Xiaomi SU7 third edition and nine colors officially appeared.

On March 28th, Xiaomi Group held the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile with the theme of "Forward" in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, and officially released Xiaomi SU7.

At the press conference, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said: "This is the first official appearance of Xiaomi SU7 and the most important moment in my life. Dream cars in this era must have the most advanced intelligent technology and the best driving sense. We hope to build a car that is the most beautiful, the best to drive and the smartest within 500,000, and to build a high-quality car. "

It is understood that Xiaomi SU7 offers nine colors to choose from, with a price of 215,900. Among them, the standard version is priced at 215,900, the Pro version is priced at 245,900, and the Max version is priced at 299,900. In addition, there are Xiaomi SU7 Founding Edition and Xiaomi SU7 Max Founding Edition, and the price remains unchanged, limited to 5,000 units. It can be ordered through Xiaomi Auto App, Xiaomi Auto WeChat applet or Xiaomi Auto retail stores in 29 cities nationwide, and delivered as soon as it goes on the market. The founding version will be delivered as soon as April 3, and the standard version, Max version and Pro version will be delivered at the end of April and May respectively.

"Intelligent Technology" Leading, Advanced Factory Integration and Innovation

Lei Jun said that smart electric vehicles are essentially "cars × electricity × intelligence". In the past decade, the industry has solved the problem of electrification, and the next decade will be a decade of intelligence. "Intelligence is the soul of a car, and intelligence will become the decisive point of this era."

In terms of intelligent technology, Xiaomi has a good technical accumulation and ecological scale. Xiaomi has entered the smart phone market since 2010, and now it is the top three mobile phone companies in the world, and has built the world’s largest consumer-grade AIoT platform. With Xiaomi 澎湃 OS as the carrier, it has built a "full ecosystem of people and cars" and has an advanced intelligent experience that runs through the complete scene of "people and cars". At the same time, it has accumulated profound technical capabilities in the fields of OS, AI and robotics, and these capabilities will be gradually applied to Xiaomi cars.

For example, Xiaomi SU7 not only has Xiaomi 澎湃 OS, the cockpit interconnection experience at the bottom, the whole ecology of people, cars and homes, but also realizes the first time that Xiaomi’s self-developed end-side model got on the bus. Xiao Ai, who is fully blessed by the big model, can not only control the car interactively by voice, but also integrate information such as the position, direction and vision of the car, so that the car can understand the real world like a human being.

In addition to the guidance of intelligent technology, Xiaomi continues to increase investment in intelligent manufacturing and promote the integration and innovation of advanced intelligent technology and traditional manufacturing. To this end, Xiaomi built its own industry-leading automobile factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. Besides the traditional four processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly, it also built its own large die casting and battery workshop. There are 29 R&D laboratories in the factory, and a test runway with a length of 2.5 kilometers and a design speed of 120km/h, covering 18 test road conditions. After the production capacity of the factory is full, a brand-new millet SU7 will go offline every 76 seconds.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Automobile Factory is led by scientific and technological innovation, maintaining high efficiency, high quality, green and sustainable, and accelerating the development of new quality productivity.

"Intelligent driving+intelligent cabin+ecology", winning the technical commanding heights of automobile competition in the second half.

"Choosing a smart electric car is essentially the strength of choosing smart technology. This is everyone’s real expectation for Xiaomi and new energy vehicles." In Lei Jun’s view, intelligent driving+intelligent cabin+ecology will become the technical commanding height for Xiaomi Automobile to participate in the competition.

In terms of intelligent driving, Xiaomi Intelligent Driving insists on full-stack self-research, with a total test of 10 million kilometers. Xiaomi SU7 comes standard with high-level intelligent driving functions such as high-speed navigation, one-button parking service and intelligent parking assistance that can be opened all over the country.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s intelligent driving R&D team has more than 1,000 people, and it is expected to exceed 1,500 by the end of the year, with the goal of entering the first camp in the industry this year. NOA, Xiaomi’s smart driving city, plans to open user internal testing in April, 10 cities in May and the whole country in August.

