Epidemic prevention and control boosts the new model of e-commerce, community group buying strides into people’s lives

  Draw your mobile phone, order what you need in the WeChat Mini Program, and you can get the goods at the head of the community the next day – community group buying is a new type of consumption model that has emerged in recent years. During this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, community group buying suddenly became popular, providing residents at home with daily necessities, especially fresh fruits and vegetables that are necessary for three meals a day. It has played a huge role in ensuring the normal life of residents during the epidemic prevention and control period, and has also been recognized by more and more people. How will community group buying develop in the future has become a topic of concern for people.

  Fresh fruits and vegetables become the main commodities of the "group"

  "My family’s daily necessities such as vegetables and fruits are basically solved by community group buying, and the monthly consumption exceeds 1,000 yuan," Ms. Liu, from Kaifu District in Changsha City, told reporters on April 22. "This kind of community group buying consumption model provides convenience for our working people, the price is relatively affordable, and the quality feels good."

  The merchant recruits the head of the community as a unit, the head of the group creates a group buying WeChat group, and the head of the group promotes group buying goods in the group. Consumers place an order in the WeChat Mini Program, and the merchant delivers it to the head of the community according to the order volume the next day. Consumers go to the head of the group to pick up the goods, thus completing a community group buying.

  Group buying platform on the sale of a dazzling array of goods, the reporter in the prosperity of the preferred platform to see, there are 24 categories, ten Hui group also has 14 categories, from fresh fruits and vegetables, food, beauty care to home appliances digital group, and even cleaning services, laundry services can be group, among which vegetables, fruits, snacks, fresh most popular.

  In the vicinity of Heyuan Community, Kaifu District, Changsha City, there are three group buying points, Xingsheng Preferred, Zhihua Zhiguo, and Shihui Group. There are two group buying groups in the mobile phone of Ms. Zhang, a resident of the community, "I joined two community group buying groups. Each group buying has a different time every day, and the types and prices of sales are different. So when I want to buy something, I will compare the supply of the two platforms before placing an order. There is one platform with better fruit quality, and the other platform has cheaper daily necessities." Ms. Zhang is very knowledgeable about group buying. She said that she has joined community group buying for more than two years. Now most of the daily necessities are solved by group buying, and the number of visits to supermarkets and vegetable markets is much less than before.

  On the morning of April 24, the reporter saw a truck full of fresh food at the Shihuituan pick-up point in Lotus Pool, Kaifu District. The delivery driver told the reporter that he was responsible for delivering more than ten points around the area, each time there were thousands of orders.

  The number of Zhihua Zhiguo group buying group in Heyuan Community has reached 492 people, and sometimes the head of the group also sells some local eggs, local chickens, Dongjiang fish and other local specialties. The head of the group buying is mainly middle-aged people, office workers.

  It is common for several group buying platforms to coexist in a community. Residents of Jinxiu Huatian, Kaifu District, Changsha City told reporters that before the Spring Festival, there was only one prosperous and preferred community. After the epidemic appeared, there are now 4 group buying platforms in the community. Every day, the 4 heads of delegation do their best to promote platform products in the group, which is very lively.

  In Changsha City, Chengbei Shuiying California Community, the head of the "A Preferred Little Talent" concurrently operates three platforms: Xingsheng Preferred, Koala Selection Mall, and Shihui Group, as well as Deyuan Baozi delivery. Every day at about 8:30 am, she will send the main product links of each platform in the WeChat group to notify the arrival and other information. During the epidemic prevention and control period, she also personally delivered the goods to her door. Ms. Zhou from the community told reporters that because it is far from the urban area and there are relatively few supermarkets, she is more willing to participate in community group buying. The content of the three group buying platforms is similar, all of which are fruits, vegetables, daily necessities, etc., and the prices are slightly different. The price of group buying vegetables and fruits is cheaper than the surrounding fruit shops and supermarkets, such as honeydew melon in Hainan, fruit shops sell for 6 yuan/catty, while the platform only 4 yuan/catty.

  Community group buying plays an important role during the epidemic

  "On the fifth day of the first lunar month, there were no vegetables at home. I went to the vegetable market and found that it was not open at all. I went to the nearby supermarket. The vegetable area that had always been dazzling in the past had no leaves. Just when I was at a loss, the owner of the commissary in the community pulled me into the Zhihua Zhiguo shopping platform. The next day, the dishes I bought arrived and felt fresh. Since then, as an office worker, I have been buying fresh fruits and vegetables on the platform every day, which feels very convenient." Recently, Ms. Liu from Yuhua District, Changsha City, told reporters how she became a loyal consumer of community group buying.

  The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted the normal life of the citizens, the semi-closed management of the community, and the vegetable market has also delayed the opening of the door. With the extension of the closure time, many residents have no food, and some e-commerce platforms are still delivering goods without interruption. Some community heads also responded positively to the opening of the group, alleviating the residents’ shopping problems.

  During the most serious period of the epidemic, the reporter found that community group buying was very popular. For example, on the Xingsheng Preferred platform, each single product is tens of thousands of pieces of vegetables, soy products and meat, which are often sold out within 15 minutes of opening the group at 0:00. Some other commodities that are in short supply during the epidemic, such as alcohol, disinfectant, yeast powder, etc., have been out of stock elsewhere, but they are still available on the platform from time to time. As popular products, they need to be snapped up quickly.

  Ms. Zhou of Heyuan Community said that recently, she has been guarding the two platforms of the community to open a group and stock up on some vegetables every day. It is because of community group buying that her family’s life has not been greatly affected during the epidemic.

  The frenzy of group buying has ruined the heads of the community. A head of the group surnamed Liu in Lotus Pool, Kaifu District, Changsha City, said that since the opening of the group on the sixth day of the new year, the number of group buying has soared, reaching more than four times the previous number. "During the epidemic, I am so busy that I often can’t eat lunch and dinner." A head of the group surnamed Zhang in Furong District also told reporters that as soon as the delivery truck arrived at 2 pm, in order to prevent the crowding of people taking goods, his family of four went into battle and put the goods in sub-units first.

  The person in charge of several large-scale group buying platforms in Changsha told reporters that during the COVID-19 epidemic, the sales volume of the platform ushered in explosive growth. For example, in Xingsheng Preferred, Changsha’s super 1 million active users placed orders on the platform, the average order volume increased by about 300%, and the number of new users increased by more than 4 times year-on-year. Fresh goods such as vegetables and fruits were basically sold out before noon.

  All platforms have tried to ensure delivery during the epidemic. The person in charge of Zhihua Zhiguo told reporters that during the epidemic, the platform also applied for resumption of work early. The first delivery began on February 6, and the growth of vegetables and meat was obvious. In order to ensure that a community with suspected cases can deliver goods, several shareholders also take turns to drive home deliveries. Xingsheng Preferred also took measures such as providing additional subsidies for distribution personnel and setting up incentives to encourage distribution personnel and heads of delegation.

  Healthy development requires facing existing problems

  The epidemic has made community group buying widely accepted by people, which is greatly conducive to the future development of this e-commerce model. However, the threshold for community group buying is not high, and many problems such as commodity quality and after-sales services are also exposed during the epidemic. Pay attention to and solve these problems, so that community group buying can better develop and better serve the masses.

  Group buying has a price advantage, but because you can’t see the real thing, sometimes you will buy troubles: the duck intestines you bought are covered with red spots, the tofu is sour, the vegetables are broken, the melons and fruits are cracked, and the fruit taste is very poor – consumers have a lot of complaints. The biggest difference with other online shopping products is that the fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, and the goods are particularly easy to break, which brings certain difficulties to after-sales. The sales process includes producers, group buying platforms, community heads, consumers and other links. The responsibilities of each link are not clear. Once there is a problem, mutual accusations and wrangling often occur. Some consumers because the price of goods is not high, defective products thrown away, did not go to complain, but if this happens often, it will definitely affect the group buying feeling.

