Chery Tiggo 8 PRO’s listed technology is "full" and its performance is "awesome"

On May 18th, PRO was officially launched, and nine models with 1.6TGDI and 2.0TGDI were launched, with the price range of 126,900-171,900 yuan.

Tiggo 8 PRO products are positioned as "the flagship of global power technology"-technology and power are the core competitiveness of this car. In terms of science and technology, the Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with a new generation of "Lion 5.0 AI Technology Smart Cockpit", including 6 modules including the AI Emotional Super Interactive System and over 15 emotion recognition interactive functions, which can not only monitor the driver’s safe driving and take the initiative to care for him, but also support multi-mode voice, no wake-up and intelligent car control.

Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with the first W-HUD interstellar flying head-up display function, which can display various functions such as speed, dynamic ADAS, navigation, telephone and so on, so that users can display the required vehicle information just by looking straight ahead.

In terms of power, the Tiggo 8 PRO is equipped with Kunpeng Power 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI engines, both of which have won the China Heart Top Ten Engine Award. The 2.0TGDI engine has a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390N·m, which also accelerates the 100 km of the Tiggo 8 PRO into the 7-second range.

It is worth mentioning that the Tiggo 8 PRO is also equipped with the "CHERY AWD" full-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system built by ZF, which provides six full-scene road modes including economy, ordinary, sports, snow, mud and off-road, which can easily adapt to more scenes and make users’ travel more interesting.

It is reported that in addition to the fuel-powered version, the future Tiggo 8 PRO will also have a hybrid version equipped with Kunpeng DHT. With the core technical advantages of "3 engines, 3 gears, 9 models and 11 speeds", it will bring users a more economical, worry-free and enjoyable car experience. Among them, "3 engines" refers to three power sources consisting of a 1.5T hybrid engine and dual motors, which can simultaneously drive the dual motors and generate electricity. With three physical gears, the technical strength covering 11 kinds of all-vehicle scenes ensures efficient power output, and at the same time, it can cope with more working conditions and balance power and fuel consumption.

At present, the Tiggo 8 has become a successful "big single product" model under the brand, with sales exceeding 50,000 vehicles in the first four months of this year. Just last month, the 500,000 th Tiggo 8 was officially rolled off the assembly line, and its ability to continue selling well can be seen. With higher-tech configuration and stronger performance, Tiggo 8 PRO will certainly attract more Z-generation young consumers.