user direct connection channels to build a compound channel system of direct sales + agency + distribution. In July 2023, China’s first Lynk & Co brand user center opened in Hangzhou, synchronously renovated the existing 300 + stores, and settled in 20 city Meizu stores. All this is done by Lynk & Co to reach the nearest place to users in an all-round way, comprehensively strengthen the touchpoint with users, and establish a more direct two-way communication and emotional connection with users.

Lynk & Co Brand User Center (West Lake) opened

  Europe is the starting point and main battlefield of Lynk & Co’s globalization, and Asia-Pacific is the new focus of brand development. In 2023, Lynk & Co’s domestic and international dual-cycle development will be virtuous and steadily advanced. "Asia Pacific Strategy": 3 Lynk & Co centers in Dammam, Jeddah and Muscat, Oman, and the Lynk & Co space in Kuwait City have opened one after another; Lynk & Co participated in the Geneva Motor Show in Qatar for the first time; officially entered the Vietnamese market, opened the first Lynk & Co space in Hanoi, and set sail for the new time zone of South East Asia; in addition to the Lynk & Co 01 and Lynk & Co 05 that have already gone to sea, the Lynk & Co 03 performance family and the flagship Lynk & Co 09 have also officially launched in the Asia-Pacific market, further enriching the Lynk & Co product matrix. In addition, the Lynk & Co team also won the 2023 TCR World Tour Team Championship of the Year, and won a total of 6 world championships in the WTCR Touring Car World Cup (now renamed TCR World Tour) in 5 years, including 4 annual team championships and 2 annual driver championships.

  In 2024, Lynk & Co also has a series of surprises, looking forward to going to the "Lynk" strategy with millions + users: Lynk & Co EM-P continues to develop, and two sets of intelligent cockpit systems go hand in hand… The latest member of the Lynk & Co EM-P family and the first new energy medium-sized car under the new generation design language – Lynk & Co 07 will be officially unveiled in the first quarter of this year, announcing that Lynk & Co has entered a new stage of high-speed development of new energy. (Picture from the company)