Boss, have a mass-selling headlight! Ask the world M9: Arrange


Do you know? In 1885, when the prototype of the car was just formed, the lighting system came into being. Perhaps you can’t imagine that the earliest lights were actually a pair of fuel lamps! At that time, cars and horses were expensive and letters were slow. But it was precisely from this era when even lighting the night road could not be satisfied that car headlights began their advanced path.

In the following century, acetylene lamps and incandescent lamps emerged one after another, and in the 21st century, automotive headlamps have made significant progress.

It is also because of the complexity of the traffic environment and the expansion of the urban development process, including people’s travel needs in bad weather. Better lighting effects such as xenon headlights and LED headlights have been transplanted to more and more models, becoming the main theme of automotive lighting.

Do you think this is the end of the development of car headlights? Shallow, what we want to talk about here is no longer limited to the progress of materials, but to rise to the level of technology lighting experience. What should the lighting experience look like in the era of intelligence?

When the headlights have been automatically turned on and automatically switched to near and far light, what else can it do?! It can also help you with high-beam keying, and can also help you show a wide-light blanket. It can also help you open a concert and watch a movie at a campsite. When the headlights have interactive functions, you will have the illusion that your understanding of the lights is too narrow? In the latest version of the M9 OTA push, the ritual-filled Kunpeng welcome and projection headlights outdoor Karaoke have been realized.

People-oriented technology will always make people feel warm in the details, and technology-leading brands tend to integrate more user-friendly functions in a linked way. When you approach a Q Jie M9 with your key, the distinguished welcome halo slowly lights up, and the headlights play out your preset pattern. Get in the car, adjust the headlights adaptively, and immediately enter the working state, because the next series of operations will allow you to immerse yourself and enjoy driving the Q Jie M9 freely through the streets and alleys.

Megapixel headlights high-precision ADB unique display, envy everyone

Take Beijing as an example, the number of motor vehicles has exceeded the 8 million mark, which is a very large group. Above the night sky, in addition to the illuminated night sky, there is also the surging traffic on the ring road. You are very disgusted with the harsh high beam shooting towards the lane, or the big cutie behind your car who has been driving high beam. Light is wasted or used in the opposite of the original lighting, hindering night travel safety (according to incomplete statistics, more than 40% of night traffic accidents are caused by glare).

No matter whether it is the person who drives the high beam or the person who is illuminated by the high beam, everyone does not benefit. Even the matrix headlights of some high-end models are clearly equipped with ADB (Adaptive High Beam) function, but the internal composition and the number of modules of the matrix headlights are not enough to support such a detailed cutout, and the shielding is too large for the area of passing cars/pedestrians, which often causes a large blind spot of vision and is prone to risk.

However! M9’s megapixel smart projection headlights use a megapixel module, and the dual lights can reach 2.60 million pixels. The shielding size of each pixel is only 0.02m, which is a hundred times higher than the industry’s 84 pixels. It can truly achieve lane-level precision control. Coupled with Huawei’s combination of intelligent driving perception and algorithms with headlights, the lights really become another pair of bright eyes for the driver and the car.

As a result, everything from a large car to a small person can be precisely reserved. Drivers can see the front clearly, other traffic participants will not blink, and the high beams will no longer disturb people! Therefore, black technology is not a solution. Whether it is used or not is the most direct way to show sincerity.

My headlights are a ruler! Easy in a narrow environment

Cars are not always speeding on city expressways, there are country roads at the end of the street and even to the camping site, you will see such a scene, only narrow aisles are left for parking, and there are limited-width concrete piers along the river embankment. You are about to pass carefully at night. If you are still driving a big guy, it is inevitable that the co-pilot will get out of the car to watch. The large screen of the M9 has such a button. After turning on the width indicator light blanket of the headlights, the light band of the pavement is slightly wider than the body. When you see that the light band does not shine on the obstacle, you can easily pass.

Summon Kunpeng? Awaken the instant ritual feeling full

Interesting people have their own halos, and so do interesting cars.

Imagine, as the owner of the car, you slowly walk towards the M9, and Kunpeng directly swims to the ground. Passers-by are attracted by your operation. The shape of Kunpeng’s wings also illuminates the surroundings of the door. Isn’t it a noble and intimate feeling? The well-known meteor shower effect can only be regarded as unremarkable in front of You Kun, especially when you summon Kunpeng through your mobile phone or watch, it will incarnate into the C position of the audience in minutes and attract much attention.

In the latest version, the tail lights of the M9 have also become richer. The previous red double, love and lantern shapes are just a small test, but they also add a touch of vitality to the cookie-cutter lights and boring car water Ma Long. Now, the addition of milk bottles, red flags, cakes, fireworks and other lights adds a new seasoning of technological fun to the mundane daily life, and also gives M9 owners more personalized emotional expression.

Summer night KTV, outdoor party? Projection headlights arranged for you!

The continuous explosion of self-media short videos has given ordinary people a side that they want to express themselves, but if I tell you that the distinguished Wenjie M9 can come with its own sky-breaking traffic, would you believe it?! As night falls, a curtain or a white wall can start to display. Turn on the megapixel headlights of the Wenjie M9 and directly project the lyrics. The effect is high-quality imitation of the mass-selling box. As soon as the verbatim lyrics leave, plus the opera house version of the audio playback, an open-air concert is immediately completed. With the microphone in hand, you are the master of this set!

In the era of smart cars, headlights have also been given more black technology, making the lighting system more visible. Intelligent lighting can help drivers get a safer and more convenient driving experience, and the realization of interactive and projection functions has become the icing on the cake, creating a richer social life and entertainment scene.

Compared to the almost demanding requirements of laser headlights, the practical significance of pixel headlights is more valuable, and the scene is also richer. For the future life, it may be the goal of the next OTA of the M9. What else do you want headlights to do? You might as well type it out in the comment area.

Gold medal green leaf Wu Mengda reappeared in Jianghu "Big Shot" to play the male lead

Wu Mengda

  Looking back on the decades of Wu Mengda’s film career, there are almost no works in which he starred, which are typical supporting roles. However, compared with other full-time supporting actors, Wu Mengda is one of the few actors who have become popular in the Chinese area by acting in supporting roles. Many of his films have starred other movie stars, such as Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau, but most fans’ impression of Wu Mengda is still Chow’s films. Since 1990, Wu Mengda has been very successful by cooperating with Chow Xingchi, and has participated in dozens of Chow’s films, including 、、、、、、、、、 and so on. Among them, "Gambling on the Sage" in 1990 received more than 40 million Hong Kong dollars at the box office, breaking the box office record of a Hong Kong-made film in the past; in 1992, five films starring Chow Xingchi arranged the top five at the box office of the year, three of which were assisted by Wu Mengda; in 2001, he participated in the film again broke the box office record of a Hong Kong-made film in the past, collecting more than 60 million Hong Kong dollars. Over the years, he has cooperated with Chow Xingchi seamlessly and has been dubbed "Gold Green Leaf" by everyone.

  In a turn of events, Wu Mengda, who is fighting again in this round of rivers and lakes, starred for the first time as the male lead in the groundbreaking new-school comedy "Big Shots". In the film, he played a TV person who was so down that he was drunk all day long. In the process of finding a livelihood, he helped to restore the luster of ancient memories. Stories of little people subverting ordinary lives are not uncommon, and their life comedy is the main theme of this film.

  "When I was young, I also wanted to be the male lead, but at that time, the male lead was always Chow Yun-fat. I don’t know why I suddenly grew very old after the age of 30, and I didn’t look like playing the male lead, so I had to play the male lead’s father." Looking back at the time of filming, Uncle Da was a model worker, and he had no problem running five plays a day. "I have an average of two plays a month, and more than 20 plays a year. I haven’t slept for the longest six days. I just ran to Leung Chaowei’s side in the morning, went to Chow Yun-fa’s side at noon, changed to Dawn’s side in the afternoon, and returned to Xingzai’s side in the evening. The four heavenly kings all like to play with me, thanks to my mother, who gave me such a cute face."

