2018 Global Venture Capital Summit held in Xi ‘an to gather wisdom for industry development.

  In order to thoroughly implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and the decision-making arrangements for financial reform and opening up, promote the construction of Xi ‘an as a national central city and Silk Road as an international financial center, and promote the harmonious development of China with the world. On September 5-6, 2018, the "2018 Global Venture Capital Summit" hosted by Xi ‘an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government Financial Work Office, Xi ‘an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Zero2IPO Group and Xi ‘an High-tech Industrial Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Daxian Industrial Fund, Xi ‘an Capital and Zhongke Chuangxing was successfully held in Xi ‘an, the starting city of the ancient Silk Road.

  The 2018 Global Venture Capital Summit is the most internationalized venture capital activity in China at present, and venture capitalists from the United States, Germany, France, Israel, Japan, South Korea and other countries have all participated in relevant forums. The big coffees shared their insights on venture capital, made suggestions for the development of Xi ‘an venture capital market, and let the passion of innovation and entrepreneurship collide with the power of capital in the ancient capital.

Wang Yongkang, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee

Wang Yongkang, Secretary of Xi ‘an Municipal Party Committee

  Seven highlights of the 2018 Global Venture Capital Summit were all announced.

  Aspect 1: Explore the driving force of capital, and star investors empower value investment.

  On September 5th, Vice Mayor Gao Gao, on behalf of the Xi ‘an Municipal Party Committee and the Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to everyone for coming. Wang Zhongmin, former vice chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council, Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge Fund and co-founder of New Oriental, Dave Jones, president of Silicon Valley Bank Asia and president of Pudong Silicon Valley Bank, Bruno Bézard, managing partner of Caive Fund, Ni Zewang, chairman of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Tang Ning, founder and CEO of CreditEase, Yao Jinbo, a famous angel investor and CEO of 58 Group, Zhou Kui, a partner of sequoia capital china, and more than 100 world-renowned investors, representatives of industry associations and entrepreneurs gathered in Xi ‘an to discuss global entrepreneurship and investment opportunities.

  Yao Jinbo, CEO of 58 Group, mentioned that no matter what the market development prospect is, entrepreneurs should learn to deal with it. For entrepreneurs, only those who don’t chase after the wind in the bubble can stand out.

  Ni Zhengdong, founder and chairman of Zero2IPO Group, said that in the next 20 years, China Venture Capital has prepared 3 billion funds to continue to support innovation and entrepreneurship. This year is a turning point for the whole venture capital industry. The challenge is only temporary and the future is still good.

  Xu Xiaoping, founder of Zhenge Fund and co-founder of New Oriental, said that the interaction between entrepreneurial miracle and equity incentive is very important when referring to the shocking reasons of venture capital landscape in China. In the face of equity incentives, people’s creativity, entrepreneurial motivation and imagination will be indescribable.

  Wang Zhongmin, former vice chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council, mentioned that under the trillion-dollar new opportunities of equity investment under the Belt and Road Initiative, if cities want to generate trillion-dollar markets, local governments should open their data resources to the most competitive cloud platform companies, so that they can expand into a broader digital business scene.

  Aspect 2: Expert forum will guide the new pattern of venture capital.

Gao Gao, member of the Standing Committee of Xi 'an Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, issued "Ten Venture Capitals"

Gao Gao, member of the Standing Committee of Xi ‘an Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor, issued "Ten Venture Capitals"

  During the summit, 30 well-known investors from the venture capital industry in China had a talk with Wang Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Xi ‘an Municipal Party Committee, Shangguan Jiqing, deputy secretary and mayor of Xi ‘an Municipal Party Committee, Gao Gao, member of the Standing Committee and deputy mayor of Xi ‘an Municipal Party Committee and other municipal leaders. During the exchange, guests and leaders of Xi ‘an made suggestions for Xi ‘an on the development of venture capital industry in China and how Xi ‘an can give full play to its regional advantages and promote the gathering and development of venture capital industry. The convening of this expert symposium has set up a direct communication window for leading venture capital institutions in Xi ‘an and China, and established deep links and mutual accommodation at the capital level; At the same time, we also share the historical and investment opportunities in Xi ‘an with many institutions, and jointly explore this fertile ground for innovation with rich scientific and educational resources and excellent science and technology industry.

  Aspect 3: "Ten Venture Capitals" to Construct a New Pattern of Innovation and Venture Capital Development in Xi ‘an

  In order to speed up the development of the financial industry, promote the deployment of the work related to the construction of the Silk Road International Financial Center, accelerate the gathering of venture capital resources, create a good atmosphere for venture capital, and create a highland for western investment, so as to better serve the innovation and entrepreneurship development of Xi ‘an. This summit put forward "Several Opinions of Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government on Supporting Xi ‘an National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone to Gather Venture Capital Institutions and Talents" (referred to as "Ten Venture Capital Articles"). The "Ten Venture Capitals" will be tried first in the self-created zone, further promoting the deep integration of scientific and technological resources and venture capital, and making efforts to attract and cultivate a number of venture capital institutions with international influence and competitiveness, which will be conducive to creating a good atmosphere for the development of innovation and venture capital in Xi’ an and building a new pattern of coordinated and interactive development of "science and technology+innovation and entrepreneurship+venture capital".

  Aspect 4: Memorabilia of venture capital industry, the global Silk Road Venture Capital Alliance was formally established.

  "Global Silk Road Venture Capital Alliance" was formally established at the summit. It aims to give full play to capital strength, link global innovation resources, bear the mission of building a global venture capital force, and promote high-quality development. Professional institutions such as global VC, PE, investment banks and club law firms will form a huge operational force, bearing the important mission of building a global venture capital ecology and building a comprehensive service platform based on industrial aggregation. The first batch of participating institutions reached more than 100, with the full support of top investment institutions including Shenzhen Venture Capital, IDG Capital, Junlian Capital, Lenovo Venture Capital, Northern Lights Venture Capital, Detong Capital and Softbank China Capital. The alliance will set up its headquarters in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone, and will invite all alliance units to get together at the annual global venture capital summit, which will become an inexhaustible motive force and source for realizing linkage development in the world economic resonance.

  Aspect 5: Deepen cooperation, and all units in Xi ‘an have reached strategic cooperation with frontline institutions.

  In order to thoroughly implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and the decision-making arrangements for the reform and opening-up of the financial industry, at the summit, the Financial Work Office of Xi ‘an Municipal People’s Government held a strategic signing ceremony with first-line investment institutions such as Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd., Zhenge Fund, sequoia capital china and Joy Capital. In addition, Xi’ an High-tech Zone and Qianhai Financial Holdings Co., Ltd., Silicon Valley Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and Xi’ an Madison Technology Service Co., Ltd.; Qujiang New District and Beijing Guokai Taifu Asset Management Co., Ltd.; The Economic Development Zone and Zheshang Venture Capital also reached a signing cooperation at the scene. A series of signing cooperation at the summit will attract investment and wisdom for the construction of Xi ‘an through the power of capital, and build it into a major central hinterland that will undertake the Great China, Northwest China and radiate Asia, Europe and Africa.