  Delivery of goods is also often untimely, which occurs from time to time on various platforms. Sometimes a goods cannot be delivered for several days in a row, and fresh ingredients are not delivered in time, which brings extraordinary trouble and greatly reduces the satisfaction of the shopping experience.

  Platform in the selection of the community head, there is no threshold, some heads do not even have their own brick and mortar stores, the goods come, just like a stall in the community. A resident of Changsha Yuelu District complained that the community will be a long pile of vegetables, fruits and even meat on the ground, spring and winter season is OK, summer to do? Who is responsible for deterioration?

  How to protect rights if there is a problem with the goods bought by the group, lawyer Li Chunguang of Hunan Haitian Law Firm told reporters, "If the head of the group buys for free, as long as there is no major fault, it generally does not need to bear legal responsibility; if the purchasing fee is charged, if the purchasing behavior causes the buyer’s loss, it will be legally responsible. Citizens who encounter Sanwu products or quality problems must keep relevant evidence. If the after-sales service of the group buying products is not smooth and there is a dispute, they can use the WeChat chat records and payment records of the head of the group to complain to the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, or they can request the Consumer Association to mediate or sue to the court."

  (Text/Tian Yan, Shi Xuehui)

Suqian Xingyue L Zhiqing cuts prices! The latest offer is 152,700, so act quickly.

Welcome to [car home Suqian Preferential Promotion Channel] to bring you the latest and anticipated preferential information. At present, the high-profile models are undergoing a vigorous promotion campaign, aiming at giving back to consumers’ love for this high-performance new energy SUV. In Suqian area, you have the opportunity to enjoy a car purchase discount of up to 0.7 million yuan, which makes Xingyue L Zhiqing at your fingertips at a more competitive price. The starting price has been adjusted to 152,700 yuan, which is a good opportunity to buy a car. Want to seize this opportunity, get more specific discount details and real-time quotations, please click the "Check Car Price" button below, and let’s explore more benefits and surprises together.


The design of Xingyue L Zhiqing is full of modernity and strength. The front face is exquisitely designed in a family style, and the air intake grille is chrome-plated in a large area, creating an atmosphere without losing exquisite visual effects. The overall style is both business and sports, with smooth lines and coordinated proportions, showing the elegant temperament of luxury mid-level SUV. Whether it is the details or the overall proportion, it reflects the unremitting pursuit of quality and aesthetics by Xingyue L Zhiqing.


The side lines of Xingyue L Zhiqing are smooth and dynamic, and the body size is 4795 mm in length, 1895 mm in width and 1689 mm in height, showing a steady body proportion. Its wheelbase is as long as 2845 mm, which makes the interior space spacious, and the front and rear wheel tracks are 1610 mm, which ensures the stability and comfort of driving. Tyre size is 235/50 R19, and the tire width is moderate, which not only improves the driving grip, but also complements the rim style, creating a delicate and powerful visual effect. The overall design gives consideration to practicality and aesthetics, which makes people shine.


The interior of Xingyue L Zhiqing is exquisite and full of science and technology, and adopts modern and luxurious design concept. The center console is centered on a 12.3-inch large-size touch screen, with advanced multimedia system and voice recognition control system. It is easy to operate and supports navigation, telephone, air conditioning and skylight control. The steering wheel is made of leather with good texture, which is not only comfortable to touch, but also equipped with manual up and down+front and rear adjustment function to ensure the driver has the best control experience.

In the seat part, Xingyue L Zhiqing adopts imitation leather material, paying attention to comfort and durability. The main driver’s seat supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment, height adjustment (4-way) and lumbar support (4-way), and is equipped with electric seat memory function to meet individual requirements. The co-pilot seat also supports front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way), and the driver’s seat is additionally equipped with heating and ventilation functions. The backrest of the second row of seats can be adjusted, and the rear seats support proportional reclining, which makes the space utilization more flexible.


Xingyue L Zhiqing is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 120kW and a power output of 163 HP. This engine is combined with the 3-speed DHT gearbox to ensure the smoothness and fuel economy of the vehicle in daily driving. In terms of torque, the maximum torque is 255 Nm, which provides strong power support for the vehicle.

Summarizing the evaluation of car home car owners, the interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing has won his approval, which is simple and full of layers, and the big screen is full of science and technology. Although it is slightly dull, it obviously conforms to his aesthetics. The owner specifically mentioned that although the air volume of the rear air outlet was not satisfactory, it did not seriously affect his satisfaction with the overall interior. Therefore, the interior design of Xingyue L Zhiqing, despite minor regrets, can still provide a comfortable driving experience as a whole, showing its unique charm.

The unexpected explosion of the new M7 in the world has made Huawei’s industrial chain the focus of A shares again.

K graph BK0984_0

  In the peak season of "Golden September and Silver 10" automobile sales, the new M7 in the world has been listed for 25 days, with a total of over 50,000 units (referring to the order that is locked after paying a certain deposit through official channels, and the lock order means that the purchase can not be unsubscribed, and the order will be arranged in order), which not only makes it possible."Returning to life" also makes A sharesThe car sector is heating up again.

  Since the opening of the market in October, Huawei’s industrial chain has always maintained a strong position. On October 10, thanks to the bursting of new car orders from Huawei, Huawei’s industrial chain stocks continued their upward trend again.The smart driving and other sectors were among the top gainers. At the close, the concept of liquid-cooled high pressureClose at 20cm daily limit,Wait for the capture of the second board.

  Huawei’s industrial chain stocks continue to be active

  In the news, as of October 6, only 25 days after its release on September 12, the cumulative number of new M7 cars has exceeded 50,000. Among them, on October 6th, the number of new M7 cars will reach 7,000, and on October 5th, it will reach 3,500. In other words, in the last two days of the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, its large quantity exceeded 10,000 vehicles.

  Yu Chengdong, chairman of BU, Huawei’s smart car solution, said on social media that "it’s not easy to come back to life" for the excellent "report card" handed over by the new M7.

  With regard to the sales situation of the new M7 in Wenjie, the reporter learned from the sales office of Huawei stores that after the first sales period, that is, from September 12th to October 7th, the scheduled preferential amount of the new M7 in Wenjie was reduced from 6,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, while the matching fund of 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration and the matching rights and interests of 15,000 yuan remained unchanged, and the activity deadline was October 31st.

  It is worth noting that in the positioning asAt the same time, the new M7, which is the flagship SUV of Panoramic Wisdom, which has not yet been listed, has won tens of thousands of orders just by "blind ordering".

  In fact, the pre-sale price of 500,000-600,000 yuan was officially opened for blind subscription on September 25th. At present, there are only a few renderings and a small amount of configuration information, and even official website has not disclosed relevant information. According to Yu Chengdong, as of October 7th, the customer M9 had accumulated 10,450 orders for blind booking and retained 8,040 orders. On that day, 333 units were blindly ordered, 26 units were unsubscribed and 307 units were blindly ordered.

  As a brand born under the joint mode of "smart car selection" business with Huawei, the sales volume of cars has also increased recently. According to the sales data in September, the monthly sales volume of Celestial Automobile was 10,246 taels, which exceeded the 10,000-vehicle mark for the first time this year. Although it decreased by 41.77% year-on-year, it achieved an increase of 64.12% month-on-month, which reversed the decline of sales volume for two consecutive months.

