Huawei asked the world that the M7 chassis was changed by Dongfeng Motor. No wonder it didn’t take long for M7 to come.

There has been a spit on the Internet, and the specific views are as follows:
1. There is no bright spot in the appearance. The typical domestic design of magic change products gives people the feeling that it is the first generation of Qin, not very advanced;
2. There are not many bright spots in the interior configuration, but it is the standard level of new power car companies;
3, similar to the ideal screen, there are no highlights such as the back screen. The propaganda is the smoothness of the central control screen and the seat. Now the new forces use more than 100 chips at every turn, and the smoothness of the car is the basic exercise;

4, the space is also very weak, the third row of media people are already spitting, in 2202, a 5-meter-long car was still propped up in the third row, which felt inferior to the small size, and even more ridiculous was that the trunk was also the smallest in the same level.
On the whole, this car is the poor foundation of the magic change platform, with too much stacking and no optimization. If it can be sold, it can only be sold through channels.

In this regard, some netizens said:
1. The chassis of this car is changed by the car, and the level depends on yourself;
2. As a person who plans to buy a second car in the past two years, this car can still be recommended. Only when the market is big can it be rolled up, but now it is impulsive to buy it. After one more year, it will be better to compare and see. After all, it is a second-generation product that has changed.

Netizen: There’s nothing wrong with your foundation. Ideal Tucki and the like don’t even have a micro foundation, so it’s just a good foundation. Mainly depends on the product perfection, after all, the new power stacking is already standard, and then it depends on how to improve the stacking.