Ask the new M5 to open and book Yu Chengdong: super beautiful, super easy to open, super intelligent and super safe.

【TechWeb】Just now, the new M5 in Wenjie opened the booking channel, and can enjoy the discount of 2,000 yuan deposit and 5,000 yuan car purchase. Yu Chengdong said in Weibo: The Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition released a year ago is the first vehicle equipped with Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving ADS 2.0, which opened a new track for advanced intelligent driving. On April 23rd, the new M5 will bring a comprehensive upgrade, bringing consumers a brand-new experience of "super beautiful, super easy to open, super smart and super safe".

The new M5 has made some adjustments in design, including a bright red appearance, a blackened logo and a sports kit, and blackened double five sports wheels with red sports calipers to enhance the sporty atmosphere.

The 2024 M5 adopts a closed front face design, which cancels the original large-size banner air intake grille and only retains the lower air intake, making the front face look fuller. At present, the official has not released the interior and power information of the new M5, but it is expected to further increase the interior space, and may be equipped with Huawei Vision Intelligent Driving HUAWEI ADS Basic Edition.

Although the official has not released the configuration information of the new car, it is reported that the new M5 may adopt the strategy of "increasing the allocation and reducing the price", and the estimated price will be in the range of 230,000-250,000 yuan to enhance its competitiveness. The new M5 is expected to become a strong competitor of Xiaomi SU7, especially in the case of a new upgrade in face value and configuration.

The release of the new M5 is highly anticipated, which may bring new highlights and surprises in design, configuration and price. For consumers who are concerned about new energy vehicles, the listing of the new M5 is undoubtedly an event worthy of attention. The new M5 will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show on April 23rd, when more detailed information about the vehicle will be provided. (Suky)