Boss, have a mass-selling headlight! Ask the world M9: Arrange


Do you know? In 1885, when the prototype of the car was just formed, the lighting system came into being. Perhaps you can’t imagine that the earliest lights were actually a pair of fuel lamps! At that time, cars and horses were expensive and letters were slow. But it was precisely from this era when even lighting the night road could not be satisfied that car headlights began their advanced path.

In the following century, acetylene lamps and incandescent lamps emerged one after another, and in the 21st century, automotive headlamps have made significant progress.

It is also because of the complexity of the traffic environment and the expansion of the urban development process, including people’s travel needs in bad weather. Better lighting effects such as xenon headlights and LED headlights have been transplanted to more and more models, becoming the main theme of automotive lighting.

Do you think this is the end of the development of car headlights? Shallow, what we want to talk about here is no longer limited to the progress of materials, but to rise to the level of technology lighting experience. What should the lighting experience look like in the era of intelligence?

When the headlights have been automatically turned on and automatically switched to near and far light, what else can it do?! It can also help you with high-beam keying, and can also help you show a wide-light blanket. It can also help you open a concert and watch a movie at a campsite. When the headlights have interactive functions, you will have the illusion that your understanding of the lights is too narrow? In the latest version of the M9 OTA push, the ritual-filled Kunpeng welcome and projection headlights outdoor Karaoke have been realized.

People-oriented technology will always make people feel warm in the details, and technology-leading brands tend to integrate more user-friendly functions in a linked way. When you approach a Q Jie M9 with your key, the distinguished welcome halo slowly lights up, and the headlights play out your preset pattern. Get in the car, adjust the headlights adaptively, and immediately enter the working state, because the next series of operations will allow you to immerse yourself and enjoy driving the Q Jie M9 freely through the streets and alleys.

Megapixel headlights high-precision ADB unique display, envy everyone

Take Beijing as an example, the number of motor vehicles has exceeded the 8 million mark, which is a very large group. Above the night sky, in addition to the illuminated night sky, there is also the surging traffic on the ring road. You are very disgusted with the harsh high beam shooting towards the lane, or the big cutie behind your car who has been driving high beam. Light is wasted or used in the opposite of the original lighting, hindering night travel safety (according to incomplete statistics, more than 40% of night traffic accidents are caused by glare).

No matter whether it is the person who drives the high beam or the person who is illuminated by the high beam, everyone does not benefit. Even the matrix headlights of some high-end models are clearly equipped with ADB (Adaptive High Beam) function, but the internal composition and the number of modules of the matrix headlights are not enough to support such a detailed cutout, and the shielding is too large for the area of passing cars/pedestrians, which often causes a large blind spot of vision and is prone to risk.

However! M9’s megapixel smart projection headlights use a megapixel module, and the dual lights can reach 2.60 million pixels. The shielding size of each pixel is only 0.02m, which is a hundred times higher than the industry’s 84 pixels. It can truly achieve lane-level precision control. Coupled with Huawei’s combination of intelligent driving perception and algorithms with headlights, the lights really become another pair of bright eyes for the driver and the car.

As a result, everything from a large car to a small person can be precisely reserved. Drivers can see the front clearly, other traffic participants will not blink, and the high beams will no longer disturb people! Therefore, black technology is not a solution. Whether it is used or not is the most direct way to show sincerity.

My headlights are a ruler! Easy in a narrow environment

Cars are not always speeding on city expressways, there are country roads at the end of the street and even to the camping site, you will see such a scene, only narrow aisles are left for parking, and there are limited-width concrete piers along the river embankment. You are about to pass carefully at night. If you are still driving a big guy, it is inevitable that the co-pilot will get out of the car to watch. The large screen of the M9 has such a button. After turning on the width indicator light blanket of the headlights, the light band of the pavement is slightly wider than the body. When you see that the light band does not shine on the obstacle, you can easily pass.

Summon Kunpeng? Awaken the instant ritual feeling full

Interesting people have their own halos, and so do interesting cars.

Imagine, as the owner of the car, you slowly walk towards the M9, and Kunpeng directly swims to the ground. Passers-by are attracted by your operation. The shape of Kunpeng’s wings also illuminates the surroundings of the door. Isn’t it a noble and intimate feeling? The well-known meteor shower effect can only be regarded as unremarkable in front of You Kun, especially when you summon Kunpeng through your mobile phone or watch, it will incarnate into the C position of the audience in minutes and attract much attention.

In the latest version, the tail lights of the M9 have also become richer. The previous red double, love and lantern shapes are just a small test, but they also add a touch of vitality to the cookie-cutter lights and boring car water Ma Long. Now, the addition of milk bottles, red flags, cakes, fireworks and other lights adds a new seasoning of technological fun to the mundane daily life, and also gives M9 owners more personalized emotional expression.

Summer night KTV, outdoor party? Projection headlights arranged for you!

The continuous explosion of self-media short videos has given ordinary people a side that they want to express themselves, but if I tell you that the distinguished Wenjie M9 can come with its own sky-breaking traffic, would you believe it?! As night falls, a curtain or a white wall can start to display. Turn on the megapixel headlights of the Wenjie M9 and directly project the lyrics. The effect is high-quality imitation of the mass-selling box. As soon as the verbatim lyrics leave, plus the opera house version of the audio playback, an open-air concert is immediately completed. With the microphone in hand, you are the master of this set!

In the era of smart cars, headlights have also been given more black technology, making the lighting system more visible. Intelligent lighting can help drivers get a safer and more convenient driving experience, and the realization of interactive and projection functions has become the icing on the cake, creating a richer social life and entertainment scene.

Compared to the almost demanding requirements of laser headlights, the practical significance of pixel headlights is more valuable, and the scene is also richer. For the future life, it may be the goal of the next OTA of the M9. What else do you want headlights to do? You might as well type it out in the comment area.

Gold medal green leaf Wu Mengda reappeared in Jianghu "Big Shot" to play the male lead

Wu Mengda

  Looking back on the decades of Wu Mengda’s film career, there are almost no works in which he starred, which are typical supporting roles. However, compared with other full-time supporting actors, Wu Mengda is one of the few actors who have become popular in the Chinese area by acting in supporting roles. Many of his films have starred other movie stars, such as Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau, but most fans’ impression of Wu Mengda is still Chow’s films. Since 1990, Wu Mengda has been very successful by cooperating with Chow Xingchi, and has participated in dozens of Chow’s films, including 、、、、、、、、、 and so on. Among them, "Gambling on the Sage" in 1990 received more than 40 million Hong Kong dollars at the box office, breaking the box office record of a Hong Kong-made film in the past; in 1992, five films starring Chow Xingchi arranged the top five at the box office of the year, three of which were assisted by Wu Mengda; in 2001, he participated in the film again broke the box office record of a Hong Kong-made film in the past, collecting more than 60 million Hong Kong dollars. Over the years, he has cooperated with Chow Xingchi seamlessly and has been dubbed "Gold Green Leaf" by everyone.

