Annual box office 55.90 billion! Top ten keywords take you to revisit the 2017 film market

1905 movie network feature In 2017, the total box office reached 55.911 billion yuan, an increase of 13.45% year-on-year. Domestic film box office 30.104 billion yuan, accounting for 53.84% of the total box office; 92 films with a box office of over 100 million yuan, including 51 domestic films. City cinema attendance 1.62 billion, an increase of 18.08% year-on-year.

Looking back on the changes in the film market this year, it is still turbulent and diverse. From the data point of view, the overall trend of the mainland film market is still catching up, with unlimited potential. In 2017, there were 9,597 new screens in the country, and the total number of screens has reached 50,776, surpassing North America to rank first in the world.


Judging from the works, the main theme film and the literary film based on insisting on originality have become two dark horses that cannot be ignored. Among them, the bold attempt of "Wolf Warrior 2" to integrate commercial style not only brought a string of amazing figures in China – single-day box office 426 million, final box office 5.68 billion, but also attracted great attention internationally. It successfully ranked 55th in the top 100 global box office list, once again proving the importance of the main theme film to demonstrate cultural confidence.


   In addition, the literary and artistic films represented by "Gang Rinpoche" and "Twenty-Two" can break through the encirclement with very few films and become well-known films with quality, which also proves that the audience’s thirst for realistic films has been growing, and the level of appreciation has also been rapidly improved.



The impressive market results are also due to the increasingly rational trend of the film market this year. Traffic actors no longer only focus on popularity but also think about acting, and ticketing websites reshuffle to change the distribution power structure. These phenomena can be described as a return to basics after washing away the lead.


The official implementation of the "Film Industry Promotion Law" has also given the film industry a law to abide by, providing a lot of convenience for film creators and a basis for the rectification of industry chaos. Of course, in the journey of the prosperous film market, there are still some episodes that make people reflect. But small cleverness cannot shake the big market.


Now, let’s take a look at the top ten keywords of the film market in 2017, and reminisce about this year’s "big surprises and little secrets".

01 Film Industry Promotion Law


On March 1, 2017, the "Film Industry Promotion Law" came into effect, providing for the first time in China to regulate and develop the film industry in a legal form.



As the first industry law in the field of China’s cultural industry, the Film Industry Promotion Law has made clear provisions on decentralizing film approval rights, increasing support for rural films and ethnic minority films, and protecting the rights and interests of audiences.


From then on, film censorship will be reduced to the provincial film authorities, and for the issue of film viewing in border areas and ethnic areas, the Promotion Law stipulates that social funds should be actively directed to invest in rural film screening.


In addition, for some larger-scale movies, the promotion law also stipulates that theaters should "prompt movies that may cause physical or psychological discomfort to minors and other audiences." Many theaters reminded audiences at online and offline ticket windows during the release of "Wolverine 3."



As an industry law that regulates the order of the film market, the Film Industry Promotion Law also makes relevant provisions on the protection of film intellectual property rights and the act of stealing and concealing the box office.


Film intellectual property rights are subject to law, and piracy, plagiarism, and other acts in the industry will be severely cracked down. For theaters to steal and conceal box office and set up ghost fields, in addition to facing fines, serious circumstances will be ordered to suspend business for rectification. If the circumstances are particularly serious, the original licensing authority will revoke the license.


Shortly after the implementation of the Industrial Promotion Law, the competent authorities punished 326 cinemas that had stolen and concealed the box office in 2016, severely cracking down on them, with remarkable results.


Hu Zhifeng

Dean of School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University

The introduction of the "Film Industry Promotion Law" not only directly promotes the film itself, but also the ideology and industrial culture associated with the film, as well as the improvement of the international dissemination ability of Chinese culture and the improvement of the country’s cultural soft power.

Yin Hong

Director of the Film and Television Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University

The Film Industry Promotion Law, as the first industry law in the field of Chinese culture, is not only the culmination of China’s film industry reform experience, but also can escort the continued development of Chinese film.


02 Art film


In 2017, several art films broke through the siege under the attack of many blockbusters, gaining a good reputation and box office.


The first to bear the brunt is the Tibetan theme of "Gang Rinpoche", the first week of the film box office only 17.03 million, but with people’s word of mouth good word of mouth, the second week of the film box office more than 3 times, the third week is in accordance with 5 times attack.



In an instant, the discussion of beliefs and the value of life in the film has also become a hot topic in society, and netizens have responded very enthusiastically.


Also in this performance is the recently released "Twenty-Two", which uses the experiences of the 22 surviving "comfort women" in the Chinese mainland as a backdrop to objectively present their living conditions.



The film finally 170 million box office, and evoked people’s memories of that history, causing people to reflect on reality.


