The world’s first! Xiongan "Dungeon" is used

Start, speed up, park…

Lu Zhaoming, an associate professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, was sitting in a test vehicle in a parking lot 12 meters underground in the Xiongan New Area. He kept an eye on the position cursor on his mobile phone.

The test vehicle uses "5G + Beidou" positioning and navigation technology.At present, this technology has been demonstrated in Xiongan underground for more than 500,000 square meters, with a positioning accuracy of 2 meters, and the construction cost is only half of the traditional underground navigation technology.

Inspired to channel signals from the sky into the ground

Today, ever-advancing navigation technology makes people’s lives more and more convenient. But many people also have the experience that once they enter a building below the ground, the reinforced concrete will block the navigation signals such as Beidou "clean".

At the beginning of the planning of Xiongan New Area, it was proposed to build "an underground city".This includes about 380 kilometers of underground integrated pipe corridors and over 22 million square meters of underground parking. The precise management of the "underground city" requires high-precision positioning and navigation, and requires new technology and low cost, which can provide replicable samples for other urban construction.

"We compared all kinds of existing technical solutions, and the investment cost became an insurmountable’roadblock ‘," Zhang Qiang, secretary general of the Xiongan New Area Smart City Innovation Federation (hereinafter referred to as the "Innovation Federation"), told the Science and Technology Daily reporter. At the beginning of research and development, as the lead organizational unit for the research and development of underground navigation technology, the Innovation Federation tried almost all mature technical means –

Deploying Bluetooth point beacons in the basement has high construction costs and high operation and maintenance costs;

The addition of Beidou navigation base station indoors cannot afford the high cost of equipment.

Using WiFi positioning requires not only deploying WiFi access points, but also investing in a new network…

Is there a low-cost and effective technical route? Zhang Qiang and the project team members sat around and kept "brainstorming". Proposals, discussions, collisions… More than a week has passed, and there is still no solution.

One evening, the three members of the project team who had discussed nothing stood on the side of the road unhappily. Suddenly, an idea came to Zhang Qiang’s mind: Why can’t we "use local materials" and borrow existing communication facilities – 5G indoor distribution system?

The indoor distribution system is not mysterious, it is a small antenna that looks like a "small mushroom head" that people often see in the corridor or at the door of the house. In 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology made it clear that 5G indoor signals should be jointly built and shared. Telecom operators uniformly "mix" various signals into the key equipment – the combiner, and the standard 5G indoor signal is then distributed to each "small mushroom head" by the combiner. However, these "small mushroom heads" can only provide communication protection, not positioning and navigation.

"By the way, receive the Beidou signal and forward it with the help of the’little mushroom head ‘!"

This idea made everyone suddenly enlightened. Lu Zhaoming, who was invited to participate in the project team, recalled that in the past, everyone just made a fuss about communication, and no one thought of it.The combination of Beidou signal and 5G indoor distribution system has opened a new door for underground high-precision positioning and navigation.

"That night, I looked at the night sky, and the shadowy Big Dipper was particularly charming." Zhang Qiang said.

Breakthrough algorithms to achieve accurate underground positioning

Walking into the corridor on the sixth floor of the third teaching building of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Lu Zhaoming pointed to the line above his head and told reporters: "The experimental demonstration of ‘5G + Beidou ‘is carried out here."

The idea of fusing Beidou signals into a 5G indoor distribution system sounds simple, but the implementation process is full of challenges.

The first challenge is how to introduce the Beidou signal underground.In the 5G indoor distribution system, the three telecom operators’ respective 3G/4G/5G and other multi-channel communication signals are transmitted. If a Beidou signal is added, the original communication signal may be interfered, causing the mobile phone to be unable to talk and surf the Internet normally.

"At the beginning, there was nothing I could do. I could only start by analyzing the intermodulation interference model of the two signals and find the fusion algorithm of the signals." Lu Zhaoming said,Communication and Beidou are two types of signals, but they are not mutually incompatible "enemies".The team members calculated the filtering and power parameters required for the Beidou signal to be imported into the 5G indoor distribution system, and then successfully introduced the Beidou signal into the underground through the shared link transmission of broadband multi-channel signals.

The problem of Beidou signal introduction is solved, and the problem of navigation and positioning accuracy emerges.The accuracy of using Beidou signals for positioning outdoors is about 10 meters, but this accuracy is far from enough in the underground environment. Because the distance between two adjacent intersections in the underground parking lot is often less than 10 meters, if the accuracy is not improved, the positioning and navigation will inevitably be wrong.

"This problem has puzzled us for more than a year. During that time, we tried more than 100 different types of algorithms, but the positioning accuracy was not ideal." Lu Zhaoming said that one day, during testing, he accidentally discovered that the wireless reflection environment of Beidou signals in space has static characteristics, which can be used to build data models and provide more location observation sources.

Although the single information of each end point in the parking lot is not accurate, the multi-party information is collected together, and the positioning results will become more and more accurate through the continuous collaborative calibration of the data model.The positioning and navigation strategy was upgraded from "individual combat" to "multi-end point cooperative combat", and a set of positioning algorithms with independent intellectual property rights was born.

In June 2022, in the underground parking lot of Xiongan New District, when Lu Zhaoming saw the positioning cursor move step by step on his mobile phone screen for the first time, he jumped up excitedly.

"This proves that our positioning algorithm and scheme works in actual scenarios!" Lu Zhaoming said.

Pioneering equipment, twisting the "bull’s nose" of independent innovation

In Xiongan New Area, the reporter took a car through a downhill "entrance" and "plunged" into the underground parking lot of Xingqiuyuan in Rongdong District. The navigation map on the mobile phone switched instantaneously, and the arrow guided the vehicle to find the parking space accurately.

In the parking lot, there was neither intricate wiring nor communication equipment crawling all over the wall. There was only a computer room less than 10 square meters at the corner of the passage, and a large amount of equipment was "hidden" here.

"We are’underground workers’," Chu Xinghe, a postdoctoral fellow at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and a member of the project team, told reporters with a smile. Since the experimental verification, the R & D team has spent more than a year debugging and improving equipment underground.

"Here, you must not’judge things by their appearance ‘." Chu Xinghe introduced,Although only a few small boxes are placed on the wall of the computer room, they are like the "heart" of the underground navigation system.The combiner, 5G indoor distribution unit, and Beidou indoor distribution unit rely on these core devices to successfully import Beidou signals and send out positioning signals.

Among these devices, the Beidou indoor distribution unit is the first in the world.The Beidou satellite signal comes to the ground from an altitude of more than 20,000 kilometers, and the signal strength is extremely weak. If it is introduced into the underground computer room, the signal strength will be further attenuated. The project team innovatively developed the receiving module of the Beidou indoor distribution unit, which can amplify the Beidou signal, support feeder transmission up to 1 kilometer, and introduce high-quality signals into the ground.

"The core components in the unit have completely independent intellectual property rights. It can filter the complex signals received layer by layer, remove useless signals, enhance useful signals, and block malicious attack signals to ensure navigation safety." Chu Xinghe said.