  Aspect 6: 2018 Xi’ an Future Star TOP100 is unveiled.

  As an important part of the "Longmen Action" plan, the selection of "TOP100 Future Stars of Xi ‘an in 2018" will further strengthen the integration of industry and capital and build a Silk Road International Financial Center in Xi ‘an. The selection process was strictly evaluated by nearly 160 investors and screened by nearly 20 experts for 72 hours. At the summit, the "TOP100 of the Future" which stood out from 1686 entries was grandly announced. This selection will discover a number of high-quality enterprises with good growth prospects, high technology content and great development potential for key promotion and key cultivation, so as to introduce more "flowing water from the source" for Xi ‘an’s economic development and promote more private enterprises with potential to take advantage of the situation to "leap forward". The "unicorns" who belong to Xi ‘an in the future will start from here and go to the world.

  Aspect 7: Hard technology+integration of defense and civilian technologies+big culture, three major industries empower innovation in Xi ‘an.

  The success of the 2017 Global Hard Technology Innovation Conference has started the hard technology brand in Xi ‘an, making "the global hard technology capital" a new city business card for Xi ‘an in the development of world cities. At the same time, the parallel of integration of defense and civilian technologies’s many initiatives has also given new opportunities for the development of Xi ‘an’s military industry. In addition, in 2018, Xi ‘an is focusing on the supply-side structural reform, accelerating the construction of cultural industry projects, parks and characteristic towns, and increasing investment attraction. The 2018 Global Venture Capital Summit combines the hard technology, integration of defense and civilian technologies and big culture industries in Xi ‘an to discuss the innovative development of Xi ‘an under the global entrepreneurial and investment opportunities.

  It is reported that the event attracted more than 2,500 spectators including more than 500 venture capital industry guests, more than 400 industry media, more than 100 domestic and foreign industry associations and innovation institutions, and more than 1,000 innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Xi’ an also took part in a cultural ceremony integrating the history of the ancient capital with the Silk Road customs — — Dream of Chang ‘an — The Great Tang Welcome Ceremony will show contemporary Chang ‘an in front of the world with a magnificent performance that integrates historical, cultural, scientific and technological, creative and other times. 2018 Global Venture Capital Summit Huizhi is a world-renowned venture capital leader. Trillion capital will be invested in this city that is fully running, bringing wisdom to the development of the industry, winning opportunities for Xi’ an and promoting the innovation and development of the global venture capital industry.

Exposure to mineral water can cause cancer? Worry too much

  Beijing has started the high-temperature roasting mode, followed by a series of rumors about "heat" — — Sunscreen clothes are not sunscreen after washing, heat stroke is a large heatstroke, and drinking mineral water that has been exposed to the sun in the car will cause cancer, etc., which are concentrated in the latest scientific rumor list.

  The monthly "scientific" gossip list is guided by Beijing Science and Technology Association, Beijing Municipal Committee Network Information Office, Capital Internet Association, and jointly released by Beijing Science and Technology Journalists Editors Association and Beijing regional website joint rumor platform.

  Rumor has it that heatstroke is heatstroke

  truth Some people think that heatstroke is heatstroke, not serious. In fact, it is not exactly the same as heatstroke, and it should not be taken lightly. Generally, the body temperature of heatstroke patients often exceeds 38℃, accompanied by facial flushing, profuse sweating, burning skin, nausea and vomiting, or cold limbs, pale face, decreased blood pressure, rapid pulse and other symptoms.

  Heat stroke is the most serious emergency related to high temperature, that is, "severe heatstroke", which is a serious and fatal disease with skin burning, consciousness disorder (such as delirium, convulsion, coma) and multiple organ dysfunction. Once it happens, the death rate will be high.

  Heat stroke does not happen suddenly. Before heatstroke develops into heat stroke, it will first experience "threatened heat stroke" and "mild heat stroke". To prevent heat stroke, we must first avoid heat stroke. Try to avoid staying in high temperature (high humidity) and unventilated environment, and avoid high temperature when traveling and do a good job of sun protection. In addition, some heatstroke prevention drugs can be prepared appropriately. When you have to do homework or activities outdoors, you should pay attention to your physical condition, drink plenty of water and rest in time. If you travel by car, don’t leave children and pets in the car. Pay attention to avoid dehydration and ensure adequate sleep.

  Rumor has it that the sunscreen will be invalid once it is cleaned.

  truth Is it true that sunscreen clothes can’t be washed with water? Excessive cleaning of sunscreen clothing will indeed lead to a decline in the anti-ultraviolet performance of clothing, but normal cleaning is no problem. Sunscreen clothing can enhance the anti-ultraviolet effect of clothes by adding ultraviolet absorbent and anti-ultraviolet agent to the cloth or adding sunscreen coating on the surface of the fabric, just like coating a lot of sunscreen on the surface of clothes.

  Professional sun protection clothes usually indicate the sun protection index on the tag, which is the result of the standard inspection of national professional institutions. Only when UPF is greater than 40 and T (UVA) is less than 5%, can they be called "anti-UV products" and "sun protection clothes".

  Under normal circumstances, the sunscreen effect will not be significantly reduced when the cleaning times of sunscreen clothing are less than 30 times. After more than 30 times, it depends on the water resistance of anti-ultraviolet agents and the processing level of sunscreen clothing. There are two main processes for adding ultraviolet shielding agent to clothes: one is to add it to spinning raw materials, and the other is to soak or coat the fabric. Generally speaking, the ultraviolet shielding agent added during spinning can be better combined with raw materials, and the ultraviolet resistance is still considerable after repeated washing; However, the ultraviolet shielding agent attached to the fabric after weaving is easier to be peeled off when washing.

  The service life of sun protection clothing is usually several months to one year, and the sun protection ingredients may be damaged to varying degrees, and the sun protection effect is definitely worse than when it was just bought. Replacing a new sunscreen suit every year can ensure a good sunscreen effect.

  Gossip exposed mineral water can cause cancer.

  truth Qualified mineral water bottles in the market are usually made of food-grade plastics, namely polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PET is not only acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and grease-resistant, but also can withstand the corrosion of most solvents. At the temperature below 120℃, PET is non-toxic and tasteless, and it is safe to pack drinks. However, at high temperature, it will slowly dissolve and release some organic solvents harmful to human health.

  The temperature in the car, even in summer, is generally difficult to reach 120℃, so there is no scientific basis for the statement that "mineral water exposed in the car can cause cancer".

  Gossip astronauts can’t be nearsighted

  truth People have been circulating this statement — — Astronauts can’t be nearsighted, let alone wear glasses, because wearing glasses in space may bring accidental injuries. Indeed, the selection criteria for astronauts are indeed very high. However, at present, low myopia is also allowed to enter space.

  In the ascending phase of the mission, there are complicated situations such as rocket vibration and overload. If astronauts wear frame glasses, it may lead to collision and other problems, so astronauts will not wear frame glasses (wearable contact lenses) at this stage. The environment of the space station is relatively stable, and you can wear frame glasses normally.

