Zhang Xinghai, Chairperson (Founder) of Cyrus Group: Chongqing has taken a favorable position on the new energy vehicle track

Zhang Xinghai, Chairperson (Founder) of Cyrus Group: Chongqing has taken a favorable position on the new energy vehicle track

Character business card:

Zhang Xinghai, chairperson (founder) of the joint stock company of Sailis Group. Zhang Xinghai led the company to start from a spring, develop to a shock absorber, a motorcycle, a car, and then produce the current industry-leading high-end smart electric vehicles. At present, he is leading the group from the production of traditional fuel vehicles to the production of intelligent networked new energy vehicles, and from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

In the future, Cyrus Automobile will use its leading intellectual manufacturing strength and excellent intelligent electric technology to redefine high-end intelligent electric vehicles and win the commanding heights of the market.

In 2023, Chongqing’s automobile output reached 2.318 million, ranking second in the country, of which the output of new energy vehicles exceeded 500,000. In this regard, Zhang Xinghai believes that Chongqing’s new energy vehicles have gradually realized the transformation and upgrading of brand value from micro to giant, product network from existing to specialized, and market radiation from near to far. It can be said that Chongqing occupies a favorable position on the new energy vehicle track.

"As one of the representative brands of Chongqing Automobile, Cyrus has also contributed its own strength to the development of Chongqing’s automobile industry." Zhang Xinghai introduced that in 2023, Cyrus Automobile will closely follow the goal of Chongqing’s "33618" modern manufacturing cluster system, vigorously develop intelligent networked new energy vehicles, strengthen high-quality products and technologies, and show a scale growth rate that exceeds the industry average. In May last year, the 100,000 car of Cyrus AITO Q & A series rolled off the production line, becoming the fastest new energy vehicle brand to achieve this goal.

Zhang Xinghai said that in the future, Sailis Automobile will use its leading intelligent manufacturing strength and excellent intelligent electric technology to redefine high-end intelligent electric vehicles and win the commanding heights of the market.

On February 5th, the Cyrus Auto Super Factory was officially completed and put into use. This factory is built in accordance with international leading standards and industrial Internet requirements, and has four characteristics of efficiency, intelligence, cutting-edge and green. It is not only the benchmark of Cyrus and Chongqing, but also the benchmark factory in the world.

In 2024, Sailis Automobile will adhere to the needs of users as the direction of efforts, and cover the whole life cycle of services for users. At the same time, Sailis Automobile will strengthen core technology research, help to build a western benchmark that leads the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, ensure high-quality mass delivery, strengthen cooperation with Huawei, Bosch, Ningde Times and other enterprises, and launch leading-generation products for the market; increase export market development efforts, and strive to reach more than 500,000 new energy vehicles; increase the local matching rate to 60%, Sichuan and Chongqing matching rate to 75%, helping Chongqing build a trillion-level intelligent networked new energy vehicle industrial cluster.

Zhang Xinghai said that Sailis Automobile will anchor the "software-defined car, wholeheartedly serve users" tenet unswervingly, adhere to the positioning of "doing one line into one line, doing one car into one popular car", constantly strengthen the enterprise, lead the industry, stimulate employment, and benefit the development results of the modern new Chongqing construction.

(New Chongqing-Chongqing Daily Chief Reporter, Yang Jun)

Ren Xianqi: Don’t call me a good man!

  Benefactor: The little bug is an eternal master

  From 1990 to 1997, Ren Xianqi experienced an embarrassing life for more than seven years. Because of the famous musician Bug’s discerning eyes, Ren Xianqi sang the masterpiece "Too Soft Heart", which is still a classic. Although he became the king of the music world in the future, Ren Xianqi has always been grateful to his benefactor Bug.

  T: When your career is booming, you must be filled with emotion when you recall the twists and turns of your debut.

  R: When I first became famous, I didn’t feel a lot of emotion, I just felt light, many people liked me, loved me, and got carried away. I didn’t realize it at the time. Fortunately, someone reminded me, and then I went home and thought about it slowly, and found that I couldn’t be proud just because I was popular. I should cherish every opportunity and continue to work hard. In fact, looking back, when I first entered the entertainment industry, the work I did that had nothing to do with music was also a kind of tempering for me personally.

  T: Teacher Bug discovered and trained you back then. What do you think he saw in you?

  R: To be honest, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Mr. Bug, so I really thank him. As for what he likes about me, you can ask him. Personally, I think I have worked hard enough and been obedient enough.

  T: I heard that Mr. Bug was in financial difficulties a few days ago, and you helped him get through it.

  R: I don’t think I need to remember this. I will only remember him as my eternal master.

  Movie: Another Interpretation of Johnnie To

  Thick eyebrows, single eyelids, and a sunny smile made Ren Xianqi the perfect choice for the "good man" on the screen. But Johnnie To unearthed another side of Ren Xianqi – the villain who constantly competed with the protagonist’s intellectual power in "Big Event", making people realize that he also has a "murderous" side.

  T: In recent years, there have been many film works, but most of them have collaborated with Hong Kong directors. Why?

  R: I also want to ask why other directors don’t come to me! Haha! Maybe I have been working with Hong Kong directors since the beginning, so everyone forgot that I can speak Mandarin, and by the way, I can also speak English.

  T: The "Gunslinger" in "Release" is very cool. Did you deliberately transform it?

  R: In the previous "Big Event", I was also a villain. I actually liked making gunfight movies, maybe because I used to play some "good man" roles, but I was afraid that everyone would call me a good man in real life, and it would be very stressful.

  T: After acting in movies for so many years, there don’t seem to be many representative works. Do you want to be the best actor?