In May this year, the Supreme Leader General Secretary pointed out during his inspection of Xiongan New Area that efforts should be made to build a three-dimensional comprehensive transportation network, make full use of underground space, and strive to create a future city without "urban diseases", and truly turn a high-standard urban planning blueprint into a high-quality urban development reality picture.

"In 2025, the ‘5G + Beidou ‘navigation will cover all the built underground parking lots in Xiongan New Area, truly realizing the navigation of’an underground city’."Looking to the future, Lu Zhaoming was full of expectations, "We hope that this technology will be applied to more scenarios such as mining areas, transportation hubs, terminals, etc., and play a greater role in making full use of underground space!"

Hua Qiangu Yaoshen makeup is stunning, and she is not the only beauty whose style has changed

Hua Qiangu Yaoshen Makeup is stunning - she is not the only beauty whose style has changed

Hua Qiangu Yaoshen Makeup is stunning – she is not the only beauty whose style has changed

  The heroines of costume dramas are mostly ill-fated and have experienced many storms. So, how does the same actor want to show the ups and downs of the heroine’s fate, or even interpret the character’s life by one person? The answer is – "makeup".

  Hua Qiangu – Young Girl to Dementor

  In costume dramas, the role of the female protagonist’s makeup is more prominent than in modern dramas. Take today’s "Hua Qiangu", which has received a lot of attention, as an example. Xiaogu has gone from an ignorant girl to a long-term study, from respecting the first apprentice to exile in the wilderness, and now to the birth of the demon god. In this ups and downs of the plot, she has to rely on different makeup to express the characteristics of each stage.

Ignorant girl at the beginning of the world

Ignorant girl at the beginning of the world

  Ignorant girl at the beginning of the world

  Hua Qiangu, who had just grown up, was brutally ostracized by the villagers, but she still maintained a kind heart. At a young age, she had hardly applied Fendai, but her eyebrows had been modified. It was the most popular horizontal eyebrow so far this year, and it was also to show her stubborn and unyielding character.

Long-term learning and artistic love are just beginning

Long-term learning and artistic love are just beginning

  Long-term learning and artistic love are just beginning

  When she arrived at Changliu to learn art, Hua Qiangu practiced hard in order to become an apprentice of His Majesty. Because she had a goal to strive for and knew her admiration for Baizi’s paintings, she always had a crimson color on her cheeks at this stage. Eye makeup was also matched with it, and the eyeshadow was mostly light pink, like a girl who was just beginning to fall in love.

Become the first disciple and become domineering

Become the first disciple and become domineering

  Become the first disciple and become domineering

  Becoming the first disciple of Baizi’s painting, Hua Qiangu was satisfied, and with the improvement of her cultivation, she gradually showed a hint of domineering. Although the makeup style was not significantly different from when she first entered the long stay, looking at her calm expression stroking the Liuguangqin revealed firmness and determination.

In order to save the master, he risked his life

In order to save the master, he risked his life

  In order to save the master, he risked his life

  For Hua Qiangu, Bai Zihua was poisoned by the incomprehensible Bu Yuanding. As for Xiao Gu, who forcibly collected 10 divine artifacts to save his master, he was accused by the Immortal Realm and was seriously injured. Hua Qiangu’s face was pale and his lips were completely bloodless, looking very weak.

Cast the Great Cross Exile into the Wild

Cast the Great Cross Exile into the Wild

  Cast the Great Cross Exile into the Wild

  Little Bone made a big mistake by stealing the artifact without authorization, and was found to be in love with her master by the pool of unfeeling water, and suffered disfigurement. At this time, Little Bone was physically and mentally exhausted, mistakenly thinking that Bai Zihua had ordered her to be exiled to the wilderness. With pain all over her body, as well as pain in her heart, Hua Qiangu struggled to survive in the wilderness. At this time, in addition to a large scar on her face, the makeup artist also used dark makeup to create a dark yellow complexion without any trace of blood. And in terms of eye makeup, the dark purple with pearlescent effect made her look swollen and lifeless.

The charm of the demon god is unstoppable

The charm of the demon god is unstoppable

  The charm of the demon god is unstoppable

  Little Bone broke through the seal and finally became a demon god. At this time, her style changed, and from the beginning of the young girl, she became charismatic and unstoppable. Her eyebrows were elongated and raised diagonally, and her aura was bursting. Thick black eyeliner with blue eyeshadow gradually changed, looking extremely cold. The red lip makeup is sexy and coquettish, echoing the red demon god mark on the forehead, there is a kind of invincible domineering without anger and arrogance.

Zhen Huan - Young girl to powerful Empress Dowager

Zhen Huan – Young girl to powerful Empress Dowager

  Zhen Huan – Young girl to powerful Empress Dowager

  In "Empresses in the palace", Zhen Huan entered the palace at the age of 17 and eventually became the empress dowager. After decades, Zhen Huan’s makeup also evolved from pure and elegant at the beginning to vicious and sharp at the end. The change of makeup is also like Zhen Huan’s heart, from innocent with no dispute with the world to cold with revenge.

Entering the palace for the first time - delicate and elegant

Entering the palace for the first time – delicate and elegant

  The first time you enter the palace, you are delicate and elegant

  After entering the palace for the first time, Zhen Huan’s makeup was elegant and pink, and the curved light-colored eyebrow makeup was soft and simple. The fine upper eyeliner outlined the eyes of God, and the curled eyelashes were modified to make the eyes more sweet. The pink eyeshadow was tender and pleasant, indicating the arrival of peach blossom luck. The pink lip makeup was also indifferent, and Qi Liu Hai’er correspondingly showed Zhen Huan’s simple girlish heart, as cute and pure as peach blossoms.

Revenge Stage - Cold and Shrewd

Revenge Stage – Cold and Shrewd

  Revenge stage is cold and shrewd

  After being framed and exploited by intrigue, Zhen Huan at this stage had become a scheming woman and began to fight back coldly. Her fair base makeup made her still beautiful, and the rouge under her cheeks outlined a serious face. The eyeliner raised at the end of her eyes and the sharp eyebrows raised to the sides showed vengeance. The peach lipstick outlined beautiful lips like a danger warning, with a sharp and charming beauty.

Power and government - ruthless

Power and government – ruthless

  The government is ruthless and ruthless

  The revenge was successful, the queen was taken down, and Zhen Huan’s makeup, which had already mastered everything, also turned completely cold. The slender and sharp eyebrows, echoed by the raised eyeliner, gave the overall eye makeup a severe and fierce feeling, and the dark burgundy lip makeup showed the determination and ruthlessness of a strong woman. The orange blush lost its femininity, replaced by the courage of a powerful woman, which made people shudder.