  In a turn of events, Wu Mengda, who is fighting again in this round of rivers and lakes, starred for the first time as the male lead in the groundbreaking new-school comedy "Big Shots". In the film, he played a TV person who was so down that he was drunk all day long. In the process of finding a livelihood, he helped to restore the luster of ancient memories. Stories of little people subverting ordinary lives are not uncommon, and their life comedy is the main theme of this film.

  "When I was young, I also wanted to be the male lead, but at that time, the male lead was always Chow Yun-fat. I don’t know why I suddenly grew very old after the age of 30, and I didn’t look like playing the male lead, so I had to play the male lead’s father." Looking back at the time of filming, Uncle Da was a model worker, and he had no problem running five plays a day. "I have an average of two plays a month, and more than 20 plays a year. I haven’t slept for the longest six days. I just ran to Leung Chaowei’s side in the morning, went to Chow Yun-fa’s side at noon, changed to Dawn’s side in the afternoon, and returned to Xingzai’s side in the evening. The four heavenly kings all like to play with me, thanks to my mother, who gave me such a cute face."

  Wu Mengda, an old actor who has played countless supporting roles, laughs that many of the characters can’t even remember himself. "Sometimes I look back at these plays and often say to myself, why was I so cheap back then!" Speaking of his current standards for new films, Wu Mengda said: "Don’t make cameos. There is an old Chinese saying, ‘I would rather be the head of a chicken than the queen of an ox’ means that you would rather be the head of a chick than the tail of a cow. It would have been a good thing to make a cameo in a big play, but I didn’t explain it to the audience. I just took advantage of your fame and had no special significance to the box office. It was just meaningful in publicity. I would rather make some small films and have my own performances. I would basically refuse those cameo roles." "I never cared about whether I was the protagonist or the supporting actor in the play, but one thing, there must be a play," Mr. Wu said frankly.

  Wu Mengda, who is already a father in his life, believes that he is a good father from a certain perspective, "a good father in terms of taking care of children, but not in terms of time." Because he has been out filming all year round and spends less time with his children, Wu Mengda does not have time to accompany his children to grow up. He also said that if the child likes it, he will not oppose him from entering the entertainment industry. "But the child still needs to grow up, needs to study, and has enough wisdom to judge. This is a very complicated thing." In fact, Wu Mengda’s most wanted role is the father in "Wrong Ride", but he has never had the opportunity. "This father is dumb, has no dialogue, and relies entirely on acting." Wu Mengda laughed and said that because the play was purely tragic, people did not dare to ask him to act.

  Think small and the world gets bigger; think big and the world gets smaller – for everyone.

Zhang Xinghai, Chairperson (Founder) of Cyrus Group: Chongqing has taken a favorable position on the new energy vehicle track

Zhang Xinghai, Chairperson (Founder) of Cyrus Group: Chongqing has taken a favorable position on the new energy vehicle track

Character business card:

Zhang Xinghai, chairperson (founder) of the joint stock company of Sailis Group. Zhang Xinghai led the company to start from a spring, develop to a shock absorber, a motorcycle, a car, and then produce the current industry-leading high-end smart electric vehicles. At present, he is leading the group from the production of traditional fuel vehicles to the production of intelligent networked new energy vehicles, and from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

In the future, Cyrus Automobile will use its leading intellectual manufacturing strength and excellent intelligent electric technology to redefine high-end intelligent electric vehicles and win the commanding heights of the market.

In 2023, Chongqing’s automobile output reached 2.318 million, ranking second in the country, of which the output of new energy vehicles exceeded 500,000. In this regard, Zhang Xinghai believes that Chongqing’s new energy vehicles have gradually realized the transformation and upgrading of brand value from micro to giant, product network from existing to specialized, and market radiation from near to far. It can be said that Chongqing occupies a favorable position on the new energy vehicle track.

"As one of the representative brands of Chongqing Automobile, Cyrus has also contributed its own strength to the development of Chongqing’s automobile industry." Zhang Xinghai introduced that in 2023, Cyrus Automobile will closely follow the goal of Chongqing’s "33618" modern manufacturing cluster system, vigorously develop intelligent networked new energy vehicles, strengthen high-quality products and technologies, and show a scale growth rate that exceeds the industry average. In May last year, the 100,000 car of Cyrus AITO Q & A series rolled off the production line, becoming the fastest new energy vehicle brand to achieve this goal.

Zhang Xinghai said that in the future, Sailis Automobile will use its leading intelligent manufacturing strength and excellent intelligent electric technology to redefine high-end intelligent electric vehicles and win the commanding heights of the market.

On February 5th, the Cyrus Auto Super Factory was officially completed and put into use. This factory is built in accordance with international leading standards and industrial Internet requirements, and has four characteristics of efficiency, intelligence, cutting-edge and green. It is not only the benchmark of Cyrus and Chongqing, but also the benchmark factory in the world.

In 2024, Sailis Automobile will adhere to the needs of users as the direction of efforts, and cover the whole life cycle of services for users. At the same time, Sailis Automobile will strengthen core technology research, help to build a western benchmark that leads the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, ensure high-quality mass delivery, strengthen cooperation with Huawei, Bosch, Ningde Times and other enterprises, and launch leading-generation products for the market; increase export market development efforts, and strive to reach more than 500,000 new energy vehicles; increase the local matching rate to 60%, Sichuan and Chongqing matching rate to 75%, helping Chongqing build a trillion-level intelligent networked new energy vehicle industrial cluster.

Zhang Xinghai said that Sailis Automobile will anchor the "software-defined car, wholeheartedly serve users" tenet unswervingly, adhere to the positioning of "doing one line into one line, doing one car into one popular car", constantly strengthen the enterprise, lead the industry, stimulate employment, and benefit the development results of the modern new Chongqing construction.

(New Chongqing-Chongqing Daily Chief Reporter, Yang Jun)

Autonavi Maps promotes the integration of data and reality in an aggregation model, and the integrated travel service platform is open to the ecosystem

Financial Investment Network News (Reporter, Liu Min)On February 21, Autonavi Maps’ integrated travel service platform was officially released at the seminar "Integration of scientific and technological innovation and reality to help build a transportation power". Autonavi Maps is the first batch of Internet platform companies to participate in the demonstration construction of a transportation power. The integrated travel service platform released this time is the result of its participation in the pilot construction of a transportation power.

Autonavi Map builds an integrated travel service platform in an aggregated model. At present, it has access to a full range of urban travel and intercity travel services, including urban travel services such as public transportation, subway, taxi, online car-hailing, walking, and motorcycles, trains, passenger transportation, airplanes, and other intercity travel services, as well as supporting services such as charging and refueling. Users can query real-time traffic information, plan travel routes, use navigation, taxi, shared bicycles, and other services. They can also directly buy train tickets, plane tickets, etc., which greatly improves travel convenience.

In order to promote ecological win-win and promote the integration of digital and real development. Yu Yongfu, chairperson of Autonavi Group, announced that the integrated travel service platform is Autonavi’s No. 1 project in 2023. Autonavi will adhere to the aggregation model, open up map navigation, technical services, platform traffic and other capabilities, and create a new combination with "old masters" who are deeply involved in the transportation industry to build an integrated travel service platform.