  R: I also have some masterpieces, and those who don’t necessarily win awards are masterpieces. I’m always being recognized, otherwise directors wouldn’t keep asking me to film. Of course I want to be the best actor, and I will continue to work hard.

  It’s easier to be a bad guy.

  Ren Xianqi is recognized as a "new good man" in and out of the play, but he himself keeps calling: "Don’t call me a’good man ‘anymore!"

  T: Why don’t you like being called the "new good man"?

  R: Well, it’s all because of the movie. Because I’ve played a few good men, people think I’m the same, but I’m really not that good! With the title of "the new good man", I can’t make any mistakes, so it’s very stressful. If you think about it, if a good person accidentally does something wrong one day, everyone will say, "Ah, so he is such a person!" On the other hand, if someone has always been considered a bad person and he helps a blind person cross the street, everyone will say, "So he’s not that bad!" So, it should be easier to be a bad person!

  T: Are you a good man or should you speak with facts? For example, if a new baby is added this year, will you take the time to spend more time with him?

  R: Oh, thank you for your concern. Recently, because I have been holding concerts and filming in Hong Kong, I brought my family to Hong Kong for easy care.

  T: What’s the secret to loving your girlfriend Tina for so many years?

  R: You need to persevere, but not obsessively. You must give yourself a deadline for everything. You can’t wait endlessly for one thing. Give yourself some time and try your best. If you still don’t succeed, try something else and tell yourself that it may just not be the time.

  T: Is it because you value marriage so much that you are hesitant to enter the marriage hall?

  R: Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It’s like signing a lifetime contract. Even in the stage of getting married, you have to create romance for your lover anytime, anywhere. I believe in marriage, and we will definitely get married. Just wait for a gap to get things done.

  guest profile

  Name: Ren Xianqi

  English name: RichieJen

  Hometown: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

  Birthday: June 23, 1966

  Constellation: Cancer

  Blood type: B

  Height: 177cm

  Education: Department of Physical Education, Wenhua University

  Representative songs:

  "The girl opposite looks over", "The heart is too soft", "Relying on", "Ren Xiaoyao", "Sad Pacific"

  Representative film and television works:

  "Star Wish", "Summer Tea", "Marry a Rich Man", "The Big Event", "The Condor Hero", "Smiling Ao Jianghu"

Editor in charge: Zhao Jing

Li Chengru on domestic comedy: do not recognize Zhou Xingchi’s nonsense, Xu Zheng’s embarrassing series is regrettable

When it comes to Li Chengru, everyone will always think of the sharp-tongued "upright boy" in "Actors Please Take Place". As an old actor in the entertainment industry and a great senior of young actors, he has many "textbook" performances that are talked about by the public.

When he evaluated the actor’s acting as "like pins and needles, like thorns on the back, like stuck in the throat", "like chewing wax, like chicken ribs", no one suspected that his evaluation was biased except that his words were too sharp and did not save face.

The fact is that as a senior actor who can complete three or four hundred words in one go, the requirements for performance are naturally high. In addition to Li Chengru’s newly launched"Play Confucian Life" personal video column is to convey to us more of his views on drama, film and television, acting.

The second episode of the program talked about a genre of drama that everyone is very interested in: comedy. As a major category of film and television dramas, the audience is also very wide. When it comes to domestic comedies, everyone must think of Hong Kong Stephen Chow or mainland Xu Zheng, "Kung Fu", "The Legend of Martial Arts", etc. In the program, Li Chengru did not shy away from saying"Wulin Gaiden" is just a replica of Hong Kong’s nonsense.There is also a lack of disapproval of the exaggeration and nonsense of Stephen Chow’s comedy-style mainstays.

Speaking of Xu Zheng’s embarrassing series a few years ago, it can be seen that he agrees with Xu Zheng’s talent, but he feels that a person’s talent will be repeated and similar. It is a pity, so there are no advanced domestic comedies? In fact, it is not the case. In more than ten minutes of comments, Li Chengru expressed his high approval of two comedies, one is "I Love My Home" and the other is "Crazy Stone".

"I Love My Home" is an indoor sitcom that premiered in 1993It has been 27 years since then, and this drama has adopted a realistic and natural and life-like comedy performance form. The background is reform and opening up, focusing on the daily life of an ordinary family in the 1990s. The plot is not dog blood, but uses real lines and natural performances to show down-to-earth trivialities and parents. It is also an absolutely advanced comedy now, and is even called by Li ChengruChamber dramas are out of print.

However, the program also mentions this type ofThe interior drama is not a domestic original, but imitates the more mature comedy form in the United States.(Similar to the soap opera "Bankrupt Sisters"), the post-90s dinner drama "Love Apartment" is also in a similar form.

"Crazy Stone" is a black comedy film released in 2006 and is still aThe boss of crime comedies, Director Ning Hao and Huang Bo are famous. This film has a lot of credit. The film adopts a closed-loop structure with multiple branches in parallel, which is short in time and complicated in events, but it is logical and reasonable. The whole film is shrouded in black humor, which is highly critical of realism. The release has achieved high praise. So far, many directors, including Ning Hao himself, have committed to surpassing it.

In the program, Li Chengru also talked about his very good impression of "Crazy Stone" at that time, but later found that the movie was alsoImported, missing some reality-based colors,He thought it was a sad thing.

The top comedy ideas are foreign, and the comedy movie TOP is not a domestic original comedy that deserves a nameDirector Xu Zheng is also fixed on his own "embarrassing" styleIt’s really sad for comedy.