  Wu Mengda, an old actor who has played countless supporting roles, laughs that many of the characters can’t even remember himself. "Sometimes I look back at these plays and often say to myself, why was I so cheap back then!" Speaking of his current standards for new films, Wu Mengda said: "Don’t make cameos. There is an old Chinese saying, ‘I would rather be the head of a chicken than the queen of an ox’ means that you would rather be the head of a chick than the tail of a cow. It would have been a good thing to make a cameo in a big play, but I didn’t explain it to the audience. I just took advantage of your fame and had no special significance to the box office. It was just meaningful in publicity. I would rather make some small films and have my own performances. I would basically refuse those cameo roles." "I never cared about whether I was the protagonist or the supporting actor in the play, but one thing, there must be a play," Mr. Wu said frankly.

  Wu Mengda, who is already a father in his life, believes that he is a good father from a certain perspective, "a good father in terms of taking care of children, but not in terms of time." Because he has been out filming all year round and spends less time with his children, Wu Mengda does not have time to accompany his children to grow up. He also said that if the child likes it, he will not oppose him from entering the entertainment industry. "But the child still needs to grow up, needs to study, and has enough wisdom to judge. This is a very complicated thing." In fact, Wu Mengda’s most wanted role is the father in "Wrong Ride", but he has never had the opportunity. "This father is dumb, has no dialogue, and relies entirely on acting." Wu Mengda laughed and said that because the play was purely tragic, people did not dare to ask him to act.

  Think small and the world gets bigger; think big and the world gets smaller – for everyone.

4000 yuan sincere work, Huawei P30 30-day experience report

It has been nearly two months since the launch of the Huawei P30 series, and I previously reviewed the Huawei P30 Pro. The 10x hybrid zoom on the P30 Pro gave me a big shock, allowing us to see the potential of the phone in telephoto shooting, but the 6.4-inch large screen also makes it thicker.

For the author who uses mobile phones heavily, I prefer lightweight and easy to control small-screen mobile phones with one hand. So, I used the P30 as my main mobile phone for a month, and today we will talk about the experience of using the P30.

Huawei P30 long test


Appearance: 6.1 inch golden ratio, not tired after long-term use

The most obvious difference between Huawei P30 and P30 Pro is the difference in feel. The 6.1-inch screen of the P30 is more suitable for users with small hands. Although it does not use a curved screen, the sleek middle frame processing of the P30 does not make me feel broken. Compared with the P30 Pro, the shorter screen size also facilitates operations such as drop-down notification bars. One-handed operation is not a problem.

Huawei P30 long test

The 3.5mm earphone jack is still retained at the bottom.

In addition to the small screen being more practical and easier, the P30 retains a 3.5mm earphone jack, which is very convenient for listening to music with wired earphones, eliminating the trouble of carrying an adapter cable with you. However, there is still no infrared transmitter on the top of the P30. Friends who want to turn on the air conditioner with their mobile phones need to pay attention. The P30 may not meet your requirements, but now there are many smart air conditioners, which are controlled by mobile APP and WiFi. Without an infrared transmitter, it cannot be considered a flaw.

In terms of color scheme, Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have the same color scheme. They are all five color schemes: bright black, aurora, sky realm, orange, and pearlescent fritillary. There is no difference in color scheme from P30 Pro. If there is a requirement for color scheme, P30 can also meet the purchase needs.

Huawei P30 long test

Aurora color looks good

Overall, the appearance of the P30 Pro is not much different from that of the P30 Pro. In addition to the curved screen and the size of the phone, they are more of a functional difference, such as the camera difference we will talk about next.

Take pictures: super photosensitive + 3 times light change night scene is equally powerful

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro use the same CMOS, and Huawei replaced the RYYB array with the IMX600 on the P20 Pro. Compared with the ordinary RGBG array, the RYYB array uses a yellow filter instead of a green filter.

Huawei P30 long test

P30 super photosensitive Leica triple camera

This is because the yellow filter can get more light than the green one without changing the size of the single pixel. We will explain to you what RYYB is through a small arithmetic problem.

Huawei P30 series review, day bird shooting, night shooting, Galaxy live dry apple

Let’s first assume that the total amount of RGBG light is 100%, then the RGBG light can be decomposed into 25% red + 50% green + 25% blue. RYYB replaces green with yellow.

Huawei P30 Pro comprehensive review: unparalleled mobile phone camera benchmark

RGB three colors

We can see from the above image that yellow is a mixture of green and red, so the light with RYYB can be broken down into: 25% red + [50% red + 50% green (broken down by 50% yellow) ] + 25% blue.

Therefore, the total light input of RYYB’s three colors is 150% of that of RGBG. Of course, this is only a theoretical value. At the P30 series press conference, Yu Chengdong announced that this time it will be increased to 40% of the light input, indicating that RYYB still has room for further optimization.

Since RYYB’s CMOS can absorb 40% more light than traditional RGB arrays, it can obtain clearer photos in low light environments. The thicker spectral structure of the RYYB array also further enhances the limit ISO of the Huawei P30. Although the maximum ISO of the P30 is lower than the 409600 of the P30 Pro, it also reaches 204800.

Huawei P30 Series Review: Redefining the Next Generation of Mobile Photography Technology

Is such a high ISO enough? Is the brightness of night shooting lower than that of the P30 Pro?

Previously, I conducted a photo test on the P30 Pro’s extreme low light (article link here). In the extreme low light environment (indoor 0.5lux), the P30 Pro can still take photos with good brightness and clear details. When looking at the sample parameters in these low light environments, I found that the ISO was mostly locked at 25600 and the exposure time was 1/8 second.

It is still far below the limit of the P30 camera, and from the perspective of daily use experience, the difference between the P30 and the P30 Pro is mostly in the telephoto and anti-shake experience.

In terms of telephoto, the P30 uses a 3x zoom lens, while the P30 Pro uses the latest periscope 5x optical zoom lens. Of course, both the P30 and P30 Pro telephoto lenses come with optical image stabilization.

Huawei P30 long test

P30 lens combination

In terms of the main camera, although the P30 also uses the CMOS of this RYYB array, there is no additional optical image stabilization, only AIS image stabilization. From the perspective of image stabilization, it is indeed a little weaker than the P30 Pro, but AIS is also sufficient in daily scenes. The handheld 6-second exposure is still stable, and people who have requirements for camera image stabilization can rest assured.

From my actual photo effect, except for the absence of 5x light change, 10x mixed light change, and 50x digital zoom, the other experience is not much different from that of the P30 Pro.

Let’s take a look at the samples taken by the P30, starting with the night.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

This was taken just as the sun was setting. It can be seen that the brightness of the night scene shot by the P30 is one of the best, and the lighting suppression is excellent (neither of these two night scene photos has turned on the night scene mode). In the second photo, when the road light is suppressed, the pedestrians in the lower left corner can also see clearly, indicating the powerful quality of this RYYB array CMOS.

Now let’s take a look at the interior sample.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Large aperture mode

It can be seen that the indoor proof P30 also performs well, with a high dynamic range, accurate color reproduction, and the blurring of the large aperture is also in place, and there is no wrong image. Let’s take a look at the outdoor proof during the day.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Large aperture mode

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

In the daytime light ratio scene, the P30’s performance is also very stable, but it is worth mentioning that the AI assistant will automatically select the appropriate optimization mode for you. For photography Xiaobai, the automatic optimization of AI is indeed very useful.

Finally, let’s take a look at the P30’s zoom capabilities through a set of proofs.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Although this kind of zoom ability cannot achieve the effect of shooting birds, it is enough to deal with the zoom photography needs in daily life (such as shooting blackboards, shooting PPT, etc.). Of course, if you have higher requirements for zoom, it is better to consider the P30 Pro.

Of course, the front lens is also very important, the front of the P30 uses a 32 million pixel lens, let’s find a good-looking lady, directly look at the selfie effect.

Huawei P30 long test

From the sample, the beauty effect of the P30 is still good. While whitening and peeling, it still retains the details of the face. You can experience it yourself.

Of course, in addition to taking pictures, the dual-scene video recording function of Huawei P30 series has also been upgraded. After turning on this function, the left side of the picture is the picture shot with a telephoto lens, and it can be changed between 2x, 3x, and 5x zoom. On the right is the wide-angle picture shot by the main camera. While shooting close-ups, wide-angle shooting can also be taken care of.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

Double scene video

Displaying both telephoto and wide-angle is a very creative feature for some users who like to shoot videos with their mobile phones. The portrait color retention that debuted in the Mate 20 series last year was also inherited.