  Over the years, aerospace engineering technology has made great progress, and the mission environment is no longer strict with astronauts’ physical fitness requirements; On the other hand, in the future, we need more front-line researchers to "go to heaven" for scientific research. Obviously, it is not appropriate to use myopia as a hard standard to select researchers, so low myopia is now allowed to enter space. It is worth mentioning that people with high myopia are still unable to travel in space. After all, people with high myopia may fall off their retinas when riding a roller coaster, and it is even more impossible to bear the huge acceleration when the rocket is launched.

  Yang Liwei, deputy chief designer of China’s manned spaceflight project, once said that the selection criteria for astronauts are different with different tasks. "From the perspective of vision, high myopia is not good, and low myopia is ok. Several of our non-professional load expert astronauts wear glasses. "

  Gossip moles should be removed or they will become cancerous.

  truth Does the mole on our body really have a chance to develop into melanoma, a deadly malignant tumor, if it is not removed? In fact, nevus is a benign tumor of the skin. Most nevus are formed in response to sun exposure, and it is extremely unlikely that they will develop into melanoma.

  It is also possible to remove these moles for aesthetic reasons, or to observe them regularly (monthly) for life, and pay attention to their color changes and texture changes (such as increased thickness). Some moles may develop into melanoma more easily and need to be paid attention to, including: congenital giant moles, dysplasia moles, multiple moles (more than 50), moles at the ends of limbs, moles or pigmentation in digestive tract and genitourinary tract, moles exposed to sunlight for a long time, etc. If the mole is suspected to be bad, it must be completely removed under the guidance of an experienced doctor and sent to biopsy for pathological diagnosis.

  Myth "conjoined" cherries blame pesticides

  truth In life, cherries we buy sometimes appear "twins" phenomenon, that is, there are two fruits on a fruit stalk. But this has nothing to do with medication. The incidence of abnormal fruit of cherries is closely related to the high temperature weather last year, not caused by pesticides.

  From the botanical point of view, the abnormal fruit is caused by the appearance of multiple pistils during the flower bud differentiation of cherries. Studies have shown that if cherries encounter high temperature above 30℃ during flower bud differentiation (especially during sepals and petals differentiation), the incidence of deformed fruits will greatly increase in the second year without human intervention, and the proportion of conjoined double fruits will be higher with the increase of temperature. However, during this period (mid-July), the temperature in warm areas in China often exceeds 30℃, which easily leads to the formation of double pistils or even multiple pistils.

  Gossip dry eye drops work

  truth It is circulated on the Internet that "dry eye is ‘ Lack of water in eyes ’ As long as more drops of eye drops can be effectively relieved. This kind of practice is wrong, and it is likely to be counterproductive.

  Dry eye, also known as dry eye, refers to a series of diseases caused by various factors, such as abnormal quality and quantity of tears or abnormal dynamics, which leads to the decline of tear film stability, accompanied by eye discomfort or ocular surface tissue lesions.

  On the surface of our eyeball, there is a thin layer of liquid, that is, the "tear film". It consists of oil layer, tear layer and mucin layer. Although it is only a few microns thick, it is like the "lubricating oil" of eyes, which can keep the cornea and conjunctiva moist and improve the refractive performance of eyes.

  When dry eye is not too serious, patients just need to take a rest and drop some artificial tears, and it seems that they can see things clearly again, so it is easy to take it lightly. In fact, dry eye is a manifestation of the disorder of tear film secretion, not just "water shortage". Although it sounds strange, a considerable number of patients are easy to stimulate the lacrimal gland and produce a lot of tears because the balance of the tear film is destroyed. However, the extra tears that flow out cannot effectively exist on the surface of the eye to moisten the cornea in the form of tear film.

  External means can only help it gradually recover its physiological function, so we must pay attention to it at an early stage, get rid of bad habits in time, and don’t use eye drops indiscriminately to avoid getting worse. If there are symptoms of dry eyes, such as dry eyes, dry eyes and difficulty in opening eyes, please go to the ophthalmology department of a regular hospital immediately to determine the type of dry eyes and treat them symptomatically.

  Rumor has it that the green peel is not ripe litchi.

  truth This is a misunderstanding of fresh litchi. Litchi with green skin in the market is not picked before it is ripe. There are more than 300 kinds of lychees, many of which are not full of bright red. For example, the characteristic of "princess smile" is that the skin is green and red.

  The characteristic of hanging green litchi is that the peel is red and purple, and there is a green line running straight through it, so it is named "hanging green". Good quality "Guanyin Green" litchi, even the peel is green when it is mature. It is best for consumers to determine whether the peel color is normal according to the variety of litchi. The fresh litchi peel is cracked, flat and regular, and feels tight and elastic; There are also some lychees with blue color, which may belong to insufficient light or undercooked, so it is best not to eat them.

  Rumors are better absorbed by eating fruit before meals.

  truth In fact, eating fruits before or after meals will not affect the digestion and absorption of both nutrients.

  The main component of fruit is water, followed by a small amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat and a small amount of water-soluble vitamins and minerals. There is no direct correlation between the digestion and absorption of these nutrients and eating dinner. Therefore, you can choose the order of eating fruits according to your personal situation and habits. It should be noted that you should not be greedy or eat more than one kind of food in your diet, let alone overeat.

  Text/reporter Li Jie

In spring, Toona sinensis and shepherd’s purse in the country

Spring has come, and as usual, there are Chinese toon buds on the food stalls for sale. Fresh and tender Ye Er, with reddish and purplish leaf tips, leaves and branches are tender enough to pinch out water, and when you hold them in your hand, it is a strong smell of spring.
The most classic way to eat Toona sinensis buds is nothing more than frying Toona sinensis fish. In our hometown, the common way to eat Toona sinensis is to mix Tofu with Toona sinensis buds. The combination of bean fragrance and bud fragrance is not only a taste, but also a kind of enjoyment. Look at them in the bowl of orchids, and they are beautiful. Sometimes, when you look at it, you can’t bear it.
If you visit relatives in the spring, there will be scrambled eggs with Toona sinensis buds, and the color of yellow, yellow, green and green will be on the plate all spring.
But what impressed me the most was the Chinese toon sprouts pickled by my mother. Toona sinensis buds leave the branches, are washed and dried, finely cut into small pieces with a knife, mixed with salt, and can be eaten on the same day. Mom said that grandma’s teeth are not good, so she can bite if she cuts them carefully. A large jar of pickled Chinese toon sprouts can last for a spring, watching the green in the jar turn dark green and the light green in the field turn dark green.
In fact, the earliest country food was shepherd’s purse. It’s good that "it’s spring at the head of the stream". Shepherd’s shepherd’s purse is Depth Charge in spring, as if overnight, they occupied the fields, in front of the house and behind the house, and even under the grass by the river, they all smiled mischievously.
In the warm and cold spring breeze, shepherd’s purse, like Depth Charge, blew the horn of spring and issued a rally order to all things in the world. While dancing and jumping, she laughed and splashed jade all over the floor. In the spring fields, it was green and green.
Children from three or five villages were attracted, carrying bamboo baskets and sickles, and ran to a spring festival.
Dig down the shepherd’s purse, thick and dark green, holding hands like emerald flowers. When the green flowers are full of bamboo baskets, it will be time for the dolls to go home. There was a kind old woman who wore glasses and sat on a small stool. So I choose vegetables, wash them, cook them, chop them up, put eggs, fungus and shrimp skins, and make dumplings or big steamed buns. No sooner had I taken a bite than I got the laughter of spring. So loud, I desperately want to break free from my hands.
There are various ways to break free: shepherd’s purse spring rolls, shepherd’s purse fried dumplings, shepherd’s purse shrimp balls, shepherd’s purse wonton, shepherd’s purse wheat rice, shepherd’s purse cake, shepherd’s purse scrambled eggs, shepherd’s purse fried rice cakes, and seaweed mixed with shepherd’s purse. "Spring March 3rd, Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Egg Soup, Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Bean Curd Soup, Jade Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Fish Slice Soup … Love Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’s Shepherd’ Every spring comes, we will think of that green childhood, which is full of shepherd’s purse flowers.
Thanks for the arrival of every spring, just like thanking every Toona sinensis and every shepherd’s purse. They gave us hope and vitality, and finally became a part of our blood. Let’s love the land under our feet, be full of awe and never give up.
Yidianhao Baiyang bridge
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"extreme commuting" blows up the network! Workers, how long does it take you to commute to work every day?