Some people may argue that we don’t have sketches? In the program, Li Chengru also mentioned that this popular form of comedy is not actually a complete work, it is just a basic course for actors in all walks of life to train themselves. This showsThe gradual decline of domestic comedy is a reality, and it will take a long time for the comedy industry to break through the development obstacles.

Li Chengru bluntly said that among comedies, tragedies, and dramas, comedy is the hardest of all. After all, tragedies can have emotions brewing, while comedies are sudden, and any deliberate will appear very fake. By using the topic of tragedy and comedy, Li Chengru also corrected a misunderstanding that "whether a good crying scene can be performed is the standard that defines whether an actor’s acting is good or not", compared to "crying drama"To be able to act the "laugh scene" really, and to act with infectious power is the real strength.

The difficulty of comedy is to seek truth and image, to present the characters of the real dimension in the play, and to create funny jokes. It is not easy to achieve these two points, but it is indeed the road to success, such as "The Story of the Editorial Department" and "I Love My Home".

"The Life of a Scholar in Drama" tells the story of drama as life. The original intention of its establishment is "I can’t hold back my words, and I am willing to chat with everyone". In just ten minutes, people will gain a lot, and I look forward to more exciting content in the future.

Yang Mi’s new drama "Shake" has started filming, and it may bring out a popular actor in 2018

Yang Mi’s "Shake" setting photo

1905 movie network news Yang Mi as the heroine of "Shake" is now in full swing in Hengdian shooting, netizens eagerly looking forward to her another masterpiece, after all, she handed over a satisfactory work.

The TV drama "Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" fully reflects the effect of Yang Mi, and the little fresh meat who played against Da Mimi also became new young actors with this drama. Da Mimi not only manages himself, but also his ability to create idols cannot be underestimated.

Zhang Binbin, who played the second prince of Departure in the TV series "Three Lives Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom", became popular because of "Pretty Li Huizhen" and "Three Lives Three Lives Ten Miles Peach Blossom". Everyone likes this handsome and lovely big boy.

The affectionate Gao Weiguang, the man who played Emperor Donghua in "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles Peach Blossom", is also well known to the audience because of his role.

Liu Ruilin, who plays the role of the sixteenth junior brother, is slender, young and handsome. He has attracted attention for his role as a well-off character in TV dramas. Since the broadcast of "Three Lives and Three Worlds", he has attracted many fans.

After "Three Lives", Yang Mi’s another masterpiece "Shake" came rushing, who will play with Da Mimi? Who will become a popular actor in 2018?

Gao Weiguang has attracted much attention because of his role as Donghua Emperor in "Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom". This time, he will challenge the scenes of the Heavenly Fiend and the Great Han Emperor in "Shake". The flood dragon is trapped in the wild, but for a while, but there is an opportunity, and it will definitely rise. Whether Gao Weiguang can transform into an iron-blooded man and fight in Beiye is still worth fans’ expectation.

Lai Yi, who is also the "Mi Family Army Regiment", plays the role of "Poisonous Tongue Medical Saint" Zong Yue in the TV series "Fuyao" this time. Zong Yue is a clean-hearted medical saint who helps the world by day, and a top-level cold-blooded killer in black at night, Dark Charm, but he has been silently guarding Fuyao.

Another very outstanding character was Zhan Nancheng, who was the Emperor of Heaven, Zhan Beiye’s older brother, who loved Zhan Beiye’s mother and was later killed by Fuyao. Zhang Yicong, who played Zhan Nancheng, although he was only 25 years old, he played a very mature role. But looking at his resume, it is no wonder that he can control such a role.

Zhang Yicong graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy with an 11th-grade undergraduate degree. After graduation, he was admitted to the National Theater as a working actor. He has starred in many National Theater plays such as "Beijing Fayuan Temple" and "Up, Down". From the stage to the big screen, Zhang Yicong is relaxed. In addition, he also participated in the movie "Snow Storm" starring Ni Ni, Liao Fan and others.

Dramatic tension and young faces have a full chemical reaction. Will the TV series "Shake" be another popular drama after Yang Mi’s "Three Lives, Three Worlds and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom"? Who do you like to become a popular actor in 2018?

3.9 seconds BYD Han EV is a performance car? Test drive to change the Chinese EV, or home-based

When it comes to new energy vehicles, we can’t help talking about BYD. When it comes to BYD, we can’t help talking about Han EV (parameter picture), because Han EV is the flagship model in BYD cars. Although B-class cars are the traditional weakness of independent brands, Han EV sold 110,000 units last year. Last time, I analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the old Han EV. Not long ago, BYD made a small change to the Han EV in the first round. Have the shortcomings of the Han EV been improved after the change? Have the advantages been retained? Are there any new advantages and disadvantages? Today, let’s take a look at the changed Han EV.

After the change, the high match still highlights the comfort of home.

The positioning of the old Han EV is a little vague, and it is indecisive between the performance car and the family car, which eventually leads to the triple self-contradiction between driving and control, cost and configuration, sense of advanced and sense of movement, which affects the use experience to some extent. However, the new Han EV may have noticed this problem because of some subtle changes in its naming method.

The flagship version of the old Han EV is called "Four-wheel Drive High Performance Edition", which highlights the performance, while the new one is changed to "Four-wheel Drive Privilege Type", which highlights the privilege. This shows that BYD has set the tone in the general direction, even if it is a four-wheel drive, even if the acceleration of 100 kilometers takes only 3.9 seconds, the positioning of Han EV is still home, and the sense of advanced is the temperament it wants to present, not the performance. In the past, I always saw people discussing how to control the Han EV and how to run laps on the track. If the word "high performance" caused misunderstanding to everyone before, then the "exclusive" after the change completely eliminated this misunderstanding. Let’s take a look at what changes it has made to this end.