Overall, although the P30 camera has some differences in hardware parameters compared to the P30 Pro, there is nothing missing in gameplay. From the perspective of ordinary users (who do not have extreme requirements for mobile phone cameras), the camera quality of the P30 is already excellent enough, and the budget saved on mobile phone lenses can be used to purchase a version with larger storage space.

Screen: 6.1-inch top-of-the-line AMOLED screen, just right for one-handed operation

In addition to the camera being unmatched at the same price, the P30’s screen and performance are also highly competitive at the same price. First, let’s talk about the P30’s screen. The P30 uses a 6.1-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, and the top is also designed with a bangs.

Huawei P30 long test

We tested the screen with instruments.

Huawei P30 long test

Huawei P30 long test

It can be seen that in the bright mode, the P3 color gamut volume of this screen reaches 107.6%, and it maintains an excellent color level – the average color deviation value is delta 0.08, the maximum is delta 0.68, the default color temperature of the screen is 7373k, and the screen quality is excellent.

Performance: GPU Turbo 3.0 full release of Kirin 980 potential

In terms of performance, the P30 is still equipped with the familiar Kirin 980, coupled with the latest GPU Turbo 3.0 and the blessing of the Ark compiler, the system’s fluency has risen to a significant level.

Everyone has seen a lot of Kirin 980’s running score, so I won’t put it here. Let’s look directly at the game performance. I chose NBA2K19 for the frame rate test. The frame rate test results are as follows:

Huawei P30 long test

NBA2K19 frame rate data from GameBench

It can be seen that the whole process is 60 frames, and the frame rate basically does not fluctuate. With the blessing of GPU Turbo 3.0, the potential of Kirin 980 has been fully tapped, which also shows us the importance of optimization to SOC performance. Similarly, optimization also greatly improves the fluency of the system.

System: EMUI 9.1 fluency upgrade Huawei Share, the more convenient it is to use

From my personal experience, the P30’s screen following and application switching smoothness when sliding are better than previous Huawei phones. This is of course due to the powerful performance of the Kirin 980, but it is also inseparable from EMUI optimization. We can use the GPU drawing in developer mode to see the smoothness of sliding.

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Home slide

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Taobao swipe

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Zhihu slide

You can see that the reaction time is within the smooth line.

In addition to improving the fluency again, EMUI 9.1 has also made great efforts to beautify the icons. Compared with the icons of the previous EMUI 9.0 system, the icons of EMUI 9.1 are more simple and vibrant, giving people a brisk feeling. With the fresh style of EMUI, it is more suitable for young people to use.

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

Please ignore my wallpaper

In addition to the superficial changes to the system, Huawei has also made internal optimizations and developed the EROFS file system, which is said to achieve an average of 20% faster random read speed and more free space than the traditional EXT4 file system.

Huawei P30 Pro comprehensive review: unparalleled mobile phone camera benchmark

In addition, Huawei’s one-touch function is also very easy to use, but I am not using a Huawei laptop, so I can only show you the one-touch demonstration with the P30 Pro and Huawei Matebook computers. Both the P30 and P30 Pro support one-touch transmission.

Huawei P30 Pro comprehensive review: unparalleled mobile phone camera benchmarkHuawei Shared Touch

In addition to one-touch transmission, Huawei Share is also a function I often use in work and life scenarios. To share pictures with other Huawei users, you only need to click the Huawei Share icon, which is convenient and easy to use. Huawei Share’s experience of transferring files between mobile phones is already very close to Apple’s Air Drop, but it needs to be further improved in terms of ease of transferring files with non-Huawei-branded computers.

4000 yuan Huawei's sincere work Huawei P30 30-day experience report

It can even be shared directly to the printer.

Overall, Huawei’s R & D resources invested in the system over the years have come to fruition, and the impression that the Huawei system is ugly and difficult to use has gradually faded from people’s minds. Hardware and software are walking on two legs. We might as well look forward to the next generation of Android Q upgrades. What will Huawei do?

Battery life: 3650mAh battery life, excellent heavy users can also withstand a whole day

In terms of battery life, the Huawei P30 uses a large 3650mAh battery. From my personal experience, it is completely stress-free to use it for a day from morning to evening. Please see the 5-hour battery life test results below.

Huawei P30 long test

In terms of charging, although the P30 is not equipped with the 40W super fast charging on the P30 Pro, it is still equipped with the 22.5W Huawei super fast charging. The 30-minute measured data is as follows.

Huawei P30 long test

The actual maximum power can reach 23W

However, in daily use, we may not always carry the charging head, and whether the power bank can fast charge the mobile phone is also a point of our consideration. In actual tests, Huawei P30 supports FCP, SCP and PD fast charging protocols, and there are still many power banks on the market that support these charging protocols.

Summary: 4000 yuan Eslite masterpiece old users call true fragrance

At the end of this experience, I would like to express my feelings about the P30 after using it for a long time.Although the P30 Pro has some trade-offs in camera hardware, wireless charging, dustproof and waterproof, infrared interface, battery capacity, curved screen and other functions compared to the P30 ProBut that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most cost-effective phones at that price.

For the general public who don’t usually take pictures very oftenThe camera function of the P30 is actually powerful enough. At the same price, you can hardly find a phone that takes better photos than the P30.And in terms of the feel of daily use, the smaller and lighter P30 is not easy to use.

In addition to that,Comfortable use with smooth and eco-friendly EMUI, coupled with Kirin 980 and GPU Turbo 3.0 support for games. Excellent comprehensive use experience has allowed Huawei P30 to firmly stand at the price range of 4,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

As an "old jazz" who has used Huawei P7, P10, and Mate 20 Pro, this Huawei P30 does make me feel Huawei’s sincerity. Although Huawei has put the most dazzling highlights of the P30 series in the P30 Pro (5x optical zoom), this product strategy makes the P30 look flat as water. But for me as an ordinary user, using the P30 with just the right feel, functional experience, and price is the phone I am really willing to pay for.

Zhanjiang Extreme Krypton 001 drastically reduced its price! The promotion discount is 37,000 yuan, which is very beneficial today.

[car home Zhanjiang Promotion Channel] Good news, the price has been reduced! This highly regarded model is being promoted in Zhanjiang, with a maximum discount of 37,000 yuan. Now buy Krypton 001, and the minimum starting price is only 269,000 yuan. If you want to know more about the discount, click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get more discount information. Come and get a higher discount!

Krypton 001 is an electric vehicle with attractive design. Its front face adopts a very unique design, and the center of the front face is a large-size air intake grille, but this air intake grille is not a real air intake grille, but a decorative design to increase the aerodynamic performance of the whole vehicle. The design of the air intake grille is very futuristic, which fits well with the lines of the whole vehicle, giving people a very domineering feeling. In addition, the overall style of Krypton 001 is also very fashionable, its body lines are smooth, and the roof adopts a slip-back design, which looks very dynamic. The shape of the whole vehicle is very smooth, which is very in line with the aesthetics of modern people. Generally speaking, the design of Krypton 001 is excellent, and it is a very recommended electric vehicle.

Extreme Krypton 001 is a medium-sized and large-sized vehicle, with body length, width and height of 4977*1999*1533mm, wheelbase of 3005mm, front tread of 1703mm and rear tread of 1716mm respectively. The tyre size of this model is the front 255/55 R19 and the rear 255/55 R19. The rim style adopted is fashionable and dynamic, the overall lines are smooth, the body lines are simple and atmospheric, and the side design is very sporty. The Krypton 001 has a large body size, providing passengers with spacious seating space. At the same time, the wheelbase of this model is longer, which provides passengers with a more comfortable ride experience. Generally speaking, the side design of Krypton 001 is very exquisite, showing the luxurious atmosphere.