Attention, all workers! Elephant wants to ask one thing: How long does it take you to commute to work every day?

In the past two days, the statement of "extreme commuting" detonated the internet, because a woman commuted 6.5 hours a day, which shocked netizens.

Miss Jin, who lives in Zhujing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, works in a company in Yangpu District. Because of the long distance, she has to ride an electric bike to the bus stop first. After taking the bus for an hour and a half, transfer to the subway. After arriving at the station, take the shuttle bus to work in the park where the company is located. It takes 3 hours and 15 minutes for one way, and it costs 800 yuan every month.

Miss Jin said that if you drive, the one-way trip is about 100 kilometers, and the one-way trip in the morning and evening peaks will take nearly 2 hours. Together with the fuel, tolls and parking fees, the monthly cost will be about 5,000 yuan. "I have also tried to rent a house near the company, but the cost is higher."

Commuting is an unavoidable topic for every migrant worker. And miss Jin’s way to work, let a person call away from the big spectrum.

However, there are not a few people who commute to work every day like Miss Jin, and many migrant workers have cried in the comment area.

Extreme commuting, in other words, is the exhaustion of young people. Some netizens calculated the account for Miss Jin: "24 hours a day, conservatively speaking, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, plus 6.5 hours on the road, three meals a day, a total of 1 hour, and 0.5 hours may not even be enough for makeup time, not to mention other things."

According to the data, over 14 million people in China are suffering from extreme commuting for more than 60 minutes. Studies generally believe that long commuting will reduce people’s happiness, but some financial experts believe that long commuting time is bad for individuals, but not necessarily "bad" for the development of enterprises and cities. Long commuting may increase residents’ income and stimulate household consumption.

Some papers even wrote: "Internet consumption has become an important consumption channel for office workers and a way to use commuting time, which is conducive to alleviating the negative impact of long commuting time and improving residents’ commuting happiness."

Perhaps, as some experts say, long commuting may increase residents’ income and stimulate household consumption. However, in today’s hot search for the topic of "why don’t young people XX", who is really concerned about the needs and difficulties of young people?

Congested traffic, time-consuming commuting, high-stress nerves, endless work, humble income and expensive rent are serious problems that most ordinary young people in China are facing, which has already overwhelmed young people.

Eight hours of work is enviable, and 6.5 hours of extreme commuting is really killing me.


Dad resigned to accompany his 14-year-old son, go on road trip China, who was tired of studying. His son lamented: Family love needs to be cherished, and I will persist no matter how hard I study!

Don’t ask about foreign land and hometown.

Where are people, where is Nian?

According to the data of railway administration,

This ugly year of the ox

More than 100 million people choose to "stay behind"

Celebrate the New Year on the spot and have a reunion.

every"original year person"the story of

It smells good!


"Clean year, leave some time to pay attention to yourself"

NingxinActress from mainland China, with representative works such as Eye of the Storm, Hot-blooded Companion, Smiling Beauty, etc. She is a popular contestant in Miss Chongqing contest in 2012, and also a typical Sichuan girl. She is straightforward and generous, and relatives and friends love to find her when they go to Beijing, calling her "Chongqing and Zigong’s receptionist in Beijing".

Ningxin likes excitement and likes Chinese New Year.

"In the year of my heart, there are beautiful frogs, sweet and sour ribs, a big table of red and spicy dishes, and a large family gathering together."Ning Xin said that in addition to Sichuan and Chongqing cuisine, their family’s Spring Festival must-have repertoire is to visit relatives and friends, and Chongqing-Zigong-Neijiang turns around, keeping up with the clockwork every day. It is necessary to string many doors and meet many people.

This year is different, because of work, Ningxin stayed in Haikou. During the post-epidemic period, in order to respond to the call of the country to "celebrate the New Year on the spot", she simply stayed in Haikou for the New Year.

Without special planning or preparation in advance, I ate a New Year’s Eve dinner package at the hotel. Although compared with previous years, the taste of the year is a little lighter, but it is plain and has a different flavor.

"The time spent playing mobile phones has been greatly shortened. I eat and sleep in the house and watch movies every day. When I am bored, I go out for a walk, look at the sea, stay for a long time, or think about my future plans.I like a lively year, and I also like a quiet year-to be quiet when it should be lively, to leave some time for myself, to pay attention to myself, and to let me see myself more clearly."NingXin said.


"With the’ comrades in arms’ group year, the human touch is the taste of the year."

Chen yuanqiShe is a nurse in the Department of Neurology, Kuanren Hospital in northern Chongqing. Her hometown is Luzhou, Sichuan. As a front-line medical staff, she knows better than ordinary people the meaning behind "celebrating the New Year on the spot".

Therefore, she decided to become a member of the "left-behind" army.

Although parents are distressed that the girl is alone in a foreign land, long live understanding in the face of the epidemic.

The hospital hoarded a lot of materials (delicious food) in advance, and also arranged some red decorations in advance, such as a small puppet in the shape of a cow, a red fruit flower arrangement and so on.

On the first day of junior high school, colleagues in the department sat together to make jiaozi and glutinous rice balls, and sent some hot jiaozi to patients and their families. Everyone was so moved that they thanked them again and again. "It’s so warm of you!"

Chen Yuanqi said that the year of Chongqing in 2021 is busy and warm.