The biggest change in the interior is the seat.

The biggest change in appearance is the taillight shape, which has changed from the original dumbbell shape to the arch shape. This is also the easiest way to distinguish between the old and new models. If you change the model, there must always be a place where you can see the difference at a glance, otherwise you will be lonely. The biggest change in the interior is that it provides an integrated sports seat. Maybe you will say, didn’t you take the home route? Why did you change it into an integrated seat? In fact, as long as you have experienced it, you will understand that its biggest feature is to improve comfort, because it optimizes the support on both sides of the waist and thighs and reduces the hardness of filling, so it is softer and more wrapped. BYD’s sports seat is more comfortable, which is also reflected in models such as Yuan PLUS and Song PLUS.

The cruising range has increased slightly.

The old Han EV has a long battery life of 605 kilometers and a four-wheel drive version of 550 kilometers, while the modified version has a long battery life of 715 kilometers and a four-wheel drive version of 610. Although the book number is 60-110 kilometers more, the actual upgrade may be discounted, because the old one uses the NEDC test method and the modified one uses CLTC, which has a little more moisture under high-speed conditions. However, the battery capacity is indeed larger, from the original 64.8 and 76.9 kWh to 85.4 kWh, and the whole system comes standard with heat pump air conditioning, and the power consumption per 100 kilometers has dropped by about 0.5 kWh, which is really conducive to increasing the cruising range.

The power limit has not changed, and the driving experience has improved.

In fact, the power limit of Han EV has not changed. Although the power of the front motor has increased by 17 kilowatts, the vehicle weight has also increased by 80 kilograms, and the ratio of horsepower to vehicle weight has not changed much, so the acceleration of 100 kilometers is still 7.9 seconds for two-wheel drive and 3.9 seconds for four-wheel drive. However, after my test drive, I found that its power output characteristics have changed obviously.

The old driving modes are only Eco and Sport, not to mention Sport mode. Even the pedal adjustment of ECO mode is radical, and it is not easy to control the ride comfort. There is a Normal mode in the modified model. In order to understand it, I describe it this way, that is, the current Sport mode is still the previous Sport mode, and there is no change. The new Normal mode is the previous Eco, and the current Eco is the previous Eco soft version, which means that the adjustable range of power style is wider, the upper limit has not changed, and the lower limit has become softer. If it is a daily driving in the city, the Eco mode is the first to be promoted, which can solve the problem of abrupt acceleration on the old model.

Four-wheel drive version introduces active electromagnetic suspension.

Because the old Han EV always wants to take into account the sports attributes, there is a problem that the suspension is hard, which is also criticized by many old car owners. The most resolute place to optimize the change is the suspension adjustment. First, it filters the fine pavement more thoroughly and is more stable on the potholes. Second, the four-wheel drive version introduces an active electromagnetic suspension system, which can adjust the damping of the rear axle according to the vibration feedback of the front axle to reduce the vibration of the rear axle, and can also customize the hardness of the suspension. Active suspension used to be a configuration that can only be seen in high-end luxury cars. In order to improve the chassis texture, Han EV was willing to use such a powerful drug in a small change. I really didn’t expect it, which shows how determined Han EV is. Of course, there are some regrets. Only the four-wheel drive version can enjoy the hardware upgrade, while the two-wheel drive version is optimized by tuning.

Car stuck disappeared.

The most obvious change in the redesigned configuration is the car system, which has been upgraded from DiLink3.0 to 4.0 supporting 5G, and synchronized with BYD’s latest car. Therefore, the jams that many people complained about before have disappeared, and the UI and screen brightness have also been improved. The instrument can also support the display of navigation maps, and the head-up display has been added. These are all functions that can quickly improve the driving sense.

In addition, the new model also comes standard with Dana audio. Although I can’t tell the difference with my appreciation level, Dana’s logo is really eye-catching.

Driving assistance undercooked

In addition, the intelligent driver assistance system has added some functions, such as the automatic lane change function of HWA, etc. However, I have tried many times, and the probability of failure is high, and the accuracy needs to be improved. The original ADAS functions have not changed much in the use experience, and the feeling is still a little less interesting than that of the new forces.

After the change, the product orientation of Han EV becomes very clear, that is, it further strengthens the household attribute and weakens the performance attribute. The three major contradictions of the old model have not been seen this time, but those structural-related shortcomings have remained, such as too large turning radius and too small trunk volume, which may not be solved until the big replacement. As for the new problems, there are some, mainly focusing on the newly added ADAS functions, and the experience has not reached the standard of "easy to use". I always think that it is meaningful to make the configuration of domestic cars big and not at all, but to do little but fine.

Generally speaking, after the change, the positioning of Han EV is higher, and the positioning is higher rather than simply referring to higher prices. There is a difference between the two. Higher positioning is not a disadvantage, which is necessary for Han EV to further enter the mid-to high-end market, but at the same time, it will also lose part of the original market, but fortunately, the old low-profile models are still on sale, which is another choice for Han EV fans. These are my comments on the modified EV, and I will follow up on the test drive experience of Han DM-i and DM-p later.

Starting from 5499 yuan, Huawei Pura 70 series was launched in a raid, and the first batch was sold out instantly.

Wen | Lei Technology leitech

On April 18th, Huawei officially announced the launch of "HUAWEI Pura 70 Series Pioneer Program", and Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro went on sale at 10:08 today. Xiaolei noticed that these two models have been sold online in Huawei, and they will be sold out soon after the sale. The next sale time is 10:08 on April 22.