The interior design of Krypton 001 is simple and generous, with a large area of soft materials and metal decoration, creating a sense of high-grade and technology. The steering wheel is made of leather and equipped with electric up and down+front and rear adjustment function, so that the driver can adjust according to his personal needs. The 15.05-inch central control screen has a large size and is equipped with a voice recognition control system, which supports multimedia, navigation, telephone and air conditioning control. Both the front row and the back row are equipped with two USB/Type-C interfaces and the wireless charging function of the mobile phone, which is convenient for passengers to charge. The main and co-pilot seats are made of leather, which supports the adjustment of front and rear, backrest, height, leg rest and lumbar support. The driver’s seat and co-pilot seat are also equipped with heating, ventilation and massage functions. The second row of seats supports backrest adjustment, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion to provide more storage space. The overall interior configuration is rich, with both comfort and sense of technology, giving people a very comfortable driving experience.

The engine of Krypton 001 has a maximum power of 580kW and a maximum torque of 810N·m, which makes it perform well in power. The powerful performance and efficient output of this engine bring excellent dynamic response and driving pleasure to drivers. At the same time, Krypton 001 also uses advanced power system adjustment and optimization to make it more stable and reliable during acceleration and driving. Whether driving daily or traveling long distances, Krypton 001 can meet your needs and bring you excellent driving experience.

In the eyes of car home car owners, Krypton 001 is just like his girlfriend, which perfectly fits his aesthetics. The design of this model is unique, and the design of the rear of the car and the hunting coupe made him fall in love at first sight. From the front of the car to the lines of the car body, every detail shows a simple and domineering beauty, which makes the car owners feel very satisfied. He even said that the face value of this car is so high that it is difficult for him to find a reason not to love it. Undoubtedly, the design of Krypton 001 is one of its biggest highlights, and it is also one of the important factors to attract car owners. For those car owners who have high requirements like him, this car is definitely a good choice.

Can pickup trucks really meet daily needs? Experience the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition in detail.

As a relatively small car, pickup truck is not common in our daily life, and its visibility on the street is far less than that of sedan and SUV. In fact, I think that friends who buy pickup trucks have a clear demand for cars, which can not only solve daily travel, but also get good loading space. From this perspective, the market strength of pickup trucks seems to be quite strong.

According to relevant data, the pickup trucks of the Great Wall brand have been ranked first in domestic sales for 21 consecutive years, with a total of 1.6 million vehicles sold. Even though the data is very exaggerated, the pickup trucks of the Great Wall brand are still not close to the public’s vision. In the past, pickup trucks were often used as "trucks", and the demand for carrying goods was greater than that for carrying people. However, the appearance of a pickup truck in the Great Wall has brought about subtle changes in this solidified thinking, that is, the Great Wall Cannon, which has been on the market for a short time.

From the product category, the Great Wall Gun series can be divided into three sub-categories, namely, passenger version, commercial version and off-road version. As the name implies, the commercial version of the pickup truck focuses on business purposes, so the appearance and interior are quite different from the passenger version, paying attention to practicality. The off-road version emphasizes improving the passability under complex road conditions, and is equipped with a set of off-road exclusive kits. Generally speaking, the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun seems to be more suitable for the needs of mass consumers, so we focus on experiencing the passenger version of the next gun.

Let’s take a brief look at the basic information of this car. In 2019, the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition launched four models with a guide price range of 126,800-159,800 yuan. The power is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine, which meets the national six emission standards. Non-loaded body structure is adopted, which is also a common body of many pickup trucks.

Appearance: the design is very strong, and it looks more like an SUV from the front.

In the past, most pickup trucks in the market ignored the design level in order to pursue practicality and cost performance excessively, and always felt "cheap". But now, the main group of automobile consumption is a group of young people who are mainly born after 1980s and 1990s, so automobile companies begin to pay attention to the appearance of new cars. When I first saw the real car of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition, it left a deep impression on my senses, and the elements of "fashion" and "sports" were very rich. Among them, the exclusive version of the top match also adopts a two-color body design, which can show the designer’s good intentions. However, the model actually shot in this shop is sports, that is, the second top version, and it is a pity that there is no two-color body.

There are different comments on the front of the Great Wall cannon on the Internet. Some people think that the Great Wall is too hard and the shape is too exaggerated. But in fact, the feeling after seeing the real car is really different. The whole car has a good sense of design and good coordination. Obviously, it can be seen that the Great Wall Gun adopts the latest family design language, and this brand-new front face can bring a lot of freshness. The wide air intake grille and the unique brand LOGO further enhance the recognition of the new Great Wall gun head.

The shape of the headlight group is basically the same as that of the old models. The whole system comes standard with LED far and near lights, automatic headlights and steering auxiliary lights, which can provide excellent lighting effects for drivers. The structure inside the lamp cavity is relatively simple, but it doesn’t look monotonous. The light sources arranged in matrix enhance the sense of grade of the front face.

The passenger version of the Great Wall Gun has a tyre size of 265/60 R18, which is a little small for this "big guy" car, but it should not be too big for daily use. As can be seen from the picture, its tire sidewall is thicker and deeper than ordinary family cars, mainly to ensure the passability under complex road conditions. The wheel hub is petal-shaped and looks very beautiful.

For the design of the rear of the car, I think it is more ornamental than the front face. The long and narrow taillight group, combined with the sharp light belt, reveals a sense of advanced. There is an exclusive decoupling under the rear of the car, which looks like a hard-core off-road vehicle.

Interior: The interior materials are advanced, emphasizing the texture.

I believe that many people’s first impression of pickup trucks is "cheap". For a long time in the past, mainstream pickup trucks in the market ignored the creation of interior texture in order to take into account the cost of making cars. However, with the change of automobile consumption concept in recent years, many car owners attach great importance to the atmosphere inside the car, so many pickup trucks newly listed have begun to pay attention to the design inside the car. Although the interior of the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun is dominated by hard-core rough style, the polishing of details has indeed made obvious progress.

The panel of the center console is decorated with a large area of wood grain, and the air outlet of the air conditioner and the central control area are decorated with many silver chrome trim strips. This contrast design of brown and silver gray has improved the grade and texture of the car, at least visually. It doesn’t look monotonous. In addition, the door handles on both sides also use leather stitching to form dense diamond-shaped lines, which makes people feel comfortable to touch.

The layout of the functional area in the whole car is relatively conservative, showing a symmetrical structure. I think this design can make the car look more regular. The central control is equipped with a large-size touch LCD screen and built-in GPS navigation function, which is still very practical.

In addition to the obvious upgrade in materials and workmanship, the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun is also very sincere in configuration. The whole system comes standard with a leather steering wheel and supports the steering wheel shift function. Rear seat air outlet, automatic air conditioner, induction wiper and other commonly used functions are well equipped. In addition, the configuration of intelligent network connection also has a good performance, such as supporting voice control system, which is more convenient for young consumers to use cars.

Space: The seat is wide and soft, but the rear space is average.

Compared with the off-road version and the commercial version of the pickup truck, the passenger version of the pickup truck seems to be more suitable for ordinary consumers’ car scenes, for example, it can meet the needs of home travel and has an ideal loading space. Therefore, the passenger pickup truck has certain requirements for ride comfort. The seats in the front and rear rows of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition are relatively soft, and the internal fillers are sufficient, even worse than the ride experience of ordinary city SUVs. However, the depth of the rear seat cushion of this car is a little short, which leads to the general support effect on the thigh.

There must be many friends who are concerned about the rear space of this car. Considering the depth and length of the tail box, the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition has not reserved a large rear space. Taking the 179cm height experiencer as a reference, there is about a punch between the leg and the front seat, which is slightly inferior to the general SUV model.

It is worth mentioning that the rear seats of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition can be folded up, which can also create a lot of storage space. To sum up, the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun has far exceeded the expected performance in storage, but the second row is not comfortable to ride. From the point of view of home use, the properties of this car still need to be improved.

Power: 2.0T+8AT "golden" power combination.

In fact, the powertrain of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition is almost the same as that of Haval H9, which is a combination of 2.0T engine and ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox. However, in terms of parameters, there are subtle differences between them. The power and torque of the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun are slightly inferior to those of H9. Even so, the Great Wall Gun is still one of the most powerful players in its class. A 2.0T gasoline engine can produce a maximum power of 140kW and a peak torque of 360 N m.. Judging from the engine parameters, the Great Wall’s power adjustment of this pickup truck is not so violent, but it can basically cope with a variety of car scenes.