"After the intense anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention war, the medical staff in our department are not only colleagues, but also comrades-in-arms and relatives. Although I can’t go home for the New Year, I’m not alone with everyone. It turns out that this is the meaning of the Spring Festival-where people are and where the year is. The human touch is the taste of the year. "


"The ceremonial feeling of the Spring Festival, a fireworks show worth 200 million yuan"

OliviaIt’s a western pastry chef. The reporter collected materials from the readers of the new women’s newspaper, and Olivia volunteered to share her story of "celebrating the New Year on the spot" in Xiamen.

Xiamen during the Spring Festival, in the words of writer Haruki Murakami, is that there is not a cloud in the sky and the wind is warm, which is an impeccable sunny day. The vast rape blossoms in Xiangshan and the cherry blossoms in Manshan are the most beautiful spring scenery.

Olivia said that in the past, during the Spring Festival in Chongqing, flannel thick cotton trousers were always unkempt-no fashionable white-collar worker could escape the fate of becoming a "village flower" every second. There is an advantage in Xiamen, a long skirt and a wave by the sea, showing the Hawaiian style.

"A person can’t brush his circle of friends when he is in the field for the New Year. He feels that happiness and carnival belong to others. But the first day of the New Year is the happiest, because I made an appointment with my friends to see the island road.A fireworks show worth 200 million yuan. "Fireworks were set off in Jinmen, Xiamen for half an hour. Olivia always wanted to shoot a romantic scene of waving fairy wand at the seaside, but the sea breeze and waves refused, and finally only took a video of sand sculpture wishing on fairy wand.

Fireworks for half an hour, traffic jams in the middle of the night, the grand occasion is comparable to the annual New Year’s Eve in Jie Fangbei, Chongqing, and this fireworks party finally ends with the operation of hotels and homestays around the island.

"I miss Chongqing’s grilled fish and hot pot skewers, miss the lights of Hongyadong, miss the excitement of Guanyin Bridge, and miss the home-cooked meals made by my parents. But when we grow up and work, we often can’t do whatever we want. But,It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the food, the dialect you don’t understand, or the climate with strong ultraviolet rays, because as long as you are brave enough, you will always wait for a beautiful fireworks feast."Olivia said.

Today is the sixth day of the Lunar New Year.

Spring is beautiful, the wind is soft and the sun is warm.

Some people are busy preparing for spring ploughing and driving out poverty.

Some people run out of holiday balance.

The workload is on the way.

I hope my friends will work hard.

Get rich in the year of the ox

All the wishes you want come true ~

Text _ Chief reporter Gong Zhengxing

Figure _ Provided by respondents

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Major changes! Is it more difficult to implement the driving test since October?

  CCTV News:Did you get your driver’s license?

  If not, hurry up!

  The driving test is going to be more difficult! Level! Yes!

  In order to implement the opinions of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport on the reform of the driver training and examination system, according to the requirements of "Motor Vehicle Driving Training Teaching and Examination Outline", the Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security undertook the revision of the industry standards such as "Contents and Methods of Motor Vehicle Driver Examination" (GA 1026). With the approval of the Ministry of Public Security,The new standard will be officially implemented on October 1, 2017.

  Main points of assessment change

  Point 1: Pay more attention to the assessment of safety civilization awareness.

  According to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport’s "Motor Vehicle Driving Training Teaching and Examination Outline", adjust the relevant examination contents:

  ◆ Subject 1 involves the common sense of safe and civilized driving.All of them are adjusted to the general knowledge test of safe and civilized driving in subject three;

  ◆ Adjust the proportion of examination content, improve the proportion of road traffic safety laws and regulations, safe and civilized driving knowledge examination questions, and list common sense of civilized driving and typical accident cases;

  ◆ Adjust the examination operationFor example, "looking back" action is added to the starting, lane changing, parking aside and overtaking projects in subject 3, and the projects such as going straight through intersections and turning left and right are judged as unqualified, and the safety and civilization awareness is assessed from the detailed actions.

  Point 2: More in line with the actual road traffic environment.

  ◆ The theoretical examination simulates the real scene.Subject 1, Subject 3 Add situational test questions to the common sense test of safe and civilized driving, simulate the actual road traffic scene through text, pictures, videos and other situational forms, and assess the candidates’ ability to recognize, judge and deal with the actual road traffic situation.

  ◆ The venue driving test highlights practicality.On the premise of ensuring safe driving, in the second subject, such as reversing into storage, pile test, unilateral bridge, right-angle turning, continuous obstacle, etc., it is allowed to stop moderately to observe and confirm the safety before driving. If you stop halfway, you will be adjusted to "5 points each time" if you fail the exam.

  ◆ The road driving skill test emphasizes safe and civilized operation.For example, in the U-turn project, the requirements such as slowing down or stopping and turning on the turn signal are added, and in the crossing project, the operation and deduction requirements such as "turning on the turn signal in advance when changing direction" are added to highlight the actual road driving needs and cultivate candidates’ good driving habits.

  Point 3: It is more convenient for the masses to take exams and obtain certificates.

  Optimize and adjust the examination organization.

  ◆ Small car:Adjust the three-night examination method of subjects and adopt the simulated night lighting examination form.

  ◆ Large car:If the subject two fails to pass the exam on the spot, the items that have not been deducted will not be retaken; If the night exam fails to pass the make-up exam on the spot, the daytime exam results will be retained.

  mainChanging content

  Subject 1, Subject 3 Safe and Civilized Driving Common Sense Examination


   subject two Key points of examination evaluation revision


  Subject three Key points of operation and evaluation modification of road driving skill test


  (This article Source: CCTV News Economic Daily)

Finance and economics are once deep | How to grasp the key of real estate finance to implement "housing and not speculating"?

  Food, clothing, housing and transportation are the basic needs of life, among which "living" is regarded as just needed by many people. These two days, there was an interesting meeting, which was closely related to "living".

  The video and telephone conference on accelerating the development of affordable rental housing and further improving the regulation of the real estate market held on the 22nd reiterated that the house should be used for living, not for speculation, and the real estate should not be used as a short-term means to stimulate the economy.

  The positioning of "staying in the house and not speculating" continued to consolidate, which made many people eat "reassuring".

  The picture shows a commercial house near Madang Road in Shanghai. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Fei photo

  Whether buying a house, renting a house or building a house, it is inseparable from money. Therefore, real estate finance is a key link in the implementation of "housing without speculation".

  In recent years, China has accelerated the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism for real estate financial management, especially under the guidance of the "three lines and four files" rule and the real estate loan concentration management system, many housing enterprises have become more cautious and self-disciplined, and the concentration of real estate loans and personal housing loans of banking financial institutions has steadily decreased.

  In June, the sales price increase of commercial housing in 70 large and medium-sized cities showed a steady and declining trend as a whole; At the same time, at the end of June, the growth rate of RMB real estate loans in China dropped by 2.2 percentage points from the end of last year.

  It can be seen that the regulatory policies, including real estate financial policies, have been effective, the real estate credit environment in some cities has changed, and the price increase has stabilized.

  What is the "sharp weapon" that can make regulation so immediate? How do the "three lines and four gears" rule and the real estate loan concentration management system play a role? Come and get to know it.