In addition, some offline channels of Huawei also opened the sales of corresponding models simultaneously. The small partners sent by Lei Technology came to Huawei’s Sakata flagship store in Shenzhen and felt the fiery atmosphere of the first sale of Huawei Pura 70 series.

Huawei Pura 70 series has once again adopted the "before sale" mode. With the official launch of the new machine, the corresponding parameter information of the product is also announced, and we can finally take a quick look.

Huawei Pura 70 series has four models, namely Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro+. Pura 70 Pro and Pura 70 Ultra, which are first sold this time, are expected to be the main models of this series. Let’s first understand their basic information.

The first is Huawei Pura 70 Pro, whose main parameters and specifications are as follows:

  • 6.8-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight main camera +12.5MP super wide angle +48MP super spotlight macro telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 12GB memory

  • 256GB/512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 5050mAh capacity battery

  • 100W wired fast charging, 80W wireless fast charging and 20W reverse wireless fast charging.

  • 220g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

And Pura 70 Ultra, the main parameter information is:

  • 6.8-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight telescopic main camera +40MP super wide angle +50MP super spotlight macro telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 16GB memory

  • 256GB/512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 5200mAh capacity battery

  • 100W wired fast charging, 80W wireless fast charging and 20W reverse wireless fast charging.

  • 220g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

The basic version of Pura 70, the core parameters are:

  • 6.6-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight telescopic main camera +13MP super wide angle +12MP periscope telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 12GB memory

  • 512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 4900mAh capacity battery

  • 66W wired fast charging, 50W wireless fast charging and 7.5W reverse wireless charging.

  • 207g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

Pura 70 Pro+, the parameter information is:

  • 6.8-inch 120Hz LTPO OLED screen

  • Rear 50MP super spotlight main camera +12.5MP super wide angle +48MP super spotlight macro telephoto.

  • Front 13MP Super Wide Angle Lens

  • 16GB memory

  • 512GB/1TB flash memory

  • 5050mAh capacity battery

  • 100W wired fast charging, 80W wireless fast charging and 20W reverse wireless fast charging.

  • 220g weight, supporting IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

After the hardware configuration of these four models, it can be seen that the differences between them are mainly reflected in the aspects of image, storage and fast charging.

Both Pura 70 Ultra and Pura 70 Pro series adopt super-focusing macro telephoto, which is also a major change brought by Huawei’s new machine in image.This lens can be used for long-distance shooting and close-up micro-scene shooting, and the focal length it covers is also very suitable for taking portraits.

It is understood that Huawei, a super-concentrated macro telephoto lens, has a recent focus distance of 5cm and a macro zoom of 35X. Moreover, it has an aperture of F2.1, which Huawei says is the largest aperture in the industry’s periscope telephoto. In this way, in the dark environment, it can shoot clearer and higher-quality image works at macro or telephoto.

It is worth noting that among the four new machines, Pura 70 Ultra is the only one equipped with a super-concentrated telescopic main camera. This is a major innovation of Huawei in the field of mobile images, and it is equipped with the first rotating telescopic lens structure in the industry. In actual use, if the user turns on the main lens, it will automatically extend through the mechanical structure.

Compared with the conventional lens, one of the great advantages of this design is that it can take into account the thickness of the lens and the fuselage, and at the same time, plug in a high-standard camera lens. Thanks to this technology, Huawei Pura 70 Ultra put a 1-inch outsole lens in an 8.4mm thick body and realized the physical aperture of F1.6.

Huawei officials also demonstrated the capture ability of Pura 70 Ultra through specific scenes and proofs. Through the super-spotlight image system and XD Motion motion engine, it can capture the moment when the car is flying at a high speed of 300 km/h.

The outsole and large aperture have further improved the imaging quality of Huawei Pura 70 super-large cup model. At the same time, its weight of 220 grams and thickness of 8.4mm will not bring inconvenience to users in daily use. Undoubtedly, through another innovation in the field of imaging, Huawei Pura 70 Ultra has built a differentiated competitive advantage.

Last August, when Huawei Mate60 series was released, its first satellite call function attracted the attention of countless people. Since then, satellite communication related functions have been the standard of Huawei products. Most of the Huawei Pura 70 series that debuted this time support satellite communication, but different models support it differently.

First of all, Huawei Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+ and Pura 70 Ultra first supported the Beidou satellite image sending function.Specifically, when using the Beidou message function in the mobile phone, users can not only send text messages, but also send pictures now, and the experience is closer to the IM application that users use every day.

Secondly, Huawei Pura 70 Pro+ and Huawei Pura 70 Ultra not only support Beidou satellite messages, but also support satellite call function (based on Tiantong satellite), which can be activated by inserting the mobile phone card of China Telecom.In other words, if you want to use satellite calls, then these two models are available.

In terms of chips, Huawei officials have not released specific information. However, according to netizens, through testing software, it was found that the chip on Huawei Pura 70 Pro/Ultra is Kirin 9010, and its CPU architecture is 2 2.3GHz+6 2.18GHz+4 1.55GHz, with a total of 12 cores. However, @ Fixed Focus Digital said that the current software identification is wrong. The CPU architecture of this chip is still 8 cores, and the GPU is Maliang 910, which is the same as Kirin 9000S.

Looking at it now, the chip carried by Huawei Pura 70 series should be a small change of Kirin 9000S. The actual performance of Kirin 9000S has been experienced by Huawei Mate60 Pro before. For Kirin 9010, Xiao Lei’s initial judgment is that the performance is enough to meet the daily use needs of users.

In terms of appearance, Huawei Pura 70 series has made great changes. On the back of the fuselage, Pura 70 series adopts triangular lens module design, which greatly increases the recognition of appearance.