In the automobile circle, people often hear people say "golden" power combination. In fact, this set of power of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition can also be called "gold". In addition to the 2.0T engine, the most important thing is the ZF8 speed gearbox. Friends who have driven Haval H9 must know that the smoothness of this transmission system is really high, and the shifting is particularly active, which gives people a smooth feeling when driving.

Editor’s summary: pickup truck seems to be getting closer and closer to entering the "homes of ordinary people". Taking the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition as an example, its comfort and practicality will really give people a bright feeling. In addition, the Great Wall Gun has greatly changed the "rough" impression of pickup trucks in the past by using excellent design concepts. The more fashionable design elements and rich configuration functions make it more acceptable to consumers in the market. However, there is a saying that unless there is a clear demand for cars, pickup trucks still cannot become the mainstream choice for most people, which has a great connection with the current situation of the domestic automobile industry. In other words, today’s pickup trucks are still relatively niche models, but the Great Wall cannon has brought people a different feeling.

Test drive the Great Wall "off-road gun". Is this the off-road pickup you want?

  When you drive an off-road vehicle armed to the teeth and confidently go to Kuqi, Laozhanggou, Hunshandake and Helan Mountain, I guess what you are most afraid of is not the harsh natural environment, but the police uncles at large and small checkpoints. Because all they need is a word, your heavily armed off-road vehicle will soon be restored to its original factory."streaking" state.

  The appearance of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck can avoid your worries in this respect, because it has been equipped with hard-core configurations such as winch, wading hose, front and rear hard bars and three locks in the original factory, which not only has good off-road performance, but also makes the police uncle unable to pick out any faults. You can calmly go to your destination through various checkpoints, large and small.

  Compared with the passenger version we have tested before, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck has a hotter body color scheme, and the fiery red body painting is particularly dazzling against the Alashan yellow sand.

  Anti-roll frame, shield design engine cabin cover, rough black matte mesh, exposed rivets embedded above black wheel eyebrows, all details of the design exude tough guy hormones, even at the scene of heroes gathering in various exaggerated and alternative modified cars, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is enough to attract attention.

  Unlike many off-road vehicles, which are like straight men, the Great Wall Gun is more like a warm man who cares for you, because its performance in comfort and many technologies and entertainment configurations are very rich.

  First of all, compared with the pickup truck of the same level or even higher, the rear suspension of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck adopts a multi-link structure, which can not only improve the comfort of the vehicle when driving on the paved road, but also greatly reduce the vibration and restless beating of the vehicle when driving on the paved road, so that the drivers and passengers in the car can always get a more comfortable ride experience.

  The seats in the car and the accessible parts of the body are also wrapped with a lot of leather materials, which greatly improves the ride comfort. The red and black interior design also adds a touch of fashion to the vehicle.

  In terms of configuration, the performance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is also very kind.7-inch color screen instrument cluster, 9-inch color LCD screen and rich car networking functions are not only completely ahead of pickup trucks of the same class, but also not inferior to passenger cars of the same price. In addition, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with advanced L2-level automatic driving technology, with intelligent driving functions such as ESP, semi-automatic parking radar, lane departure, lane keeping and ACC adaptive cruise.

  For off-road people, the most concerned is obviously the performance of the off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun. The biggest difference between the off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun and the ordinary passenger version is that it has an extremely powerful off-road configuration.The keywords "three locks, tank turning around and crawling mode" are enough to make cross-country people secrete a lot of dopamine.

  This set of two-speed pickup truck with Great Wall Gun.TOD intelligent four-wheel drive system with front and rear axles with locking mechanism. In actual driving, when encountering road conditions such as cross shafts and bullet holes, the speed of system intervention is satisfactory, and because it has seven driving modes including snow, mud and sand, more intelligent settings can help drivers get out of trouble more easily, which is also a very friendly configuration for novices.

  In addition, when the vehicle speed is lower than15km/h, when the rear axle differential is in the open state, the steering radius can be reduced by braking the inner wheel through the electronic system. This function called "tank turning around" is believed to be familiar to everyone, which can really help drivers to pass through narrow road sections more smoothly when SUVs and pickups with large sizes encounter narrow road conditions.

  In terms of power, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is equipped.The 2.0T turbocharged engine is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission from ZF. The maximum power of the engine is 140kW and the peak torque is 360 N m.. When driving on paved roads, the performance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is almost the same as that of the passenger version, which can provide a very comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.

  When driving in the desert, a good power reserve can provide enough confidence for the driver, and because the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with shift paddles, the shift speed is also satisfactory in actual driving, and the faster shift response speed can ensure the continuous power output of the engine, making the vehicle travel more smoothly in the desert.

  The great wall gun off-road pickup truck not only has the coveted off-road people."Three locks, crawling mode, tank turning around", and rich modified accessories can be provided in the original factory state, which can make your off-road journey more assured, even if you are questioned by the police uncle, you can take your time. In addition, rich technology configuration, entertainment configuration, comfortable configuration and good power performance make it capable of more roles.

  Then the question is coming. Is the Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup a big toy you want?

  This article is from "The More Cross-country Play"

Must-read in the morning: Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission made a heavy voice to support Vanke (November 7)

  [Market Review]

  The three A-share indexes collectively closed up on the last trading day. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.91%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 2.21%, the North Stock Exchange 50 rose by 2.4%, the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose by 3.26%, and the turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 1,064.2 billion yuan. More than 4,600 stocks in the two cities rose. Northbound funds bought a net of 5.273 billion yuan throughout the day. On the theme of the sector, media, games, securities, computing power leasing and other sectors were among the top gainers; Oil and gas, coal, pork and other plates are floating green.

  [breaking news]

  OpenAI has launched a customized version of ChatGPT, which will be launched in the GPT store soon.

  On November 6th, local time, OpenAI announced the launch of a customized version of ChatGPT in official website. According to reports, anyone can easily create their own GPT-without coding. From now on, users can create GPTs and share them publicly. In addition, later this month, OpenAI will launch the GPT store.

  Xinhua News Agency: Accelerating the construction of a financial power is an inevitable choice for development.

  On November 6, Xinhua News Agency published an article "Accelerating the construction of a financial power is an inevitable choice for development", which pointed out that to accelerate the construction of a financial power, finance should provide high-quality services for economic and social development. At present, China has embarked on a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Whether it is to solve the problem of insufficient development imbalance, to build a modern industrial system, and to continuously improve people’s quality of life, it needs high-quality financial development as a strong support. It is necessary to implement the "three efforts" put forward by the Central Financial Work Conference, strive to create a good monetary and financial environment, strive to build a modern financial institution and market system, and strive to promote high-level financial opening. We should take serving the real economy as the foundation of our career, anchor the requirements of high-quality economic development, and do five major articles on technology and finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, so as to provide higher-quality, more efficient and safer financial services for the development of the real economy, and let the high-quality financial development lay a solid foundation and add vitality to China’s economic and social development.

  Asked the car to issue a document, Popular Science AEB: Reject "invalid braking" and don’t fight meaningless arguments.

  According to Sina Technology, during this period, the "AEB dispute" between Xpeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng and Huawei Yu Chengdong has become heated. This morning, Xpeng Motors officially started the "popular science mode" directly, and in the evening, the "official popular science" from AITO car also came. The official of the car company said that under the blessing of Huawei ADS 2.0, the AEB of the car company "has its own discretion" and refuses "invalid braking", which has become a function respected by every car owner.

  The ninth batch of 41 kinds of drugs successfully purchased by the state, and the average price of the selected drugs was reduced by 58%.

  According to CCTV news, today (November 6), the ninth batch of centralized drug procurement organized by the state produced a quasi-winning result in Shanghai. 41 kinds of drugs were successfully purchased in this collection, and the average price of the drugs to be selected was reduced by 58%. It is estimated that the annual drug cost can be saved by 18.2 billion yuan. This collection covers infections, tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, mental diseases and other common and chronic diseases, as well as key drugs such as emergency rescue drugs and short-term drugs. Lenalidomide capsules for the treatment of multiple myeloma were collected in time after the patent expired in May, 2023. Each capsule (25mg) was reduced from 200 yuan to 15 yuan on average, which saved about 3880 yuan per month, and the burden on patients was obviously reduced. Rabeprazole oral sustained-release dosage form and esmomeprazole magnesium enteric-coated dry suspension for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases have significantly reduced the prices of key drugs for rational drug use in three countries. Five kinds of short-term drugs and emergency drugs, such as amiodarone injection for arrhythmia, dopamine injection for shock rescue and oxytocin injection for induced labor, stabilize the enterprise’s expectation through "quantity" procurement, and realize the multi-objective balance of guaranteed supply and reasonable price reduction.