  To promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, first of all, real estate enterprises need to be healthy. However, some real estate enterprises are greedy for perfection and blindly expand, and the financial indicators of core operations are "red light", which also leads to the phenomenon of high leverage and high debt in the real estate industry.

  In order to enhance the marketization, regularity and transparency of financing for real estate enterprises, in August last year, the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and relevant departments formed the fund monitoring and financing management rules for key real estate enterprises, that is, the "three lines and four files" rules.

  The "three lines" are actually "three red lines", which specifically refer to: the asset-liability ratio is greater than 70%, the net debt ratio is greater than 100%, and the cash short-term debt ratio is less than 1 times after excluding advance payments.

  According to the situation of stepping on the line, real estate enterprises are divided into four grades: red, orange, yellow and green: the scale of interest-bearing liabilities of "red-file" enterprises cannot be higher than the existing level; The annual growth rate of interest-bearing liabilities of "orange file" enterprises shall not exceed 5%; "Yellow file" enterprises shall not exceed 10%; "Green file" enterprises shall not exceed 15%.

  With a clear "three lines and four gears", housing enterprises must meet the corresponding requirements and constantly optimize financial indicators if they want to raise funds. This is equivalent to a "physical examination" of the financial health of housing enterprises to help them better improve their financial management.

  Behind health is self-discipline. When the financing behavior of housing enterprises is more prudent and self-disciplined, the overall operation tends to be stable. Having tasted the sweetness, more and more real estate enterprises have joined the ranks of "self-discipline". At the beginning of the pilot, the central bank selected 12 representative real estate enterprises as the pilot targets, and at the beginning of this year it expanded to 30 real estate enterprises with large debts.

  Zou Lan, director of the Financial Market Department of the People’s Bank of China, said that the "three-line and four-gear" rule is effective from the situation and reactions from all walks of life in the past year. The three core operating financial indicators of the pilot enterprises, namely, asset-liability ratio, net debt ratio and short-term cash debt ratio, have obviously improved, and the debt scale has steadily declined. Many other real estate enterprises outside the pilot also actively benchmark the rules and optimize their own business practices.

  The picture shows a qionghai city resident passing by an advertising slogan in front of a bank. Xinhua news agency

  In addition to keeping an eye on the demand side, financing management cannot ignore the supply side. In addition to monitoring and managing the liabilities of housing enterprises, the People’s Bank of China also strengthens the management of banking financial institutions — — Formulate the management system of real estate loan concentration.

  The system sets "two red lines" for the balance of real estate loans and the balance of personal housing loans for different types and sizes of banking institutions. The former ranges from 40% to 12.5%, while the latter ranges from 32.5% to 7.5%.

  As the saying goes, eggs can’t be put in one basket. Bank credit should also focus on structural optimization, which is not only related to the risk of the institution itself, but also of great significance to the healthy and steady development of the whole economy.

  Since the implementation of the system, the concentration of real estate loans and personal housing loans of banking financial institutions has steadily decreased. The data shows that at the end of June, the growth rate of China’s real estate development loan balance and personal housing loan balance dropped by 3.3 and 1.6 percentage points respectively compared with the end of the previous year.

  In Zou Lan’s view, while the real estate loan business is subject to certain constraints, commercial banks have put more energy into supporting small and micro, "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and other weak economic links, while the proportion of loans in key areas such as manufacturing and technological innovation has been improved.

  The data shows that at the end of June, the balance of China’s Pratt & Whitney small and micro loans increased by 31% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 18.7 percentage points higher than that of various loans in the same period; The balance of medium and long-term loans in manufacturing industry increased by 41.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 16.9 percentage points higher than the same period of last year.

  The People’s Bank of China said that the next step will continue to adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, implement a long-term real estate mechanism, constantly improve the "three lines and four files" rules and the centralized management system of real estate loans, do a good job in policy implementation, improve the resilience and stability of the financial system, and promote the balanced development of finance, real estate and the real economy.

  To firmly grasp the key of real estate finance, we must continue to strictly implement the "sharp weapon" of regulation and control, manage the supply and demand ends of real estate finance, and make the regulation and control policies more precise, which will not only accurately crack down on real estate speculation, but also better meet the needs. (Reporter Wu Yu)

2.0T small steel cannon, brand-new 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI launched.


Volkswagen is a world-famous manufacturer, and its global sales volume is second only to Toyota, ranking second in the world. In the domestic automobile market, Volkswagen is also very popular and has a good sales volume. Volkswagen has been developing in China for 40 years, which has established a good brand image in the hearts of consumers and has also become the benchmark of automobile brands. As a classic model of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Golf has been loved by young consumers for many years with its fashionable appearance and excellent mechanical quality. Golf GTI, as the top model of golf series, has outstanding performance and is known as a small steel gun, which is pursued by young consumers. Recently, FAW-Volkswagen announced the official launch of a brand-new golf GTI model, which is equipped with a better power system and a more fashionable and sporty appearance. The guide price is 229,800 yuan.

[Cheyou Headline-CheyouNo.-Zhidian Automobile]  

In terms of appearance, GTI is obviously more refined in appearance than ordinary golf. Adopt flat front design, through design, and the addition of red decorative strips highlights personality and movement, which is full of movement. Large-size air intake grille with blackened honeycomb structure inside brings brand-new visual impact and looks more sporty and domineering. In addition, the brand-new GTI adopts the brand-new LED headlight group design, which looks sharper and improves the aggressiveness of the whole vehicle, while the word GTI is also located at the left headlight corner, which instantly improves the advanced feeling of the whole vehicle.

The side of the car body is not much different from the ordinary version. The integral side skirt design makes the car body lower. The side lines of the vehicle are smooth and concise, and the classic body shape is still dynamic, but the latest 17-inch sports aluminum alloy wheels are added, which adds a sporty atmosphere. The lower part of the door and the rearview mirror shell are decorated with silver, which enhances the luxury of the vehicle.

At the tail, the tail design of the new golf GTI is very special, with distinct layers, and the integrated body shape design is selected. The taillights are more sharp, and the rear spoiler is large, with black surrounding at the top and bottom and double exhaust at both sides, showing the demeanor of a high-performance car.

When it comes to the interior, Golf GTI still adopts the ordinary version of golf design style. The center console design is almost the same as that of golf. The embracing center console that is biased towards the cab design adds a sense of movement with GTI’s exclusive red control interface. The perforated leather material and the fur cover of the seat make people feel comfortable and can reflect the luxury inside the car. The brand-new 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel, central control suspension screen and three-position multi-function steering wheel design reduce a lot of physical buttons and improve the sense of science and technology in the car. The GTI version adopts a new integrated sports plaid seat to provide better support and comfort. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with 30-color ambient lights, reversing images, constant-speed cruise, multiple driving modes, automatic parking, uphill assistance, variable steering ratio, electric sunroof, keyless entry and start, remote start, low-speed driving warning, active noise reduction, 8-speaker speakers, automatic air conditioning and so on. The main and passenger seats are equipped with airbags, front and rear head air curtains, knee airbags, passive pedestrian protection, tire pressure alarm, fatigue driving tips, etc. The new golf GTI can enjoy the blind spot image on the side of the car, the openable panoramic sunroof, leather seats, front seat heating and so on. From the configuration of golf GTI, a variety of intelligent configurations make consumers more convenient and worry-free.

