Surprise in the Deep Sea: Looking back at the history, Do not forget your initiative mind’s spy war dramas explore new developments.

  On October 22 nd, the spy war suspense drama "The Scare of the Deep Sea" was officially launched. The changing background of the Anti-Japanese War, the All-Star cast and the compact narrative rhythm made "The Scare of the Deep Sea" highly praised on the first night.

  Throughout the history of China’s spy war drama, its development has gone through a long and tortuous process. From the first anti-special film Invisible Front in 1949 to now, China’s spy war movies and TV series have gone through decades of historical process, and both the theme content, narrative style and audio-visual rhetoric have entered the development stage of "letting a hundred flowers blossom". This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. In the new era, outstanding film and television works that promote the main theme are constantly emerging. In this year’s tribute dramas, The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea has just started, and its ratings have gone up. With excellent production and strong values, it has once again attracted the audience’s attention to the TV series with the theme of "Spy War".

  Looking back at the historical situation, thrilling and lurking, highlighting the national conditions of the country

  "The Scare of the Deep Sea" tells the story that Chen Shan, a street thug who lives by selling intelligence in Shanghai in 1941, was accidentally taken a fancy to by Araki, the spy chief of Japanese Mei agency, because he looks like Xiao Zhengguo, and was involved in an underground war. Chen Shan was forced to become a Japanese spy, pretending to be Xiao Zhengguo and going to Chongqing to lurk inside the military system, ready to steal important information. However, as a native of China, Chen Shan didn’t want to betray his motherland. Under the constant influence of Communist party member Zhang Li and Qian Shiying, Chen Shan gradually grew up and resolutely stood in the anti-Japanese camp. In the battle of wits and courage with the enemy again and again, Chen Shan finally established his faith, grew into a real soldier, and successfully crushed the sinister plot of the invaders.

  Judging from the broadcast series, the story of "Scared" is ups and downs, the relationship between characters is complicated, and the plot rhythm is relaxed. The natural performance of the actors also makes the audience naturally immersed in the plot. The personal fate of Chen Shan and other characters is closely combined with history in the play. In a specific historical period, the strong patriotic feelings and distinctive national justice choices displayed by ordinary people provide people living in the new era with the important significance of examining yesterday, looking back at history and strengthening the mainstream values of society.

  Little people carry forward the unchangeable Chinese soul in the era of righteousness

  The success of an excellent TV drama is inseparable from the guidance of correct values, and it is also an important foundation and prerequisite for the success of literary and artistic works. Carrying forward patriotism and communism is an unquestionable narrative theme of spy war dramas. "The Scare of the Deep Sea in the Spy War" tells the changing process of the protagonist Chen Shan from an idle social youth to a heroic fighter who bravely resists the enemy and has a sense of national justice. Different from the stereotyped hero images on the screen before, The Scare of the Spy Wars enters from a special incision, focusing on Chen Shan, describing a group of people or a profession in a more profound way, and then extending from the incision of "Chen Shan", reflecting the profile of the society at that time: even if the struggle requires struggle, risking one’s life, hurting the feelings of relatives and friends, and even sacrificing one’s own life, the characters in the play still stick to their beliefs.

  In The Scare of the Deep Sea, the characterization is more diversified, and the characters and stories in the war years are given more modern thinking to interpret and interpret. People’s heroes are becoming more and more popular with the people. They are no longer omnipotent, but grow up from ordinary people. The whole drama describes the process of self-transformation of little people in the treacherous history and under the correct guidance of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and conveys and praises communist party people’s unswerving revolutionary spirit and noble character of sticking to faith in a quiet way, and also enlightens and ponders modern audiences.

  Type masterpieces emerge, and film and television people will always keep China’s heart.

  In recent years, there have been many "bourne shadows" on the screen. There are many excellent domestic spy war suspense dramas represented by The Scare of the Deep Sea. Since the beginning of Vow Silence in 2002, the creation of spy war dramas has gradually flourished; In 2009, the popularity of Latent became the peak of China’s spy war dramas, and later dramas such as Red, Pretender, Decryption, Cliff and Kite gave birth to a new wave of creation and viewing of spy war dramas. The thrilling and gripping storyline of spy war drama makes the audience’s enthusiasm for it increase, showing different style characteristics in the development of the times.

  This year, as a representative of high-quality tribute drama, The Scare of the Spy Wars in the Deep Sea won the recognition and love of the audience just after its launch. The root of it is that the whole drama "The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea" is based on national justice and national feelings, responds to the voice of the times, conforms to the trend of the times, organically combines the mainstream socialist values with the innovation and development of the cultural market, and is finally loved and praised by the audience.