Wu Meiniang - Soft and charming girl to domineering queen

Wu Meiniang – Soft and charming girl to domineering queen

  Wu Meiniang – Soft and charming girl to domineering queen

  Similar to Zhen Huan, Wu Meiniang’s life also went from ignorance to viciousness, and finally reached the peak of power. From the shyness and pure beauty of entering the palace at the beginning, to the beauty and allure of being favored, to the meanness and firmness of the palm of power at the end, the makeup also went from soft to sharp, from pink to dark red, showing Meiniang’s life trajectory step by step.

The girl enters the palace - soft and shy

The girl enters the palace – soft and shy

  The girl enters the palace soft and shy

  The skin was so tender that it could pinch out water. Fan Ye easily interpreted a teenage girl entering the palace for the first time. Her elegant flat eyebrows, delicate and cute, and the upper eyeliner was simple and soft, outlining the simple eyes of the shy girl.

Being awarded Zhaoyi - Beautiful

Being awarded Zhaoyi – Beautiful

  Being awarded Zhaoyi is stunningly beautiful

  The scene of Mei Niang being sealed Zhaoyi is a classic clip in "The Legend of Wu Mei Niang", and this look is called "too beautiful to be human" by netizens. Indeed, Mei Niang, who was favored by Li Zhi, once again stood firm and showed off her brilliance. The bright red lipstick matched the gorgeous clothes, which was beautiful and charming. The slender and elegant eyeliner was charming and alluring, and the red mark on the forehead showed a strong aura.

The pinnacle of power - gorgeous and domineering

The pinnacle of power – gorgeous and domineering

  The pinnacle of power is gorgeous and domineering

  Meiniang, who had reached the peak of her full strength, was gorgeous and domineering, her slightly raised thick eyebrows were dignified and firm, and the large-area smudged eye makeup at the end of her eyes showed a strong aura and depth. The bright red lips and sharp lips were cold and attractive.

Original Hong Jinbao and Xiang Huaqiang are the boss of the port circle, why have they not interacted for 40 years, what is the grudge?

The two mountains of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry

Samuel Hung and Xiang Huaqiang respectively

Same as the boss of the entertainment industry

Why haven’t I seen each other for forty years?

What’s the grudge behind this?

It’s because of Bruce Lee

Or because of a dispute of interest?

Let’s take a look today to see what’s behind this grudge

This is 1949.

Samuel Hung was born into a film family

He is now 73 years old

His grandfather Hong Kee was a famous director at that time

Established a film company specializing in martial arts in Shanghai Tang

Grandma Qian Siying is known as the first generation of kung fu actress

The Hong family was at that time


In front of Samuel Hung, even Jackie Chan can only call himself his younger brother

He studied Peking Opera with Zhan Yuan since he was a child

Or Jackie Chan, Yuan Biao, Yuan Hua and other groups of children in the big brother

The whole school is going to flatter him

Samuel Hung later spent nearly a decade in the film industry

From a child star to a famous martial arts instructor


Hong Jinbao left his master Yu Zhanyuan

I went to the film industry to become a martial artist

At that time, in the martial arts circle of Hong Kong movies

Bruce Lee is undoubtedly an unsurpassed presence in the Chinese film industry

Samuel Hung also wants to join him



The first meeting between the two

It was a joke.

The first time I met Bruce Lee

Hong Jinbao said, I heard that you are very good at kung fu.

Who knew that this sentence was taken as a provocation by Bruce Lee

I thought that Hong Jinbao came to fight against him

Immediately kicked him directly in the face

With this kick

I didn’t expect to directly let Hong Jinbao regard Bruce Lee as an idol

In 1973, Bruce Lee died unexpectedly

He was injured in the home of his lover Ding Pei

Strangely enough

The ingredients of painkillers were tested on Bruce Lee’s body

And Ding Pei himself admitted that because Bruce Lee had a headache that day

That’s why he was put on painkillers

There is no way to directly prove this alone

Bruce Lee got hurt because of painkillers

There are rumors that

Samuel Hung believes that Bruce Lee’s injury must be related to Ding Pei

Threatening to avenge Bruce Lee

But because there is no evidence

So I haven’t been able to give Ding Pei anything.

But even more unexpected is

Shortly after Bruce Lee’s injury

Ding Pei and Xiang Huaqiang got married

It all seems too coincidental

Because Samuel Hung suspected it was Xiang Huaqiang’s idea

From then on, he became enmity with Xiang Huaqiang

Forty years of infighting

In the 1980s

This is the golden age of Hong Kong cinema

Xiang Huaqiang established Yongsheng Film Company

Yongsheng Film Company developed rapidly under the management of Xiang Huaqiang

It became a competitor with the movie studio giant Golden Harvest at the time

And as the first brother of Jiahe, Hong Jinbao

Soon began to go head-to-head with Xiang Huaqiang

From then on, the two were locked in a feud in the movie market

By the mid-1980s

Jiahe Company has Hung Jinbao, Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung

And Yongsheng has Wang Jing, Zhou Yunfa, Zhou Xingchi and Andy Lau

The two companies began to compete in the limited film market

Because of this competitive link between Golden Harvest and Yongsheng

As a result, for many years, Samuel Hung and Xiang Huaqiang have been in the film and television industry

But there was no interaction between the two

Not even a single photo has been taken yet.

What do you think about that?

Welcome to the comment area to leave a message for discussion.

See you next time.

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Ren Xianqi: Don’t call me a good man!

  Benefactor: The little bug is an eternal master

  From 1990 to 1997, Ren Xianqi experienced an embarrassing life for more than seven years. Because of the famous musician Bug’s discerning eyes, Ren Xianqi sang the masterpiece "Too Soft Heart", which is still a classic. Although he became the king of the music world in the future, Ren Xianqi has always been grateful to his benefactor Bug.

  T: When your career is booming, you must be filled with emotion when you recall the twists and turns of your debut.

  R: When I first became famous, I didn’t feel a lot of emotion, I just felt light, many people liked me, loved me, and got carried away. I didn’t realize it at the time. Fortunately, someone reminded me, and then I went home and thought about it slowly, and found that I couldn’t be proud just because I was popular. I should cherish every opportunity and continue to work hard. In fact, looking back, when I first entered the entertainment industry, the work I did that had nothing to do with music was also a kind of tempering for me personally.

  T: Teacher Bug discovered and trained you back then. What do you think he saw in you?

  R: To be honest, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Mr. Bug, so I really thank him. As for what he likes about me, you can ask him. Personally, I think I have worked hard enough and been obedient enough.

  T: I heard that Mr. Bug was in financial difficulties a few days ago, and you helped him get through it.

  R: I don’t think I need to remember this. I will only remember him as my eternal master.

  Movie: Another Interpretation of Johnnie To

  Thick eyebrows, single eyelids, and a sunny smile made Ren Xianqi the perfect choice for the "good man" on the screen. But Johnnie To unearthed another side of Ren Xianqi – the villain who constantly competed with the protagonist’s intellectual power in "Big Event", making people realize that he also has a "murderous" side.

  T: In recent years, there have been many film works, but most of them have collaborated with Hong Kong directors. Why?