(Photo: Yu Yongfu, Chairperson of Autonavi Group, delivers a speech at the seminar on "Integration of scientific and technological innovation with reality to help build a transportation powerhouse")

Integrated travel service platform released

The integrated travel service platform released by Autonavi Map this time provides users with a one-stop travel entrance, allowing users to optimize their individual travel experience, and provides integrated travel planning for the industry. It is based on Autonavi’s smart transportation and other technical capabilities to achieve global efficiency optimization.

It is understood that the platform is the stage result of Autonavi Map’s participation in the pilot construction of a transportation power. In 2021, the pilot work of the special project of building a transportation power comprehensive transportation big data was approved. Among them, Autonavi Map, as a pilot unit, and the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, undertook the pilot task of improving the convenience of comprehensive transportation services, becoming the first batch of Internet platform enterprises to participate in the demonstration construction of a transportation power.

At present, the Autonavi integrated travel service platform has been integrated into a full range of urban and intercity travel services through the aggregation model, including urban travel services such as public transportation, subway, taxi, online car-hailing, walking, and motorcycles, as well as intercity travel services such as trains, passenger transportation, and airplanes, as well as supporting services such as charging and refueling.

Autonavi cooperates with public transportation groups and subway companies in major cities across the country to provide users with real-time public transportation, real-time subway full load rate inquiry and other travel services; Autonavi cooperates with the taxi industry in more than 100 cities to help taxi network integration and online orders; Autonavi and Chihiro jointly launched the "Beidou Travel Application Innovation Plan", calling Beidou satellite daily positioning volume has exceeded 300 billion times, realizing Beidou dominance, and launching next-generation navigation services such as lane-level navigation and traffic light countdown.

In intercity travel, Autonavi cooperates with platforms such as 12306, Ctrip, and Flying Pig to provide users with travel services such as intercity route planning and ticket purchase. In terms of travel supporting services, Autonavi Map cooperates with more than 30,000 gas stations, covering 340 cities across the country. It also cooperates with State Grid, Telegram, etc., to achieve national coverage with more than 110,000 online charging stations.

Adhere to the aggregation model and fully open to the "master"

The construction of the Autonavi map integrated travel service platform requires not only the aggregation of all types of services to facilitate public travel, but also the aggregation of global enterprises to promote the integrated development of the transportation industry.

How the traditional transportation industry can play its strengths in the digital age is the key to promoting the integration of digital and real. Traditional transportation enterprises are like "old masters", with professional capabilities such as transportation organization, vehicle and driver management, and safety production. They are professional in the transportation industry, but they urgently need digital upgrades. Newcomers who are good at using new digital skills are like "new masters" representing new forces in travel.

Yu Yongfu believes that there are three ways to integrate data and reality in the transportation industry: new travel forces use new skills and become new masters; old masters invest a long time in self-learning new skills; the third is that old masters cooperate with enterprises with digital technology to quickly master new skills and form new combinations.

"A better choice for the integration of numbers and reality may be the third way. The old master partners with new skills, and the road to the integration of numbers and reality can go faster and farther," Yu Yongfu said.

Therefore, Autonavi Maps has listed the construction of an integrated travel service platform as the No. 1 project in 2023, adhering to the aggregation model, and opening up map navigation, technical services, and platform traffic capabilities for all types of transportation services and global enterprises.

As early as 2017, Autonavi pioneered an aggregation model in the shared mobility business, partnering with traditional transportation companies, cruise taxi companies, etc., to help them achieve digital upgrades and find new business growth points during the down cycle of the industry.

Autonavi data shows that under the aggregation mode, the ecological partners that provide ride-hailing services have experienced a compound growth rate of more than 100% in the past three years, and the peak order volume of more than 100 cooperative network ride-hailing platforms has exceeded 100,000.

"The success of an integrated travel service platform relies on deep aggregation, and the end result of aggregation must be an integrated travel service." Yu Yongfu mentioned that the integrated travel service platform deeply integrates multiple travel modes, providing users with a one-stop travel entrance, reducing travel thresholds, and at the same time allowing the ecosystem that provides travel services to deeply integrate and drive ecological win-win. This is the important significance of the aggregation model.

Aggregation model helps regional employment and economic development

The high-quality development of transportation requires the construction of a "safe, convenient, efficient, green and economical" transportation system. Through the aggregation model, the development direction of Autonavi has been in line with the development of the industry.

Under the guidance and support of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, public transportation groups, subway companies, and Autonavi Maps have participated in the joint construction of Beijing MaaS, becoming the first green travel integrated platform in China to provide "door-to-door" services.

Beijing MaaS is also the first in China to encourage users to travel green with carbon inclusion, and has reached the world’s first green travel carbon trading. As of now, the number of users participating in carbon inclusion on the Beijing MaaS Autonavi platform has exceeded 2.30 million. In 2022, the total carbon emission reduction of green travel on the Beijing MaaS Autonavi platform exceeded 200,000 tons, which is equivalent to the emission reduction of 100,000 fuel vehicles that have been suspended for one year. In addition, the second phase of carbon trading reached 97,600 tons, and all rights and interests were returned to the Beijing MaaS users participating in the green travel carbon inclusion.

The development of ecological partners in the aggregation model has also created new job opportunities and contributed to the economic development of various regions.

In Shenzhen, CCCC Travel, funded by the National Connecting Transport Alliance, has driven the digital transformation of road passenger transport enterprises. In August 2022, CCCC Travel orders increased by nearly 240% year-on-year, resulting in several new job opportunities.

In Beijing, Autonavi’s Beijing Taxi, a network integration platform in partnership with the Beijing Taxi Association, has helped drivers increase their income by 20% after going live for half a year.

In Jinan, in 2021, Timely Car will land its headquarters in Jinan to help the local headquarters develop economically. In order to provide large-scale online car-hailing services, Timely Car will purchase 20,000 new energy vehicles in 2022, bringing growth momentum to local automobile industry chain enterprises.

Similar stories of traditional travel companies leveraging digital technology to create win-win situations have emerged across the country. The aggregation model not only provides a catalyst for regional economic growth and creates new opportunities for regional employment, but also drives the industry into a positive cycle of service capacity upgrading.

According to the Hangzhou online car-hailing service quality evaluation organized by the Hangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau, in the fourth quarter of 2022, the top three online car-hailing platforms with average monthly orders 100,000 above are all ecological partners that provide taxi services in the aggregation ecosystem.

Google Pixel 3 only supports gesture navigation: future Android will do the same

Gesture-based user interfaces, if well designed, may be better than traditional button-based operations, especially on larger screens. Google introduced gesture-based navigation in 9.0 Pie as an alternative to traditional navigation bars. And in the latest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, Google went a step further and made gesture navigation its default and only option, which means that Android’s traditional three-key navigation method has disappeared completely.

On the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, users won’t be able to disable gesture navigation and opt for the familiar three-button scheme. Importantly, the decision also reflects Google’s overall Android plans for the future. In a response to a user’s question on Twitter, Google’s official @madebygoogle account tweeted: "The Pixel 3 introduces a new model that will represent the way navigation is done on all future Android phones."