In addition, Pura 70 Pro+ uses nano-weaving technology to etch stripe-like texture on the glass back cover. Different models of Pura 70 series also have their own exclusive color matching, which is consistent in appearance design, but there are also differences, forming a positioning division.

In terms of price, PURA 70,5499 yuan, Pura 70 Pro 6499 yuan, Pura 70 Pro+ 7999 yuan and Pura 70 Ultra 9999 yuan. Obviously, Huawei Pura 70 series mainly covers the flagship and high-end markets, and the products with price ranging from 5,000 to 10,000+are the target range of this series.

Generally speaking, the highly anticipated Huawei Pura 70 series has achieved satisfactory performance at the product level. In terms of specific functions closely related to users, it has greatly upgraded the configuration and technology of images, brought super-focusing macro telephoto lens, and provided users with better experience in macro and telephoto scenes.

The Pura 70 Ultra is the first super-spotlight telescopic main camera, which breaks the convention and crams a high-specification outsole lens into a narrow space, taking into account the image quality and the thinness of the fuselage, providing enough product selling points for positioning the new products of the super flagship.

In addition, Pura 70 series has brought satisfactory innovation and upgrade in design, satellite communication and fast charging technology, which has supported the positioning of high-end flagship of new products.

The first sale of Huawei Pura 70 series was undoubtedly a great success. Under the premise of no clear official notice, Huawei Sakata flagship store quickly gathered a large number of people, and the first batch of Pura 70 Pro and Pura 70 Ultra quickly sold out. Online channels, we have also witnessed similar sales.

At this point, we don’t need to use too many languages to demonstrate the success of Pura 70 series. Now, what Huawei needs to do most is still to prepare the goods as soon as possible and use more sources to meet the next sale.

The emergence of Pura 70 series means that the flagship mobile phone market in 2024 has ushered in a strong player. Whether it is the iPhone 15 series or many flagship products of the Android camp, they have to face this opponent who has caused them a headache. The chaos in the high-end mobile phone market has just entered the climax stage.

Xiaomi Auto was officially unveiled, and the new forces of making cars were black at the moment.

After waiting for 1003 days, Lei Jun and his Xiaomi SU-7 finally appeared. Before that, he paid tribute to BYD, Weilai, Tucki, Ideality and Huawei.

When asked why he didn’t pay tribute to SAIC, FAW, Geely, Great Wall, Chang ‘an, Chery and other car companies, Lei Jun said: Everyone misunderstood. I am full of awe for the whole automobile industry, and I paid tribute to them at the beginning of building a car.

□ Dahebao Yu video reporter

I’m afraid the real reason behind it is that only these five car companies, plus Tesla and Porsche, which will be compared, are the car companies that Xiaomi really wants to subvert.

Just like trying to shoot the front waves on the beach and the back waves, when Lei Jun took the shot, the seven car companies that claimed to be "new forces" felt the pressure.

Just as Lei Jun didn’t say, the SU-7 is actually a classic aircraft launched by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of the former Soviet Union, which reversed the situation that Su Ge dominated the world in one fell swoop.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi "redefined" electric vehicles after Huawei’s ideal of Tucki.

The refrigerator and color TV are empty.

When the new car-making forces are still struggling with who piled more refrigerators and color TVs on the car, Xiaomi only put one.16.1-inch central control ecological screen, no co-pilot Dalian screen, no rear big screen.

But don’t worry, Xiaomi car supports PAD to get on the bus, which can be directly hung in front of the rear seat. After being connected to the system, it can also operate the front co-pilot. The interface of the car is designed with cards, which can not only switch cards left and right, freely lay out, but also adjust the card size and operate with hands. The whole operation is very simple, and Xiaobai can easily get started without studying.

This is Xiaomi’s specialty, far ahead.

At the press conference, Lei Jun announced that in Mijia’s eco-insensitive car, the car machine system is deeply adapted to mainstream car applications, and the car machine application is almost the same as Xiaomi’s tablet operation experience. The mobile phone application can also be pinned to the car, and the car machine can be changed in seconds. Native application; The first batch of equipment supports 1000+ meters, which is connected with the account in a confidential way, and supports the setting of automatic scene linkage.

In the expansion of the central control panel, Pin points are reserved around the screen to expand the interface, and the hardware devices of the three parties can be plugged and played. There is also a magnetic attraction function at the bottom of the screen, and even a group of physical buttons can be attracted to add physical button control to the vehicle.

The storage space of the center console is reserved with hardware interface, power interface and magnetic attraction, which can expand more innovative hardware of three parties, such as supporting Mijia car fragrance machine.

The back of the seat also supports the hardware ecological expansion, and has the magnetic charging characteristic of 22.5W W. After the millet tablet is adsorbed, it directly becomes the original car machine, which can control 30+ car control systems such as navigation, air conditioning, seat, audio and video.

In addition, Apple devices can also be supported by Xiaomi smart cockpit. The car has CarPlay and AirPlay wireless connections, and the expansion of the seat back also supports iPad, which can control air conditioning, music and seats.

Such a "geek" expansion way will definitely make competitors clap their thighs and say "Why didn’t I think of it?" Instead of piling the configuration on the car, it is better to open the interface and let more personalized applications get on the bus.

Unexpectedly, Xiaomi found the belief in performance.

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, the Xiaomi Super Motor V8s was officially released, with a speed of 27200rpm. Lei Jun said excitedly that it will be the ceiling of the global motor speed and the top motor in the world.

According to reports, the millet super motor V8s is completely developed and produced by Xiaomi, and it is expected to get on the bus in 2025.