  R: I also want to ask why other directors don’t come to me! Haha! Maybe I have been working with Hong Kong directors since the beginning, so everyone forgot that I can speak Mandarin, and by the way, I can also speak English.

  T: The "Gunslinger" in "Release" is very cool. Did you deliberately transform it?

  R: In the previous "Big Event", I was also a villain. I actually liked making gunfight movies, maybe because I used to play some "good man" roles, but I was afraid that everyone would call me a good man in real life, and it would be very stressful.

  T: After acting in movies for so many years, there don’t seem to be many representative works. Do you want to be the best actor?

  R: I also have some masterpieces, and those who don’t necessarily win awards are masterpieces. I’m always being recognized, otherwise directors wouldn’t keep asking me to film. Of course I want to be the best actor, and I will continue to work hard.

  It’s easier to be a bad guy.

  Ren Xianqi is recognized as a "new good man" in and out of the play, but he himself keeps calling: "Don’t call me a’good man ‘anymore!"

  T: Why don’t you like being called the "new good man"?

  R: Well, it’s all because of the movie. Because I’ve played a few good men, people think I’m the same, but I’m really not that good! With the title of "the new good man", I can’t make any mistakes, so it’s very stressful. If you think about it, if a good person accidentally does something wrong one day, everyone will say, "Ah, so he is such a person!" On the other hand, if someone has always been considered a bad person and he helps a blind person cross the street, everyone will say, "So he’s not that bad!" So, it should be easier to be a bad person!

  T: Are you a good man or should you speak with facts? For example, if a new baby is added this year, will you take the time to spend more time with him?

  R: Oh, thank you for your concern. Recently, because I have been holding concerts and filming in Hong Kong, I brought my family to Hong Kong for easy care.

  T: What’s the secret to loving your girlfriend Tina for so many years?

  R: You need to persevere, but not obsessively. You must give yourself a deadline for everything. You can’t wait endlessly for one thing. Give yourself some time and try your best. If you still don’t succeed, try something else and tell yourself that it may just not be the time.

  T: Is it because you value marriage so much that you are hesitant to enter the marriage hall?

  R: Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It’s like signing a lifetime contract. Even in the stage of getting married, you have to create romance for your lover anytime, anywhere. I believe in marriage, and we will definitely get married. Just wait for a gap to get things done.

  guest profile

  Name: Ren Xianqi

  English name: RichieJen

  Hometown: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

  Birthday: June 23, 1966

  Constellation: Cancer

  Blood type: B

  Height: 177cm

  Education: Department of Physical Education, Wenhua University

  Representative songs:

  "The girl opposite looks over", "The heart is too soft", "Relying on", "Ren Xiaoyao", "Sad Pacific"

  Representative film and television works:

  "Star Wish", "Summer Tea", "Marry a Rich Man", "The Big Event", "The Condor Hero", "Smiling Ao Jianghu"

Editor in charge: Zhao Jing

Li Chengru on domestic comedy: do not recognize Zhou Xingchi’s nonsense, Xu Zheng’s embarrassing series is regrettable

When it comes to Li Chengru, everyone will always think of the sharp-tongued "upright boy" in "Actors Please Take Place". As an old actor in the entertainment industry and a great senior of young actors, he has many "textbook" performances that are talked about by the public.

When he evaluated the actor’s acting as "like pins and needles, like thorns on the back, like stuck in the throat", "like chewing wax, like chicken ribs", no one suspected that his evaluation was biased except that his words were too sharp and did not save face.

The fact is that as a senior actor who can complete three or four hundred words in one go, the requirements for performance are naturally high. In addition to Li Chengru’s newly launched"Play Confucian Life" personal video column is to convey to us more of his views on drama, film and television, acting.

The second episode of the program talked about a genre of drama that everyone is very interested in: comedy. As a major category of film and television dramas, the audience is also very wide. When it comes to domestic comedies, everyone must think of Hong Kong Stephen Chow or mainland Xu Zheng, "Kung Fu", "The Legend of Martial Arts", etc. In the program, Li Chengru did not shy away from saying"Wulin Gaiden" is just a replica of Hong Kong’s nonsense.There is also a lack of disapproval of the exaggeration and nonsense of Stephen Chow’s comedy-style mainstays.

Speaking of Xu Zheng’s embarrassing series a few years ago, it can be seen that he agrees with Xu Zheng’s talent, but he feels that a person’s talent will be repeated and similar. It is a pity, so there are no advanced domestic comedies? In fact, it is not the case. In more than ten minutes of comments, Li Chengru expressed his high approval of two comedies, one is "I Love My Home" and the other is "Crazy Stone".

"I Love My Home" is an indoor sitcom that premiered in 1993It has been 27 years since then, and this drama has adopted a realistic and natural and life-like comedy performance form. The background is reform and opening up, focusing on the daily life of an ordinary family in the 1990s. The plot is not dog blood, but uses real lines and natural performances to show down-to-earth trivialities and parents. It is also an absolutely advanced comedy now, and is even called by Li ChengruChamber dramas are out of print.

However, the program also mentions this type ofThe interior drama is not a domestic original, but imitates the more mature comedy form in the United States.(Similar to the soap opera "Bankrupt Sisters"), the post-90s dinner drama "Love Apartment" is also in a similar form.

"Crazy Stone" is a black comedy film released in 2006 and is still aThe boss of crime comedies, Director Ning Hao and Huang Bo are famous. This film has a lot of credit. The film adopts a closed-loop structure with multiple branches in parallel, which is short in time and complicated in events, but it is logical and reasonable. The whole film is shrouded in black humor, which is highly critical of realism. The release has achieved high praise. So far, many directors, including Ning Hao himself, have committed to surpassing it.

In the program, Li Chengru also talked about his very good impression of "Crazy Stone" at that time, but later found that the movie was alsoImported, missing some reality-based colors,He thought it was a sad thing.

The top comedy ideas are foreign, and the comedy movie TOP is not a domestic original comedy that deserves a nameDirector Xu Zheng is also fixed on his own "embarrassing" styleIt’s really sad for comedy.

Some people may argue that we don’t have sketches? In the program, Li Chengru also mentioned that this popular form of comedy is not actually a complete work, it is just a basic course for actors in all walks of life to train themselves. This showsThe gradual decline of domestic comedy is a reality, and it will take a long time for the comedy industry to break through the development obstacles.

Li Chengru bluntly said that among comedies, tragedies, and dramas, comedy is the hardest of all. After all, tragedies can have emotions brewing, while comedies are sudden, and any deliberate will appear very fake. By using the topic of tragedy and comedy, Li Chengru also corrected a misunderstanding that "whether a good crying scene can be performed is the standard that defines whether an actor’s acting is good or not", compared to "crying drama"To be able to act the "laugh scene" really, and to act with infectious power is the real strength.

The difficulty of comedy is to seek truth and image, to present the characters of the real dimension in the play, and to create funny jokes. It is not easy to achieve these two points, but it is indeed the road to success, such as "The Story of the Editorial Department" and "I Love My Home".