This means that gesture-based navigation will become an integral part of Android in the future, not just on Pixel devices. Of course, given the open nature of the Android operating system, Google is unlikely to make it the only option.

That being said, many manufacturers, such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Huawei, have started rolling out their own gesture-based navigation features with varying degrees of success. Looking to the future, we will definitely see more Android phone manufacturers offering gesture-based interfaces. We just hope that most Android UIs will still have the option to switch back to traditional button-based navigation.

Annual box office 55.90 billion! Top ten keywords take you to revisit the 2017 film market

1905 movie network feature In 2017, the total box office reached 55.911 billion yuan, an increase of 13.45% year-on-year. Domestic film box office 30.104 billion yuan, accounting for 53.84% of the total box office; 92 films with a box office of over 100 million yuan, including 51 domestic films. City cinema attendance 1.62 billion, an increase of 18.08% year-on-year.

Looking back on the changes in the film market this year, it is still turbulent and diverse. From the data point of view, the overall trend of the mainland film market is still catching up, with unlimited potential. In 2017, there were 9,597 new screens in the country, and the total number of screens has reached 50,776, surpassing North America to rank first in the world.


Judging from the works, the main theme film and the literary film based on insisting on originality have become two dark horses that cannot be ignored. Among them, the bold attempt of "Wolf Warrior 2" to integrate commercial style not only brought a string of amazing figures in China – single-day box office 426 million, final box office 5.68 billion, but also attracted great attention internationally. It successfully ranked 55th in the top 100 global box office list, once again proving the importance of the main theme film to demonstrate cultural confidence.


   In addition, the literary and artistic films represented by "Gang Rinpoche" and "Twenty-Two" can break through the encirclement with very few films and become well-known films with quality, which also proves that the audience’s thirst for realistic films has been growing, and the level of appreciation has also been rapidly improved.



The impressive market results are also due to the increasingly rational trend of the film market this year. Traffic actors no longer only focus on popularity but also think about acting, and ticketing websites reshuffle to change the distribution power structure. These phenomena can be described as a return to basics after washing away the lead.


The official implementation of the "Film Industry Promotion Law" has also given the film industry a law to abide by, providing a lot of convenience for film creators and a basis for the rectification of industry chaos. Of course, in the journey of the prosperous film market, there are still some episodes that make people reflect. But small cleverness cannot shake the big market.


Now, let’s take a look at the top ten keywords of the film market in 2017, and reminisce about this year’s "big surprises and little secrets".

01 Film Industry Promotion Law


On March 1, 2017, the "Film Industry Promotion Law" came into effect, providing for the first time in China to regulate and develop the film industry in a legal form.



As the first industry law in the field of China’s cultural industry, the Film Industry Promotion Law has made clear provisions on decentralizing film approval rights, increasing support for rural films and ethnic minority films, and protecting the rights and interests of audiences.


From then on, film censorship will be reduced to the provincial film authorities, and for the issue of film viewing in border areas and ethnic areas, the Promotion Law stipulates that social funds should be actively directed to invest in rural film screening.


In addition, for some larger-scale movies, the promotion law also stipulates that theaters should "prompt movies that may cause physical or psychological discomfort to minors and other audiences." Many theaters reminded audiences at online and offline ticket windows during the release of "Wolverine 3."



As an industry law that regulates the order of the film market, the Film Industry Promotion Law also makes relevant provisions on the protection of film intellectual property rights and the act of stealing and concealing the box office.


Film intellectual property rights are subject to law, and piracy, plagiarism, and other acts in the industry will be severely cracked down. For theaters to steal and conceal box office and set up ghost fields, in addition to facing fines, serious circumstances will be ordered to suspend business for rectification. If the circumstances are particularly serious, the original licensing authority will revoke the license.


Shortly after the implementation of the Industrial Promotion Law, the competent authorities punished 326 cinemas that had stolen and concealed the box office in 2016, severely cracking down on them, with remarkable results.


Hu Zhifeng

Dean of School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University

The introduction of the "Film Industry Promotion Law" not only directly promotes the film itself, but also the ideology and industrial culture associated with the film, as well as the improvement of the international dissemination ability of Chinese culture and the improvement of the country’s cultural soft power.

Yin Hong

Director of the Film and Television Communication Research Center of Tsinghua University

The Film Industry Promotion Law, as the first industry law in the field of Chinese culture, is not only the culmination of China’s film industry reform experience, but also can escort the continued development of Chinese film.


02 Art film


In 2017, several art films broke through the siege under the attack of many blockbusters, gaining a good reputation and box office.


The first to bear the brunt is the Tibetan theme of "Gang Rinpoche", the first week of the film box office only 17.03 million, but with people’s word of mouth good word of mouth, the second week of the film box office more than 3 times, the third week is in accordance with 5 times attack.



In an instant, the discussion of beliefs and the value of life in the film has also become a hot topic in society, and netizens have responded very enthusiastically.


Also in this performance is the recently released "Twenty-Two", which uses the experiences of the 22 surviving "comfort women" in the Chinese mainland as a backdrop to objectively present their living conditions.



The film finally 170 million box office, and evoked people’s memories of that history, causing people to reflect on reality.


On the one hand, the two art films that made a comeback at the box office meant that the audience’s appreciation ability was generally improved. On the other hand, it also showed that the audience had an increasing demand for films with realistic themes and films with social topics.


Chen Zhixiong

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Poisonous Tongue Films

Instead of just asking the audience to yearn for art, sometimes art can also be audience-oriented. We need too much attention to reality, movies with social topics.

Zhou Liming

film critic

The counter-attack of excellent niche films means that the audience’s appreciation ability is generally improved. It does not mean that all films with good reputation can get the box office results they deserve, but at least it announces the end of the era of box office and word-of-mouth inversion.


03 Business theme


If 2016’s "Mekong River Action" allowed us to see the charm of the main theme film commercialization 1.0 for the first time, then in 2017’s "Wolf Warrior 2" and "Army Building", we saw the infinite possibilities of the main theme film commercialization 2.0.


The sharp and clean editing, the tight-paced narrative, the cheerful martial arts footage, and the positive theme of home country have all opened up a new path for "Chinese blockbusters," and these elements also make the audience’s blood boil and passion.



The box office performance of "Wolf Warrior 2" and "Army Founding" also proves the success of the commercialization of the main theme film. Among them, "Wolf Warrior 2" broke 100 million in 4 hours, the single-day box office 426 million, and the final box office 5.68 billion RMB, which has surpassed the "Mermaid" opening 280 million. The single-day box office reached 310 million and the final box office was 3.389 billion yuan, setting a new record for domestic film box office.



As a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the army, the film "The Great Cause of the Founding of the Army" also reproduces the difficult process of the Chinese Communists to create a revolutionary army with its majestic image style and magnificent war scenes, and has won 400 million box office success.