  On the whole, as the national consumption promotion policy continues to increase, the economy continues to stabilize, and this year is full.The sales volume of passenger car manufacturers maintained a strong growth trend. The Federation comprehensively estimated that the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger car manufacturers in September was 830,000, a year-on-year increase of 23% and a quarter-on-quarter increase of 4%. According to preliminary estimates, from January to September this year, 5.92 million vehicles were wholesale, up 36% year-on-year.

  Affected by the above-mentioned good news, on October 9, the first trading day after the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, under the performance that the overall sector rose less and fell more, Cyrus,,Waiting for more than 10 "Huawei Industrial Chain" stocks to go against the trend.

  On October 10, Huawei’s industrial chain continued to be active. As of the close of the day, the direction of HarmonyOSAt the daily limit, Sailis in the direction of the car,Also harvest the daily limit. It is worth mentioning that since September this year, the share price has doubled, and the cumulative increase of Sellers’ share price has exceeded 85%.

  Institutions are optimistic about the intelligent acceleration of new energy vehicles.

  The Financial Investment News reporter learned that before the Mid-Autumn National Day holiday, many private placements had entered the market.”。 At the same time, the organization is optimistic about Huawei’s industrial chain stocks and the intelligent iterative acceleration brought by the new M7.

  On the policy side, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will improve the supporting policies, standards and regulations of intelligent networked vehicles, speed up the revision of key standards, strengthen the coordination of standards in the fields of automobiles, infrastructure, information and communication, and continue to promote the high-quality development of intelligent networked automobile industry. Xin Guobin, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that after years of continuous efforts, the development of China’s intelligent networked automobile industry has achieved positive results. The vitality of technological innovation is enhanced, and it is solidLarge-scale application, intelligent driving of large computing chips to achieve mass production and loading.

  For Huawei, the new M7 continues to sell well.latestIt is believed that, through Huawei’s deep empowerment, the new model M7 is equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Advanced Intelligent Driving System, HUAWEI DriveONE Extended Range Electric Drive Platform and other black technologies. At the same time, the new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-order intelligent driving system, which is the first to realize high-speed and urban high-order intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps.

  He said that he once again reiterated his optimism about Huawei’s industrial chain. In this transformation of intelligent electrification of automobiles, outstanding companies in the industrial chain are expected to achieve sustained high growth as compared with the smart phone industry chain ten years ago. The current innovation is expected to drive the industrial chain to develop in a more competitive direction and empower the overall competitiveness of domestic new energy vehicles to continue to improve.

  Cui Yan, an analyst, believes that the order of the M7 in the world exceeded expectations, and it has exceeded 50,000 units after 25 days of listing, and the MAX version of Zhijia accounts for about 60%, which effectively drives the purchase rate to increase. Huawei builds a full-stack intelligent solution based on algorithm, hardware and data accumulation, which is expected to accelerate the data accumulation and the cultivation of users’ consumption habits with the increase in the number of users’ M7, the listing of intellectual S7 (23Q4) and the iteration of ADS2.0. He said that intelligent driving ability is expected to become an important factor in the competition between car companies, and attaches importance to the industrial chain opportunities brought about by the intelligent turning point and independent technology output.

  GuoshengIt is also pointed out that as the benchmark model of domestic autonomous driving, the intelligent driving version is absolute in the orders of Tucki G6, G9 and Wenjie M7.With the acceleration of intelligent iteration, car companies are expected to start to switch from hardware to software ecology, change their profit model and improve brand stickiness, and head car companies are expected to benefit first. At the same time, domestic car companies are actively laying out the city NOA, and the number of cities is accelerating, with embedded hardware and sufficient computing power reserves.

[Dark Horse Morning Post] Wang Hai sells Hetian jade in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi; Hangzhou responded to rumors that live broadcasts were prohibited; Some holiday arrangements were released

Today’s headlines/Toutiao

Wang Hai fakes Li Jiaqi live room and sells Hetian jade.

October 24th, Beijing (released). Wang Hai, a well-known counterfeiter, released a video, saying that Hetian jade sold in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi was a fake. According to Wang Hai, consumers bought the Hetian jade necklace of "Yuanyang Jinlou" in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and the result of NGTC laboratory’s appraisal of the necklace was "carbonate-tremolite jade necklace".

"It’s not Hetian jade at all, and the appraisal certificate is also fake." Wang Hai said that after the consumer (to the merchant) reflected, "Yuanjin Building directly transferred 50,000 yuan to the consumer WeChat, hoping to settle things, but it was rejected by the consumer". It is understood that this product has been removed from the shelves by merchants.

Hangzhou responded to the rumor that live broadcast is prohibited: untrue, there is no such thing.

Recently, the news that "Hangzhou has begun to implement the pilot program of live broadcast with goods in some markets" has been circulated on the Internet, causing concern.

On October 24th, the relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce responded to the reporter and said, "The so-called ‘ Hangzhou announced the ban on live broadcast of goods ’ ‘ It has already been implemented, and it is forbidden to pilot live broadcast with goods in some markets ’ False, there is no such thing, rumor! (Upstream News)

Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the arrangement of some holidays in 2024

1. New Year’s Day: It is a holiday on January 1st, and it is even closed on weekends. 2. Spring Festival: 8 days’ holiday from February 10th to 17th. Go to work on February 4 (Sunday) and February 18 (Sunday). Encourage all units to implement the system of paid annual leave and arrange employees to rest on New Year’s Eve (February 9). 3. Tomb-Sweeping Day: We have a holiday from April 4th to 6th, lasting for 3 days.

Go to work on Sunday, April 7. 4. Labor Day: May 1st to 5th, with 5 days’ holiday. Go to work on Sunday, April 28th and Saturday, May 11th. 5. Dragon Boat Festival: It is a holiday on June 10th, and even closed on weekends. 6. Mid-Autumn Festival: We will have a holiday from September 15th to 17th, lasting for 3 days. Go to work on Saturday, September 14th. 7. National Day: 7 days’ holiday from October 1 to 7. Work on September 29th (Sunday) and October 12th (Saturday).

Brother Dayang angrily criticized Li Jiaqi for holding merchants hostage

On October 24th, in the "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" live broadcast room, Da Yang Ge said that Li Jiaqi controlled the price and inventory, which led to the removal of most of the big names in Xiao Yang Ge’s live broadcast room, and the seven bosses became angry on the spot.

Brother Dayang said that there are 100 stocks, and Li Jiaqi sells 70 or 80. Merchants must cooperate with him. If they sell more, they will have the right to hold the merchants hostage, indicating that a platform official is also very helpless. Brother Xiao Yang said that the price of a big brand is lower than that of Li Jiaqi, so it can’t be sold, and the product link can only be downloaded.

Company dynamics

Tesla roof rights protection female car owner claims to win the lawsuit.

On October 25, Zhang Yazhou, the party of "Tesla Roof Rights Protection Female Car Owner", wrote in her personal social account @ Coral in Danshui: "I won the case! From May 2021 to the present, it has lasted for two and a half years, 30 months and more than 900 days.

It can be said that I finally won a victory and saw some light. I believe that justice will not fall from the sky, and we must strive for it by ourselves. "

Xiaomi Automobile will be officially listed in the first half of next year.

On the evening of October 25th, Lei Jun said through his personal platform that Xiaomi Automobile is progressing very smoothly and will be officially listed in the first half of next year. Some insiders said that due to the confidentiality agreement, there are not many A-share companies that have disclosed that they have reached a product supply relationship with Xiaomi Automobile, except Guangting Information and Sanan Optoelectronics.