"The Life of a Scholar in Drama" tells the story of drama as life. The original intention of its establishment is "I can’t hold back my words, and I am willing to chat with everyone". In just ten minutes, people will gain a lot, and I look forward to more exciting content in the future.

Yang Mi’s new drama "Shake" has started filming, and it may bring out a popular actor in 2018

Yang Mi’s "Shake" setting photo

1905 movie network news Yang Mi as the heroine of "Shake" is now in full swing in Hengdian shooting, netizens eagerly looking forward to her another masterpiece, after all, she handed over a satisfactory work.

The TV drama "Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" fully reflects the effect of Yang Mi, and the little fresh meat who played against Da Mimi also became new young actors with this drama. Da Mimi not only manages himself, but also his ability to create idols cannot be underestimated.

Zhang Binbin, who played the second prince of Departure in the TV series "Three Lives Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom", became popular because of "Pretty Li Huizhen" and "Three Lives Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom". Everyone likes this handsome and lovely big boy.

The affectionate Gao Weiguang, the man who played Emperor Donghua in "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles Peach Blossom", is also well known to the audience because of his role.

Liu Ruilin, who plays the role of the sixteenth junior brother, is slender, young and handsome. He has attracted attention for his role as a well-off character in TV dramas. Since the broadcast of "Three Lives and Three Worlds", he has attracted many fans.

After "Three Lives", Yang Mi’s another masterpiece "Shake" came rushing, who will play with Da Mimi? Who will become a popular actor in 2018?

Gao Weiguang has attracted much attention because of his role as Donghua Emperor in "Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom". This time, he will challenge the scenes of the Heavenly Fiend and the Great Han Emperor in "Shake". The flood dragon is trapped in the wild, but for a while, but there is an opportunity, and it will definitely rise. Whether Gao Weiguang can transform into an iron-blooded man and fight in Beiye is still worth fans’ expectation.

Lai Yi, who is also the "Mi Family Army Regiment", plays the role of "Poisonous Tongue Medical Saint" Zong Yue in the TV series "Fuyao" this time. Zong Yue is a clean-hearted medical saint who helps the world by day, and a top-level cold-blooded killer in black at night, Dark Charm, but he has been silently guarding Fuyao.

Another very outstanding character was Zhan Nancheng, who was the Emperor of Heaven, Zhan Beiye’s older brother, who loved Zhan Beiye’s mother and was later killed by Fuyao. Zhang Yicong, who played Zhan Nancheng, although he was only 25 years old, he played a very mature role. But looking at his resume, it is no wonder that he can control such a role.

Zhang Yicong graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy with an 11th-grade undergraduate degree. After graduation, he was admitted to the National Theater as a working actor. He has starred in many National Theater plays such as "Beijing Fayuan Temple" and "Up, Down". From the stage to the big screen, Zhang Yicong is relaxed. In addition, he also participated in the movie "Snow Storm" starring Ni Ni, Liao Fan and others.

Dramatic tension and young faces have a full chemical reaction. Will the TV series "Shake" be another popular drama after Yang Mi’s "Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom"? Who do you like to become a popular actor in 2018?

3.9 seconds BYD Han EV is a performance car? Test drive to change the Chinese EV, or home-based

When it comes to new energy vehicles, we can’t help talking about BYD. When it comes to BYD, we can’t help talking about Han EV (parameter picture), because Han EV is the flagship model in BYD cars. Although B-class cars are the traditional weakness of independent brands, Han EV sold 110,000 units last year. Last time, I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the old Han EV. Not long ago, BYD made a small change to the Han EV in the first round. Have the shortcomings of the Han EV been improved after the change? Have the advantages been retained? Are there any new advantages and disadvantages? Today, let’s take a look at the changed Han EV.

After the change, the high match still highlights the comfort of home.

The positioning of the old Han EV is a little vague, and it is indecisive between the performance car and the family car, which eventually leads to the triple self-contradiction between driving and control, cost and configuration, sense of advanced and sense of movement, which affects the use experience to some extent. However, the new Han EV may have noticed this problem because of some subtle changes in its naming method.

The flagship version of the old Han EV is called "Four-wheel Drive High Performance Edition", which highlights the performance, while the new one is changed to "Four-wheel Drive Privilege Type", which highlights the privilege. This shows that BYD has set the tone in the general direction, even if it is a four-wheel drive, even if the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 3.9 seconds, the positioning of Han EV is still home, and the sense of advanced is the temperament it wants to present, not the performance. In the past, I always saw people discussing how to control the Han EV and how to run laps on the track. If the word "high performance" caused misunderstanding to everyone before, then the "exclusive" after the change completely eliminated this misunderstanding. Let’s take a look at what changes it has made to this end.

The biggest change in the interior is the seat.

The biggest change in appearance is the taillight shape, which has changed from the original dumbbell shape to the arch shape. This is also the easiest way to distinguish between the old and new models. If you change the model, there must always be a place where you can see the difference at a glance, otherwise you will be lonely. The biggest change in the interior is that it provides an integrated sports seat. Maybe you will say, didn’t you take the home route? Why did you change it into an integrated seat? In fact, as long as you have experienced it, you will understand that its biggest feature is to improve comfort, because it optimizes the support on both sides of the waist and thighs and reduces the hardness of filling, so it is softer and more wrapped. BYD’s sports seat is more comfortable, which is also reflected in models such as Yuan PLUS and Song PLUS.

The cruising range has increased slightly.

The old Han EV has a long battery life of 605 kilometers and a four-wheel drive version of 550 kilometers, while the modified version has a long battery life of 715 kilometers and a four-wheel drive version of 610. Although the book number is 60-110 kilometers more, the actual upgrade may be discounted, because the old one uses the NEDC test method and the modified one uses CLTC, which has a little more moisture under high-speed conditions. However, the battery capacity is indeed larger, from the original 64.8 and 76.9 kWh to 85.4 kWh, and the whole system comes standard with heat pump air conditioning, and the power consumption per 100 kilometers has dropped by about 0.5 kWh, which is really conducive to increasing the cruising range.

The power limit has not changed, and the driving experience has improved.

In fact, the power limit of Han EV has not changed. Although the power of the front motor has increased by 17 kilowatts, the vehicle weight has also increased by 80 kilograms, and the ratio of horsepower to vehicle weight has not changed much, so the acceleration of 100 kilometers is still 7.9 seconds for two-wheel drive and 3.9 seconds for four-wheel drive. However, after my test drive, I found that its power output characteristics have changed obviously.

The old driving modes are only Eco and Sport, not to mention Sport mode. Even the pedal adjustment of ECO mode is radical, and it is not easy to control the ride comfort. There is a Normal mode in the modified model. In order to understand it, I describe it this way, that is, the current Sport mode is still the previous Sport mode, and there is no change. The new Normal mode is the previous Eco, and the current Eco is the previous Eco soft version, which means that the adjustable range of power style is wider, the upper limit has not changed, and the lower limit has become softer. If it is a daily driving in the city, the Eco mode is the first to be promoted, which can solve the problem of abrupt acceleration on the old model.

