Sticking to his post | He waited for a 20-minute reunion dinner for 7 years.

During the Spring Festival holiday, there are always some people who can’t go home because of their work, but for many people, wherever they are, the Year of the League is Chinese New Year. Follow the camera together and witness a special reunion dinner.
Li Ningyun is a motor train driver in Chongqing Locomotive Depot’s Chongqing Wanke Special. His home happens to be in Wanzhou. Although he travels to Wanzhou several times every day, it is only an extravagant hope to go home and have dinner with his family. He hasn’t been home for a group year for seven years. He took the latest EMU to Wanzhou North Station today.
Arriving at Wanzhou North Station at 22: 45, Li Ningyun’s home is less than 12 kilometers away from Wanzhou North Station. For him, it is so close and so far away.
Li Ningyun, EMU driver of Chongqing Locomotive Depot:No one is allowed to leave the apartment for the night on the north side of Wanzhou, because they will get up at 4 o’clock tomorrow morning and then start their work tomorrow.
To Li Ningyun’s surprise, Li Haiyun, his younger brother, came back from abroad, specially bought a ticket for this train, and told his parents in Wanzhou in advance to prepare a surprise for Li Ningyun’s small year in the south.
Li Ningyun’s father Li Shengan:Usually we don’t see him. When we miss him, we can only look at his car outside the fence of the station and wave to him.
In order to prepare a good meal for their son, Li Ningyun’s parents also came to the vegetable market early and carefully selected the ingredients for the reunion dinner. When I got home, my mother cut vegetables and my father cooked them, all of which were Li Ningyun’s favorite dishes.
Under the coordination of the railway staff, parents came to their son’s apartment early with anticipation and arranged the reunion dinner in advance.
Li Ningyun, EMU driver of Chongqing Locomotive Depot:I have been working for more than 7 years, and I haven’t spent much time with them for the New Year. Let’s go back and spend the New Year with them when our son is busy.
Li Ningyun ate the reunion dinner in a hurry for only 20 minutes, but he felt the love of his parents and the warmth of home. In these 20 minutes, they have been waiting for seven years, and their next group annual banquet will be unknown.