"Under the water, more listed companies have actually entered the smart new energy vehicle ‘ Rice chain ’ In the middle. " It is reported that this year, the first-class and second-class battery suppliers of Xiaomi Automobile have already finalized Chuangxin Airlines and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

Crazy Xiao Yang Ge and the company behind Li Jiaqi have actually set up a joint venture.

On October 24th, topics related to "Crazy Brother Xiao Yang" and two head anchors, Li Jiaqi, boarded a hot search. It is understood that Li Jiaqi is a partner of Meiwan Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Xiao Yang’s real name is Zhang Qingyang.

Enterprise search App shows that the company owned by Crazy Xiaoyangge and the company owned by Meiwan have established a joint venture. The company is called Hangzhou Meiyangyang Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in July 2022 with Wang Teng as its legal representative and registered capital of 5 million yuan. Its business scope includes Internet sales supply chain management services, brand management and marketing planning.

Huawei responded that it will fully take over the cross-border sales system.

On October 25, some media reported that the sales system of the international community once again ushered in a major adjustment. All the salespeople in the world will join Huawei’s wholly-owned subsidiary "Shenzhen Huitong Business Co., Ltd." and become Huawei’s supernumerary employees, and all the signing changes will be completed next year.

In response to this matter, AITO Auto said that the car has been loved and recognized by consumers since its listing. In order to provide consumers with a better sales and service experience, Huawei will further increase the construction of direct stores. The report in LatePost that "Huawei will take over the sales system in the world" is untrue news.

Spend 4.5 billion to buy Jianghuai factory? Weilai or get rid of OEM and build a car independently

Jianghuai Automobile announced that the company intends to transfer some assets through public listing, involving the inventory, fixed assets, projects under construction, buildings and land use rights of the third factory of passenger car company, and the structures and equipment assets of Xinqiao factory of passenger car company. The proposed listing price is 4.498 billion yuan, the value-added is 286 million yuan, and the value-added rate is 6.79%.

It is reported that Weilai intends to acquire the above assets of Jianghuai Automobile. This incident has attracted the attention of the industry. The industry believes that Weilai, who has not been able to achieve the independence of building a car, decided to "divest" Jianghuai and rely on himself. (China Times)

Causes and compensation scheme of the failure of the language bird publishing service under ant group

On the evening of October 24th, Yuque, an online document editing and collaboration tool of Ant Group, apologized for the major service failure that lasted for more than 7 hours the day before, and announced the cause of the failure and compensation scheme. Yuque said that on the afternoon of October 23, when the data storage operation and maintenance team serving Yuque was upgrading, the production environment storage server in East China was mistakenly offline due to a bug in the new operation and maintenance upgrade tool.

Yuque will provide compensation to all users affected by the failure, give 6 months of membership service to individual users of Yuque, and make a separate compensation plan for users of Yuque Space. In terms of language birds, it is emphasized that all data of users have not been lost.

Great Wall Motor Weipai invested 500 million yuan to develop a high-end new energy MPV exclusive platform.

Recently, the first product of Great Wall Motor Wei brand MPV category — — Wei brand Alpine MPV is listed. The new car is divided into three models, and the price range is 335,800 yuan-405,800 yuan. It is reported that in order to build this product, Wei Pai spent 500 million yuan to develop the world’s first exclusive platform for high-end new energy MPV. (Securities Times)

Alibaba International Station will launch the Southeast Asian National Pavilion to launch B2B demand.

Alibaba International Station will officially launch the Southeast Asia Pavilion on October 31, helping China sellers transform B2B exports through nationalization and continue to increase the Southeast Asian market. It is predicted that with the introduction of new Indonesian regulations on e-commerce, the uncertainty of e-commerce market in Southeast Asia has intensified, and the transformation of B2B export has become one of the choices of a large number of cross-border sellers in China.

Cainiao announced that AliExpress released "Six Cross-border Logistics Guarantees"

On the morning of October 25th, Cainiao International Express Head Merchants Exchange Conference, Cainiao and AliExpress jointly released "Six Cross-border Logistics Guarantees" to improve the timeliness and service of cross-border logistics in double 11, helping merchants to greatly promote the growth of single volume.

In September this year, Cainiao and AliExpress’s "Global 5-Day Express" products officially landed in Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and South Korea, which brought significant growth to the European and South Korean markets. It is reported that, as "Five Days Arrival" is the first time to usher in the single-volume exam in double 11, Cainiao International Express will continue to improve the achievement rate and service quality of "Five Days Arrival" and ensure that the logistics timeliness will not be degraded. In terms of logistics infrastructure, rookie will continue to ensure and promote logistics timeliness through various measures such as speeding up the first kilometer timeliness, adding 10 trunk warehouses, expanding the storage area of warehouses, and improving the service timeliness and production capacity of the three warehouses. (Sina Technology)

Character view

JD.COM executives responded by calling Li Jiaqi: boycott the overlord clause of the floor price agreement of the whole network.

On October 25th, the person in charge of household appliances in JD.COM issued a message in the circle of friends, supporting the JD.COM purchasing and selling personnel who had publicly shouted "Choose One from Two" in the circle of friends. The person in charge said, "The circle of friends that our small household appliances were sold yesterday is the epitome of every employee in our business department’s insistence on safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers at low prices.

In the face of the chaos that some head anchors deprive consumers of the right to enjoy real low prices for their own selfish interests, we must resist the overlord clause of the "bottom price of the whole network" agreement! All the small partners of the Home Appliances and Home Appliances Division have come forward to make consumers feel the reality of the price in JD.COM!

BYD responded that Wang Chuanfu stepped down as the chairman of the subsidiary again.

Recently, Wang Chuanfu’s resignation as the legal representative and chairman of Shenzhen BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BYD Lithium Battery") has aroused market concern.

In this regard, on October 25, BYD responded to the First Financial Reporter that recently, the Group has successively changed the legal representative and chairman of its subsidiaries into actual business leaders to simplify the administrative process and facilitate the company’s various businesses. Except for the change of legal representative and chairman, the company’s operation and shareholding structure have not changed, and the development of various businesses of the company has not been affected. 

The order for M9 has exceeded 15,000 Yu Chengdong: Smart lights will get on the bus.

According to AITO Auto official, the brand’s new flagship SUV has received more than 15,000 blind orders. Although it has not yet been listed, it has attracted much attention from the outside world.

Yu Chengdong also shared the news at Weibo, and said: Not only did he bring the M9 with high-end luxury design, but he also brought the industry-leading Huawei smart car technology, including the HarmonyOS smart cockpit, Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving technology, and the smart lights that have attracted great attention recently, to this car.

Hu Zhenyu, founder of Nut Projection, is restricted from high consumption.

On October 25, the reporter learned that the Minhang District People’s Court in Shanghai has included Hu Zhenyu, the founder of Nut Projection, in the list of untrustworthy people. The reporter inquired about the China Implementation Information Open Network and found that the Minhang District People’s Court of Shanghai filed a case on August 14, 2023 to implement the labor arbitration of "Shanghai Jinglan Technology Co., Ltd.". Because the company failed to fulfill the payment obligations specified in the effective legal documents within the time specified in the notice, it took measures to restrict consumption of Shanghai Jinglan Technology Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Wu Zhan, the legal representative of Shanghai Jinglan Technology Co., Ltd., and Hu Zhenyu, the main person in charge, were included in the list of untrustworthy people. (Interface News)

Lan Shili, the actual controller of soda in Wuhan No.2 Factory, was compensated by the state for about 590,000 yuan.

On October 25th, Lan Shili, the soda controller of Wuhan No.2 Factory, announced that he had previously applied for state compensation and had obtained the criminal compensation decision issued by Guangzhou Procuratorate.