Xiaomi Super Motor V8s is the first in the industry to produce 960MPa special silicon steel sheet, self-developed rotor design, two-way oil-cooled heat dissipation, S-shaped three-dimensional oil circuit design, 54-slot 6-pole design, 8-layer Hairpin flat wire winding, with a slot full rate of 77%. It has applied for 155 patents and authorized 60 patents.

In performance, the millet super motor V8s has a maximum horsepower of 578ps, a peak power of 425kW and a peak torque of 635 N m..

Xiaomi automobile is equipped with 101 kWh Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited Kirin battery and CTB integrated battery technology.

In terms of batteries, the 800V high-voltage battery pack carried by Xiaomi was completed by thousands of engineers in Xiaomi and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited for two years, but the battery core was not self-developed.

The battery adopts the CTB battery body integration technology developed by Xiaomi. Officially, the thickness of battery pack+floor is 120mm, the volume efficiency reaches 77.8%, and the harness is reduced by 91%, thus reducing the harness space by 3%.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi SU7 has the lowest drag coefficient of 0.195Cd in the world, the largest 105L front standby box in China, and the first four-fold braking safety mechanism. It refused to brake failure and accelerated to 2.78 seconds at zero speed, and stepped into the "2-second super-running club" with a maximum speed of 265km/h, which surpassed the performance of Porsche Taycan Turbo.

This has made many people realize that Xiaomi Automobile has regained the origin of the car-performance. When new forces are deployed and traditional manufacturers give up performance promotion, it is Lei Jun who cares more about the performance of a car.

Just like Xiaomi car has several physical buttons, which are required by Lei Jun. These physical buttons include start/stop, air conditioning temperature adjustment, air conditioning air volume adjustment, air suspension adjustment and electric tail adjustment.

As for why the electric tail adjustment button should be kept, Lei Jun said that it was mainly because a friend bought a million luxury cars, but he just couldn’t find a way to open the electric tail.

How can it be 99 thousand?

At the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference, Lei Jun spoke alone for three hours. This conference "only issued technology, not released cars".

Some netizens left a message to Lei Jun, saying that the whole press conference was most impressed by this sentence "How can it be 99,000?".

At the press conference, Lei Jun said that it is impossible for Xiaomi automobile SU7 to sell 99,000, and it is impossible to sell 149,000.

In fact, it’s not unreasonable to say this. I don’t want to be friends with rice noodles any more. It’s true that the cost of Xiaomi car is really high. We can see what super-high-cost technologies Xiaomi car uses.

Xiaomi Automobile will adopt 800V silicon carbide high-voltage platform with a maximum voltage of 871V, and CTB integrated battery technology, with a volume efficiency of 77.8%.

Xiaomi battery is safe. It has passed the most stringent thermal failure safety standards in the world, and has top-level heat dissipation and heat insulation capabilities: 17 layers of high-voltage insulation protection, with the largest cooling area of 7.8m2, and 165 pieces of aerogels are used for heat insulation, and Xiaomi Che Yun collaborative safety early warning system and the industry’s first battery inversion technology are adopted to improve safety.

Xiaomi also provides Xiaomi’s high-efficiency dual-mode heat pump, which can improve the low-temperature battery life retention rate, low-temperature air conditioning heating speed and low-temperature charging speed.

Xiaomi also researched the super die-casting of Xiaomi in the whole stack, and independently designed 9100t die-casting in the whole link; Also introduced a self-developed material-Xiaomi Titan alloy; It also introduced the self-developed design of 72-in-1 integrated die-casting floor and innovative three-stage anti-collision design.

Xiaomi intelligent driving comes from full-stack self-developed intelligent driving technology; Zoom BEV, large road model, super-resolution occupation network, super-power computing chip and sensing hardware are used to provide better performance.

"On the way to the press conference today, the afternoon sun shone into the windows that came and went, drawing a golden outline for those drivers. I seem to see you, over the years, across one pass after another; See you, firm and confident, from this winter, towards a new era. No matter how cold and windy this winter is, your car and your heart are warm; Your steps and your wheels are equally steady and powerful. Cheer for the forge ahead and walk with the elites of the times. Xiaomi’s first car, Xiaomi SU7, was built for drivers on these dream roads. "

The Xiaomi Auto Conference, which lasted for 3 hours, ended with the soul chicken soup instilled by Lei Jun into the "elite of the times"-the target group of Xiaomi SU7. His last sentence was, "I want to tell you that self-confidence in life is infinitely broad, and continuous progress is the best reward for your life."

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded …

  near future

  Many people’s social platforms

  It was screened by a dance "Subject III"

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  (The "Subject III" dance that exploded on the Internet)

  Shake one’s hands, waist and hips.

  And a half-twisted foot

  With the music with bright rhythm

  It’s really magical

  It also attracted many people to watch.

  Many netizens are eager to try.

  Want to learn

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  Although "subject three" is so happy.

  It’s true that people are vulnerable.

  Someone has jumped into the hospital.

  After 00, my little brother jumped "subject three" and caused bone contusion.

  Recently, the emergency orthopedics department of Changxing County People’s Hospital in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province received a younger brother after 00, because after jumping "Subject III" two days ago, his knee pain was unbearable and he could not squat.

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  After imaging examination, it was diagnosed as tibial plateau bone contusion and needed to be braked and rested.

  The dance movements of "Subject III" can be divided into three parts: silky footwork, hand-waving, and crotch twisting. Among them, the most important thing to pay attention to is the silky footwork. Simply put, it means turning your feet over and practicing step by step, and gradually accelerating after proficiency.