It can be said that the high box office of "Wolf Warrior 2" has revolutionized the audio-visual language of domestic main theme films, making the main theme theme the main theme of the market. In addition, the inner theme of the main theme film is more important to bear social responsibility and carry forward the national spirit.


in winter

Founder, Chairperson and President of Bona Pictures Group’s joint stock company

Nowadays, the main theme film is taking up its due social responsibility, not only strengthening "road confidence, theoretical confidence, system confidence, and cultural confidence", but also the main theme film itself is more confident.

Liu Yang

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Cultural Interview Room of the Ministry of Political and Cultural Affairs of People’s Daily

The high box office of "Wolf Warrior 2" has broken the curse that has haunted domestic main theme films for many years. The main theme theme can also become the main theme of the market. The key lies in how the characters are shaped and how the story is told.


04 Traffic star


In the past two years, the traffic star was the "handle" on the big screen. Its huge fan traffic could make a movie of mediocre quality continuously stir up hot topics, thus driving the box office to improve.


However, in such a state, a large number of assembly line works with celebrities as gimmicks appeared in the market, which also gave rise to a lot of industry chaos in which traffic stars "use stunts for performances and rely on pictures for filming".


This year, the influence of traffic stars on the performance of a movie has gradually weakened, and the joining of small fresh meat and small flowers is no longer equivalent to high box office, and audiences are gradually returning to the movie itself.



In the second half of the year, whether it was "The Performer’s Word" or "The Birth of an Actor", a number of programs to discuss performance came into being, inviting many powerful actors to speak out, returning the performance to the essence of art and providing an excellent demonstration to the traffic stars.



Zeng Jian

Tencent network film and television team leader

The appearance of streaming stars is not a problem, but in a movie market, only streaming stars are a big problem. People’s demand for streaming stars is real, but people’s demand for excellent acting is also real. 

Chen Zhixiong

Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Poisonous Tongue Films

We see from movies (works) that the characters of celebrities are getting thinner and thinner, but the noise received from outside movies (works) is becoming more and more noisy.


05 original


The popularity of IP has ebbed, and the originality has been improved, which is the indicator of the film market in 2017. IP adaptations have been very popular in the past few years. A large number of romance novels and fantasy novels have been brought to the screen, but adaptations themselves are a technical task. If they are not changed well, it is easy to become a mediocre work that relies on piling up stars to cash in, thus losing the soul of the original work.



The ebb of IP craze does not mean that IP will withdraw from the market, but that IP adaptations are becoming more rational and no longer blindly followed. At the same time, the power of originality has once again attracted people’s attention and become the focus of the market.


This year, many creators have created a number of high-quality films such as "Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves", "Carnival", "Love and Blind Date" in the spirit of originality.



In addition to showcasing the imaginative imagination, these films still do not forget to focus the camera on real life, depicting the joys and sorrows of each living individual, resonating with the audience, which is also the charm of originality.



film critic

In 2017, Chinese films were imaginative and unrestrained, but they still did not forget to carve out individual dignity. And all of this is the source of originality. What is the source is the honesty and bravery of the creator.

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Zhanjiang Extreme Krypton 001 drastically reduced its price! The promotion discount is 37,000 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

[car home Zhanjiang Promotion Channel] Good news, the price has been reduced! This highly regarded model is being promoted in Zhanjiang, with a maximum discount of 37,000 yuan. Now buy Krypton 001, and the minimum starting price is only 269,000 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get more discount information. Come and get a higher discount!

Krypton 001 is an electric vehicle with attractive design. Its front face adopts a very unique design, and the center of the front face is a large-size air intake grille, but this air intake grille is not a real air intake grille, but a decorative design to increase the aerodynamic performance of the whole vehicle. The design of the air intake grille is very futuristic, which fits well with the lines of the whole vehicle, giving people a very domineering feeling. In addition, the overall style of Krypton 001 is also very fashionable, its body lines are smooth, and the roof adopts a slip-back design, which looks very dynamic. The shape of the whole vehicle is very smooth, which is very in line with the aesthetics of modern people. Generally speaking, the design of Krypton 001 is excellent, and it is a very recommended electric vehicle.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium-sized and large-sized vehicle, with body length, width and height of 4977*1999*1533mm, wheelbase of 3005mm, front tread of 1703mm and rear tread of 1716mm respectively. The tyre size of this model is the front 255/55 R19 and the rear 255/55 R19. The rim style adopted is fashionable and dynamic, the overall lines are smooth, the body lines are simple and atmospheric, and the side design is very sporty. The Krypton 001 has a large body size, providing passengers with spacious seating space. At the same time, the wheelbase of this model is longer, which provides passengers with a more comfortable ride experience. Generally speaking, the side design of Krypton 001 is very exquisite, showing the luxurious atmosphere.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is simple and generous, with a large area of soft materials and metal decoration, creating a sense of high-grade and technology. The steering wheel is made of leather and equipped with electric up and down+front and rear adjustment function, so that the driver can adjust according to his personal needs. The 15.05-inch central control screen has a large size and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which supports multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning control. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces and the wireless charging function of the mobile phone, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The main and co-pilot seats are made of leather, which supports the adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support. The driver’s seat and co-pilot seat are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion to provide more storage space. The overall interior configuration is rich, with both comfort and sense of technology, giving people a very comfortable driving experience.

The engine of Krypton 001 has a maximum power of 580kW and a maximum torque of 810N·m, which makes it perform well in power. The powerful performance and efficient output of this engine bring excellent dynamic response and driving pleasure to drivers. At the same time, Krypton 001 also uses advanced power system adjustment and optimization to make it more stable and reliable during acceleration and driving. Whether driving daily or traveling long distances, Krypton 001 can meet your needs and bring you excellent driving experience.

In the eyes of car home car owners, Krypton 001 is just like his girlfriend, which perfectly fits his aesthetics. The design of this model is unique, and the design of the rear of the car and the hunting coupe made him fall in love at first sight. From the front of the car to the lines of the car body, every detail shows a simple and domineering beauty, which makes the car owners feel very satisfied. He even said that the face value of this car is so high that it is difficult for him to find a reason not to love it. Undoubtedly, the design of Krypton 001 is one of its biggest highlights, and it is also one of the important factors to attract car owners. For those car owners who have high requirements like him, this car is definitely a good choice.

Test drive the Great Wall "off-road gun". Is this the off-road pickup you want?

  When you drive an off-road vehicle armed to the teeth and confidently go to Kuqi, Laozhanggou, Hunshandake and Helan Mountain, I guess what you are most afraid of is not the harsh natural environment, but the police uncles at large and small checkpoints. Because all they need is a word, your heavily armed off-road vehicle will soon be restored to its original factory."streaking" state.

  The appearance of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck can avoid your worries in this respect, because it has been equipped with hard-core configurations such as winch, wading hose, front and rear hard bars and three locks in the original factory, which not only has good off-road performance, but also makes the police uncle unable to pick out any faults. You can calmly go to your destination through various checkpoints, large and small.

  Compared with the passenger version we have tested before, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck has a hotter body color scheme, and the fiery red body painting is particularly dazzling against the Alashan yellow sand.