According to the decision, Lan Shili applied for compensation of 502,000 yuan, and finally received compensation totaling about 590,000 yuan. Lan Shili said at the scene that the compensation was acceptable and decided to donate it.

Shen Nanpeng believes that young people should be given opportunities for social mobility.

On October 24th, the 7th Future Investment Initiative (FII) Summit opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Shen Nanpeng believes that young people are the future of economic growth, and more opportunities for social mobility should be created for them. He said that the performance of the younger generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs has made them more confident about the future.

The society needs to provide them with all kinds of support, including entrepreneurial guidance and financial resources. Because the development of the world is not only driven by large companies, but also by small and medium-sized enterprises trying to break the status quo of various industries. In addition, he believes that it is also very important to give young people opportunities for social mobility. (Rui Jian)

Toyota CEO: Electric cars are our future.

Toyota CEO Hiroshi Sato said at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday that the battery concept car will define the future of Toyota. In his 15-minute speech, Sato focused on electric vehicles, and did not agree with his predecessor Akio Toyoda that hybrid systems and other technologies such as hydrogen will also help Toyota move towards a carbon-neutral future.

When talking about electric cars, Sato said: "They are not only environmentally friendly, but also provide driving pleasure and diverse experiences." "This is the future waiting for us," he said when unveiling several electric concept cars of Toyota. (Global Market Broadcast)

Cao Peng, President of jingdong cloud Business Department: 80% of the systems in JD.COM have been replaced by localization.

On the morning of October 25th, Cao Peng, President of jingdong cloud Business Department, said at the "2023 JD.COM Supply Chain Finance Technology Conference" that 80% of JD.COM’s systems have been replaced domestically this year.

"We believe that the big model should not be just a toy, but should create more industrial value and should be improved in marketing, delivery and interaction." Cao Peng said. It introduced that today’s multi-modal digital people can cover the whole scene of products and services, and also developed a computing platform to make the big model more inclusive. (Sina Technology)

Does Microsoft’s increase in AI investment affect the improvement of medium and long-term gross profit? CFO response

At the Microsoft performance meeting on the 25th, Gregg Moskowitz, an analyst at Mizuho Securities, mentioned that some investors were worried that with the increase of Microsoft’s investment in AI, whether the company has the ability to continuously promote the improvement of gross profit in the medium and long term. Amy Hood, CFO of Microsoft, stressed that Microsoft has a complete and unified infrastructure, and every penny spent will bring huge leverage from the platform to all levels. In other words, whenever and wherever demand arises — — Whether in SaaS, infrastructure, workload training, or Bing workload, Microsoft can quickly use Microsoft’s infrastructure to drive revenue.

Therefore, although Microsoft’s increased investment in AI will indeed have an impact on the cost of goods sold, Microsoft hopes to ensure high leverage and ensure that investors can see sustained and stable income growth. There may be occasional fluctuations, this business has risen slightly, and other businesses have not met expectations at all. However, Microsoft will minimize fluctuations and ensure that all business lines develop as balanced as possible. Amy Hood said that she believes that the performance over the past years can also prove this point. (Sina Technology)

Google CEO: AI and search assistant will be development opportunities in the next decade.

When talking about AI at Google’s third-quarter performance meeting today, Google CEO sundar pichai said that in the next decade, both AI and search assistant will be very important development opportunities for Google, and the company will continue to invest to improve the user experience. I believe that the value will show itself in the future.

In time, Google will probably see new business models, including the application of subscription model in Youtube business. Pichai said that Google also has the application of artificial intelligence technology in the cloud business, and the management is very optimistic about this. (Sina Technology)

Capital insight

Extreme Rabbit Express will be listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange on Friday.

The IPO price of Extreme Rabbit Express Hong Kong is set at HK$ 12 per share and will be listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange on October 27th. The net proceeds from the offering are estimated to be HK$ 3.53 billion.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has put forward suggestions and started consultation on GEM reform, and the revised listing rules will be implemented in the first quarter of next year.

Lee Ka Chiu John, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said that HKEx has put forward suggestions and started consultations on the reform of GEM, including simplifying the transfer mechanism to the main board and increasing the listing channels for scientific research companies. After considering public opinions, HKEx will implement the revised listing rules in the first quarter of next year. (SSE)

Xihuang Group completed round B financing.

On October 25th, Hangzhou Xihuang Technology Group Co., Ltd. completed round B financing, which was jointly led by Tiger Global Management and Taiming Venture Capital. This financing focuses on the global market layout and mergers and acquisitions.

Founded in 2016, Xihuang Technology is committed to providing information software development, big data technology research and development, natural speech processing, AI algorithm recommendation and commercial application, short video global traffic digital solutions and accurate customer empowerment for governments, industries and enterprises. (national business daily)

Tianbing Technology completed hundreds of millions of RMB C+ rounds of financing.

According to Tianbing Technology WeChat official account, Tianbing Technology recently announced the completion of several hundred million RMB C+ rounds of financing. This round of financing was led by CITIC Jiantou Investment, followed by CCTV Fund, Deyue Investment, Hongfu Assets, Suzhou Asset Management and First Development Venture Capital.

This round of funds will be used for the batch production of Tianlong-2 medium-sized liquid rocket, the development and first flight of Tianlong-3 large-scale liquid launch vehicle and engine, the key research test of recyclable technology, the construction of special launch station for Tianlong-3, the construction of batch production capacity and the improvement of talent team. (national business daily)

Science and technology foresight

Xiaomi Group’s Hong Kong stocks rose by more than 5%, and it will launch Snapdragon’s new flagship mobile phone in the world.

On the morning of October 25th, Xiaomi Group’s Hong Kong stocks rose more than 5% to HK$ 13.62 per share. In the news, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi, said at Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit that Xiaomi will launch its flagship mobile phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen 3 processor in the world. Xiaomi’s new flagship 14 will be officially released at 19: 00 pm on October 26th, Beijing time.

Vivo X100 series will be the first model equipped with Hynix memory chip LPDDR5T.

On October 25th, the interface news got the news from the supply chain. vivo X100 series will become the first flagship model equipped with Hynix LPDDR5T memory in the world. Compared with the mainstream LPDDR5X memory, the reading speed of LPDDR5T is increased by 13%, making it the fastest mobile DRAM in the industry.

Judging from the news released at present, vivo has cooperated with Mediatek and equipped with Tianji 9300 platform, which means that vivo X100 series has outstanding performance in CPU, GPU, APU, ISP and memory. (Interface News)

Xpeng Motors rose more than 8% to launch flying cars, humanoid robots and the first MPV.

On October 24th, Tucki Science and Technology Day "enlarged the move", and launched a humanoid biped robot PX5 developed by Xpeng Motors, a mass-produced land-air integrated flying car and the first MPV "Tucki X9".

Office workers like it, and its appearance is fashionable and its performance is good. BYD Qin PLUS EV has 129,700 cases nationwide.

Many consumers think that the cost of buying a car plus the cost of maintaining a car every year is really a lot of money, but now taxi software is so popular that it is convenient and cheap to take a car, so it is not practical to buy a car. However, in bad weather such as cold or hot, carrying a heavy shopping bag or dragging a huge suitcase, or when the driver is in an emergency, he will feel the pain of waiting. Although cars are consumables, and even the rate of preservation is not high, there is no denying that owning a car of your own can really bring great convenience to life, such as going to go on road trip.

Today, we will take a look at the new car BYD Qin PLUS EV, including its design, rough interior, high and low performance, etc. Presumably, small owners have dived into major forums and dug numerous evaluation videos, so there is no need to go into details in small series. Now, our focus is on the transaction price, discount, sales volume, value preservation and other aspects of Qin PLUS EV, helping small owners who are basically targeting and waiting for the right time to start to judge whether BYD Qin PLUS EV is worth winning more comprehensively.