Four-wheel drive version introduces active electromagnetic suspension.

Because the old Han EV always wants to take into account the sports attributes, there is a problem that the suspension is hard, which is also criticized by many old car owners. The most resolute place to optimize the change is the suspension adjustment. First, it filters the fine pavement more thoroughly and is more stable on the potholes. Second, the four-wheel drive version introduces an active electromagnetic suspension system, which can adjust the damping of the rear axle according to the vibration feedback of the front axle to reduce the vibration of the rear axle, and can also customize the hardness of the suspension. Active suspension used to be a configuration that can only be seen in high-end luxury cars. In order to improve the chassis texture, Han EV was willing to use such a powerful drug in a small change. I really didn’t expect it, which shows how determined Han EV is. Of course, there are some regrets. Only the four-wheel drive version can enjoy the hardware upgrade, while the two-wheel drive version is optimized by tuning.

Car stuck disappeared.

The most obvious change in the redesigned configuration is the car system, which has been upgraded from DiLink3.0 to 4.0 supporting 5G, and synchronized with BYD’s latest car. Therefore, the jams that many people complained about before have disappeared, and the UI and screen brightness have also been improved. The instrument can also support the display of navigation maps, and the head-up display has been added. These are all functions that can quickly improve the driving sense.

In addition, the new model also comes standard with Dana audio. Although I can’t tell the difference with my appreciation level, Dana’s logo is really eye-catching.

Driving assistance undercooked

In addition, the intelligent driver assistance system has added some functions, such as the automatic lane change function of HWA, etc. However, I have tried many times, and the probability of failure is high, and the accuracy needs to be improved. The original ADAS functions have not changed much in the use experience, and the feeling is still a little less interesting than that of the new forces.

After the change, the product orientation of Han EV becomes very clear, that is, it further strengthens the household attribute and weakens the performance attribute. The three major contradictions of the old model have not been seen this time, but those structural-related shortcomings have remained, such as too large turning radius and too small trunk volume, which may not be solved until the big replacement. As for the new problems, there are some, mainly focusing on the newly added ADAS functions, and the experience has not reached the standard of "easy to use". I always think that it is meaningful to make the configuration of domestic cars big and not at all, but to do little but fine.

Generally speaking, after the change, the positioning of Han EV is higher, and the positioning is higher rather than simply referring to higher prices. There is a difference between the two. Higher positioning is not a disadvantage, which is necessary for Han EV to further enter the mid-to high-end market, but at the same time, it will also lose part of the original market, but fortunately, the old low-profile models are still on sale, which is another choice for Han EV fans. These are my comments on the modified EV, and I will follow up on the test drive experience of Han DM-i and DM-p later.

The unexpected explosion of the new M7 in the world has made Huawei’s industrial chain the focus of A shares again.

K graph BK0984_0

  In the peak season of "Golden September and Silver 10" automobile sales, the new M7 in the world has been listed for 25 days, with a total of over 50,000 units (referring to the order that is locked after paying a certain deposit through official channels, and the lock order means that the purchase can not be unsubscribed, and the order will be arranged in order), which not only makes it possible."Returning to life" also makes A sharesThe car sector is heating up again.

  Since the opening of the market in October, Huawei’s industrial chain has always maintained a strong position. On October 10, thanks to the bursting of new car orders from Huawei, Huawei’s industrial chain stocks continued their upward trend again.The smart driving and other sectors were among the top gainers. At the close, the concept of liquid-cooled high pressureClose at 20cm daily limit,Wait for the capture of the second board.

  Huawei’s industrial chain stocks continue to be active

  In the news, as of October 6, only 25 days after its release on September 12, the cumulative number of new M7 cars has exceeded 50,000. Among them, on October 6th, the number of new M7 cars will reach 7,000, and on October 5th, it will reach 3,500. In other words, in the last two days of the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, its large quantity exceeded 10,000 vehicles.

  Yu Chengdong, chairman of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, said on social media that "it’s not easy to come back to life" for the excellent "report card" handed over by the new M7.

  With regard to the sales situation of the new M7 in Wenjie, the reporter learned from the sales office of Huawei stores that after the first sales period, that is, from September 12th to October 7th, the scheduled preferential amount of the new M7 in Wenjie was reduced from 6,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, while the matching fund of 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration and the matching rights and interests of 15,000 yuan remained unchanged, and the activity deadline was October 31st.

  It is worth noting that in the positioning asAt the same time, the new M7, which is the flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom, which has not yet been listed, has won tens of thousands of orders just by "blind ordering".

  In fact, the pre-sale price of 500,000-600,000 yuan was officially opened for blind subscription on September 25th. At present, there are only a few renderings and a small amount of configuration information, and even official website has not disclosed relevant information. According to Yu Chengdong, as of October 7th, the customer M9 had accumulated 10,450 orders for blind booking and retained 8,040 orders. On that day, 333 units were blindly ordered, 26 units were unsubscribed and 307 units were blindly ordered.

  As a brand born under the joint mode of "smart car selection" business with Huawei, the sales volume of cars has also increased recently. According to the sales data in September, the monthly sales volume of Celestial Automobile was 10,246 taels, which exceeded the 10,000-vehicle mark for the first time this year. Although it decreased by 41.77% year-on-year, it achieved an increase of 64.12% month-on-month, which reversed the decline of sales volume for two consecutive months.

  On the whole, as the national consumption promotion policy continues to increase, the economy continues to stabilize, and this year is full.The sales volume of passenger car manufacturers maintained a strong growth trend. The Federation comprehensively estimated that the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in September was 830,000, a year-on-year increase of 23% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 4%. According to preliminary estimates, from January to September this year, 5.92 million vehicles were wholesale, up 36% year-on-year.

  Affected by the above-mentioned good news, on October 9, the first trading day after the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, under the performance that the overall sector rose less and fell more, Cyrus,,Waiting for more than 10 "Huawei Industrial Chain" stocks to go against the trend.

  On October 10, Huawei’s industrial chain continued to be active. As of the close of the day, the direction of HarmonyOSAt the daily limit, Sailis in the direction of the car,Also harvest the daily limit. It is worth mentioning that since September this year, the share price has doubled, and the cumulative increase of Sellers’ share price has exceeded 85%.

  Institutions are optimistic about the intelligent acceleration of new energy vehicles.

  The Financial Investment News reporter learned that before the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, many private placements had entered the market.”。 At the same time, the organization is optimistic about Huawei’s industrial chain stocks and the intelligent iterative acceleration brought by the new M7.

  On the policy side, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will improve the supporting policies, standards and regulations of intelligent networked vehicles, speed up the revision of key standards, strengthen the coordination of standards in the fields of automobiles, infrastructure, information and communication, and continue to promote the high-quality development of intelligent networked automobile industry. Xin Guobin, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that after years of continuous efforts, the development of China’s intelligent networked automobile industry has achieved positive results. The vitality of technological innovation is enhanced, and it is solidLarge-scale application, intelligent driving of large computing chips to achieve mass production and loading.