  Anti-roll frame, shield design engine cabin cover, rough black matte mesh, exposed rivets embedded above black wheel eyebrows, all details of the design exude tough guy hormones, even at the scene of heroes gathering in various exaggerated and alternative modified cars, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is enough to attract attention.

  Unlike many off-road vehicles, which are like straight men, the Great Wall Gun is more like a warm man who cares for you, because its performance in comfort and many technologies and entertainment configurations are very rich.

  First of all, compared with the pickup truck of the same level or even higher, the rear suspension of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck adopts a multi-link structure, which can not only improve the comfort of the vehicle when driving on the paved road, but also greatly reduce the vibration and restless beating of the vehicle when driving on the paved road, so that the drivers and passengers in the car can always get a more comfortable ride experience.

  The seats in the car and the accessible parts of the body are also wrapped with a lot of leather materials, which greatly improves the ride comfort. The red and black interior design also adds a touch of fashion to the vehicle.

  In terms of configuration, the performance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is also very kind.7-inch color screen instrument cluster, 9-inch color LCD screen and rich car networking functions are not only completely ahead of pickup trucks of the same class, but also not inferior to passenger cars of the same price. In addition, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with advanced L2-level automatic driving technology, with intelligent driving functions such as ESP, semi-automatic parking radar, lane departure, lane keeping and ACC adaptive cruise.

  For off-road people, the most concerned is obviously the performance of the off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun. The biggest difference between the off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun and the ordinary passenger version is that it has an extremely powerful off-road configuration.The keywords "three locks, tank turning around and crawling mode" are enough to make cross-country people secrete a lot of dopamine.

  This set of two-speed pickup truck with Great Wall Gun.TOD intelligent four-wheel drive system with front and rear axles with locking mechanism. In actual driving, when encountering road conditions such as cross shafts and bullet holes, the speed of system intervention is satisfactory, and because it has seven driving modes including snow, mud and sand, more intelligent settings can help drivers get out of trouble more easily, which is also a very friendly configuration for novices.

  In addition, when the vehicle speed is lower than15km/h, when the rear axle differential is in the open state, the steering radius can be reduced by braking the inner wheel through the electronic system. This function called "tank turning around" is believed to be familiar to everyone, which can really help drivers to pass through narrow road sections more smoothly when SUVs and pickups with large sizes encounter narrow road conditions.

  In terms of power, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is equipped.The 2.0T turbocharged engine is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission from ZF. The maximum power of the engine is 140kW and the peak torque is 360 N m.. When driving on paved roads, the performance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is almost the same as that of the passenger version, which can provide a very comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.

  When driving in the desert, a good power reserve can provide enough confidence for the driver, and because the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with shift paddles, the shift speed is also satisfactory in actual driving, and the faster shift response speed can ensure the continuous power output of the engine, making the vehicle travel more smoothly in the desert.

  The great wall gun off-road pickup truck not only has the coveted off-road people."Three locks, crawling mode, tank turning around", and rich modified accessories can be provided in the original factory state, which can make your off-road journey more assured, even if you are questioned by the police uncle, you can take your time. In addition, rich technology configuration, entertainment configuration, comfortable configuration and good power performance make it capable of more roles.

  Then the question is coming. Is the Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup a big toy you want?

  This article is from "The More Cross-country Play"

Frequent failures, sales halved! The safest Volvo in the world, why can’t it be sold?

The inventor of three-point seat belts, the first automobile brand to use airbags, Volvo is undoubtedly the industry benchmark in terms of safety, but Volvo, the safety benchmark, has recently encountered trouble.

In May 2022, Volvo’s sales in China were only 9,488 vehicles, down 43.8% year-on-year, which was the second consecutive month, down more than 40% year-on-year. In April, Volvo sold 8,579 vehicles, down 47.8% year-on-year, and the sales volume was almost halved, which obviously exceeded the industry average. What’s worse, the combined sales volume of all Volvo models was not as good as that of LI, a new force in car making.

And this is the market answer sheet handed over by Volvo models when they all give substantial terminal discounts. Take Volvo S90 (parameter picture) as an example. The terminal discount of this car is as high as 70,000-80,000 yuan, and the terminal landing price is even in the early 300,000 s. It can be said that the car is being sold with a fracture. But how can Volvo, which has a broken bone, still not be sold?

The product update is slow, and the main models are exhausted.

In the fierce market competition environment, major car companies have been trying to introduce new products, update technology and keep up with the market development trend in recent years, but Volvo, a Swedish car company, is obviously a little slow in pace. Volvo’s three main models have not been replaced for a long time.

XC90 was released in 2014, S90 in 2016 and XC60 in 2017. Although there is a change in the middle, it is basically fine-tuned in appearance and power system, which is neither painful nor itchy, and it is difficult to form a new communication point, and it is also lack of freshness for consumers.

Safety and environmental protection cards can no longer be played.

Volvo’s models have always been known for their safety. Besides, the environmentally friendly interior materials is also its unique selling point. In addition, Volvo has no other differentiation advantages that can distinguish it from its competitors. Volvo’s models are obviously not as good as their competitors at the same level in terms of creating luxurious interior texture and driving texture. However, even for safety and environmental protection, these two cards are becoming more and more immovable.

In terms of safety, as long as the price of luxury brand models is more than 300,000, it may not be so extreme in safety, but it will not be particularly embarrassing. Moreover, with the wave of automobile electrification, more and more models are equipped with active safety systems, which also leads to Volvo’s safety brand, which is less and less attractive to consumers.

In terms of the environmental protection of the interior, many new brands have also begun to promote the interior of their own models and how much environmental protection materials have been used. Therefore, these two advantages that Volvo originally monopolized are gradually being disintegrated by competitors.

The complaint rate is high, with frequent failures.

Since the beginning of this year, some owners of Volvo S60 and S90 have found that the engine can’t start normally for many times, and even some vehicles have completely lost power and can’t be unlocked. Volvo dealers explain this problem as "software matching failure", claiming that it can be repaired by software upgrade, but the vehicle after maintenance and upgrade still has the problem of not starting. According to professional analysis, it may be because the 48V light mixing system of Volvo’s new model may have defects in its working logic, which may lead to power loss of the vehicle.

According to the information of many complaint websites such as Chezhi. com, the complaint sales ratio of Volvo’s models is not low. In the first quarter of this year, the complaint sales ratio of Volvo XC60 new energy was the highest. The main complaints were: suspected distribution reduction, car body accessories and electrical audio-visual system failure, driving safety auxiliary system failure, and engine/motor drive motor failure.

In the face of the long-standing problem of low-frequency resonance/abnormal sound, some car owners revealed that at that time, the dealer gave the "hush money" practice of signing a confidentiality agreement after compensation, but did not recall it.

Dislocation competition, hedging rate and brand premium are worrying.

Dislocation competition and substantial terminal concessions are the secrets of sales growth of Volvo models in previous years, but this practice has also brought great negative effects.

The method of high pricing and substantial terminal discount has seriously hurt Volvo’s brand image, which has led to the general public’s view that Volvo should not buy without breaking a bone, which has also led Volvo to continue the method of high pricing and high terminal discount when launching new models, which has also exhausted Volvo’s brand premium.