The biggest discount of BYD Qin PLUS EV’s transaction price in the past month reached 8.79 fold, the cash of new cars dropped by 17,900 yuan, and the national sales of new cars started at 129,700 yuan. The point price is for reference only, and the actual transaction price is subject to the local dealer.

The picture below shows the sales data of BYD Qin PLUS EV. The national sales volume in the last month was 410 vehicles. I wonder if BYD is still satisfied with this result. Most people will follow the sales volume when buying a car, which is the main basis for most people to judge whether a car is good or not without in-depth understanding of a car. Although it is not accurate, it is not groundless, but if you have higher requirements for car selection, you need to make more efforts to fully understand it.

When we buy a car, we will pay attention to all aspects of this model in advance, especially the posts and word-of-mouth posted by car owners in major forums and vertical websites. Apart from the navy, there are still some car owners’ real car experience that is worth learning. Let’s take a look at the word-of-mouth score of BYD Qin PLUS EV. The comprehensive score of BYD Qin PLUS EV is 4.72, and the result is not bad, so BYD Qin PLUS EV can be considered.

After watching it for a while, it turns out that BYD Qin PLUS EV is not your dish? Let’s take a look at its powerful competitors. At present, there are basically good discounts on this site. Among them, the discounts for Beijing EU5 and Emgrand EV are 8.7 and 8.6 respectively, which is quite suitable. Take a quick look and choose!

If the price of Qin PLUS EV is right in the near future, then friends will hurry up! Linkage promotion in many places across the country, and there are even more discount models as low as 30%.

Frequent failures, sales halved! The safest Volvo in the world, why can’t it be sold?

The inventor of three-point seat belts, the first automobile brand to use airbags, Volvo is undoubtedly the industry benchmark in terms of safety, but Volvo, the safety benchmark, has recently encountered trouble.

In May 2022, Volvo’s sales in China were only 9,488 vehicles, down 43.8% year-on-year, which was the second consecutive month, down more than 40% year-on-year. In April, Volvo sold 8,579 vehicles, down 47.8% year-on-year, and the sales volume was almost halved, which obviously exceeded the industry average. What’s worse, the combined sales volume of all Volvo models was not as good as that of LI, a new force in car making.

And this is the market answer sheet handed over by Volvo models when they all give substantial terminal discounts. Take Volvo S90 (parameter picture) as an example. The terminal discount of this car is as high as 70,000-80,000 yuan, and the terminal landing price is even in the early 300,000 s. It can be said that the car is being sold with a fracture. But how can Volvo, which has a broken bone, still not be sold?

The product update is slow, and the main models are exhausted.

In the fierce market competition environment, major car companies have been trying to introduce new products, update technology and keep up with the market development trend in recent years, but Volvo, a Swedish car company, is obviously a little slow in pace. Volvo’s three main models have not been replaced for a long time.

XC90 was released in 2014, S90 in 2016 and XC60 in 2017. Although there is a change in the middle, it is basically fine-tuned in appearance and power system, which is neither painful nor itchy, and it is difficult to form a new communication point, and it is also lack of freshness for consumers.

Safety and environmental protection cards can no longer be played.

Volvo’s models have always been known for their safety. Besides, the environmentally friendly interior materials is also its unique selling point. In addition, Volvo has no other differentiation advantages that can distinguish it from its competitors. Volvo’s models are obviously not as good as their competitors at the same level in terms of creating luxurious interior texture and driving texture. However, even for safety and environmental protection, these two cards are becoming more and more immovable.

In terms of safety, as long as the price of luxury brand models is more than 300,000, it may not be so extreme in safety, but it will not be particularly embarrassing. Moreover, with the wave of automobile electrification, more and more models are equipped with active safety systems, which also leads to Volvo’s safety brand, which is less and less attractive to consumers.

In terms of the environmental protection of the interior, many new brands have also begun to promote the interior of their own models and how much environmental protection materials have been used. Therefore, these two advantages that Volvo originally monopolized are gradually being disintegrated by competitors.

The complaint rate is high, with frequent failures.

Since the beginning of this year, some owners of Volvo S60 and S90 have found that the engine can’t start normally for many times, and even some vehicles have completely lost power and can’t be unlocked. Volvo dealers explain this problem as "software matching failure", claiming that it can be repaired by software upgrade, but the vehicle after maintenance and upgrade still has the problem of not starting. According to professional analysis, it may be because the 48V light mixing system of Volvo’s new model may have defects in its working logic, which may lead to power loss of the vehicle.

According to the information of many complaint websites such as Chezhi. com, the complaint sales ratio of Volvo’s models is not low. In the first quarter of this year, the complaint sales ratio of Volvo XC60 new energy was the highest. The main complaints were: suspected distribution reduction, car body accessories and electrical audio-visual system failure, driving safety auxiliary system failure, and engine/motor drive motor failure.

In the face of the long-standing problem of low-frequency resonance/abnormal sound, some car owners revealed that at that time, the dealer gave the "hush money" practice of signing a confidentiality agreement after compensation, but did not recall it.

Dislocation competition, hedging rate and brand premium are worrying.

Dislocation competition and substantial terminal concessions are the secrets of sales growth of Volvo models in previous years, but this practice has also brought great negative effects.

The method of high pricing and substantial terminal discount has seriously hurt Volvo’s brand image, which has led to the general public’s view that Volvo should not buy without breaking a bone, which has also led Volvo to continue the method of high pricing and high terminal discount when launching new models, which has also exhausted Volvo’s brand premium.

In addition, the way of substantial terminal concessions has led to a sharp decline in the value-keeping rate of Volvo models. Take several representative models as examples, the three-year value-keeping rate of Volvo XC60 is 44.67%, that of Volvo XC90 is 54.25%, that of Volvo S90 is 44.54%, and that of Volvo S60 is 45.74%. Even if you count the terminal concessions, the value-keeping rate of Volvo is calculated according to the actual landing price.

As it turns out, Volvo’s several brands, such as substantial discount, misplaced competition, safety and environmental protection, are becoming more and more immovable, and Volvo must make changes. We can also see that Volvo is also actively carrying out electrification transformation recently, hoping that Volvo can make a faster pace in electrification transformation. Perhaps only in this way can Volvo reverse the trend.

How to use Mercedes e300 handbrake?


For Mercedes-Benz E300 before model year 2015, the use of handbrake is very simple. Just press the handbrake pedal to finish parking. If you need to release the handbrake, just pull the handbrake handle under the light switch on the left side of the instrument panel.

However, for the new Mercedes-Benz E300, the hand brake is used in a slightly different way. There are two ways to open the handbrake: one is controlled by the handbrake switch under the light switch on the left side of the instrument panel. As long as you press the switch, you can start the parking brake. When you need to release the parking state, just press the handbrake switch. Another way is that the vehicle will automatically control the handbrake. When the vehicle comes to a stop and steps on the brake pedal to shift into P gear, the vehicle will automatically start the parking brake. When it is necessary to release the handbrake, just shift into D or R and press the accelerator pedal.

It is worth noting that the hand brake is a very important safety device to prevent the vehicle from sliding or rolling when parking. Therefore, it is very necessary to use the handbrake correctly. When using the handbrake, you should first stop the vehicle completely, then pull up the handbrake pedal or handbrake switch, and finally put it into P gear. When releasing the handbrake, you should first shift into D or R gear, and then press the accelerator pedal, and the handbrake will be released automatically.