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  However, if this movement is good, the silk will slide back in the next second, and if it is not good, it may sprain its ankle in the next second, because this movement is very similar to varus (instep outward, instep inward), one of the movements with high incidence of sprain.

  The doctor reminded that the movement of "Subject III" requires a half-twisted foot varus. Jumping this movement requires the joint to be turned inside out quickly, and the tension is relatively large. If the strength and coordination of the knee joint and ankle joint are not enough, it will easily lead to sprain.

  Beginners are prone to injury.

  These people don’t recommend jumping with them.

  Li Yuruo, director of the Sports Medicine Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, said that "Subject III" dance requires high joint flexibility. If you don’t have a dance foundation or learn to dance at will without professional practice, you are likely to get injured, such as ligament strain around your ankle and knee joint, ligament tear in severe cases, and even fracture.

  "Subject 3" has a very fast rhythm, and it may be sprained if you are not careful. Beginners should not do some movements if they find them impossible, difficult or a little painful to do. After jumping, the joints of the limbs should be relaxed and stretched.

The magic "subject three" dance screen! Someone jumped and caused bone contusion! The doctor reminded ...

  In fact, many people who suffer from dancing injuries are professional dancers. They may have danced all day, or trained for a long time. The muscles around the knee joint and ankle joint have been strained for a long time, and they didn’t choose to see a doctor until the pain was unbearable. In addition, there are also patients who are not relaxed and stretched properly during dancing, resulting in dancing injuries.

  Experts remind that people with sprained ankles or old problems often sprain their ankles, meniscus injuries, cartilage injuries, ligament injuries, etc. in the knee joint are not suitable for dancing with large movements of ankles and knees.

  What should I do after spraining my ankle?

  If you sprain or sprain after dancing or accidentally, you’d better stop exercising immediately. If the affected area is swollen seriously, seek medical advice actively, and recommend the classic treatment method of ankle sprain before seeking medical advice. RICE principle:

  R-rest: Stop activities, let the injured part rest still, and reduce further injuries.

  Ice compress (I-ice): It can reduce the temperature of the injured part, relieve inflammation and muscle spasm, relieve pain and inhibit swelling. 10~20 minutes each time, more than 3 times a day. Be careful not to apply the ice directly to the affected area. You can wrap the ice with a wet towel to avoid frostbite. Ice compress is limited to 48 hours after injury.

  C-compression: Use elastic bandage to wrap the injured ankle joint, and apply appropriate pressure to reduce swelling. Be careful not to over-pressurize, otherwise it will aggravate the swelling and ischemia of the distal limb of the package.

  E-elevation: Raise the injured ankle slightly above the heart level to reduce swelling.

  Note: even if there is no fracture, it should be braked for 2~3 weeks after sprain, so that the damaged ligament can be repaired and healed in the normal position.

  How to effectively prevent sprain?

  Exercise moderately, maintain muscle strength and flexibility, and warm up before exercise;

  When you are on the slippery ground, you should walk carefully;

  Wear high-heeled shoes or boots as far as possible to protect the ankle joint when moving on uneven roads;

  Don’t wear shoes with worn soles;

  Ankle sprain is easy to happen in the dark, so pay attention to lighting at night.

  Transferred from: Guangzhou Health and Health Commission

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The dance of "Subject III" is popular all over the network, and the three Davids also come to join in the Spring Festival Evening.

Original title: "Subject III" dance is popular all over the network, and the three Davids also come to join in the Spring Festival Evening.

Recently, a song named "Subject III" became popular on the Internet. Its style is unique and has brainwashing effect, and the magic of dance steps is unforgettable. The original author of this song is a young man from Guangxi. He shared the story of his unsuccessful attempts to take the driving test (subject 3) on the Internet. However, when he successfully passed an exam, he excitedly danced this magical dance to celebrate and named it "Subject 3".

The appearance of this incident has made "Subject III" a hot topic on the Internet. To push this phenomenon to a wider audience, more promotion and publicity are needed. In this regard, the employees of a bottom fishing hot pot restaurant showed their talents. They performed the song "Subject 3" for customers to express their wishes to customers. This move instantly triggered a hot discussion on the Internet, making "Subject III" once again the focus of public attention. Today, "Subject 3" has become a household name, and it can be seen in both the Spring Festival Evening of David and other occasions.

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BYD’s brand-new Qin fuel version was unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show with 10.1-inch central control screen/1.5L+CVT power combination.

Since former design director Iger joined us, our Dynasty series models have become the spokesmen of high value. Recently, the driving sight learned from the official that the new Qin fuel version will be officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show, which opened in September this year. The new car is built on the all-engine and all-power platform under BNA architecture, and its appearance continues the Dragon Face design language. In terms of power, the new car adopts the power combination of 1.5L+CVT, and meets the national six emission standards.

In terms of appearance, the new car continues the Dragon Face design language, and the hexagonal large mouth net is organically combined with four three-dimensional lines on the hood, which has a strong impact. The array LED headlights on both sides of the front of the car are standard equipment in the whole system, and the lighting effect with a sense of science and technology is very eye-catching. On the whole, take the front face as an example. Compared with the old Qin, it really looks a lot better, and it still has a little taste.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts an embracing cockpit layout and takes a simple scientific and technological route. The highlight of the new car interior is the 10.1-inch 8-core self-adaptive rotating suspension central control panel, equipped with a car-mounted multimedia system, which provides rich online entertainment functions. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, which adds a sense of movement, and its seat is more sporty, and double stitching design is added to enhance the texture.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 80kW and a peak torque of 148N·m, which meets the national six emission standards. In terms of transmission system, the new car matches CVT from Wan Liyang.