  Central Bank: The work of reducing the interest rate of existing mortgage loans has been basically completed.

  According to a document issued by the Monetary Policy Department of the People’s Bank of China on November 6, the work of reducing the interest rate of existing mortgage loans has been basically completed. The interest rate of existing mortgage loans exceeding 22 trillion yuan has been lowered, with an average decrease of 0.73 percentage point, benefiting more than 50 million households and 150 million people, and reducing the interest expenditure of borrowers by 160-170 billion yuan every year, with an average annual decrease of 3,200 yuan per household.

  Vanke: Domestic and foreign debts will be guaranteed to be paid on schedule, and the capital situation will be ensured to be safe.

  In the face of the recent irrational fluctuations in Vanke’s bonds, on November 6th, Vanke held a third-quarter performance briefing meeting with domestic and foreign financial institutions. Vanke said that domestic and foreign debts would be guaranteed to be paid as scheduled, and the market did not need to worry about it at all. Vanke’s management stressed that Vanke has always maintained a normal daily rolling cash flow management and stress test, which can know and control the capital situation in real time and ensure the company’s safety through pre-plans.

  Shenzhen state-owned assets include Vanke in the scope of statistical statements, and its profits account for over 30% of Shenzhen state-owned assets.

  Vanke held an exchange meeting with financial institutions. At the meeting, Ye Xinming, a member of the Party Committee of Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said, "Vanke is an important member of Shenzhen State-owned Assets System. Shenzhen State-owned Assets has included Vanke in the scope of statistical statements. Vanke’s total assets, operating income and profits account for more than 30% of Shenzhen State-owned Assets. Vanke’s business development has a significant impact on Shenzhen State-owned Assets. At the same time, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Shenzhen Municipal Government trusts the management. As a native of Shenzhen, Vanke has a healthy corporate culture and has a correct judgment on the trend of the real estate industry. "

  Shenzhen SASAC put forward specific measures to support Vanke: actively organize municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in bond subscription in a market-oriented way.

  On November 6th, Vanke held an online meeting to exchange information with financial institutions on its operation and recent bond price fluctuations in the secondary market. At the meeting, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen not only expressed its support for Vanke, but also put forward specific support measures: under the principle of marketization and rule of law, use all possible means and ways to jointly deal with possible risks with Vanke, including but not limited to accelerating the development and construction of Vanke’s large-scale urban renewal projects through transferee and cooperative development; Improve the liquidity of all kinds of investment real estate held by Vanke through coordination and cooperation; Cooperate with Vanke to optimize the long-term equity investment structure; Actively organize municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in bond subscription in a market-oriented way; Actively coordinate various financial institutions to increase their support for Vanke’s financing.

  Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: Vanke has sufficient security, which will help Vanke to actively respond in case of extreme circumstances.

  According to The Paper, on November 6th, Vanke held an online meeting to exchange business information with financial institutions and recent bond price fluctuations in the secondary market. At the meeting site, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen stated that Vanke has sufficient security, no financial risks and management risks, and is an important member of Shenzhen’s state-owned assets system. If there is a need or extreme situation, we have full confidence, sufficient financial resources and tools to help Vanke actively respond through all possible market-oriented and legal means.

  Regulate short-term health insurance business again: words such as "low premium" and "high guarantee" should not be used for improper publicity.

  According to the Securities Times, on November 6, the regulatory authorities issued a document to insurance companies to remind them of the risks related to short-term health insurance products and further standardize the short-term health insurance business. It is required to clearly inform and prompt consumers about the deductible, liability, payment ratio, surrender agreement, premium payment method and other important contents of the product when selling. Words such as "the premium is as low as (minimum) X yuan", "from X yuan per month", "the guarantee is as high as (maximum) X million" and "from (minimum) to (maximum)" should not be used for improper publicity. For the business underwritten through the Internet, the insured will clearly inform him that the insurance process has been completed after completing the insurance process for a single product. Words such as "guarantee perfection", "product upgrade" and "guarantee promotion" should not be used to improperly guide the insured to carry out new insurance or preservation actions. It is not allowed to hide or hide the entrances such as surrender and security in disguised form by telephone call back or customer service follow-up, so as to ensure the smooth and barrier-free service process such as surrender. At the same time, the regulatory authorities suggest that if short-term health insurance products pay commissions and expenses based on the annual total premium, it is necessary to guard against arbitrage risks caused by the high surrender rate of business.

  Chen Shaojie, the 39-year-old CEO of Betta, lost contact last month. Insiders of Betta: The company is operating normally and has not been affected.

  A number of people familiar with the matter confirmed to reporters that Chen Shaojie had lost contact in October. As for the reason of losing contact, it is rumored in the industry that Chen Shaojie’s loss of contact may be related to the "Changsha Rural Death Squad" in the previous live broadcast of fighting fish. An insider of Betta told reporters that at present, the company’s operations are all normal and have not been affected. Earlier on October 13th, the official "Legal Compliance Department of Social Products" issued a document saying that recently, the person in charge of a large-scale live broadcast platform was arrested by an organ in Sichuan for allegedly opening a casino, which triggered many speculations. On November 6th, the reporter called the person in charge of WeChat official account and the team of Kenting Law Firm. The other party said that the pushed article was not directly related to the loss of the CEO Chen Shaojie of Betta, and the article has been deleted. (The Paper)

  Central Bank: Continue to improve the marketization of mortgage interest rate to better support rigid and improved housing demand.

  The Monetary Policy Department of the People’s Bank of China published a column entitled "Continuously Deepening the Reform of Interest Rate Marketization". Among them, it is proposed to continuously improve the marketization of mortgage interest rates and better support rigid and improved housing demand. Resolutely implement the requirements of promoting a virtuous circle of finance and real estate, continuously improve the differentiated housing credit policy, give play to the role of the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the new first home loan interest rate policy, continue to expand the independent pricing space of mortgage interest rates in an orderly manner, and support the city government to make good use of the policy toolbox for the city. Insist on promoting the development of financial innovation on the track of marketization and rule of law, urge financial institutions to continue to implement the effect of reducing the interest rate of stock mortgage, straighten out the relationship between incremental and stock mortgage interest rates, reduce the interest burden of residents, and support investment and consumption.

  ASML, a giant in mask aligner, the Netherlands: He is very optimistic about the business in China next year.

  In an exclusive interview during his stay in China International Import Expo(CIIE), Shen Bo, global senior vice president of Dutch mask aligner giant ASML and president of China, said that the business in China, ASML has grown rapidly this year. It is expected that China will account for more than 20% of ASML’s global revenue in the whole year, and he is also very optimistic about his business in China next year. Shen Bo said: "We recruited more than 200 people in China in 2023. In 2024, we expect that the business development will continue to bring a lot of demand, and the expansion of our team should be a relatively large scale." (China Daily)

  HarmonyOS Zhixing released the new product of Zhijie S7 on November 9, and opened the pre-sale on the same day.

  According to HarmonyOS Zhixing official micro-news, the HarmonyOS Smart Car Technology Ecological Alliance gathered momentum on November 9. HarmonyOS Zhixing’s first high-energy smart car, Zhijie S7, will be pre-sold on the same day.

  Shanghai take-out medicine pilot medical insurance payment

  According to The Paper, Shanghai take-out medicine can be paid by medical insurance. On November 6th, the reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that the relevant departments in Shanghai have contacted Hungry and Meituan platform to pilot the payment of medical insurance for Internet pharmacies, and dozens of pharmacies have been included.

  He Lifeng will visit the United States

  According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin announced that at the invitation of US Treasury Secretary Yellen, He Lifeng, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Vice Premier the State Council and Chinese leader of China-US economic and trade relations, will visit the United States from November 8 to 12.

  He Lifeng has served as director of the Office of the Central Financial Committee and secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee.