In terms of power, as a small steel gun, its power performance is naturally the most concerned by everyone. The new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine, with a maximum power of 162kw, a maximum horsepower of 220 horsepower and a peak torque of 350 Nm. With the DQ381 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, the speed-up time of 100 kilometers is only 7.2 seconds. It can be seen that the performance of this new car is very strong. In terms of chassis, the new Golf GTI has also updated the subframe, reinforced bearing, front double wishbone suspension stabilizer, front six-piston brake system and ceramic front brake disc, and the ground clearance of the chassis is reduced by 25mm compared with the ordinary version of golf. It is equipped with suspension system, brand-new shock absorber and valve system, which are unique to the new golf GTI, improving the driving quality and meeting the performance needs of young people.

Write at the end:

The appearance of the 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI has attracted the attention and heated discussion of the majority of riders. Its strong performance, sporty appearance and interior design, high-quality driving experience and other aspects show its strong quality. The new Volkswagen Golf GTI not only continues the excellent tradition in the past, but also injects more innovation and high-tech configuration, making it a good choice for young consumers.

I can’t go home for the New Year, but I also have the warmth of home. The hometown that comes by express delivery is full of love.

□ Chutian Metropolis Daily News reporter Liu Qin
I received one package after another from my hometown, and the same delicious food was placed on the table. Although they were in a foreign land, they could not reunite with their families, but they still had a warm year.
This year, many people across the country responded to the government’s call and chose to celebrate the New Year on the spot. The care and blessings of relatives come to them with the package, which warms the hearts of wanderers.
A stranger who stayed in Han for the New Year.
Zhang Zhongyi, 26, comes from Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. In October 2020, he became a Selected Graduates in Wuhan, and now he is a member of the poverty alleviation team of Nanhu Street in Shiyang Village, Wuchang District.
In January this year, Zhang Zhongyi made plans to stay in China for the New Year. "I just joined the work and need more responsibility. I can stay in Wuhan and stand by at any time." Yesterday, Zhang Zhongyi told Jimu journalist.
Zhang Zhongyi and his wife
Zhang Zhongyi is an only child. After he told his parents about his decision to stay in Han for the New Year, he got their support.
On January 30th, Zhang Zhongyi married his girlfriend who had been in love for many years. To his delight, after his wife learned of his plan, she also gave up going back to her hometown in Yueyang, Hunan Province for the New Year and decided to stay in Wuhan to accompany him for the New Year.
"It’s the first time for both of us to spend the New Year outside." Zhang Zhongyi told reporters.
Compared with Zhang Zhongyi, Huang Hua from Enshi will spend the Spring Festival alone in the rental house. This will be his second time to spend the New Year alone. "The last time was last year, and I took the initiative to stay in Wuhan. I am still not used to it. After all, every Spring Festival before, I was with my relatives, and my rural hometown was lively and fun. " Huang Hua said. When he decided to stay in Han for the New Year again this year, his mind was full of scenes of family reunion, and he could not help feeling a little indebted to his parents.
Yang Tianchen and his wife
Also staying in Wuhan for the second Spring Festival is Yang Tianchen from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. At the age of 30, he has worked in Wuhan for 9 years. He got married in September 2019, took his parents to Wuhan in January 2020, and the family spent the New Year in their new house. Due to the epidemic, his parents didn’t go home from Han until mid-April last year. "For more than ten years, this is the longest time I have stayed with my parents. I cherish the time I spent with them." Yang Tianqi said. Originally planned to return to his hometown in Hunan for the New Year this year, he responded to the call of the local government and decided to stay in Han for the New Year again, which not only reassured himself, but also reassured others.
Hubei people far away from home
Five years ago, in order to support her husband’s career and for the healthy growth of her children, Tian Xiujuan took her children and followed her husband to Hami, Xinjiang, 2300 kilometers away.
Tian Xiujuan’s family
Tian Xiujuan, 36, was born in a small mountain village in Hefeng County. For her, her hometown and Chinese New Year are closely related. In the first three years in Xinjiang, she and her husband returned to their hometown for the New Year.
Before the Spring Festival last year, Tian Xiujuan and her husband worried that the children had to travel too hard because their eldest son had just entered elementary school, so they decided to stay in Hami for the New Year. The three children were a little unhappy and often asked her, "When can we go back to our hometown? When can I see my grandmother? " At this time, Tian Xiujuan will miss her hometown and her relatives more.
"We originally planned to take our children home for the New Year this year, but we decided to stay after seeing local initiatives to celebrate the New Year." Tian Xiujuan said.
Tsang Man
Ceng Min, 26, comes from Xuanen County. After graduating from a master’s degree in 2019, she became a teacher in a school in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Her brother is one year older than her and works in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. In 2020, both brothers and sisters harvested love. They made plans early and went back to their hometown for the New Year with their respective partners.
More than a month ago, Ceng Min and her boyfriend booked a high-speed train ticket from Dongguan to Enshi on January 25th. Her brother is going to return home on February 5.
Ceng Min’s parents are very happy to learn that the children are going home for the Spring Festival. Her father worked in Jiangsu, and went home more than a month in advance, renovated his home, installed air conditioning, and bought new quilts and shoes.
A few days before leaving, Ceng Min saw that all parts of the country called on everyone to celebrate the New Year on the spot, and most of her colleagues chose to stay. She couldn’t help but feel a little tangled. After much deliberation, late at night on January 24th, she withdrew her high-speed rail ticket and decided to stay in Dongguan for the New Year.
On January 25th, Ceng Min got up the courage and told his parents his decision. At the other end of the phone, my mother’s tone was full of disappointment: "How can you spend the New Year outside alone …"
To Ceng Min’s comfort, her brother was very supportive and he decided to stay in Zhongshan for the New Year.
A foreign land also has a taste of hometown.
These days, the Zhang Zhongyi family’s necessities are getting more and more every day. His parents bought two native chickens in their hometown and sent them by express delivery. This is his wife’s favorite food when she first went to her hometown with him. Zhang Zhongyi’s mother also specially called to teach him to cook chicken soup and stir-fry chicken. A big box full of express delivery, as well as homemade bacon, lotus roots, sweet potato chips …
My parents-in-law also sent many hometown delicacies to the young couple: beef, mutton, pig’s feet … The refrigerator at home was stuffed to the brim. "When eating New Year’s dinner, I will definitely make a big table dish and take a video for the elders of both sides to reassure them." Zhang Zhongyi said cheerfully.
Huang Hua
Huang Hua also received new year’s goods from his brother. He can’t wait to open the package, bacon, sauerkraut, etc. have been washed clean, and he only needs to fire and heat, and he can taste the happiness from his hometown.
"My brother asked me to open my mouth and said that he would send it after eating." Huang Hua told reporters. These delicious hometowns satisfied his appetite and made him miss his relatives in his hometown more.
Yang Tianchen, who has always loved to eat lard noodles, received 5 kilograms of lard and 2 native chickens from his mother, as well as more than 20 kilograms of meat, vegetables and radishes from his mother-in-law. "I don’t have to buy new year’s goods this year, I have everything ready." He said with a smile.
The rice cake made by my mother is Tian Xiujuan’s favorite, and the bacon in my hometown also reminds her. In order to make her daughter’s family have a delicious year, her mother, who is far away from home, sent Tian Xiujuan bacon, rice chaff, dried potato chips, local honey and fried rice … After receiving a heavy package, Tian Xiujuan was in a particularly good mood and carried it back to her home on the fourth floor.
Ceng Min’s brother and sister also received the New Year’s goods delivered by their parents. "Bacon, sausage, kang tofu, bean skin … and a vacuum-packed braised pork." Ceng Min introduced. These things, all made by my mother, are smells that can’t be bought outside.
"Next year, we can definitely go home for the New Year." Ceng Min said. No matter where you spend the New Year, your hometown is always a concern for wanderers. She hopes that when the spring blossoms and the epidemic dissipates, she will return to her hometown and reunite with her relatives.

