I can’t go home for the New Year, but I also have the warmth of home. The hometown that comes by express delivery is full of love.

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily News reporter Liu Qin
I received one package after another from my hometown, and the same delicious food was placed on the table. Although they were in a foreign land, they could not reunite with their families, but they still had a warm year.
This year, many people across the country responded to the government’s call and chose to celebrate the New Year on the spot. The care and blessings of relatives come to them with the package, which warms the hearts of wanderers.
A stranger who stayed in Han for the New Year.
Zhang Zhongyi, 26, comes from Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. In October 2020, he became a Selected Graduates in Wuhan, and now he is a member of the poverty alleviation team of Nanhu Street in Shiyang Village, Wuchang District.
In January this year, Zhang Zhongyi made plans to stay in China for the New Year. "I just joined the work and need more responsibility. I can stay in Wuhan and stand by at any time." Yesterday, Zhang Zhongyi told Jimu journalist.
Zhang Zhongyi and his wife
Zhang Zhongyi is an only child. After he told his parents about his decision to stay in Han for the New Year, he got their support.
On January 30th, Zhang Zhongyi married his girlfriend who had been in love for many years. To his delight, after his wife learned of his plan, she also gave up going back to her hometown in Yueyang, Hunan Province for the New Year and decided to stay in Wuhan to accompany him for the New Year.
"It’s the first time for both of us to spend the New Year outside." Zhang Zhongyi told reporters.
Compared with Zhang Zhongyi, Huang Hua from Enshi will spend the Spring Festival alone in the rental house. This will be his second time to spend the New Year alone. "The last time was last year, and I took the initiative to stay in Wuhan. I am still not used to it. After all, every Spring Festival before, I was with my relatives, and my rural hometown was lively and fun. " Huang Hua said. When he decided to stay in Han for the New Year again this year, his mind was full of scenes of family reunion, and he could not help feeling a little indebted to his parents.
Yang Tianchen and his wife
Also staying in Wuhan for the second Spring Festival is Yang Tianchen from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. At the age of 30, he has worked in Wuhan for 9 years. He got married in September 2019, took his parents to Wuhan in January 2020, and the family spent the New Year in their new house. Due to the epidemic, his parents didn’t go home from Han until mid-April last year. "For more than ten years, this is the longest time I have stayed with my parents. I cherish the time I spent with them." Yang Tianqi said. Originally planned to return to his hometown in Hunan for the New Year this year, he responded to the call of the local government and decided to stay in Han for the New Year again, which not only reassured himself, but also reassured others.
Hubei people far away from home
Five years ago, in order to support her husband’s career and for the healthy growth of her children, Tian Xiujuan took her children and followed her husband to Hami, Xinjiang, 2300 kilometers away.
Tian Xiujuan’s family
Tian Xiujuan, 36, was born in a small mountain village in Hefeng County. For her, her hometown and Chinese New Year are closely related. In the first three years in Xinjiang, she and her husband returned to their hometown for the New Year.
Before the Spring Festival last year, Tian Xiujuan and her husband worried that the children had to travel too hard because their eldest son had just entered elementary school, so they decided to stay in Hami for the New Year. The three children were a little unhappy and often asked her, "When can we go back to our hometown? When can I see my grandmother? " At this time, Tian Xiujuan will miss her hometown and her relatives more.
"We originally planned to take our children home for the New Year this year, but we decided to stay after seeing local initiatives to celebrate the New Year." Tian Xiujuan said.
Tsang Man
Ceng Min, 26, comes from Xuanen County. After graduating from a master’s degree in 2019, she became a teacher in a school in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Her brother is one year older than her and works in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. In 2020, both brothers and sisters harvested love. They made plans early and went back to their hometown for the New Year with their respective partners.
More than a month ago, Ceng Min and her boyfriend booked a high-speed train ticket from Dongguan to Enshi on January 25th. Her brother is going to return home on February 5.
Ceng Min’s parents are very happy to learn that the children are going home for the Spring Festival. Her father worked in Jiangsu, and went home more than a month in advance, renovated his home, installed air conditioning, and bought new quilts and shoes.
A few days before leaving, Ceng Min saw that all parts of the country called on everyone to celebrate the New Year on the spot, and most of her colleagues chose to stay. She couldn’t help but feel a little tangled. After much deliberation, late at night on January 24th, she withdrew her high-speed rail ticket and decided to stay in Dongguan for the New Year.
On January 25th, Ceng Min got up the courage and told his parents his decision. At the other end of the phone, my mother’s tone was full of disappointment: "How can you spend the New Year outside alone …"
To Ceng Min’s comfort, her brother was very supportive and he decided to stay in Zhongshan for the New Year.
A foreign land also has a taste of hometown.
These days, the Zhang Zhongyi family’s necessities are getting more and more every day. His parents bought two native chickens in their hometown and sent them by express delivery. This is his wife’s favorite food when she first went to her hometown with him. Zhang Zhongyi’s mother also specially called to teach him to cook chicken soup and stir-fry chicken. A big box full of express delivery, as well as homemade bacon, lotus roots, sweet potato chips …
My parents-in-law also sent many hometown delicacies to the young couple: beef, mutton, pig’s feet … The refrigerator at home was stuffed to the brim. "When eating New Year’s dinner, I will definitely make a big table dish and take a video for the elders of both sides to reassure them." Zhang Zhongyi said cheerfully.
Huang Hua
Huang Hua also received new year’s goods from his brother. He can’t wait to open the package, bacon, sauerkraut, etc. have been washed clean, and he only needs to fire and heat, and he can taste the happiness from his hometown.
"My brother asked me to open my mouth and said that he would send it after eating." Huang Hua told reporters. These delicious hometowns satisfied his appetite and made him miss his relatives in his hometown more.
Yang Tianchen, who has always loved to eat lard noodles, received 5 kilograms of lard and 2 native chickens from his mother, as well as more than 20 kilograms of meat, vegetables and radishes from his mother-in-law. "I don’t have to buy new year’s goods this year, I have everything ready." He said with a smile.
The rice cake made by my mother is Tian Xiujuan’s favorite, and the bacon in my hometown also reminds her. In order to make her daughter’s family have a delicious year, her mother, who is far away from home, sent Tian Xiujuan bacon, rice chaff, dried potato chips, local honey and fried rice … After receiving a heavy package, Tian Xiujuan was in a particularly good mood and carried it back to her home on the fourth floor.
Ceng Min’s brother and sister also received the New Year’s goods delivered by their parents. "Bacon, sausage, kang tofu, bean skin … and a vacuum-packed braised pork." Ceng Min introduced. These things, all made by my mother, are smells that can’t be bought outside.
"Next year, we can definitely go home for the New Year." Ceng Min said. No matter where you spend the New Year, your hometown is always a concern for wanderers. She hopes that when the spring blossoms and the epidemic dissipates, she will return to her hometown and reunite with her relatives.