The original "subject three" dance edge? When I took my children to dinner, my parents threatened to kill Miss Sister.

Original title: "Subject III" Dance Edge? When I took my children to dinner, my parents threatened to kill Miss Sister.

As we all know, the "subject three" dance in Haidilao is quite popular recently. But something worrying happened. According to media reports, a netizen posted a post on the 19th floor of the local forum in Hangzhou to spit out the dance of "Subject 3". I went to Haidilao for dinner with my family, and I was disgusted by the noisy music and the twisted and earthy dance.

To a certain extent, the BGM "Laughing Rivers and Lakes" dedicated to the dance of "Subject III" is indeed one after another, but it is not noisy, so different people have different opinions. As for the "subject three" dance, I really want to say that the earthy taste is not completely right, because the earthy taste is not earthy, and the key depends on whether the dancer dances well.

In fact, the reason why it is called "subject three" is really not a dirty partial solution of "driving on the road", but "subject three" dance refers to a professional subject in dance competitions, focusing on examining the dancers’ dance skills and performance ability. Of course, putting it on Miss Haidilao naturally means rhythm and expressiveness.

As for the fusion dance skills, unless the younger sister of Haidilao is professionally trained, most of them are mixed modern dance, ballet, folk dance and even street dance. In this way, if someone doesn’t know how to dance, they will show their figure on the edge. So I began to feel sick and uncomfortable. Either "reporting" or "online".

This emphasis does not mean that everyone likes the "subject three" dance, but that parents can dislike it or even hate it, but don’t sacrifice the banner of "being afraid of misleading children" at every turn and hit the young lady with a moral bludgeon. It is no exaggeration to say that compared with the "bad influence" of the "subject three" dance on children, parents’ edge judgment may have a worse influence on children.

You know, in recent years, there are always some parents who are keen on moral threats, especially putting aside the premise of "being afraid of misleading children" as if everything had to be compromised. To give a simple example, children are addicted to playing mobile phones, which was originally caused by parents’ neglect of teaching and guidance, but some parents don’t find their own problems, insisting that the era without mobile phones is good.

In short, some logic seems to make sense, but if we really want to scrutinize it carefully, we always feel that they don’t deserve modern civilization. Because they can’t even tell personal preferences from right and wrong. In other words, as long as you don’t like it, you feel that it shouldn’t exist in this world, and it doesn’t matter whether others like it or not.

The most typical statement is: "Why is this kind of thing so hot?" The implication is that I don’t think there will be fire, but what I face is fire, so I began to suspect that there is a problem in the world, not my own cognition. The most important thing is that the doubt is not over yet, and someone has to pierce the sky. Do you want an explanation?

So formally engage in "reporting" and amateur "online". In short, it is necessary to use the energy with more voice to find ways to make the world listen to itself. To be fair, this was ridiculous. But because the narrative of "fear of misleading children" is very powerful, absurdity can really form an established fact.

For example, if the topic "It is very uncomfortable for parents to take their baby to Haidilao to see subject three" is replaced by "It is very uncomfortable for women to vomit to go to Haidilao to see subject three" or "It is very uncomfortable for men to vomit to go to Haidilao to see subject three", it is estimated that the thick sputum in the comment area will drown the parties. However, if we look closely at the comments under the topic "Parents spit out and take their baby to Haidilao to see that subject three is very uncomfortable", we will find that there are quite a few comments supporting the parties.

What do you mean? Although all the parties feel that the "subject three" dance has been brushed aside, it is really different to take a child or not. Even if the child has no position on the "subject three" dance. In addition, it is necessary to be clear about the fact that even if children don’t watch the "subject three" dance in Haidilao, it is inevitable to brush it in short videos.

Moreover, in terms of "rubbing the edges", the young lady in the short video can twist than the young lady in Haidilao. After all, the little sister in the short video is online celebrity, and the little sister in Haidilao is a waiter. Therefore, if you really want to completely avoid the "subject three" dance, it is estimated that this parent will not be able to go to Haidilao for dinner, and it is estimated that he will have to replace his mobile phone with an elderly one, preferably one that cannot access the Internet.

But the question is, do parents do this, and do children listen? So again, if you can’t understand the appearance and changes of the world, learn more and try to understand. If you can’t understand after studying, you’d better live in your own world. Otherwise, it is either hurt by the world or hurt the world.

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