  According to the Financial Times reported on November 6th, on November 3rd, the Central Financial Work Committee held a meeting to convey the spirit of studying the Central Financial Work Conference. He Lifeng, director of the Office of the Central Financial Committee and secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, stressing that studying and implementing the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference is the most important political task in the financial system at present, and the leading comrades of party committees (party groups) of financial institutions should take the lead in learning, preaching and implementing it, so as to drive the whole system to go deep and practical in implementing the spirit of the conference. According to the above report, He Lifeng has served as the director of the Office of the Central Financial Committee and the secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee.

  [Important Announcement]

  [Institutional point of view]

  [A little knowledge every day]

In-depth cooperation between Cyrus and Huawei leads to fruitful results. M5 Zhijia Edition is the first to take HUAWEI ADS2.

Following the installation of the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system was first launched on the M5 series intelligent driving version of AITO, and the "double intelligent ceiling" will be intellectualized to a new height in the industry.

On April 17th, AITO’s M5 Series Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition (AITO’s M5 Intelligent Driving Edition) was officially launched. Further expand the matrix of high-end smart products of the series of vehicles, including 279,800 yuan for the M5 two-wheel drive intelligent driving version and 299,800 yuan for the four-wheel drive intelligent driving version; Wenjie M5 pure electric intelligent driving version is 289,800 yuan, and four-wheel drive intelligent driving version is 309,800 yuan.

As another high-end smart electric vehicle product jointly designed by Celestial Automobile and Huawei, Zhang Xinghai, the chairman (founder) of Celestial Group, said on social media: "The M5 Smart Driving Edition of AITO was officially unveiled today! The deep cross-border cooperation between Celestial Auto and Huawei has achieved fruitful results again. The two sides have always followed the idea of "software-defined cars" and polished every product from the perspective of user experience, so as to promote the high-quality development of high-end smart new energy vehicles in China! Whether the product is good or not, the user has the final say. Welcome everyone to test drive first, experience first and then buy a car! "

It is reported that at present, AITO Wenjie M5 series intelligent driving version and AITO Wenjie M7, a six-seat SUV model, jointly designed by Celestial Automobile and Huawei, have appeared in Hall 6.1 of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, attracting many visitors with the charm of smart luxury products.

Open a new era of wisdom with "double wisdom"

Once the series of models of Wenjie were launched, they were called "intelligent cockpit ceiling" by many users. With the launch of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system released at the same time on April 17th, the intelligent driving version of Wenjie M5 will also become "intelligent driving ceiling", and the genes of double intelligent ceiling will be further upgraded in Wenjie M9, equipped with the latest HarmonyOS and Huawei ADS, which will bring common and new intelligent experiences.

It is worth noting that, as the first vehicle equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, Wenjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is equipped with an overhead laser radar, three millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, and the new antenna technology is superimposed to double the signal, taking the lead in realizing high-speed and urban advanced intelligent driving functions independent of high-precision maps, bringing an infinitely high-order intelligent driving experience close to L3.

On the basis of integrating BEV(Bird Eye View) perception ability, the M5 series intelligent driving version of AITO Jiejie is the first GOD network in the industry, which can identify alien objects outside the white list of general obstacles. Combined with the road topology inference network, vehicles can drive with or without maps, so that vehicles can see, understand and drive better.

In order to solve the problem that the intelligent driving function encounters difficult road conditions in highly complex scenes, Huawei pioneered the intelligent driving interactive game algorithm, which can solve more than 70% of the interactive scene takeover problems, shorten the transit time by 40%, and make the intelligent driving performance of vehicles more like experienced "old drivers". At the same time, a rich scene library is built through the AI ? ? training cluster, and tens of millions of kilometers of simulation tests are carried out every day, and difficult scenes are excavated. With massive data, the intelligent driving algorithm and scene strategy are continuously iterated and optimized, making the vehicles smarter and smarter.

AITO’s M5 series intelligent driving edition is equipped with the latest HarmonyOS 3 system, which brings many new functions, not only a very intelligent new experience-the brand-new super desktop function allows the mobile phone head to apply a seamless direct train, and the application can navigate when it touches the train; Passengers can also access the super desktop, and the private song list can be easily played; In addition, the smart assistant of the car-mounted Xiaoyi cooperates with the high-quality parking service provider Jie Parking to provide users with one-stop indoor navigation service.

In addition, this new model is equipped with MagLink magic car interface. MagLink defines the interface standard of extended ecological equipment, with 27W fast charging, ultrasonic position identification, magnetic child lock anti-pinch and 25KG mounting capacity. It can be combined with Huawei MatePAD, and it can be linked with multiple devices around the cockpit to build a user-insensitive PAD boarding scene, and the entertainment office learning space can be switched in seconds.

Two-way empowerment "Sailis model" industry leader

In addition to the M5 series intelligent driving version of AITO, in this auto show, AITO booth also brought six luxury intelligent electric SUV M7, DE-i super electric drive intelligent technology platform and extended-range three-in-one intelligent generator set.

As the key module of DE-i super electric drive intelligent technology platform at present, Celeste extended-range three-in-one intelligent generator set adopts deep Miller cycle technology, and the compression ratio is as high as 15:1. The generator adopts oil-cooled flat wire hybrid winding technology, the winding crown size is reduced by 10%, the efficient working range of range extender accounts for more than 90%, and the oil-electricity conversion rate is ≥3.36kWh/L, which is in the leading position in the industry.

Thanks to the DE-i super electric drive intelligent technology platform, the two extended-range models, M5 and M7, have the characteristics of high performance, long battery life and low energy consumption. They not only have flexible ways to replenish energy with oil and electricity, but also bring an extraordinary driving and control experience of "double performance and half fuel consumption".

From the intelligent cockpit to the intelligent driving, the intelligent level of the M5 series vehicles in Wenjie has achieved the leading position in the industry, and the comprehensive quality has been recognized by consumers and highly praised by many well-known media. The recognition of the market is inseparable from the empowerment of Huawei’s core technology, and it is also inseparable from the strong strength of Kailisi Automobile in intelligent manufacturing, technology research and development, and quality control.

As early as 2016, Celestial Auto foresaw the layout of high-end electric vehicle R&D field, and the annual investment in innovative R&D exceeded 10% of sales revenue, with a cumulative investment of over 10 billion yuan in six years. As a self-sustaining person of new energy technology, Sailis Automobile always insists on self-sustaining and self-research of technology. Build software and hardware integrated R&D capabilities, including "full-stack self-research+system integration", covering five major vehicle functional domains such as intelligent vehicle control, intelligent electronic control, intelligent cockpit, intelligent network connection and intelligent driving, so as to create products and services with the ultimate experience, comfort, convenience and sustainable growth for users.

Focusing on users, Sailis Auto actively explores a "four-in-one" intelligent manufacturing architecture: one hard+one soft+one network+one platform. Realize the full value chain coverage of research, production, supply, sales and service and the intelligent operation of the whole process of the factory. In Celestial’s smart factory, advanced technologies such as AI vision and big data are integrated through intelligent equipment, achieving 100% intelligence of key processes and 600+ key quality control points of the whole vehicle, meeting the needs of multi-vehicle lean, flexible, digital, intelligent, customized and ecological production.

Empowered by the core technologies of Cyrus Auto and Huawei, in 2022, AITO brand successively released three products, namely, Wenjie M5, Wenjie M7 and Wenjie M5 pure electricity, and sold nearly 100,000 vehicles in more than one year, with excellent user reputation. Behind the outstanding product strength is the practice that Sailis Automobile insists on defining cars by software and resolutely serving users wholeheartedly.

As the earliest participant in Huawei’s smart car selection model, the deep cooperation between Celestial Automobile and Huawei is continuing to bear fruit, and the cooperation between the two sides is also continuing to deepen. In February this year, the two sides signed an agreement on deepening cooperation in joint business. Recently, the two sides jointly released the M5 series Huawei advanced intelligent driving version, and the flagship SUV AITO intelligent driving M9 based on the new D-class luxury SUV platform will also be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The two sides will continue to deepen cooperation, and on the basis of solid cooperation, continue to promote the growth of the "smart car selection" model, bringing more value to the industry and the market.

After 9 years of new cars, Volvo’s brand-new XC60 was replaced and sold for 369,900-609,900 yuan.

