"Ideal Shines on China": There are both ideal characters and ideal characters | Discussion.

Lighting up the screen with "ideal", the series of short drama "Ideal Shines on China" records the party’s century-old glory through 40 groups of characters and flash stories in different periods, and vividly explains what is ideal and why China.

Author: He Cha

The theme key work "Ideal Shines on China" planned and organized by the State Administration of Radio and Television to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) recently came to an end. As a series of short plays, the drama runs through a hundred years through 40 groups of characters and flash stories in different periods, vividly showing the magnificent revolutionary picture scroll and the struggle story of dreaming on the road of the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s hundred-year growth, and igniting the "ideal" fire of many audiences.


On July 29th, the seminar "Ideal Shines on China" sponsored by China Television Art Committee, Propaganda Department of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group was held in Beijing. At the meeting, participants exchanged views on the creative experience, theme presentation and artistic innovation of the play.

The ideal shines on China, and one sentence embodies surging and passion. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television launched the theme exhibition "Ideal Shines on China", covering TV series, programs, documentaries and online audio-visual works. Gao Changli, director of the TV drama department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said that as a show of the same name, "Ideal Shines on China" had a wide influence after its broadcast, especially among young people.


Recalling the whole process of the play from proposal, brewing to production and broadcasting, Gao Changli called it a "great adventure". The drama is composed of 40 units, with a history of 100 years of struggle in series, telling 40 flash stories in different periods. Gao Changli said that "Ideal Shines on China" is groundbreaking and enlightening for TV drama creation: First, it should be boldly innovated in terms of theme, content and form; The second is to dig out the most touching stories in history and life, which is the key to the success of this drama.


It is a distinctive feature of this drama to accommodate 40 stories with different styles in less than 1200 minutes. Chengxiang Zhong, a literary critic, mentioned that the play used a typical short play mode, which "has aesthetic limitations and special aesthetic advantages".


How to condense the complete story into a limited space of less than 30 minutes per episode is a major challenge for the creative team.


Talking about the creative process, Jiang Zuxuan, executive deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, recalled that at that time, "time was really tight and the task was heavy". Ke Wang, the chief producer, convened 12 project teams of Hunan Radio and Television, and at the same time set up 17 directors’ teams, 22 writers’ teams, 14 general project teams and 15 independent filming groups. All the filming was completed within 76 days, and finally it was broadcast as scheduled on May 4.

Dongyu Fu, the general director of the play, made a resumption of the play with "two requirements and four keys": two requirements, that is, all topics should meet the characters and the times. The four keys are "truth and reasonableness, faith in the heart and light in the eyes, refinement of art and sublimation of theme".

Based on the concept of realistic creation, the pursuit of "truthfulness" in the play is integrated into all aspects of real characters, real names, real stories, real framing and real modeling. Ke Wang, the chief producer of "Ideal Shines on China", said that the crew went to 19 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country for filming, including Chifeng in the northernmost Inner Mongolia, Haikou in the southernmost Hainan, Changbai Mountain in the easternmost Jilin, and Wuqia in the westernmost Xinjiang. "Although it is a day and night journey, it is worthwhile to go to Wan Li because of the ideal."


At the scene, Ke Wang (right), the chief producer of "Ideal Shines on China", presented the oil painting of "The Announcer" to Jia Lei (left), deputy director of Radio Station 491 of the State Administration of Radio and Television.

Liang Zhenhua, the chief screenwriter, said that the creative process of the play also touched him: he was moved by his understanding of the ideal; Moved by a group of people who come from ideals and are gathered by ideals; Moved by the opportunity of 40 artistic explorations and formal innovations. "40 episodes have an average of 5 questions per episode and 200 questions; In 40 episodes, the script was revised 6 times and 240 times on average, but we finished all the creation within 5 months. As long as you stick to it, you will also be illuminated by ideals. "


Yu Yuexian, an actor, talked about the experience of filming Our Wulan Muqi, saying, "Actors really see, listen and feel in the cold prairie environment. Therefore, our creative team can shoot film and television works with true feelings, truth and true thoughts. I myself have also been ignited by the hot hearts of’ Wulan Muqi’, and they really explained what is the ideal power. "


Zhang Haitao, member of the Standing Committee of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and former deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, said that it is an important proposition that radio and television media have been exploring to make the main force truly enter the main battlefield of the Internet and youth. At this level, Hunan Radio and Television and Ideal Shines over China have handed in a qualified answer. He said that the creative experience of "Ideal Shines on China" is worth refining and summarizing, contributing to the high-quality development of China TV series.

Yi Kai, secretary-general of the China Television Art Committee, said, "The creation of this drama embodies the advantages of socialism concentrating on doing great things and is a successful practice in the field of literary and artistic creation."


The creation of this gathering force has achieved rich results. According to reports, the douban score of the drama reached 8.2, with over 10,000 short reviews and 325 long drama reviews. Only on Mango TV and Tencent Video, the broadcast volume reached 730 million, and the total topic reading on Sina Weibo exceeded 20 billion.


When talking about the feelings after viewing, Xing Ge, a senior editor of China Television Art Committee, affirmed the different expressions of different stories. For example, The Taste of Truth used a combination of staged scene scheduling and long-shot shooting, which specifically showed various social trends of thought that existed at that time; Our Wulan Muqi has the texture of painting and a strong sense of the times in terms of picture composition, color and light and shadow treatment.


The stories of 40 groups of different characters are connected in series with the four periods of party history to form a corridor of characters that penetrates time. Li Jingsheng, vice president of China Federation of Radio and Television Social Organizations, summed up the drama as "exquisite and grand". "This drama vividly integrates the historical characteristics and spiritual outlook of the Party in different periods into 40 short and exquisite character stories, focusing on the illumination and enlightenment of ideals and beliefs on life. These characters include ancestors and martyrs, as well as ordinary people living around you and me today. Each story intercepts a small and exquisite piece of life, which is independent, but it can be regarded as a splendid chapter of our century-old party history. "


Yin Hong, vice chairman of the Chinese Literary Critics Association, believes that the drama embodies the concept of "people-oriented", and at the same time it also achieves the goal of seeing history, casting souls and writing poems with people.


The flash of characters shines on history and bears witness to the power of ideals. Zhang Huali, Party Secretary and Chairman of Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group Co., Ltd. (Hunan Radio and Television Station) said that "Ideal Shines on China" is a highly innovative drama planned and guided by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It is a drama that shines with ideals and communicates with young people in the new era.

During the broadcast of the play, "ideal" infected both the creator and the audience. Tan Xin, director of the TV drama department of Hunan Radio and Television Bureau, mentioned that many units regard Ideal Shines on China as the material for studying and educating the history of the Party, and many school students use Ideal Shines on China as the material for their compositions.

"I am most proud of the influence of" Ideal Shines on China "on young audiences." Ke Wang said, because ideals need to be relayed, it is meaningful to create if young people keep up.

Editor | Sui Fangfang Ning Yahong