After 9 years of new cars, Volvo’s brand-new XC60 was replaced and sold for 369,900-609,900 yuan.

Original title: After 9 years of new cars, Volvo’s brand-new XC60 was replaced and sold for 369,900-609,900 yuan.

As early as nine days ago, the ticket circle was screened by the preheating poster of Volvo’s new car listing. Volvo broke the ice from northern Europe, which was the ninth day of the countdown to the listing of the new XC60. The most obvious information obtained from the poster was not only the listing time, but also the pure Nordic descent of Volvo born in Sweden. Up to today, we have just collected nine posters calling for "Dragon" with different natural scenery and humanistic customs. We can see Volvo’s historical footprints all over the world and coming to China across the ocean, and we are also full of expectations for this luxury SUV focusing on humanities and technology.

However, the countdown to the warm-up of general activities starts from the conventional number of "6" days or "3" days. This time, Volvo chose to show it with 9 pictures. Presumably, in addition to the constant inspiration, there are other deep meanings, such as the new car that has been replaced for 9 years-the brand-new XC60.

On November 3rd, the last first-generation domestic Volvo XC60 was officially rolled off the assembly line from Chengdu factory, and the first-generation XC60, which debuted in March 2008, successfully withdrew from the historical stage after nine years of wind and rain. Subsequently, the second-generation Volvo brand-new XC60 also made its domestic debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show and began to be pre-sold. As the sales pillar of the Volvo family, it first entered the XC60 in China by pure import in April 2009, completed the listing of the modified model in August 2013, and finally made it domestically and went on sale in the Chengdu factory in November 2014. Nowadays, the brand-new XC60 has also been made in China, and it was officially launched today. The new car has launched eight models with three kinds of power, and the price is 369,900-609,900 yuan. At the same time, Volvo also launched the exclusive "extraordinary courtesy" of the new XC60: the first 6,666 car owners will receive free insurance for two years.

There is no doubt that the new XC60 listed this time is of great significance to Volvo. Let’s put aside its status as a heavy product that has been replaced and carefully polished after nine years of precipitation. As far as the XC60 is an important strategic position for Volvo itself, even if the previous generation model has been on the market for nine years, its sales volume is still ranked NO.1 among Volvo’s many models, so it is self-evident how important this car is. So what changes have been made to the new car in terms of products, and what changes will its arrival bring to the domestic luxury medium-sized SUV market structure? Let’s take a look with these questions.

In terms of design, the new XC60 continues the design style of XC90, especially the family-style classic elements such as the highly recognizable "Raytheon Hammer" LED headlights, the "Viking Axe" taillights and the flagpole exterior rearview mirror, all of which appear on the new XC60. A large number of vertical line elements have also created an atmosphere full of muscle and strength for the new car. In addition, the new car also offers two design styles, the deluxe version and the newly designed R-Design sports version, to meet the personalized and diversified needs of users. The new XC60 has a length/width/height dimension of 4688/1902/1658mm and a wheelbase of 2865mm, which is obviously superior in the same class.

In terms of interior, the new XC60 continues the simple family style, further explaining the exquisiteness and luxury. The new car innovatively introduces "drifting wood" as the interior material, and the exquisite lines and textures create a flowing aesthetic feeling, creating a strong Nordic style. In addition, the parts of the car that contact with the human body are all covered with soft materials to enhance the comfort.

It is worth noting that the CleanZone clean cockpit built by the new XC60 has health technologies such as IAQS in-vehicle air quality control system, CZIS active cockpit cleaning system, real-time monitoring of AQI PM2.5, and anti-sensitivity control of interior materials. In particular, the active cockpit cleaning system innovatively introduces the exhaust function. When the temperature outside the car exceeds 10℃, the new car will automatically start the ventilation equipment after remote control unlocking to disperse the dirty gas accumulated in the car and keep the air inside the car natural and fresh. In addition, the Nappa leather seat is ergonomically designed, providing up to 45 kinds of electric massage combinations, and has the only electric leg and lateral support in its class, providing a more comfortable riding experience.

In addition, the 9-inch vertical central control display screen, 12.3-inch LCD intelligent instrument panel and HUB head-up display configuration assembled in the new car add a lot of sense of science and technology. The crystal electronic shift lever, one-button start knob and driving mode selection impeller from Orrefors, Sweden are made with precision and meticulous materials, which fully embodies the Scandinavian aesthetic luxury design featured by the new XC60.

Volvo, which is famous for its safety, is naturally sloppy in the new XC60. The new car is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise control system, driver safety warning control system, FAHB fully intelligent active high beam, BLIS enhanced blind spot information system and LKA lane keeping auxiliary system. At the same time, the new XC60 is also equipped with the Pilot Assist function, which can realize autopilot assistance within 0~130 km/h.. It is worth mentioning that the new XC60 also comes standard with the upgraded City Safety urban safety system. Compared with the previous generation models, the system has added three new active safety technologies: emergency avoidance auxiliary function, intelligent avoidance of opposite vehicles and intelligent avoidance of vehicles coming in blind areas, which can protect driving safety in all directions.

In terms of power, the new XC60 provides T4, T5 and T8 hybrid power levels. Only the T4 power model is two-wheel drive, and the other models are four-wheel drive. The T4 model has a maximum power of 190 HP and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. The T5 model has a maximum power of 254 HP and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. It is worth mentioning that the T8 hybrid version of the car has a comprehensive maximum power of 407 HP, a comprehensive maximum torque of 640 Nm, an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in only 5.3 seconds, a comprehensive fuel consumption as low as 2.3 liters /100 km, and a strong power level.

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According to the data, Volvo’s sales in the country maintained a strong growth trend in November, leading the world with nearly 30% sales growth, and successfully broke through the 100,000-vehicle mark in late November, and the annual sales volume is expected to set a record for the fourth consecutive year. As the sales pillar of Volvo cars, S90, S60L and XC60 also performed brilliantly, among which XC60 accounted for nearly one-third of Volvo’s total sales in China. Now the new XC60 will undoubtedly boost Volvo’s overall sales.

Looking around the fiercely competitive domestic luxury medium-sized SUV market, compared with BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC in the luxury brand BBA camp, and even other luxury medium-sized SUVs such as Lexus NX and Cadillac XT5, the product performance of the new XC60 is also bright. In terms of design, the original Nordic style, more powerful and energy-saving power system, outstanding configuration and leading safety system at the same level, and the scalable modular architecture based on Volvo SPA also make the new XC60 reach a new height in safety and driving control. In addition, compared with the new energy vehicles that are slightly scarce in the same class, the high-performance hybrid version provided by the new XC60 gives consumers more choices. Compared with BBA’s deep-rooted brand appeal in China, Volvo speaks for itself with the new XC60′ s solid product strength. It can be predicted that the arrival of the new XC60 will bring a powerful impact to the luxury medium-sized SUV market.