On the one hand, the two art films that made a comeback at the box office meant that the audience’s appreciation ability was generally improved. On the other hand, it also showed that the audience had an increasing demand for films with realistic themes and films with social topics.


Chen Zhixiong

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Poisonous Tongue Films

Instead of just asking the audience to yearn for art, sometimes art can also be audience-oriented. We need too much attention to reality, movies with social topics.

Zhou Liming

film critic

The counter-attack of excellent niche films means that the audience’s appreciation ability is generally improved. It does not mean that all films with good reputation can get the box office results they deserve, but at least it announces the end of the era of box office and word-of-mouth inversion.


03 Business theme


If 2016’s "Mekong River Action" allowed us to see the charm of the main theme film commercialization 1.0 for the first time, then in 2017’s "Wolf Warrior 2" and "Army Building", we saw the infinite possibilities of the main theme film commercialization 2.0.


The sharp and clean editing, the tight-paced narrative, the cheerful martial arts footage, and the positive theme of home country have all opened up a new path for "Chinese blockbusters," and these elements also make the audience’s blood boil and passion.



The box office performance of "Wolf Warrior 2" and "Army Founding" also proves the success of the commercialization of the main theme film. Among them, "Wolf Warrior 2" broke 100 million in 4 hours, the single-day box office 426 million, and the final box office 5.68 billion RMB, which has surpassed the "Mermaid" opening 280 million. The single-day box office reached 310 million and the final box office was 3.389 billion yuan, setting a new record for domestic film box office.



As a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army, the film "The Great Cause of the Founding of the Army" also reproduces the difficult process of the Chinese Communists to create a revolutionary army with its majestic image style and magnificent war scenes, and has won 400 million box office success.


It can be said that the high box office of "Wolf Warrior 2" has revolutionized the audio-visual language of domestic main theme films, making the main theme theme the main theme of the market. In addition, the inner theme of the main theme film is more important to bear social responsibility and carry forward the national spirit.


in winter

Founder, Chairperson and President of Bona Pictures Group’s joint stock company

Nowadays, the main theme film is taking up its due social responsibility, not only strengthening "road confidence, theoretical confidence, system confidence, and cultural confidence", but also the main theme film itself is more confident.

Liu Yang

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Cultural Interview Room of the Ministry of Political and Cultural Affairs of People’s Daily

The high box office of "Wolf Warrior 2" has broken the curse that has haunted domestic main theme films for many years. The main theme theme can also become the main theme of the market. The key lies in how the characters are shaped and how the story is told.


04 Traffic star


In the past two years, the traffic star was the "handle" on the big screen. Its huge fan traffic could make a movie of mediocre quality continuously stir up hot topics, thus driving the box office to improve.


However, in such a state, a large number of assembly line works with celebrities as gimmicks appeared in the market, which also gave rise to a lot of industry chaos in which traffic stars "use stunts for performances and rely on pictures for filming".


This year, the influence of traffic stars on the performance of a movie has gradually weakened, and the joining of small fresh meat and small flowers is no longer equivalent to high box office, and audiences are gradually returning to the movie itself.



In the second half of the year, whether it was "The Performer’s Word" or "The Birth of an Actor", a number of programs to discuss performance came into being, inviting many powerful actors to speak out, returning the performance to the essence of art and providing an excellent demonstration to the traffic stars.



Zeng Jian

Tencent network film and television team leader

The appearance of streaming stars is not a problem, but in a movie market, only streaming stars are a big problem. People’s demand for streaming stars is real, but people’s demand for excellent acting is also real. 

Chen Zhixiong

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Poisonous Tongue Films

We see from movies (works) that the characters of celebrities are getting thinner and thinner, but the noise received from outside movies (works) is becoming more and more noisy.


05 original


The popularity of IP has ebbed, and the originality has been improved, which is the indicator of the film market in 2017. IP adaptations have been very popular in the past few years. A large number of romance novels and fantasy novels have been brought to the screen, but adaptations themselves are a technical task. If they are not changed well, it is easy to become a mediocre work that relies on piling up stars to cash in, thus losing the soul of the original work.



The ebb of IP craze does not mean that IP will withdraw from the market, but that IP adaptations are becoming more rational and no longer blindly followed. At the same time, the power of originality has once again attracted people’s attention and become the focus of the market.


This year, many creators have created a number of high-quality films such as "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves", "Carnival", "Love and Blind Date" in the spirit of originality.



In addition to showcasing the imaginative imagination, these films still do not forget to focus the camera on real life, depicting the joys and sorrows of each living individual, resonating with the audience, which is also the charm of originality.



film critic

In 2017, Chinese films were imaginative and unrestrained, but they still did not forget to carve out individual dignity. And all of this is the source of originality. What is the source is the honesty and bravery of the creator.

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