In addition, the way of substantial terminal concessions has led to a sharp decline in the value-keeping rate of Volvo models. Take several representative models as examples, the three-year value-keeping rate of Volvo XC60 is 44.67%, that of Volvo XC90 is 54.25%, that of Volvo S90 is 44.54%, and that of Volvo S60 is 45.74%. Even if you count the terminal concessions, the value-keeping rate of Volvo is calculated according to the actual landing price.

As it turns out, Volvo’s several brands, such as substantial discount, misplaced competition, safety and environmental protection, are becoming more and more immovable, and Volvo must make changes. We can also see that Volvo is also actively carrying out electrification transformation recently, hoping that Volvo can make a faster pace in electrification transformation. Perhaps only in this way can Volvo reverse the trend.

Newly built car report card in February: ideal win, Nezha rebound, zero run on the street.

Editor’s Note: This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account Shenrancaijing (ID: shenrancaijing). Author: Zou Shuai, editor: Dawn, Entrepreneurial State is reproduced with authorization, and the first picture is from the photo network.

January’s collective street beating is still in sight. Did the new forces of building cars return to blood in February?

On March 1st, the February sales data of new car-making forces arrived as scheduled. The leader is still ideal, with the delivery volume of 16,620 vehicles in February, up 97.5% year-on-year, and 1,479 vehicles more than last month. After the setback in January, Weilai also returned to 10,000 vehicles, with a delivery volume of 12,157 vehicles, up 98.3% year-on-year. The delivery volume in Tucki was less than 10,000, with only 6,010 vehicles, which was still down year-on-year, but increased by 15% compared with last month.

The momentum of the second echelon is also very strong. Nezha delivered 10,073 vehicles in February, and the last time Nezha delivered 10,000 vehicles in a month was last November. 3,198 vehicles were delivered at zero run and 5,455 vehicles were delivered at extreme krypton.

It is still in the off-season, and it is still too early to discuss the momentum and follow-up actions of the new forces that build cars. However, there are several changes worthy of attention: First, the subsidies of new energy countries have been withdrawn this year, which is a big test for new forces. Whether they can maintain the growth trend, or at least not to fall behind, depends on the ability of each family. Second, influenced by the "price butcher" Tesla, "Wei Xiaoli" has made price reduction adjustments this year, and it is necessary to observe whether the market pays the bill.

The main players are temporarily out of the sales gloom in January, and the car circle is still lively. Tucki P7 is revised, and the ideal L7 is about to be delivered. Wei Laiqing’s "866" and "775" are about to stir up the beams, and Weimar’s chicken feathers have not been cleaned yet. It is conceivable that there will be many variables to happen in the future, and the new forces should also set a plate and what trump cards they have.


The ideal is "close to the ideal" and Tucki is "unable to fly"

As usual, let’s name the new forces first.

The sales crown in February was ideal, with a delivery volume of 16,620 vehicles. In the same period last year, the ideal delivery of 8414 vehicles has doubled. The second place was Weilai, which delivered 12,157 vehicles. This month, Nezha returned to 10,000 vehicles and delivered 10,073 vehicles, winning the third place.

Tucki still didn’t run, and only 6,010 vehicles were delivered in February. As of the time of publication, the official of the press has not announced the delivery volume in February. According to the production and sales express of Sailis Group, the sales volume of Sailis cars (including AITO series) in February was 3,505. 5455 vehicles were delivered in Krypton and 3198 vehicles were delivered in Zero Run.


Cartography/deep combustion

In February this year, both Weilai and Ideality achieved a year-on-year increase of nearly 100%, and only Tucki was slightly embarrassed, with a year-on-year decrease of 3.45%. In the second half of last year, the state of Tucki was very general, and it went down all the way from August to November. In 2023, it seems that Tucki hasn’t recovered in the first two months.

These days, when the ideal sits on the pin crown, it looks very stable. The situation in January is quite special. With the Spring Festival holiday and the withdrawal of subsidies from new energy countries, the monthly performance of new car-making forces is relatively low, and only ideals have maintained a momentum of over 10,000. In February, although it was still in the off-season of sales of new energy vehicles, it kept the trend of rising delivery volume, with 1,479 vehicles more than last month.

Weilai’s delivery in February increased by 42.92% month-on-month, and the surge in delivery was probably related to its inventory clearance activities in that month. Now, only a few old models ES8, ES6 and EC6 are on sale, and "866" is about to bid farewell to the historical stage. It is "775", that is, ET7, ES7 and ET5.

The delivery data in February also shows how well the handover of "866" and "775" has been done. In January, Weilai sold 2,190 SUVs (ES7, ES6, EC6 and ES8), accounting for 25.75% of the total delivery, and 6,316 cars (ET5 and ET7), accounting for 74.25% of the total delivery. It can be seen that SUVs including "866" old models are not the main sales force, and the proportion of SUVs and cars is not small.

Looking at the situation in February, 5037 SUVs and 7120 cars were delivered. The delivery of SUVs accounted for 41.43% of the total delivery, and cars accounted for 58.57%. The proportion of SUVs increased significantly. It seems that "866" sold well.

Next, the first echelon also has key nodes that need to be tested. Ideal L7 was officially launched on February 8th, and it is the first 5-seat version of the ideal vehicle. According to the news, Pro and Max models will be delivered one after another on March 1, and Air models will be delivered one after another in early April. The results of the new car will not be seen until the delivery data in March and April. This time is well timed. After a part is delivered in March, the sales volume in the first quarter may be guaranteed. After another delivery in April, the beginning of the second quarter is also a "good start".

In March, the redesigned Tucki P7 will enter the market under the new name P7i. The arrival of the new P7 is very important for Tucki to fight a "turnaround". According to the news, the new car has been upgraded with lidar, and Tucki is still willing to invest in the auxiliary driving of new energy vehicles. And Tucki’s ability in intelligence is also the reason why the outside world still has confidence in it.

Nezha desperately wants to squeeze into the top three. In February, Nezha’s report card was not bad. According to the official, Nezha S recorded 2,048 sets in February, up 35% from January, accounting for about 20% of the total sales in that month. From the perspective of total delivery, the year-on-year and month-on-month increases were 41.5% and 67.4% respectively, and the trend of blood return was obvious.

Nezha’s record in February, to a certain extent, can also be confirmed, and its price increase has passed smoothly. In January, Nezha raised the prices of some models, with Nezha S, Nezha U-II and Nezha V each increasing by 3,000-6,000 yuan, with Nezha S having the highest price after adjustment, ranging from 202,800-341,800 yuan.

The reason for the price increase is that Nezha wants to hit the market upward.

Last July, Nezha became the top seller of new cars for the first time, and it also held the first place from August to November. However, compared with others, only from Nezha’s own situation, the delivery volume in October was 18,016 vehicles. Since then, the monthly delivery data has been falling all the way, even falling out of the 10,000-vehicle mark. Last December, everyone did well, but only 7,795 vehicles were sold in Nezha, down 48% from the previous month.