In order to make everyone pay attention to themselves, the stars have put together.

  Gao Xixi (Middle)

  Lu Han; Aires

  Wallace Chung

  What are the most lively days of Shanghai International Film Festival? The first two days of the opening ceremony.

  After walking the red carpet at the opening ceremony, most of the stars chose to stay one more day to promote their own films.

  Therefore, these two days are the days with the most film festivals.

  Zhang Ziyi, Jason Wu, Hugh, Zhang Yi, Deng Chao, Wallace Chung, Zhou Yiwei, Gao Xixi, Shao Bing, Lu Han, Shu Qi, Zhang Jiahui, Guan Xiaotong, Hu Jun, Guo Degang … … There are nearly a hundred stars shining on the beach.

  When stars get together, the most important thing is, of course, to find a topic and attract attention. In these two days, no matter how big a star is, he has to make some moves to become the focus.

  Trick 1: Fight for the right time and play the father’s love card.

  Stars: Deng Chao, Yu Baimei, Gao Xixi

  June 16th is Father’s Day, so playing "Father’s Love Card" is a good way to suit the occasion.

  Looking Up, co-directed by Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, held an advanced viewing in Shangxi Theater. There was a long queue in front of the theater one hour in advance.

  After the screening, Yu Baimei explained why he wanted to shoot Looking Up: "My child is over 5 years old, and Deng Chao has two children, one is 8 years old and the other is 5 years old. Like everyone else, we encounter many puzzles in life and can’t solve problems. This movie tells us what we both want to say most as fathers or as sons. "

  The "father-son relationship" here is touching, and Gao Xixi, the director of the film Eight Sons, which will be released this Friday, is even more clever — — Father’s Day is his birthday.

  Liu Duanduan, Shao Bing and Yue Hong, starring in Eight Sons, sang birthday songs with hundreds of fans in the audience to celebrate Gao Dao’s birthday. A video was also broadcast on the scene, recording the scene when Gao Dao’s daughter sang a song to explore the crew of Eight Sons.

  Gao Xixi said frankly: "This film has a very special meaning to me, and it entrusts me with a love and tribute to my hometown red land. In addition, as I told my daughter, we made this film mainly to show it to young people, hoping that they can know more about ‘ Hero ’ These two words also cherish everything today. "

  Trick 2: seize the geographical position and get the maximum diffusion surface through the fan base.

  Stars: Lu Han, Shu Qi

  To say that the most popular star in Shanghai on 16th was Lu Han.

  The sci-fi film "Shanghai Fortress" directed by Huatao Teng and starring Lu Han and Shu Qi held a press conference, and the hotel lobby was full of fans.

  What makes Qianbao reporter curious is that the fans who are waiting in the lobby and holding the sign "Lu Han" consciously give up a passage.

  Is Lu Han going to walk through the lobby and the fans? As a rule, this is unlikely.

  But this day is no ordinary day. At about 1 pm, Lu Han got off a business car and, surrounded by several bodyguards, really came in directly from the lobby. The scene was once very chaotic, but fans or passers-by who took photos and videos at the same time began to spread wildly in social media such as friends circle and Weibo.

  At the press conference, director Huatao Teng first exposed the reasons for choosing Lu Han, two key words — — "juvenile sense" and "fighting righteousness"

  "When the deer first debuted, I took a fancy to his sense of youth at first sight and thought he was Jiang Yang in the movie. Because the preparation period is relatively long, I will start shooting soon after 3 years and go to see him again. He has not forgotten our agreement, and the sense of youth has not diminished. "

  In the movie, Lu Han has been secretly in love with Shu Qi, but he did not dare to confess. Lu Han was ashamed. "We are at war with alien civilizations, and there is no time for secret love.".

  Shu Qi smiled and said, "When I took this play, I asked Teng Dao first. Who is the character Jiang Yang? After learning that it was Lu Han, I thought I could pick it up. ".

  Trick 3: Talk about people and make a measured disclosure.

  Stars: Zhou Yiwei, Wallace Chung, Jason Wu, Darren Wang, Daxun Wei and Peng Yuchang.

  A little breaking news at the press conference is also a common trick for stars to catch their eyes.

  In the movie "Liberation", Zhou Yiwei plays the artillery in the film. He has a loud voice, basically shouts, and is often thirsty, so the set must have a "thermos cup". Wallace Chung recalled that he had worn out several pairs of leather gloves for the crew to complete complex action scenes.

  In The Climbers, where superstars gather, the press conference is the most lively. Because both Jason Wu and Hugh have a lot of fans, there are also many scalpers outside the stadium.

  Jason Wu said that he likes mountain climbing, but because of his leg injury, he hasn’t been there at an altitude of more than 6 thousand meters. In order to shoot The Climbers, he went to the Xuefeng Mountain in Gangshika, Qinghai Province to experience life. It was January, and in the cold winter, he was dismissed because of a cold. After two days’ rest, he wanted to rush to the top, but his body did not allow him to do so.

  The release of the comedy "Great Wish" directed by Yu-sheng Tian, the director of "Former" series, directly made Wang Dalu, Daxun Wei and Peng Yuchang form a "Wish Brothers Group".

  The three men talked to each other, and the golden sentences were frequent, which caused laughter at the scene.

  For example, Darren Wang vomited that Daxun Wei was "too tall to play high school students".

  Daxun Wei responded: "Probably Tian Dao saw that my temperament was outstanding. Thanks to Tian Dao’s trust, I returned to 18 years old."

  For Peng Yuchang, who was lying in bed almost all the time in the movie, Daxun Wei teased him for "acting only with Adam’s apple".

  Not to mention the war of words, the three male hosts also "joined hands", successfully unlocked the classic disco dance steps and the iconic movements of the men’s team in the interactive session, and pushed the atmosphere of the conference to a climax in a hot song and dance and the old square dance.