  For Huawei, the new M7 continues to sell well.latestIt is believed that, through Huawei’s deep empowerment, the new model M7 is equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Advanced Intelligent Driving System, HUAWEI DriveONE Extended Range Electric Drive Platform and other black technologies. At the same time, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and urban high-order intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps.

  He said that he once again reiterated his optimism about Huawei’s industrial chain. In this transformation of intelligent electrification of automobiles, outstanding companies in the industrial chain are expected to achieve sustained high growth as compared with the smart phone industry chain ten years ago. The current innovation is expected to drive the industrial chain to develop in a more competitive direction and empower the overall competitiveness of domestic new energy vehicles to continue to improve.

  Cui Yan, an analyst, believes that the order of the M7 in the world exceeded expectations, and it has exceeded 50,000 units after 25 days of listing, and the MAX version of Zhijia accounts for about 60%, which effectively drives the purchase rate to increase. Huawei builds a full-stack intelligent solution based on algorithm, hardware and data accumulation, which is expected to accelerate the data accumulation and the cultivation of users’ consumption habits with the increase in the number of users’ M7, the listing of intellectual S7 (23Q4) and the iteration of ADS2.0. He said that intelligent driving ability is expected to become an important factor in the competition between car companies, and attaches importance to the industrial chain opportunities brought about by the intelligent turning point and independent technology output.

  GuoshengIt is also pointed out that as the benchmark model of domestic autonomous driving, the intelligent driving version is absolute in the orders of Tucki G6, G9 and Wenjie M7.With the acceleration of intelligent iteration, car companies are expected to start to switch from hardware to software ecology, change their profit model and improve brand stickiness, and head car companies are expected to benefit first. At the same time, domestic car companies are actively laying out the city NOA, and the number of cities is accelerating, with embedded hardware and sufficient computing power reserves.

Can pickup trucks really meet daily needs? Experience the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition in detail.

As a relatively small car, pickup truck is not common in our daily life, and its visibility on the street is far less than that of sedan and SUV. In fact, I think that friends who buy pickup trucks have a clear demand for cars, which can not only solve daily travel, but also get good loading space. From this perspective, the market strength of pickup trucks seems to be quite strong.

According to relevant data, the pickup trucks of the Great Wall brand have been ranked first in domestic sales for 21 consecutive years, with a total of 1.6 million vehicles sold. Even though the data is very exaggerated, the pickup trucks of the Great Wall brand are still not close to the public’s vision. In the past, pickup trucks were often used as "trucks", and the demand for carrying goods was greater than that for carrying people. However, the appearance of a pickup truck in the Great Wall has brought about subtle changes in this solidified thinking, that is, the Great Wall Cannon, which has been on the market for a short time.

From the product category, the Great Wall Gun series can be divided into three sub-categories, namely, passenger version, commercial version and off-road version. As the name implies, the commercial version of the pickup truck focuses on business purposes, so the appearance and interior are quite different from the passenger version, paying attention to practicality. The off-road version emphasizes improving the passability under complex road conditions, and is equipped with a set of off-road exclusive kits. Generally speaking, the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun seems to be more suitable for the needs of mass consumers, so we focus on experiencing the passenger version of the next gun.

Let’s take a brief look at the basic information of this car. In 2019, the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition launched four models with a guide price range of 126,800-159,800 yuan. The power is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine, which meets the national six emission standards. Non-loaded body structure is adopted, which is also a common body of many pickup trucks.

Appearance: the design is very strong, and it looks more like an SUV from the front.

In the past, most pickup trucks in the market ignored the design level in order to pursue practicality and cost performance excessively, and always felt "cheap". But now, the main group of automobile consumption is a group of young people who are mainly born after 1980s and 1990s, so automobile companies begin to pay attention to the appearance of new cars. When I first saw the real car of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition, it left a deep impression on my senses, and the elements of "fashion" and "sports" were very rich. Among them, the exclusive version of the top match also adopts a two-color body design, which can show the designer’s good intentions. However, the model actually shot in this shop is sports, that is, the second top version, and it is a pity that there is no two-color body.

There are different comments on the front of the Great Wall cannon on the Internet. Some people think that the Great Wall is too hard and the shape is too exaggerated. But in fact, the feeling after seeing the real car is really different. The whole car has a good sense of design and good coordination. Obviously, it can be seen that the Great Wall Gun adopts the latest family design language, and this brand-new front face can bring a lot of freshness. The wide air intake grille and the unique brand LOGO further enhance the recognition of the new Great Wall gun head.

The shape of the headlight group is basically the same as that of the old models. The whole system comes standard with LED far and near lights, automatic headlights and steering auxiliary lights, which can provide excellent lighting effects for drivers. The structure inside the lamp cavity is relatively simple, but it doesn’t look monotonous. The light sources arranged in matrix enhance the sense of grade of the front face.

The passenger version of the Great Wall Gun has a tyre size of 265/60 R18, which is a little small for this "big guy" car, but it should not be too big for daily use. As can be seen from the picture, its tire sidewall is thicker and deeper than ordinary family cars, mainly to ensure the passability under complex road conditions. The wheel hub is petal-shaped and looks very beautiful.

For the design of the rear of the car, I think it is more ornamental than the front face. The long and narrow taillight group, combined with the sharp light belt, reveals a sense of advanced. There is an exclusive decoupling under the rear of the car, which looks like a hard-core off-road vehicle.

Interior: The interior materials are advanced, emphasizing the texture.

I believe that many people’s first impression of pickup trucks is "cheap". For a long time in the past, mainstream pickup trucks in the market ignored the creation of interior texture in order to take into account the cost of making cars. However, with the change of automobile consumption concept in recent years, many car owners attach great importance to the atmosphere inside the car, so many pickup trucks newly listed have begun to pay attention to the design inside the car. Although the interior of the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun is dominated by hard-core rough style, the polishing of details has indeed made obvious progress.

The panel of the center console is decorated with a large area of wood grain, and the air outlet of the air conditioner and the central control area are decorated with many silver chrome trim strips. This contrast design of brown and silver gray has improved the grade and texture of the car, at least visually. It doesn’t look monotonous. In addition, the door handles on both sides also use leather stitching to form dense diamond-shaped lines, which makes people feel comfortable to touch.

The layout of the functional area in the whole car is relatively conservative, showing a symmetrical structure. I think this design can make the car look more regular. The central control is equipped with a large-size touch LCD screen and built-in GPS navigation function, which is still very practical.

In addition to the obvious upgrade in materials and workmanship, the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun is also very sincere in configuration. The whole system comes standard with a leather steering wheel and supports the steering wheel shift function. Rear seat air outlet, automatic air conditioner, induction wiper and other commonly used functions are well equipped. In addition, the configuration of intelligent network connection also has a good performance, such as supporting voice control system, which is more convenient for young consumers to use cars.