In terms of intelligent cockpit, Xiaomi SU7 brought the surging intelligent cockpit with advanced intelligent technology Yu Dacheng.

Xiaomi 澎湃 smart cockpit regarded the mobile phone and tablet as a part of the cockpit at the beginning of design, realizing multi-terminal integrated native design. There is no inductive connection between the mobile phone and the car machine. The commonly used App on the mobile phone can be connected to the car machine with one-click PIN, and the tablet on the back extension screen can automatically switch to the native car control desktop, realizing real-time synchronization of navigation information and freely adjusting functions such as air conditioning, seat heating and car music.

In addition, Xiao Ai, an intelligent voice assistant with 117 million monthly users, gets on the bus, which can realize many voice interaction functions far beyond the industry, such as continuous dialogue, offline dialogue, high-noise wake-up, and multiple instructions in one sentence. Thanks to the multi-modal integration of Xiaomi’s self-developed "MiLM-1.3B" end-side large model and the whole vehicle perception, the full link of Xiaomi SU7 voice interaction is upgraded, which not only covers the function of hand control in the car, but also enables the car to understand the real world like a human.

In terms of intelligent ecology, Xiaomi SU7 was born for in-vehicle intelligent ecology, and it is convenient to access a variety of CarIoT devices. For example, the expansion of physical keys, the use of magnetic attraction+screw double fixed design, can quickly adjust the common functions related to air conditioning. The upper, lower, left and right sides of the central control panel can be expanded, and an intelligent double dial can be installed on the central control panel, which can display information such as time, speed and mileage. The center console can also be extended and connected to the smart walkie-talkie suite. When driving, you can talk to your friends through the steering wheel buttons without picking up the walkie-talkie.

It is worth mentioning that for Apple users, Xiaomi SU7 also supports access to wireless CarPlay, and the rear bracket is compatible with iPad car control, which is currently the most eco-friendly model for Apple.

"the whole ecology of people, cars and homes" is fully opened

"Intelligence is Xiaomi’s strength. Starting from Xiaomi SU7, users can feel today’s smart technology." Lei Jun said that looking forward to the future, Xiaomi’s "people, cars and homes are all ecological", which connects all intelligent terminals together like never before, without feeling interconnection and ability coordination, so that everyone can experience the ubiquitous intelligent life.

The official release of Xiaomi SU7 also marks the new stage of Xiaomi’s strategy of "people, cars and homes are all ecological" from "complete closed loop" to "full opening", which is also an important milestone for Xiaomi to make steady progress and strive forward in 2024.

In the three years since it was announced to build a car, Xiaomi has achieved a qualitative change in comprehensive strength, and its underlying capabilities such as R&D, organization, talents, processes and informatization have been greatly enhanced, and its ability to resist risks has been qualitatively improved. Among them, by the end of 2013, the global sales volume of Xiaomi’s smart phones remained in the top three in the world for 14 consecutive quarters, the monthly active users of mobile phones reached 641 million, the number of connected devices on the AIoT platform reached 740 million, and the cash reserve increased by 30 billion yuan compared with three years ago, reaching 136.3 billion yuan, a record high, laying a solid foundation for the automobile business to be ready and the "all-people, cars and homes" to be fully launched.

In addition, Xiaomi firmly promotes the steady landing of the goal of the new decade-investing in the underlying core technology on a large scale and striving to become a global leader in a new generation of hard-core technology. For example, Xiaomi’s total R&D investment in 2023 reached 19.1 billion yuan, up 19.2% year-on-year, and it is expected to exceed 24 billion yuan this year. At the same time, the number of R&D personnel in Xiaomi reached 17,800, accounting for 53% of the total number of employees.

It is worth mentioning that in defining the overall strategy of "the whole ecology of people, cars and homes", Xiaomi also defined six sub-strategies, including high-end strategy, industrial capability leading strategy, OS strategy, AI strategy, chip strategy and new retail strategy, to further consolidate the development potential of Xiaomi’s continuous leap forward.