Original title: After 9 years of new cars, Volvo’s brand-new XC60 was replaced and sold for 369,900-609,900 yuan.

As early as nine days ago, the ticket circle was screened by the preheating poster of Volvo’s new car listing. Volvo broke the ice from northern Europe, which was the ninth day of the countdown to the listing of the new XC60. The most obvious information obtained from the poster was not only the listing time, but also the pure Nordic descent of Volvo born in Sweden. Up to today, we have just collected nine posters calling for "Dragon" with different natural scenery and humanistic customs. We can see Volvo’s historical footprints all over the world and coming to China across the ocean, and we are also full of expectations for this luxury SUV focusing on humanities and technology.

However, the countdown to the warm-up of general activities starts from the conventional number of "6" days or "3" days. This time, Volvo chose to show it with 9 pictures. Presumably, in addition to the constant inspiration, there are other deep meanings, such as the new car that has been replaced for 9 years-the brand-new XC60.

On November 3rd, the last first-generation domestic Volvo XC60 was officially rolled off the assembly line from Chengdu factory, and the first-generation XC60, which debuted in March 2008, successfully withdrew from the historical stage after nine years of wind and rain. Subsequently, the second-generation Volvo brand-new XC60 also made its domestic debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show and began to be pre-sold. As the sales pillar of the Volvo family, it first entered the XC60 in China by pure import in April 2009, completed the listing of the modified model in August 2013, and finally made it domestically and went on sale in the Chengdu factory in November 2014. Nowadays, the brand-new XC60 has also been made in China, and it was officially launched today. The new car has launched eight models with three kinds of power, and the price is 369,900-609,900 yuan. At the same time, Volvo also launched the exclusive "extraordinary courtesy" of the new XC60: the first 6,666 car owners will receive free insurance for two years.

There is no doubt that the new XC60 listed this time is of great significance to Volvo. Let’s put aside its status as a heavy product that has been replaced and carefully polished after nine years of precipitation. As far as the XC60 is an important strategic position for Volvo itself, even if the previous generation model has been on the market for nine years, its sales volume is still ranked NO.1 among Volvo’s many models, so it is self-evident how important this car is. So what changes have been made to the new car in terms of products, and what changes will its arrival bring to the domestic luxury medium-sized SUV market structure? Let’s take a look with these questions.

In terms of design, the new XC60 continues the design style of XC90, especially the family-style classic elements such as the highly recognizable "Raytheon Hammer" LED headlights, the "Viking Axe" taillights and the flagpole exterior rearview mirror, all of which appear on the new XC60. A large number of vertical line elements have also created an atmosphere full of muscle and strength for the new car. In addition, the new car also offers two design styles, the deluxe version and the newly designed R-Design sports version, to meet the personalized and diversified needs of users. The new XC60 has a length/width/height dimension of 4688/1902/1658mm and a wheelbase of 2865mm, which is obviously superior in the same class.

In terms of interior, the new XC60 continues the simple family style, further explaining the exquisiteness and luxury. The new car innovatively introduces "drifting wood" as the interior material, and the exquisite lines and textures create a flowing aesthetic feeling, creating a strong Nordic style. In addition, the parts of the car that contact with the human body are all covered with soft materials to enhance the comfort.

It is worth noting that the CleanZone clean cockpit built by the new XC60 has health technologies such as IAQS in-vehicle air quality control system, CZIS active cockpit cleaning system, real-time monitoring of AQI PM2.5, and anti-sensitivity control of interior materials. In particular, the active cockpit cleaning system innovatively introduces the exhaust function. When the temperature outside the car exceeds 10℃, the new car will automatically start the ventilation equipment after remote control unlocking to disperse the dirty gas accumulated in the car and keep the air inside the car natural and fresh. In addition, the Nappa leather seat is ergonomically designed, providing up to 45 kinds of electric massage combinations, and has the only electric leg and lateral support in its class, providing a more comfortable riding experience.

In addition, the 9-inch vertical central control display screen, 12.3-inch LCD intelligent instrument panel and HUB head-up display configuration assembled in the new car add a lot of sense of science and technology. The crystal electronic shift lever, one-button start knob and driving mode selection impeller from Orrefors, Sweden are made with precision and meticulous materials, which fully embodies the Scandinavian aesthetic luxury design featured by the new XC60.

Volvo, which is famous for its safety, is naturally sloppy in the new XC60. The new car is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise control system, driver safety warning control system, FAHB fully intelligent active high beam, BLIS enhanced blind spot information system and LKA lane keeping auxiliary system. At the same time, the new XC60 is also equipped with the Pilot Assist function, which can realize autopilot assistance within 0~130 km/h.. It is worth mentioning that the new XC60 also comes standard with the upgraded City Safety urban safety system. Compared with the previous generation models, the system has added three new active safety technologies: emergency avoidance auxiliary function, intelligent avoidance of opposite vehicles and intelligent avoidance of vehicles coming in blind areas, which can protect driving safety in all directions.

In terms of power, the new XC60 provides T4, T5 and T8 hybrid power levels. Only the T4 power model is two-wheel drive, and the other models are four-wheel drive. The T4 model has a maximum power of 190 HP and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. The T5 model has a maximum power of 254 HP and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. It is worth mentioning that the T8 hybrid version of the car has a comprehensive maximum power of 407 HP, a comprehensive maximum torque of 640 Nm, an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in only 5.3 seconds, a comprehensive fuel consumption as low as 2.3 liters /100 km, and a strong power level.

Write at the end:

According to the data, Volvo’s sales in the country maintained a strong growth trend in November, leading the world with nearly 30% sales growth, and successfully broke through the 100,000-vehicle mark in late November, and the annual sales volume is expected to set a record for the fourth consecutive year. As the sales pillar of Volvo cars, S90, S60L and XC60 also performed brilliantly, among which XC60 accounted for nearly one-third of Volvo’s total sales in China. Now the new XC60 will undoubtedly boost Volvo’s overall sales.

Looking around the fiercely competitive domestic luxury medium-sized SUV market, compared with BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC in the luxury brand BBA camp, and even other luxury medium-sized SUVs such as Lexus NX and Cadillac XT5, the product performance of the new XC60 is also bright. In terms of design, the original Nordic style, more powerful and energy-saving power system, outstanding configuration and leading safety system at the same level, and the scalable modular architecture based on Volvo SPA also make the new XC60 reach a new height in safety and driving control. In addition, compared with the new energy vehicles that are slightly scarce in the same class, the high-performance hybrid version provided by the new XC60 gives consumers more choices. Compared with BBA’s deep-rooted brand appeal in China, Volvo speaks for itself with the new XC60′ s solid product strength. It can be predicted that the arrival of the new XC60 will bring a powerful impact to the luxury medium-sized SUV market.

Huawei asked the world that the M7 chassis was changed by Dongfeng Motor. No wonder it didn’t take long for M7 to come.

There has been a spit on the Internet, and the specific views are as follows:
1. There is no bright spot in the appearance. The typical domestic design of magic change products gives people the feeling that it is the first generation of Qin, not very advanced;
2. There are not many bright spots in the interior configuration, but it is the standard level of new power car companies;
3, similar to the ideal screen, there are no highlights such as the back screen. The propaganda is the smoothness of the central control screen and the seat. Now the new forces use more than 100 chips at every turn, and the smoothness of the car is the basic exercise;

4, the space is also very weak, the third row of media people are already spitting, in 2202, a 5-meter-long car was still propped up in the third row, which felt inferior to the small size, and even more ridiculous was that the trunk was also the smallest in the same level.
On the whole, this car is the poor foundation of the magic change platform, with too much stacking and no optimization. If it can be sold, it can only be sold through channels.

In this regard, some netizens said:
1. The chassis of this car is changed by the car, and the level depends on yourself;
2. As a person who plans to buy a second car in the past two years, this car can still be recommended. Only when the market is big can it be rolled up, but now it is impulsive to buy it. After one more year, it will be better to compare and see. After all, it is a second-generation product that has changed.

Netizen: There’s nothing wrong with your foundation. Ideal Tucki and the like don’t even have a micro foundation, so it’s just a good foundation. Mainly depends on the product perfection, after all, the new power stacking is already standard, and then it depends on how to improve the stacking.