Space: The seat is wide and soft, but the rear space is average.

Compared with the off-road version and the commercial version of the pickup truck, the passenger version of the pickup truck seems to be more suitable for ordinary consumers’ car scenes, for example, it can meet the needs of home travel and has an ideal loading space. Therefore, the passenger pickup truck has certain requirements for ride comfort. The seats in the front and rear rows of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition are relatively soft, and the internal fillers are sufficient, even worse than the ride experience of ordinary city SUVs. However, the depth of the rear seat cushion of this car is a little short, which leads to the general support effect on the thigh.

There must be many friends who are concerned about the rear space of this car. Considering the depth and length of the tail box, the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition has not reserved a large rear space. Taking the 179cm height experiencer as a reference, there is about a punch between the leg and the front seat, which is slightly inferior to the general SUV model.

It is worth mentioning that the rear seats of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition can be folded up, which can also create a lot of storage space. To sum up, the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun has far exceeded the expected performance in storage, but the second row is not comfortable to ride. From the point of view of home use, the properties of this car still need to be improved.

Power: 2.0T+8AT "golden" power combination.

In fact, the powertrain of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition is almost the same as that of Haval H9, which is a combination of 2.0T engine and ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox. However, in terms of parameters, there are subtle differences between them. The power and torque of the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun are slightly inferior to those of H9. Even so, the Great Wall Gun is still one of the most powerful players in its class. A 2.0T gasoline engine can produce a maximum power of 140kW and a peak torque of 360 N m.. Judging from the engine parameters, the Great Wall’s power adjustment of this pickup truck is not so violent, but it can basically cope with a variety of car scenes.

In the automobile circle, people often hear people say "golden" power combination. In fact, this set of power of the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition can also be called "gold". In addition to the 2.0T engine, the most important thing is the ZF8 speed gearbox. Friends who have driven Haval H9 must know that the smoothness of this transmission system is really high, and the shifting is particularly active, which gives people a smooth feeling when driving.

Editor’s summary: pickup truck seems to be getting closer and closer to entering the "homes of ordinary people". Taking the Great Wall Gun Passenger Edition as an example, its comfort and practicality will really give people a bright feeling. In addition, the Great Wall Gun has greatly changed the "rough" impression of pickup trucks in the past by using excellent design concepts. The more fashionable design elements and rich configuration functions make it more acceptable to consumers in the market. However, there is a saying that unless there is a clear demand for cars, pickup trucks still cannot become the mainstream choice for most people, which has a great connection with the current situation of the domestic automobile industry. In other words, today’s pickup trucks are still relatively niche models, but the Great Wall cannon has brought people a different feeling.

Test drive the Great Wall "off-road gun". Is this the off-road pickup you want?

  When you drive an off-road vehicle armed to the teeth and confidently go to Kuqi, Laozhanggou, Hunshandake and Helan Mountain, I guess what you are most afraid of is not the harsh natural environment, but the police uncles at large and small checkpoints. Because all they need is a word, your heavily armed off-road vehicle will soon be restored to its original factory."streaking" state.

  The appearance of the Great Wall Gun Off-road pickup truck can avoid your worries in this respect, because it has been equipped with hard-core configurations such as winch, wading hose, front and rear hard bars and three locks in the original factory, which not only has good off-road performance, but also makes the police uncle unable to pick out any faults. You can calmly go to your destination through various checkpoints, large and small.

  Compared with the passenger version we have tested before, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck has a hotter body color scheme, and the fiery red body painting is particularly dazzling against the Alashan yellow sand.

  Anti-roll frame, shield design engine cabin cover, rough black matte mesh, exposed rivets embedded above black wheel eyebrows, all details of the design exude tough guy hormones, even at the scene of heroes gathering in various exaggerated and alternative modified cars, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is enough to attract attention.

  Unlike many off-road vehicles, which are like straight men, the Great Wall Gun is more like a warm man who cares for you, because its performance in comfort and many technologies and entertainment configurations are very rich.

  First of all, compared with the pickup truck of the same level or even higher, the rear suspension of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck adopts a multi-link structure, which can not only improve the comfort of the vehicle when driving on the paved road, but also greatly reduce the vibration and restless beating of the vehicle when driving on the paved road, so that the drivers and passengers in the car can always get a more comfortable ride experience.

  The seats in the car and the accessible parts of the body are also wrapped with a lot of leather materials, which greatly improves the ride comfort. The red and black interior design also adds a touch of fashion to the vehicle.

  In terms of configuration, the performance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is also very kind.7-inch color screen instrument cluster, 9-inch color LCD screen and rich car networking functions are not only completely ahead of pickup trucks of the same class, but also not inferior to passenger cars of the same price. In addition, the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with advanced L2-level automatic driving technology, with intelligent driving functions such as ESP, semi-automatic parking radar, lane departure, lane keeping and ACC adaptive cruise.

  For off-road people, the most concerned is obviously the performance of the off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun. The biggest difference between the off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun and the ordinary passenger version is that it has an extremely powerful off-road configuration.The keywords "three locks, tank turning around and crawling mode" are enough to make cross-country people secrete a lot of dopamine.

  This set of two-speed pickup truck with Great Wall Gun.TOD intelligent four-wheel drive system with front and rear axles with locking mechanism. In actual driving, when encountering road conditions such as cross shafts and bullet holes, the speed of system intervention is satisfactory, and because it has seven driving modes including snow, mud and sand, more intelligent settings can help drivers get out of trouble more easily, which is also a very friendly configuration for novices.

  In addition, when the vehicle speed is lower than15km/h, when the rear axle differential is in the open state, the steering radius can be reduced by braking the inner wheel through the electronic system. This function called "tank turning around" is believed to be familiar to everyone, which can really help drivers to pass through narrow road sections more smoothly when SUVs and pickups with large sizes encounter narrow road conditions.

  In terms of power, the Great Wall gun off-road pickup truck is equipped.The 2.0T turbocharged engine is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission from ZF. The maximum power of the engine is 140kW and the peak torque is 360 N m.. When driving on paved roads, the performance of the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is almost the same as that of the passenger version, which can provide a very comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.

  When driving in the desert, a good power reserve can provide enough confidence for the driver, and because the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck is equipped with shift paddles, the shift speed is also satisfactory in actual driving, and the faster shift response speed can ensure the continuous power output of the engine, making the vehicle travel more smoothly in the desert.

  The great wall gun off-road pickup truck not only has the coveted off-road people."Three locks, crawling mode, tank turning around", and rich modified accessories can be provided in the original factory state, which can make your off-road journey more assured, even if you are questioned by the police uncle, you can take your time. In addition, rich technology configuration, entertainment configuration, comfortable configuration and good power performance make it capable of more roles.

  Then the question is coming. Is the Great Wall Gun Off-road Pickup a big toy you want?

  This article is from "The More Cross-country Play"