In January this year, the monthly delivery volume of Nezha was the lowest in the past year, with 6,016 vehicles. After four months of continuous decline, the outside world began to suspect that Nezha’s hot wheels was no longer useful. Nezha’s style of play has always kept a big gap with "Wei Xiaoli". "Wei Xiaoli" occupies the mass market of 100,000-300,000 yuan, and the middle and high-end market of 300,000-500,000 yuan. Nezha has targeted the low-end market from the beginning, focusing on models below 200,000 yuan. The exchange of price for quantity has indeed brought about the rapid growth of Nezha, and it is not surprising to reach the top.

However, the fatigue in delivery means that it is difficult for this strategy to push Nezha further. Price increase is a risky move, but "seeking wealth and risk".

In the second echelon, another thing worthy of attention is the zero run. In February, Zero Run and Tucki were the only car companies that saw a year-on-year decline in sales. In January of this year, the delivery volume of zero-running was only 1139, which was the bottom of the month. Compared with January 2022, it plummeted by nearly 80%. In February, 3,198 vehicles were delivered at zero speed, which is still far from 10,000 vehicles.

In February, the run-by-run C11 extended-range version officially opened for pre-sale, with the pre-sale range of 159,800-200,000 yuan, and will be delivered in mid-March. In the face of weak sales for several months in a row, the zero-run may have to open the market by increasing the program.

The growth rate of krypton is second only to zero run. In February, 5,455 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 87.07%. Krypton once triumphed all the way, once surpassing Tucki. After jumping on the street with various families in January, its recovery situation in February was relatively clear. However, the "hidden worry" of extreme krypton is hard to ignore. Recently, there have been a lot of controversies about "extremely Kryptonian car owners", "non-refundable orders" and "two-faced". It remains to be seen whether the crisis in public opinion will affect the momentum of extremely Kryptonian.

Lantiu and Wenjie are the only car companies with a month-on-month decline. Lantu delivered only 1,107 vehicles, compared with 1,548 vehicles last month. The sales volume of the industry was 3,505 vehicles, a decrease of 21.68% from the previous month.

Weimar is still invisible. Employees leave their jobs without pay, factories shut down, suppliers cut off their supply, and there is no door after sale. These may be issues that Weimar should be more worried about. On February 27th, according to the staff of the Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau of Huanggang Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Municipal Labor and Social Security Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Department of Human Resources and Social Security have set up a special class to intervene in this matter and are accepting the rights protection of Weimar employees.

The state of several second echelon can be divided into two categories. One is Nezha and Zero Run, both of which showed fatigue in the past period of time and picked up in February. The other is extreme krypton, Lan Tu and Wen Jie, who walk slowly in small steps, but at the same time walk carefully.

As early as before each company announced its sales volume, some insiders predicted that the delivery volume would probably increase in the off-season this year. The reason is obvious, the price has been reduced, and the volume has gone.

The biggest strength is Wei Lai. According to the limited-time preferential car purchase plan released by Weilai’s official community in February, in February 2023, users who bought 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6, that is, the old model "866", Weilai covered the state subsidy in 2022. It is understood that the "866" model is no longer customized, so it is also stated in the plan that only a small number of 2022 ES8, ES6 and EC6 long-term exhibition cars can be purchased by users, and they can enjoy additional exhibition discounts according to different storage ages and vehicle conditions. Users who purchase ES8 exhibition cars can enjoy a maximum cash discount of 24,000 yuan, while users who purchase ES6 and EC6 exhibition cars can enjoy a maximum discount of 18,000 yuan.

Weilai’s price reduction has also received a response from Qin Lihong, president of Weilai. It is rumored that Weilai will reduce the price by 100,000 yuan, but Qin Lihong said that in fact, there are very few models with a total discount of 100,000 yuan. He also explained that the price reduction of "866" is because Weilai is clearing the first-generation model and preparing for the "866" model of the second-generation platform.

Weilai’s decline is about 20,000 yuan, and the situation in Tucki is similar. On January 17th, Xpeng Motors lowered the prices of G3i, P5 and P7, with an overall decrease of 20,000-36,000 yuan. Since February, Tucki has given an insurance subsidy of 7,000 yuan and a final payment subsidy of 10,000 yuan for specific models, and the maximum discount is nearly 50,000 yuan.

Weilai, who once shouted that he would not cut prices, can’t hold back now? In fact, it is normal for the new and old models to alternate, and it is normal to reduce prices and promote sales because of clearing inventory. From the perspective of Weilai’s strategy, it is reasonable to hand over the "866" to the next generation.

In addition, a necessary prerequisite for the replacement of old and new cars is that old cars can’t be sold. Take Weilai as an example, the sales of the three models of "866" all dropped by 1,000 units in January this year. EC6 bid farewell to four figures from last September, and the last one was ES6, which delivered 872 vehicles in January this year and 1,731 vehicles in December last year. Not surprisingly, the sales of the "866" three cars have also continued to decline in the past six months. In the case of the overall cold of the new energy vehicle market, the "775" all showed a downward trend after November last year. It is necessary to complete the handover drastically at this moment.


There is also room for cost reduction. The price of lithium carbonate, the main raw material of batteries, began to fall in December last year. At present, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate is less than 400,000/ton. Last year, the highest point was close to 600,000/ton, and now it has dropped by 30%. Some analysts believe that the sales market of new energy vehicles is sluggish at the beginning of this year, the demand for batteries is weak, and the finished product inventory of lithium salt manufacturers is also at a high level, which is cold in the market. In the future, under the influence of the weak price of lithium carbonate, the price of spodumene may also fall further.

Looking back at the industry, new forces have cut prices one after another, and it is difficult to get rid of Tesla, the "price butcher". Recently, it was reported that Tesla may usher in a new round of price cuts in March, with Model 3 dropping to 159,900 and Model Y dropping to 179,900. There is another saying that Model 3 dropped to 199,000. The news has not yet received a response from Tesla.

Two facts are in front of us. First, the rumors of Tesla’s price reduction are probably not groundless. According to its consistent style, price reduction is not only a habitual action, but even a downward trend. Second, the price reduction of Tesla and the price reduction of the new domestic car-making forces are interactive. Tesla gradually approached the price band of the new forces, and the new forces had to cut prices to deal with it.

The industry believes that whether the new energy vehicle market can rebound depends on the situation in the second quarter.

Indeed, the ideal L7 is about to be delivered, and Tucki on hot bricks will also have its own "trump card upgrade", ending the embarrassing situation of being green and yellow, and accepting the market challenge again. Weilai has completed the new generation and the old generation, and the sales data in February also prove that this decision is right and it has been completed well. Next, it is necessary to rely on "775" to conquer the world.

Extreme Krypton, Lan Tu and Wen Jie belong to cumulative players. If there are no big moves, there is a high probability that they will make a steady breakthrough under the general trend. Nezha and Zero Run have gone the same difficult road, becoming high-end and brand-building. As for the result, there should be an answer in the next few months. Of course, the outside world is also waiting for an answer, and there is a silent Weimar.

* The pictures in this article are from pexels. At the request of the respondents, Fan Gao, Tan Lin, A Chen and A Dong are pseudonyms.

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