In short, the use of the handbrake of Mercedes-Benz E300 is very simple, no matter whether it is old or new, just follow the above steps. The use of the hand brake can not only ensure the safety of the vehicle, but also prolong the service life of the brake system, so the hand brake must be used correctly when parking.

BYD’s brand-new Qin fuel version was unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show with 10.1-inch central control screen/1.5L+CVT power combination.

Since former design director Iger joined us, our Dynasty series models have become the spokesmen of high value. Recently, the driving sight learned from the official that the new Qin fuel version will be officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show, which opened in September this year. The new car is built on the all-engine and all-power platform under BNA architecture, and its appearance continues the Dragon Face design language. In terms of power, the new car adopts the power combination of 1.5L+CVT, and meets the national six emission standards.

In terms of appearance, the new car continues the Dragon Face design language, and the hexagonal large mouth net is organically combined with four three-dimensional lines on the hood, which has a strong impact. The array LED headlights on both sides of the front of the car are standard equipment in the whole system, and the lighting effect with a sense of science and technology is very eye-catching. On the whole, take the front face as an example. Compared with the old Qin, it really looks a lot better, and it still has a little taste.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts an embracing cockpit layout and takes a simple scientific and technological route. The highlight of the new car interior is the 10.1-inch 8-core self-adaptive rotating suspension central control panel, equipped with a car-mounted multimedia system, which provides rich online entertainment functions. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, which adds a sense of movement, and its seat is more sporty, and double stitching design is added to enhance the texture.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 80kW and a peak torque of 148N·m, which meets the national six emission standards. In terms of transmission system, the new car matches CVT from Wan Liyang.

Must-read in the morning: Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission made a heavy voice to support Vanke (November 7)

  [Market Review]

  The three A-share indexes collectively closed up on the last trading day. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.91%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose by 2.21%, the North Stock Exchange 50 rose by 2.4%, the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose by 3.26%, and the turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 1,064.2 billion yuan. More than 4,600 stocks in the two cities rose. Northbound funds bought a net of 5.273 billion yuan throughout the day. On the theme of the sector, media, games, securities, computing power leasing and other sectors were among the top gainers; Oil and gas, coal, pork and other plates are floating green.

  [breaking news]

  OpenAI has launched a customized version of ChatGPT, which will be launched in the GPT store soon.

  On November 6th, local time, OpenAI announced the launch of a customized version of ChatGPT in official website. According to reports, anyone can easily create their own GPT-without coding. From now on, users can create GPTs and share them publicly. In addition, later this month, OpenAI will launch the GPT store.

  Xinhua News Agency: Accelerating the construction of a financial power is an inevitable choice for development.

  On November 6, Xinhua News Agency published an article "Accelerating the construction of a financial power is an inevitable choice for development", which pointed out that to accelerate the construction of a financial power, finance should provide high-quality services for economic and social development. At present, China has embarked on a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Whether it is to solve the problem of insufficient development imbalance, to build a modern industrial system, and to continuously improve people’s quality of life, it needs high-quality financial development as a strong support. It is necessary to implement the "three efforts" put forward by the Central Financial Work Conference, strive to create a good monetary and financial environment, strive to build a modern financial institution and market system, and strive to promote high-level financial opening. We should take serving the real economy as the foundation of our career, anchor the requirements of high-quality economic development, and do five major articles on technology and finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, so as to provide higher-quality, more efficient and safer financial services for the development of the real economy, and let the high-quality financial development lay a solid foundation and add vitality to China’s economic and social development.

  Asked the car to issue a document, Popular Science AEB: Reject "invalid braking" and don’t fight meaningless arguments.

  According to Sina Technology, during this period, the "AEB dispute" between Xpeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng and Huawei Yu Chengdong has become heated. This morning, Xpeng Motors officially started the "popular science mode" directly, and in the evening, the "official popular science" from AITO car also came. The official of the car company said that under the blessing of Huawei ADS 2.0, the AEB of the car company "has its own discretion" and refuses "invalid braking", which has become a function respected by every car owner.

  The ninth batch of 41 kinds of drugs successfully purchased by the state, and the average price of the selected drugs was reduced by 58%.

  According to CCTV news, today (November 6), the ninth batch of centralized drug procurement organized by the state produced a quasi-winning result in Shanghai. 41 kinds of drugs were successfully purchased in this collection, and the average price of the drugs to be selected was reduced by 58%. It is estimated that the annual drug cost can be saved by 18.2 billion yuan. This collection covers infections, tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, mental diseases and other common and chronic diseases, as well as key drugs such as emergency rescue drugs and short-term drugs. Lenalidomide capsules for the treatment of multiple myeloma were collected in time after the patent expired in May, 2023. Each capsule (25mg) was reduced from 200 yuan to 15 yuan on average, which saved about 3880 yuan per month, and the burden on patients was obviously reduced. Rabeprazole oral sustained-release dosage form and esmomeprazole magnesium enteric-coated dry suspension for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases have significantly reduced the prices of key drugs for rational drug use in three countries. Five kinds of short-term drugs and emergency drugs, such as amiodarone injection for arrhythmia, dopamine injection for shock rescue and oxytocin injection for induced labor, stabilize the enterprise’s expectation through "quantity" procurement, and realize the multi-objective balance of guaranteed supply and reasonable price reduction.

  Central Bank: The work of reducing the interest rate of existing mortgage loans has been basically completed.

  According to a document issued by the Monetary Policy Department of the People’s Bank of China on November 6, the work of reducing the interest rate of existing mortgage loans has been basically completed. The interest rate of existing mortgage loans exceeding 22 trillion yuan has been lowered, with an average decrease of 0.73 percentage point, benefiting more than 50 million households and 150 million people, and reducing the interest expenditure of borrowers by 160-170 billion yuan every year, with an average annual decrease of 3,200 yuan per household.

  Vanke: Domestic and foreign debts will be guaranteed to be paid on schedule, and the capital situation will be ensured to be safe.

  In the face of the recent irrational fluctuations in Vanke’s bonds, on November 6th, Vanke held a third-quarter performance briefing meeting with domestic and foreign financial institutions. Vanke said that domestic and foreign debts would be guaranteed to be paid as scheduled, and the market did not need to worry about it at all. Vanke’s management stressed that Vanke has always maintained a normal daily rolling cash flow management and stress test, which can know and control the capital situation in real time and ensure the company’s safety through pre-plans.

  Shenzhen state-owned assets include Vanke in the scope of statistical statements, and its profits account for over 30% of Shenzhen state-owned assets.

  Vanke held an exchange meeting with financial institutions. At the meeting, Ye Xinming, a member of the Party Committee of Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said, "Vanke is an important member of Shenzhen State-owned Assets System. Shenzhen State-owned Assets has included Vanke in the scope of statistical statements. Vanke’s total assets, operating income and profits account for more than 30% of Shenzhen State-owned Assets. Vanke’s business development has a significant impact on Shenzhen State-owned Assets. At the same time, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Shenzhen Municipal Government trusts the management. As a native of Shenzhen, Vanke has a healthy corporate culture and has a correct judgment on the trend of the real estate industry. "

  Shenzhen SASAC put forward specific measures to support Vanke: actively organize municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in bond subscription in a market-oriented way.

  On November 6th, Vanke held an online meeting to exchange information with financial institutions on its operation and recent bond price fluctuations in the secondary market. At the meeting, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen not only expressed its support for Vanke, but also put forward specific support measures: under the principle of marketization and rule of law, use all possible means and ways to jointly deal with possible risks with Vanke, including but not limited to accelerating the development and construction of Vanke’s large-scale urban renewal projects through transferee and cooperative development; Improve the liquidity of all kinds of investment real estate held by Vanke through coordination and cooperation; Cooperate with Vanke to optimize the long-term equity investment structure; Actively organize municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in bond subscription in a market-oriented way; Actively coordinate various financial institutions to increase their support for Vanke’s financing.

  Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: Vanke has sufficient security, which will help Vanke to actively respond in case of extreme circumstances.

  According to The Paper, on November 6th, Vanke held an online meeting to exchange business information with financial institutions and recent bond price fluctuations in the secondary market. At the meeting site, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Shenzhen stated that Vanke has sufficient security, no financial risks and management risks, and is an important member of Shenzhen’s state-owned assets system. If there is a need or extreme situation, we have full confidence, sufficient financial resources and tools to help Vanke actively respond through all possible market-oriented and legal means.

  Regulate short-term health insurance business again: words such as "low premium" and "high guarantee" should not be used for improper publicity.

  According to the Securities Times, on November 6, the regulatory authorities issued a document to insurance companies to remind them of the risks related to short-term health insurance products and further standardize the short-term health insurance business. It is required to clearly inform and prompt consumers about the deductible, liability, payment ratio, surrender agreement, premium payment method and other important contents of the product when selling. Words such as "the premium is as low as (minimum) X yuan", "from X yuan per month", "the guarantee is as high as (maximum) X million" and "from (minimum) to (maximum)" should not be used for improper publicity. For the business underwritten through the Internet, the insured will clearly inform him that the insurance process has been completed after completing the insurance process for a single product. Words such as "guarantee perfection", "product upgrade" and "guarantee promotion" should not be used to improperly guide the insured to carry out new insurance or preservation actions. It is not allowed to hide or hide the entrances such as surrender and security in disguised form by telephone call back or customer service follow-up, so as to ensure the smooth and barrier-free service process such as surrender. At the same time, the regulatory authorities suggest that if short-term health insurance products pay commissions and expenses based on the annual total premium, it is necessary to guard against arbitrage risks caused by the high surrender rate of business.

  Chen Shaojie, the 39-year-old CEO of Betta, lost contact last month. Insiders of Betta: The company is operating normally and has not been affected.

  A number of people familiar with the matter confirmed to reporters that Chen Shaojie had lost contact in October. As for the reason of losing contact, it is rumored in the industry that Chen Shaojie’s loss of contact may be related to the "Changsha Rural Death Squad" in the previous live broadcast of fighting fish. An insider of Betta told reporters that at present, the company’s operations are all normal and have not been affected. Earlier on October 13th, the official "Legal Compliance Department of Social Products" issued a document saying that recently, the person in charge of a large-scale live broadcast platform was arrested by an organ in Sichuan for allegedly opening a casino, which triggered many speculations. On November 6th, the reporter called the person in charge of WeChat official account and the team of Kenting Law Firm. The other party said that the pushed article was not directly related to the loss of the CEO Chen Shaojie of Betta, and the article has been deleted. (The Paper)

  Central Bank: Continue to improve the marketization of mortgage interest rate to better support rigid and improved housing demand.

  The Monetary Policy Department of the People’s Bank of China published a column entitled "Continuously Deepening the Reform of Interest Rate Marketization". Among them, it is proposed to continuously improve the marketization of mortgage interest rates and better support rigid and improved housing demand. Resolutely implement the requirements of promoting a virtuous circle of finance and real estate, continuously improve the differentiated housing credit policy, give play to the role of the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the new first home loan interest rate policy, continue to expand the independent pricing space of mortgage interest rates in an orderly manner, and support the city government to make good use of the policy toolbox for the city. Insist on promoting the development of financial innovation on the track of marketization and rule of law, urge financial institutions to continue to implement the effect of reducing the interest rate of stock mortgage, straighten out the relationship between incremental and stock mortgage interest rates, reduce the interest burden of residents, and support investment and consumption.

  ASML, a giant in mask aligner, the Netherlands: He is very optimistic about the business in China next year.

  In an exclusive interview during his stay in China International Import Expo(CIIE), Shen Bo, global senior vice president of Dutch mask aligner giant ASML and president of China, said that the business in China, ASML has grown rapidly this year. It is expected that China will account for more than 20% of ASML’s global revenue in the whole year, and he is also very optimistic about his business in China next year. Shen Bo said: "We recruited more than 200 people in China in 2023. In 2024, we expect that the business development will continue to bring a lot of demand, and the expansion of our team should be a relatively large scale." (China Daily)

  HarmonyOS Zhixing released the new product of Zhijie S7 on November 9, and opened the pre-sale on the same day.

  According to HarmonyOS Zhixing official micro-news, the HarmonyOS Smart Car Technology Ecological Alliance gathered momentum on November 9. HarmonyOS Zhixing’s first high-energy smart car, Zhijie S7, will be pre-sold on the same day.

  Shanghai take-out medicine pilot medical insurance payment

  According to The Paper, Shanghai take-out medicine can be paid by medical insurance. On November 6th, the reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that the relevant departments in Shanghai have contacted Hungry and Meituan platform to pilot the payment of medical insurance for Internet pharmacies, and dozens of pharmacies have been included.

  He Lifeng will visit the United States

  According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin announced that at the invitation of US Treasury Secretary Yellen, He Lifeng, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, Vice Premier the State Council and Chinese leader of China-US economic and trade relations, will visit the United States from November 8 to 12.

  He Lifeng has served as director of the Office of the Central Financial Committee and secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee.

  According to the Financial Times reported on November 6th, on November 3rd, the Central Financial Work Committee held a meeting to convey the spirit of studying the Central Financial Work Conference. He Lifeng, director of the Office of the Central Financial Committee and secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, stressing that studying and implementing the spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference is the most important political task in the financial system at present, and the leading comrades of party committees (party groups) of financial institutions should take the lead in learning, preaching and implementing it, so as to drive the whole system to go deep and practical in implementing the spirit of the conference. According to the above report, He Lifeng has served as the director of the Office of the Central Financial Committee and the secretary of the Central Financial Work Committee.

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Ask the new M5 to open and book Yu Chengdong: super beautiful, super easy to open, super intelligent and super safe.

【TechWeb】Just now, the new M5 in Wenjie opened the booking channel, and can enjoy the discount of 2,000 yuan deposit and 5,000 yuan car purchase. Yu Chengdong said in Weibo: The Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition released a year ago is the first vehicle equipped with Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving ADS 2.0, which opened a new track for advanced intelligent driving. On April 23rd, the new M5 will bring a comprehensive upgrade, bringing consumers a brand-new experience of "super beautiful, super easy to open, super smart and super safe".

The new M5 has made some adjustments in design, including a bright red appearance, a blackened logo and a sports kit, and blackened double five sports wheels with red sports calipers to enhance the sporty atmosphere.

The 2024 M5 adopts a closed front face design, which cancels the original large-size banner air intake grille and only retains the lower air intake, making the front face look fuller. At present, the official has not released the interior and power information of the new M5, but it is expected to further increase the interior space, and may be equipped with Huawei Vision Intelligent Driving HUAWEI ADS Basic Edition.

Although the official has not released the configuration information of the new car, it is reported that the new M5 may adopt the strategy of "increasing the allocation and reducing the price", and the estimated price will be in the range of 230,000-250,000 yuan to enhance its competitiveness. The new M5 is expected to become a strong competitor of Xiaomi SU7, especially in the case of a new upgrade in face value and configuration.

The release of the new M5 is highly anticipated, which may bring new highlights and surprises in design, configuration and price. For consumers who are concerned about new energy vehicles, the listing of the new M5 is undoubtedly an event worthy of attention. The new M5 will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show on April 23rd, when more detailed information about the vehicle will be provided. (Suky)